Tiny, painless wart like bumps on hands and fingers

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Houston, TX

#1 Jul 29, 2007
I've had them for at least 4-6 years but they seem to be multiplying. They are barely visible unless my hands are wet such as coming out of the shower. But they can be felt. They are just more pronounced after bathing. I have them on my palms and sides of my fingers. They are painless. I've been prescribed Fluocinonide and also two other medications in the past but nothing seems to work. What could this be and how can I elleviate it? I feel like a leper.

Beijing, China

#2 Aug 10, 2007
I have the exact same thing described in the post. Mine just started within the last month. They started on the inside of my fingers and now they are on my palms. They feel like microscopic warts. I initially thought it was a reaction to medication, since I just started taking a new anxiety medicine (Lexapro). The doctor said I could stop the medicine, and see if they go away. If they don't, then I'll go see a dermatologist.

Saint Stephen, Canada

#3 Aug 18, 2007
I have the same problem...they go away and leave tiny dry patches only to reappear on another part of my hand???Any ideas??

River Falls, WI

#4 Nov 29, 2007
I have this too, I don't understand what it is? I clip them off sometimes and they return within days and even when I clip them you can see the shiny surface still. I have done soo much research and I have no idea what it is? And mine never go away they just stay in the same place.

United States

#5 Jun 13, 2011
Ahhh me too! I'm 14 and I have a small outbreak on my right hand. The dermatologist thinks they're warts and keeps burning them off, but they reappear in a matter of weeks. They also seem to multiply every time. Someone help???

Brooklyn, NY

#6 Jun 23, 2011
so does anyone know what this is?
I think I have it too

United States

#7 Aug 2, 2011
I have an issue very similar to this not sure it's the same thing exactly though. It just began in last few months for me as well. I went to see a dermatologitst about it and she told me it was eczema but I now know this is wrong. I have bumps that come up all over my hands that are clear and painless. I have noticed that if I take an anti-allergen then they do go away, but when I stop taking the medicine they reappear within a day of not taking it. I am desperate to know what this is!

Atlanta, GA

#8 Aug 3, 2011
So what is it b/c I have it too?

Cumming, GA

#9 Aug 8, 2011
I have it tooo!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGHHHHH Tiny, painless, itch-less bumps on the sides of my fingers and on my palms. I've been looking online, and apparently, no one knows what they are, doctors are prescribing the wrong medication for them (it's NOT eczema, I know what that is), and it's common enough for there to be chat rooms about it. If anyone finds out anything please post it hear. These bumps give me the heebeejeebees

Cumming, GA

#10 Aug 8, 2011

New Albany, OH

#11 Aug 9, 2011
I have this same thing, started on insides of my fingers and now on my palms. I cant find any information on it!:( the only thing i can think it may be is like, athletes foot...but not itchy and on your hands... i have them on my toes too now that i think about it. they wont go away!


#12 Aug 23, 2011
I sort of have the same thing. . But it is on the outside of my ring finger. Just there. . My friend keeps on mocking me saying I have some kind of herpes which I dont like. .

Reno, NV

#13 Aug 24, 2011
I have this, too. They aren't blisters -- no fluid in them. And they don't hurt, but will snag if I run my hand down something silky. I can dig them out with a pin or a knife and it leaves a tiny little hole. Is that what everyone else is talking about?


#14 Aug 25, 2011
I saw a doctor yesterday. Apparently mine is just a rash, but I have never had a rash neither am I allergic to something I know of which could cauze this.

Edmonton, Canada

#15 Sep 19, 2011
Marianne wrote:
I have this, too. They aren't blisters -- no fluid in them. And they don't hurt, but will snag if I run my hand down something silky. I can dig them out with a pin or a knife and it leaves a tiny little hole. Is that what everyone else is talking about?
This is the same as me! Do you have any more info?

3 out of 6 of my family members have it?!!!?

Reno, NV

#16 Sep 20, 2011
Hi, Kevin -- I don't have any more information. I haven't been able to find anything that describes these little bumps in particular. If you dig or cut yours out, do they come back in the same place? So far, mine have.

I'm tracking this topic so I can keep updated on new posts.

Wilmington, DE

#17 Sep 24, 2011
are any of you seeing these spots on your elbows? I have them on my feet and elbows as well and the little bumps on my hands are now on my palms. and it hurts to close my hands. i'm seeing the doctor on monday but what all of you are explaining is exactly what i have been noticing as well.

United States

#18 Oct 13, 2011
I have the same thing everyone has mentioned but just on my hands and I get if off and on throughout the year but they always go away on their own at some point. I've had it for 3 years now and finally went to the Derm and they said it is hand eczema and just gave me Triamcinolone Acetonide (steroid cream) to help them go away faster. She said it could be because my hands are really dryed out from washing them a lot or the changes in the weather dry them out.


#19 Oct 16, 2011
I have had these mysterious bumps on my hands(fingers and palms)for about 4 years now. They sometimes go away completely for a few months and then reappear. Sometimes I think they are from wearing nitrile and latex gloves on a daily bases with work.But I have had them appear when on holidays from work also. No one seems to know what they are....

Albuquerque, NM

#21 Nov 4, 2011
no. they're not genital warts... most obviously because they're not on he genitals.

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