Tiny, painless wart like bumps on han...
hey melly

United States

#22 Nov 8, 2011
I think I have what you have bc they arent the type you can "dig out" like others are saying, but when they disappear they leave a little dry patch. they are painful when I push on them....it's really annoying and I wish I knew what caused them!!





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caroline Lafferty

Hull, UK

#23 Nov 11, 2011
It seems like we have a bit of an epidemic going on here!!
I also have them on my hands. I have had one in the middle of my right palm for years and then I noticed last week that I have 4 tiny ones on my left hand now.
They look like wee blisters but as noted they have no fluid in them, if I cut them off with cuticle nippers they grow back. They don't have a cauliflower exterior so I can only summise from this that they are not warts. Could they be miniscule calouses??? I know for a fact that it's not excema but I am really concerned. I am off to the doctors next friday to see if they know what they are and if they can remedy this problem.. Will keep you all posted




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Bellingham, WA

#24 Nov 19, 2011





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Long Beach, CA

#25 Dec 13, 2011
I am so glad to find this thread, I have the exact same problem and I've been doing research for months trying to figure out what it is. They are on my palms, sides of fingers, and soles. They are exactly as Marianne and Caroline described. Barely visible, but they are prickly and will snag on things. I dig them out and it leaves a tiny hole and it comes back exactly the same! I thought I might just be making a big deal out of them, and that everyone has this problem, but then I had manicurists and pedicurists commenting on them. They drive me crazy. I know they are not warts, because I have had some warts, and they are completely different. I haven't seen a doctor yet, but I will see one soon, however I get the feeling I will not get a clear answer about it. Did anyone find out what this is?





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Plymouth, UK

#26 Dec 18, 2011
Did any one find out what these are???
I have the same think but

Marietta, GA

#27 Dec 23, 2011
TheStudent wrote:
I sort of have the same thing.. But it is on the outside of my ring finger. Just there.. My friend keeps on mocking me saying I have some kind of herpes which I dont like..
Unless it starts to spread it may just be a callus...

Santa Barbara, CA

#28 Jan 3, 2012
Do any of you guys smoke?(Cigarettes)





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Annabell Moreno

Cheyenne, WY

#29 Feb 1, 2012
I have had them off on and again for several years, this is the worst I have had them though. One doctor told me I had a viral infection and they would go away. I usually only get them in the winter months, a couple of weeks ago had a couple on my right hand fingers, then this last week a whole bunch showed up on my left fingers and hands. I was thinking man, my I must have herpes. Because there are two types, the one that has genital warts and then the one that causes cold sores. I have been tested for genital warts and never have had it!!!! But funny part is that my husband had them on his hand too, and he has NEVER had them. So I am thinking that it is viral! I am trying oregano oil to see if that helps. It seems to as long as I do it twice a day and then put a glove on to keep the oil on. But I am on computer today to try and figure out what they are!!!

United States

#30 Feb 11, 2012
Does anyone know what this is?


#31 Mar 15, 2012
I have had them for as long as I can remember. About two years ago I went to a dermatologist. He looked at my hands and he told me these are warts. He then asked me if I had these for a long time, because if I've had them just recently there could be something wrong with my immune system, He gave me a prescription for a heavy duty scrub and a cream wich the pharmacist had to make. He also said that if my hands hurt to much from the scrub I had to stop the treatment for a few days. Well, I've tried the treatment for a month and nothing happened. My hands didn't even peel as he said they would. As far as I know there's not mutch youcan do about them, but if anyone does find something please let me know.

United States

#32 Mar 16, 2012
My daughter gets "wart like" bumps that appear on her fingers/hands and at times on her elbows. I seems like it's always in the joint area's. However, they only stay a few days then disappear. I've been trying to track them to see if there is something that could be triggering them. I've brought her to a dermatologist the last time but of course the morning we went they had gone away. The Dr. was confused as well and said she doesn't know what it could be because of how it comes and goes so quickly. Plus the fact she didn't have anything to look at.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ankeny, IA

#33 Mar 25, 2012
This seems to be the closet thing I can find.
I get them too, but its completely random and all in different spots on my hands. They seem to stay a few weeks then just disappear for 6-9 months.





