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Brampton, Canada

#41 Aug 15, 2008
I FOUND A CURE. when your lips are freshly peeled, (sounds gross i know) do the opposite and LICK it, lick it nonstop until new skin does not form. dont let it dry, just moisturize with liquid or your tounge. it worked for me.

Dundee, UK

#42 Aug 16, 2008
You all have a disease called exfoliative cheilitis...The lips contain thick dead skin and it turns white when water touches them. they peel and they are raw YOUR NOT ALONE...PLEASE ALL OF YOU JOIN THE FORUM: ms/f.asp?f=403


Shaw Island, WA

#43 Aug 28, 2008
Try Honey to soothe lips (just refrain from licking them afterwards). Honey has natural antibacterial properties, as well as conditioning agents. Secondly, and most importantly, research Celiac Disease, which commonly has iron deficencies/lip ulcers/issues as symptoms. It may be the case that you need to follow a gluten free diet. It is definitely worth a try!!

Shaw Island, WA

#44 Aug 28, 2008
Oh, and many lipsticks and glosses contain a wheat derivative, ladies...

Erlanger, KY

#45 Sep 5, 2008
I have had cracked, peeling lips since 2006. I have no idea what caused it, I was sitting at my desk at work one day and suddenly my lips became extremely itchy. This lasted a few hours and went away, but the next day the peeling began and it never really stopped. My lips would cycle between being extremely red and irritated for a day, then they would become very dry and begin to crack and peel for the next 2 or 3 days, and then back to red and irritated. I have never figured out what caused this to happen, I don't have any allergies and I never picked at my lip or anything. I started using hydrocortisone cream on my lips daily (after reading various message boards on this problem) along with many other lip balms and lotions. Nothing I tried really helped much. My lips would look slightly less irritated, but the cracking and peeling never improved. About 2 months ago, my sister brought home Aquaphor for my mom's severly dry skin. I saw on the label it was for cracked skin, so I thought I'd give it a try. I put a small amount on my lips, and I am not exaggerating when I say that within a couple of hours my lips were already healing. I have been using it twice a day for the most part and I have had absolutely no peeling or cracking since I first put it on! I don't use anything else on my lips anymore, this does the job for me. The exact product name that I am using is Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment. If you have cracked,peeling lips and haven't tried this yet, it is definately worth a shot.

Baltimore, MD

#46 Sep 10, 2008
i 've dry lip and around my mounth for ovr 3 mths. Firsly i thought that i had alergic from some food or old lip stick but i had try to take alergic medicine it didn't work. i decided to see doctor he give me a medicine ointment name is " Locoid Lipocream "i seem like work but still keep swolen red itchy and peel keep this cycle for a while. i did keep taking multivitamin but didn't work fo me too. what should i do?

Baltimore, MD

#47 Sep 14, 2008
i had lip peeling before i did tried many things were change tooth paste to be natural one, take multivitamins, use aquaphor. i talk my friend that she had same problem. Her doctor indicated her symtom is Eczema; it happends when you have stressness or touching with alergic stuffs like some hairs of pet. then she's been using " Elidel ( pimecrolimous) cream 1 % which is Non- steroid cream. Wow! It's work for me too ; redness and itchy and peeling got better and skin around my lip almost look normal. If you didn't find the right medicine for you yet. Try to advise this medicine with your doctor. Maybe my information can help you some.

San Francisco, CA

#49 Nov 11, 2008
I think there are a few different problems... not everyone is describing white corners of their mouths, which sounds like Cheltis, or whatever. Some are just describing extremely dry, cracked, lips that when peeled results in inflamed, painful, and possibly bleeding lips.

I have had the later for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until recently that I have come across success with any products. I've used all the traditional balms, blistex, carmex, chapstick, neosporin, vaseline...nothing helped. For the past couple weeks I have been using natural balms that contain, shea butter, avacodo butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter.... and these balms seem to work much better than any previous product I have ever used. I have only been using them for 2 weeks so I don't want to get my hopes up too much. But am very happy so far. My two favorite new balms I have purchased are:

Lip Rescue with Shea Butter
Cococare Lip Balm

While my peeling has not stopped, it has reduced and has not been painful or irritating to the lips since begining to use these balms. Rather, the skin easily flakes off or peels off easily without causing pain or bleeding every two days or so.

