Dry, red, itchy skin around nose
mark bird uk

Newton Abbot, UK

#652 Jan 17, 2010
I hear that certain types of food kick off the flaking? Does anyone have a suggestion. and yes head and sholders does work or at leat for a time. now it does not..

Lafayette, IN

#653 Jan 18, 2010
Has anyone else had success with using isypropyl alcohol? It cleared mine in one day!! Try it and get back to me here. I HAVE ALL SAME SYMPTOMS AS EVERYONE HERE!!

Las Vegas, NV

#654 Jan 22, 2010
omg, i'm quite relieved that i'm not the only one suffering from this embarrassing condition. I get self concious all the time bec. of these. I put vaseline but the flaking keeps coming back. I also have extreme case of dandruff. Maybe this is what they called seb. dermatitis so i tried using selsun blue with selinium dioxide on my scalp and face but to no avail. I am so bummed and desperate. Do u think anti-fungal cream will do it?

Calhoun, LA

#655 Jan 22, 2010
Try Head and Shoulders. Sounds goofy. Worked for me. I didn't do so well with Selsun Blue. Leave it on a few minutes. At the three month mark, it's still working for me. I thought it might have lost its effectiveness this week, but when I left it on a little longer (I had slacked off to just a quick, few seconds wash and then rinse) it's ok again.

Pompano Beach, FL

#656 Jan 22, 2010
My dermotologist says that vaseline isn't a good idea because it seals dampness in which encourages fungi growth. It should be open to the air. Some lotion is what I use after washing,.

United States

#657 Jan 23, 2010
I to have had all these symptoms, red dry scalp. then within a year it spread on to my forehead, and now down my nose. and even further to the bottom of my nose, in the crease, when it itches I scratch it with my nail and I have like a thick patch of oily skin on my nail , like i can just dig into my skin. its kinda scary. then its red for like an hour. I started losing my hair really fast about 2 years ago, when i first saw symptoms of this. and i still wonder if it is what caused me to lose my hair, cuz id like it back... haha. anyway i looked this up and it seems to match the best. somone up there already put it up but not with this good of a definition. hope it helps, im goin to a doctor though.

United States

#658 Jan 23, 2010
Seborrheic dermatitis
. Seborrheic dermatitis is not an infectious disease, but it can involve infection. Seborrheic dermatitis is first and foremost a skin condition, but it can also involve temporary hair loss if the dermatitis is located on the scalp or other terminal-haired skin areas. The dermatitis presents as scaly, sometimes oily, inflamed skin that can be itchy or even painful to touch. This is an inflammatory condition the cause of which is not well understood, although there does seem to be a genetic component and Caucasians, particularly of Celtic descent, are most susceptible. It seems that the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles begin to produce a very rich form of sebum. The sebum contains fewer free fatty acids and squalene but increased amounts of triglycerides and cholesterol. In part, the trigger for may be androgen steroids. Times of hormone fluctuation, such as during puberty, can activate the onset of seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis can also be observed in some new born babies when maternal androgens are passed from the mother to the baby across the placenta. Conditions including Parkinson's disease, head injury, and stroke can also be associated with seborrheic dermatitis, and things like stress and chronic fatigue can make it worse.
The excess, rich sebum production in seborrheic dermatitis can trigger the proliferation of skin flora. Yeast Pityrosporon ovale (also called Malassezia furfur) has been shown to increase in numbers with the intensity of seborrheic dermatitis. This excessive yeast proliferation causes more irritation and inflammation. Although all this inflammation is not specifically directed at the hair follicle, if hair follicles are in the vicinity of the inflammatory cells then they can still be adversely affected. Hair follicles find inflamed skin an unhealthy environment in which to grow. Thus seborrheic dermatitis may non-specifically cause diffuse hair loss. This hair loss should be reversible with reduction of the inflammation intensity. Although seborrheic dermatitis can involve a proliferation of years it is important to point out that seborrheic dermatitis is not infectious, you cannot catch seborrheic dermatitis. Where yeast is involved in seborrheic dermatitis it comes from the affected individual's own skin. We all have yeasts of various types living on our skin, the problem in seborrheic dermatitis is that the yeasts may grow to far greater numbers than normal.
There are several treatments for seborrheic dermatitis. The simplest treatment involves the use of medicated anti-dandruff type shampoos to control the skin proliferation and scaling. Several shampoos might be recommended for alternating use on different days and each with its own particular activity. Shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis may contain sulfur, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, tar, salicylic acid, or oil of Cade. These shampoos have been available for many years. More recently Azole based shampoos (Ketoconazole - Nizoral) have been made available over the counter. Other medicated shampoos may contain fluconazole. All can be effective in treating seborrheic dermatitis. Some dermatologists may also prescribe antibiotics to control the skin flora and in doing so indirectly reduce the inflammation. The inflammation may be directly treated using a corticosteroid cream or lotion to control the immune response. Seborrheic dermatitis can be very persistent once it starts so persistence with treatment is required and preventative treatment is useful even when the symptoms are gone.

Calhoun, LA

#659 Jan 23, 2010
Gabe. Interesting. Thanks for posting. Wonder what helps with the yeast, if that's part of ones problem.

