How do I treat bulging veins on foreh...

Kettering, UK

#818 Sep 7, 2012
Well thanks for the positive feedback - there isn't much point taking any photos as my only visible scar out of the 3 incisions which is high on my forehead and about 1cm long just totally blends in with a bit of a suntan and to be honest I dont think its that visible in the winter anymore. Of the other 2 cuts - 1 was under the hairline and the other one just left a small area (2mm)of a darkish purple colour which is hardly noticeable and just looks like a skin imperfection. So to summarize - if you have visible arteries that are getting you down then there is a solution out there but I would advise you to find the best surgeon you can afford because 'scar limitation' is effectively what you are paying for - the more skillful the surgeon the less cuts and the smaller they will be and hence the scars will be smaller and blend in a lot better. And my surgeon also said that removable stitches will give less scarring than dissolving ones. My post 155 covers my stitches etc

cheers - Graham

San Mateo, CA

#819 Sep 7, 2012

I am from California and I have recently discovered this forum. I have a vein that runs down the middle of my forehead and appears when doing almost anything. Has anyone had any luck with removing this vein or getting it tied off? I'm trying to go through all these posts but theres alot! Thanks!

Los Angeles, CA

#820 Sep 8, 2012
Message to elena

I'm also in California!!

What's your email or send me a private message and I'll give you some names of people and options you have!!

Surrey, Canada

#821 Sep 9, 2012
hulk wrote:
So did anyone figure out a way to make the veins go away? I've been seaching for a solution for so long.. people call me hulk cause the veins make it seem like im always angry.. cruel bastards.. sniff* sniff*
okay so i had this same problem too but when i ate alot and started to gain some weight it just dissaperead but idk if its the same result with u guys

Los Angeles, CA

#822 Sep 11, 2012
Floyd wrote:
As a follower of this site for a while, I want to say a big thank you to the likes of Bintrigued and Graham for their invaluable posts, I thInk I am in the same position as quite a few people on here...i'm on the verge of going through with this op but the only thing that worries me is the scarring.
I totally understand the wish to remain 'anonymous but if either of you could post any post-op pictures I think it would give many of us the reassurance to go ahead and just get this done! You are a big inspiration to many of us, and I don't think I'm alone in wanting to weigh up the pros and cons regarding the scarring....
Thanks again
What's your email!?

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#823 Sep 12, 2012
Gaining weight won't make the veins go away, it'd just make them less visible. Also, even on 'big' people they will become more visible as they get older due to the thinning of the skin.

Pompano Beach, FL

#824 Sep 13, 2012
Hi David, have you had any treatment for your veins? If so, were
they on your face?
David wrote:
There are treatments for your veins. I suffer
from the same problem with two string like veins called "varicose" veins that come out at after working out, taking a hot shower, or even drinking alcohol. It has to do with the vein being unable to process the blood causing an expansion with the vein that causes leakage from them. From research if left untreated it could cause possible ulcers and varios other problems. At a specialty dermatology center such as vein removal centers these veins can be taken care of. The technology used consist of Sclerotherapy, and laser treaments. Sclerotherapy is a chemical injected into the vein that basically dries out the vein. Laser removal can cost a bit more but has a better succesion rate over time. Unfortunatly these treaments will have to be done every five to six years. I am getting treatment soon and I personally understand how unpleasent it can be ....even embarassing at times as people think that you want to kick their ass at all times with these veins bulging out. Hope this helped and take care :)

Bridgwater, UK

#825 Sep 16, 2012
Bintrigued wrote:
<quoted text>
What's your email!?
Hi Bintrigued, my email is [email protected]
Many thanks in advance
LA Local

Honolulu, HI

#826 Sep 20, 2012
Hey, I'd like to get some info on LA Doctors/resources. [email protected] Thanks!

Vancouver, WA

#827 Sep 26, 2012
First of all, please stop posting that you have it, you have it. Obviously millions of people suffer from old age. OK. So I have a suggestion. Try Hawthorn. I noticed these veins after putting my head in my hands. It concerned me. It has gone down in the past few minutes but I have read that veins actually harden as you get older. Plus stretch as you stress or eat crap food. Makes sense. But Hawthorn and other like herbs increase circulation. therefor may reduce the impact over time. Try in quantity and see what good it does. And Tranny, I'm sure you are aging just like the rest of us. Fear not. Your turn will come.