While these balms haven't "cured" me, they sure have made life more comfortable.


#50 Nov 21, 2008
I have also had this problem of peeling lips two years ago, where can i get the grapefruit seed extract from? please help.

New Haven, CT

#51 Nov 25, 2008
When I usually get severe chapped lips. I use Aquaphor and Johnson & Johnson baby oil that contains Aloe Vera and Multi Vitamins to lock in the moisture. My lips are usually swollen and painful in the mornings, so i use Vicks Vapo Rub to bring down the swelling and to numb the pain. Within a couple days its all gone.

San Antonio, TX

#52 Dec 9, 2008
sam wrote:
i am an early teen and my lips won't stop dring up and it is realy anoying.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick works for me

Ascot, UK

#53 Jan 18, 2009
I said goodbye to peeling lips since last week. I suffered from peeling lips for quite a long time more than 2 years. I never really tried anything to treat it as i thought it would just stop peeling by itself. All i used was vaseline which didnt and never worked but i still kept on using it. I also tried buttershea lip balm last month, but didnt stop my lips from peeling. Then last week I went to buy a new lip balm because my buttershea lip balm was broken in half and cant use it properly. I was browsing the lip balms on display and couldnt decide what to buy, i saw this cute little lip balm called "CARMEX" with yellow lid. I started using it and amazingly after 2 days my lips stopped peeling. You have to apply it regularly tho as soon as the balm has gone after drinking or eating. It has soothing and menthol feel after u applied it. It worked for me and it's also cheap, only 20p more expensive from vaseline lip balm 1.20. You can buy it from Superdrug or Boots. It is worth trying it. Goodluck.

Winnipeg, Canada

#54 Jan 18, 2009
My lips have also been peeling off and on for years actually. The only thing that apparently prevents and heals them is to keep hydrated....thet're still peeling.

Calgary, Canada

#55 Jan 26, 2009
YES !! Lipstick makes my lips peel. I have found that is only certain brands though. Mac and Estee makes them peel almost instantly, the next day lips are shedding. I have read that products with mineral oil are petroleum based and will make your skin/lips dry. While I was nursing my baby, I used Lansinoh ointment on dry cracked nipples, and then tried it on my lips, it really helps, but then I continue to wear lipsitck, so problem never really does away.
pip wrote:
everytime I wear lipstick my lips want to peel. I find myself biting my lips becasue I can't stand the peeling. I love to wear lipstick. I feel like I am missing something if I go out without lipstick. Does anyone elser have this problem when wearing lipstick?
Anna Haase

Blue Earth, MN

#56 Feb 15, 2009
I have had sooo many problems with my lips and skin in the past year. My lips would basically shed off the outer skin, and then remain red tingly painful and swollen for looong periods of time. Then I would also get cracks in the corners of my mouth (look up angular chelitis) I also have ecxema on my shins, knees, and elbows.
What I found out is that I have quite a few food allergies and if you have any of these symptoms I recommend getting tested. I can now tell if I've eaten anything with eggs, pineapple, or yeast. Those are the allergies that seem to affect my lips directly. I had a glass of wine 2 days ago, and am still trying to recover. I just read something that said if you are allergic to mold it can bring about a yeast allergy.
Things to try cutting out
Eggs (if the whites &yolks do it=proteins If it's the chicken in general=sulfites)
Pineapple (avoid bromelaine)
Brewers Yeast (beer wine, cider etc. I've found mixed information on this, but one glass of white wine and I expect it will take a week to recover so I don't look like I had a bad collagen injection.)