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Hamilton, Canada

#34 Apr 28, 2012
ihave small hard to see bumps on my hands what are they and what is causeing them to grow in numbers

United States

#35 May 20, 2012
Bumps on right palm only when wet for more than 5 minutes- I've had laryngitis and think it looks like these bumps are in my throat too- problem- my throut is always wet, and whatever this is, it LOVES water!!

United States

#36 May 20, 2012
God please put a doctor on site! I've felt like my throats closing, too much drainage down the back of my throat- and I feel I should make a will-? But I have nothing to give- I've tried sucking on lemon, no Puckering response- gag reflex hyperactive, loritidine, benadryl, nystatin, prednisone, thyme, tussin, azithromycin, clindamycin- aciphex!!!! I tried gargling with 50/50 vinegar and water- that was worse than a shot of Bacardi 151!!!! It took 3 minutes to get my breathe back!! And I think the wart like things on my right palm when wet, is what is bothering my throat.....that's the hand I cough into! And to top it off, my feet turn purple if I sit for too long! I'm 32!! I have 4 kids, and I'm real worried! About ready to start my own petri dish and culture, put my snot under a microscope!!! White nose, mad cow, viral- I'm about ready to eat pine needles to see if it helps!! If anyone knows what is the cause please e-mail me at [email protected] I'm desperate!





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#37 May 21, 2012
If they look like actual warts, they could very easily be build ups of sebum, basically you pores in this area are too fine for natural oils to be excreted from your body and can cause growths which look vey similar to warts. These can even disappear after a while and they can appear on other areas, the main thing to remember is that These are NOT contagious or infectious. Visiting a sauna or steam room to help dilate your pores and allow the oil to excrete from your pores are a good way of dealing with this. If on the other hand, they look a little like little pimples or like larger growths of skin, these are most likely just skin tags, these are excess growths of skin in a concentrated area and are not at all contagious and are nothing to worry aboutm these can be removed, usually by a plastic surgeon if wanted, skin tags don't tend to disappear, these are often very small like small papules (or spots without a head). Both of these skin conditions are commonly mistaken for warts even by doctors.
I hope this has helped you guys.:)





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Ft Mitchell, KY

#38 May 28, 2012
You guys gotta relax! Seriously! One of the major triggers for these things is stress. Kinda hate that...Mystery bumps that get worse when you stress out about the mystery bumps which on the surface seems a reasonable reacton.

Anyway. Ive had them for years, every year around this time. Last year was..odd so I didnt get them. but herethey are again, popping up in the significant point of heat transition (spring -> summer.) Dont try to pop them. They've always gone away on their own. TO the point that I will completely forget that I ever had them, only to repeat the dance next year.





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Ottawa, Canada

#39 Jun 11, 2012
I've had these spikey kind of warty things(but they are not warts) growing on the palms of my hands, on my fingers, as well as the arch of my feet, for some twenty years. Dermatologists can't figure it out. I was prescribed a very acidic prescription that basically took the skin off my hands, but the skin spikes remained. I can pluck them out one by one with tweezers, but I have quite a few...and they eventually grow back as well. Soaking my hands for some time to soften up the spikes, then violently putting a pumice stone to then works some as well, but then again, they will come back... I was put in a study for rare cases, at the Civic Hospital a few years back and was seen by many doctors from all over...no one had a clue what is was then.Only two cases were studied then and both patients coincidently had colon cancer,therefore my doctor had me go for a colonoscopy where I had several polyps removed, some at early cancer development stages.It's been awhile now that I've seen a dermatologist...
I have an upcoming appointment...maybe there's update on it....


#40 Jun 19, 2012
I also have white pimples appear on the palms of my hand and fingers. They sometime appear on my elbows too, they can b quite tender to touch but they dissapear after a few days. They do come back after a couple of weeks, and I am curious to know exactly what they are. They are really small and irritating!. Plzz helpp diagnose this xx

Ottawa, Canada

#41 Jun 19, 2012
kerry wrote:
I also have white pimples appear on the palms of my hand and fingers. They sometime appear on my elbows too, they can b quite tender to touch but they dissapear after a few days. They do come back after a couple of weeks, and I am curious to know exactly what they are. They are really small and irritating!. Plzz helpp diagnose this xx
Kerry,I'll trade you. Mine are not pimples, they are rather prickly.Very annoying for those romantic evenings...It's like:"Hey Sweetie, would you like me to scratch your back?". I was also once called Spiderman, eventhough they do not enable me to climb walls. Sorry I could not help you.

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