Vancouver, WA

#828 Sep 26, 2012
OK one more comment. Dont EVER take libido boosting, or erection inducing pills. Horny goat weed and cordiceps are fine in normal doses but those fast acting pills like Eyeful and naturect work great but cause your veins to pop out like you are going insane. It's that blood pressure mounting. I did this and went to a bar and met a VERY cute Nordic girl 10 years younger than me and we hit it off well and it turned into dates, and more. I looked in the mirror and I looked like madness with these veins plus my skin was red. I told her what it was and she shrugged and said she didn't care so it's not the end of the world. OK that's a wrap.
Midlands Lad

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#829 Sep 28, 2012
I've had prominent temporal arteries for as long as I can remember. They become more swollen and the pulse becomes more visible with tiredness, stress, heat, exertion and alcohol. I'm 30 now and recently they have become permanently visible with a strong pulse.

Having read through the posts on this forum and done some research I booked a consultation with a vascular surgeon in Nottingham. I will be going for ligation of both arteries under local anaesthetic in about 3 weeks time at a cost of £1,100. I'll post updates on how things go on this forum.

In the run up to my op I'd really appreciate some advice from anyone who has been through the same procedure. I've read through most of the previous posts and hopefully there isn't too much duplication in my questions.

- could anyone share any before and after photos?
- is there any bruising post-op and how long did it take to heal? I have 1 week off work after my op and am hoping that there won't be any obvious signs that I've had some work done when I go back!
- I've heard the arteries can remain prominent for some time after ligation - how long does this last for?
- do the arteries usually disappear completely or is an 80% reduction more common?

I'd be grateful if anyone could share their experiences and would be happy to answer any questions about my consultation.



#830 Sep 28, 2012
Midlands lad,
Read me and sams posts mate. We went to the same surgeon Bruce braithwaite and I'm so glad I did ! Changed my life for the better . Best of luck mate, hope you get the results you want:-)

Liverpool, UK

#831 Sep 29, 2012
yes the same problem. It is good to share with other people. Drink less if you can and look after yourself more also.

Zaragoza, Spain

#832 Oct 1, 2012
I ve discover that lowcarb diet make them look bigger; Maybe high levels of cortisol or something adrenal so eat enough sugar, bread, etc..It works for me.

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#833 Oct 5, 2012
I cannot believe the misinformation in this blog.....

Since: Sep 11

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#834 Oct 5, 2012
Jan wrote:
I cannot believe the misinformation in this blog.....
Elaborate on the misinformation...

are you dealing with these issues or are you just voicing an opinion?

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#835 Oct 5, 2012
why did this thread stop?..I am having the same problem lately, don't know why. Any body know yet?

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#836 Oct 10, 2012
Jay wrote:
Absolute bollocks Angela!
Angela is absolutely spot on. I used to just drink tee and coffee both diuretics. I had prominent veins popping out all over including the big fat vein on the forehead. One day the penny dropped and I realised I was dehydrated. This was when I was thirty. I'm now a very young looking fifty two year old, not a vein or wrinkle in sight. Ten pints of water per day has kept my youth its is not just veins, you age at a very fast rate when you are constantly dehydrated. If you stopped taking food and water, you will die of dehydration within a week a long time before starvation of food, when you are dehydrated you are living close to death and your body will do gross things too survive like try and recover water from the Colon which will be contaminated and will be stored in your fat cells! Not bollocks but very good advice.

Saint Helens, UK

#837 Oct 10, 2012
The modern human is so influenced by TV and ads, got a headache, take a tablet, got indigestion, take a tablet, got hemorrhoids, use a cream, got bad skin, use a cream, got wrinkles on the forehead, use botox or get a face lift. In our modern world we use tablets, creams and cosmetic surgery to cure our ills and yet the answer for most of our ills, including the ones above, is actually in the kitchen tap!
If you drink just one pint of beer you will need approx three pints of water to just keep a neutral state of hydration, the reason is when your dehydrated an anti diuretic hormone is released in your body to conserve water and concentrate your urine. When you drink alcohol it suppresses this ADH and your body will only use about one third of the water you might drink. So if you drink alcohol on a daily basis then you are adding to dehydration in a heavy way!
Just remember this if you do start to drink water having not done so before you will need to allow your system to adjust as there will be contaminants in your fat cells that will need to be flush out and you will go to the loo a lot to start, but your bladder and system will adjust and not only will your feel better, less tired, but you will be better, dehydration affects you immunity in a negative way. Take around One pint of water per ten kilo of body weight per day and you will be amazed not overnight but over time. I will guarantee you those veins will disappear, mine were like snakes duck tapped to my body, they were unsightly and depressing, now they are all gone. Over years you will see others around you ageing at a pace whilst you remaining youthful and vein free.

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