Philadelphia, PA

#57 Feb 16, 2009
Are you still having this problem? Two things you may want to look at if you haven't already is the dishwashing detergent you are using or simply use a petroleum jelly i.e. vaseline instead of chapstick.
Emanuel wrote:
my life:
ive grown up to be a handsome young man. I can see the sparkle in womens eyes when our eyes meet untill their eyes wonder down to my Lips and there face just TURNS and i know exactly wut there saying in their heads (HOLY F*** WUT THE F*** R THOES? HOW DO THEY GET LIKE THAT??)
It must of been at the age of a 7th grader when it started with the corners of my mouth turned white. I never thought anything of it, especially at that age i thought it was a minor problem. Then as i grew older i realised in pictures how much thoes white corners would stand out and how embarassing it was. Now by the age of a 9th grader My LIPS started getting dry and peeling. I have now gained the habbit of peeling them for them to reheal and look better but its making them worse ,BUT at the same time it looks horrible with dry scaling lipps so i dont know which to choose from. Now My combination is white corners of the mouth with dry lipps. I have been researching for so long now i cant live the rest of my life like this there is no way in HELL im gonna give up. Ive been to 2 different doctors they gave me the same ointment to apply to my mouth. I hav tried changing my diet to , fruits veitables X-sessive amounts of water and still no change. I dont know what the future holds for my lipps but i NEED a change NOW and i need ur help PLEASE somebody HELP ME i feel everybodys PAIN HERE!!!!!

Philadelphia, PA

#58 Feb 16, 2009
Two things you may want to look at if you haven't already is the dish washing detergent you are using or simply use a petroleum jelly i.e. Vaseline instead of chap stick.
I had a problem with peeling lips where they were inflamed and felt like someone had sucked all of the moisture out of my lips. Particularly after I drank or ate something. Also after I would taker a shower my lips would turn white and the skin would peel off.
I changed the detergent to 7th generation as there are no chemicals or toxins which all the others seem to have as well as stopped using any type of chap stick and my lips immediately were better. I did consult a dermatologist as I had made an appt. three months prior and he agreed that it may have been an allergic reaction.
Good luck!

United States

#59 Feb 22, 2009
This worked for me+++++

Ok i had my whole bottom lip peeling tried alot of stuff this had been going on for 6 month i finally ,finally found something that WORKED..
I first cleaned around my bottom lipp then i took a cotton swab and used Hydrogen Peroxide and rubbed it on there i found out i had a virus of sort it was not healing and my body was fighting it anyway i went to CVS and talk to the pharmacy and got an over the counter ointment called POLY BACITRACIN i use it all day my lipp started peeling but i did not lick it i had used a cotton swab all the time to apply it the dead skin started coming off in 2 days and i use it for a week now my lipps are ok no problem anymore..You have to use the preoxide twice a day for 2 days apply when lipps are clean..

San Antonio, TX

#60 Feb 24, 2009
My lip no longer peels this is an update just to let all that read my previous message.All is back to normal..

Medina, OH

#61 Feb 26, 2009
I have had this same problem now going on ~2 1/2 months.. with the never-ending peeling lips, & corners cracking. It all started, one morning I woke up & felt a sort of grime in the corners of my mouth. I wiped them w/ a cloth to remove what ever it was & must have rubbed too hard because then it was very sore & looked minor-ly inflamed. The following few days they became worse... tiny bumps that felt very rough like sandpaper. I had drank hot liquid out in the cold for a couple hours just before this occurred, so I figured it was just chapped lips. I tried regular blistex chapstick, carmex, vassaline - nothing has worked, even though I have been ocd with it, applying 100 times a day!!! It would seem to get not much better during the day- but then I would wake up in the morning, & it would be worse. It is winter here now, & it has been very dry. We live in an old drafty house, & have space-heaters than run non-stop - maybe it's just a lack of moisture? Maybe I need to drink more water? I drink PLENTY of fluids, so it can't be that! I have since found that blistex with the RED STRIPE works very very well. Also have just started trying Lansinoh-which is "the worlds purest Lanolin". You can buy it in a tube- it is for breast-feeding mothers to use on sore chapped nipples. It is 100% natural & 100% safe to put on lips since you don't even need to wash it off before breastfeeding-it's safe for infants in ingest! Very thick & greasy substance much like Vassaline. We'll see how it works... I think that it is a combination of no moisture in the air, & possibly a vitamin defficiency, because I have dry scalp too, & it seems that my hair has been thinning & I'm only 29, Female!!!! Someone Please help... I can't imagine dealing with this for months, or even years!!!

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