Frisco, TX

#660 Jan 23, 2010
Use vasoline!!! It works. Put if on your dry patches and they will be gone the next day! Worried about messing up tour pillow? Just wrap a towel around ir before putting your head down. I love vasoline! It worked for me. Hope it works for you

United States

#661 Jan 28, 2010
I've had this same problem for the past couple of years. I've tried pretty much everything. It started getting REALLY bad a couple of weeks ago so I started doing a little research. I went to Wal-Mart for some supplies and have finally found a method that works.

I've been using Selsen Blue shampoo 2-3 times a week and after lathering up my hair I rub some of the suds on the affected areas. I've also taken down the temperature of the water in my showers. I used to take hot showers and now I've been taking warm ones (actually bordering cold.) It's kind of miserable but it beats walking around with red patches on my face.

I also got some Equate brand anti-fungal cream (for feet.) I apply a VERY small amount on the affected areas every other day. At times, this does dry my face a bit especially when I first started. To combat the dryness I used a small amount of anti-itch cream followed by a very small amount of Neosporin.

It's kind of a lot to do and a lot of steps to worry about, but my face immediately cleared up and I have had no problems at all since I started. Hope this helps all of those who are suffering like I was.

Mike in Dallas

Alice, TX

#662 Jan 29, 2010
I've had this problem for the past year or so after I moved overseas. I saw my doctor and he gave me a cream that I use once or twice a week to keep my face looking normal. I'm visiting home right now and got a really bad flare up. I WISH I HAD BROUGHT MY CREAM WITH ME! Anyways I put some lotion on it and it just made it worse. I've been social drinking a lot since I've been home so I think that is the problem. I bought an exfoliating face wash and that got rid of the flakes, but the redness is still there. I read that hydrocortizone 1% cream(sp) can help with the redness and itching so I put some on last night and I think it helped. No flakes today just a little red and itchy. I go back home in a few days so I'll get the name of the cream my doctor gave me because it works like a charm!

Calhoun, LA

#663 Jan 29, 2010
Three words: Head and Shoulders.(I really don't sell the stuff, but it's been such a relatively inexpensive salvation for me I can't help repeatedly singing it's praises.) I wash morning and night with it. So long as I keep doing it, my particular problem nightmarish with itch and flaking around my nose and in patches on my face is under control.
When I don't, it flares up and I have to leave in on for a few minutes at first.

Stone Mountain, GA

#664 Feb 9, 2010
coco butter stick will help it

Leicester, UK

#665 Feb 10, 2010
Same problem here.
Ive just had a thought. Maybe, as with flaky scalp/dandruff it's somethign to do with a natural skin flora imbalance (yeasts etc) I find that the only anti-dandruff shampoo that fixes my scalp is Nizoral which is specifically for rebalancing scalp yeast... maybe I'll try that on my nose...
Also, bio yogurt applied to *various other parts* of the body susceptible to flora imbalances really helps.

I seriosuly think that too much washing with harsh detergents on the face might be to blame. im goign to experiement with natural remedies that will allow the natural oils and bacteria that should be present on the skin, to reestablish themselves. So, the plan is, reduce harsh chemicals, use yogurt for a while and olive oil... and then maybe if it all fails, nizoral...

Dillon, SC

#666 Feb 10, 2010
Admiral. I went with Head and Shoulders before slathering things I eat on my face and I'm really happy - been itch/scale free since November (except when I leave off washing with H and S

United States

#667 Feb 10, 2010
same results for me except i'm using J&J baby shampoo. Soooooo simple!!!!! and yet, it's working wonderfully!!

Atlanta, GA

#668 Feb 11, 2010
I have a dry patch on the upper right side of my nose by my eye. It itches, when I scratach it it hurts. I've had it for years and it's getting worse. I've had a derm Dr look at it. He treated it with fluocinonide ointment and hydrocortisone cream 2.5. Nither worked. I'm seeing another Dr today. It's keeping me up at night. Will let you know what he says.

Helotes, TX

#669 Feb 11, 2010
I have this and seems that it's caused by SLS-sodium laurel sulfate. It's in just about everything as a filler and to create that 'bubbling" action. It's sulfuric acid folks. Go to whole foods and get their shampoo, conditioner, get some toothpaste--read the label carefully. Make sure its not in there and be patient. It will take a few days to clear up but it will.

South Plainfield, NJ

#670 Feb 12, 2010
James wrote:
I have exactly the same problem. My nose and forehead are red, itchy and sore all the time. It didn't used to be that bad and used to go away but at the moment it is constant. It is worse when i'm hot, like when I exercise. I have tried anti-fungal cream, which my doctor recommended, for the last month but things have just got worse.
Can anyone else make any recommendations? Aqueous cream doesn't really make any difference, nor has going on an anti-fungal diet.
If the Anti-fungal cream is not working then that means it is not Sebboreic Dermatitis, which I have and Ketaconzale (prescription only) should clear the red/crusty flakes on the creases of the nose after a few days. It can also be applied with an anti-itch cream to start off then lean off that. If that doesn't work then its something else.
Lil MOO mOo

London, Canada

#671 Feb 13, 2010
Me too.Once I got a cold ...And I had to blow my nose like crazy and now its extremely dry,not on the inside but on the outside(not my entire nose just the tip part where the tissue would brush off).I didn't know what to do so I just put some Vaseline cream on it (all day-or else it dosen't work)and that night before I went to bed I put a huuuugge glob of the Vaseline and presto its mainly gone but you should do this process 2 nights in a row for yourself to be comeltley sucsessful! Good luck everyone :)

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