How do I treat bulging veins on foreh...

Edmonton, Canada

#25 Jan 13, 2009
So did anyone figure out a way to make the veins go away? I've been seaching for a solution for so long.. people call me hulk cause the veins make it seem like im always angry.. cruel bastards.. sniff* sniff*





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anonymous guy


#26 Jan 25, 2009
I have the same problem and i cant find any info helpful on the net. I've noticed that yeah when I've had a few drinks it can be really embarrassing when the 2 superficial veins pop out of my head. This also happens in hot weather and at times when I feel my heart racing. It can even happen when I'm feeling really calm. I'm still looking for help. I've noticed that when I have a tan (very light to mild sunburn) during summer my skin appears a lot tighter on my forehead and for a few short weeks my popping veins don't seem to be an issue. (I've got olive skin). Researching on the net suggests that when your skin is dry it becomes tighter and I guess this is what hides my veins. Its easy to say get over it if you don't experience talking to someone and noticing that their eyes are fixated looking up at your head at 2 throbbing veins. What keeps me sane is the thought that things could be much worse. A quote I like to think of is 'I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet'





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Columbia, MD

#27 Jan 25, 2009
I'm a 41 year old female. I have been dealing with the enlarged temple veins for almost 10 years...first the one on the right side (kind of worm-like) then the one on the left. They have seemed to become more noticalbe over the years especially with excercise and heat. I've been to a dermatologist and a laster vein surgeion. Initially I was told they were arteries. I was most recently told and found through research that they are superficial. The only treatment is possibly laser...although I was told this could be somewhat dangerous due to burning and dr.'s not know 100% the side affects of cutting off this vein?? At one time years ago I had a dr. stitch the veins to cut off circulation to see if the blood would reroute and they would go away - didn't work - they came back within a few months. I work out, eat healthy and am fairly slim so not sure if this is good or bad?? Sounds like I might add to the problem. I'm seriously thinking of the laser...any thoughts?? Thanks
Susie Q

Hinton, Canada

#28 Jan 26, 2009
I'm in my 40's too, have noticed it within the last 10 years, you can slightly notice it in photos. I do not have varicose veins at all, but do have large veins on my hands and soft side of forearms, have heard the term 'very vascular' politely used. I am fit, work out daily, love cardiovascular exercise which I'm sure does wonders for my forehead vein, which runs slightly off-center. It always shows though, relaxed or not. I am becoming self-conscious of it, even at an age where I am confortable in my own skin and love who I am. My friend once called it my "3rd eye" ha ha. OK, I'll take that over evil satan worshipper.

Columbia, MD

#29 Jan 27, 2009
I'm with you Susie Q - at our age with the life experiences, knowledge, etc. I also feel more comfortable than ever in my own skin...then the cosmetic "stuff" starts happening...I also work out, try to stay fit and eat healthy most of the time :)- if I could lift a weight or run these ugly veins away - I would do it.:) I wish it didn't bother me is on my face so it's kind of hard to miss when I look in the mirror everyday. Also, when the weather is hot and you're outside with your hair pulled back, you're talking to someone and you notice their eyes being drawn to the unsightly veins on your temples because they're bulging from the heat and's embarrassing - I will say, I am very self-conscious of them.:( Unfortunately or "fortunately" I don't think these enlarged facial veins are common enough, especially in woman that doctor have figured out what to do with them or what side effects if they are closed off. Due to having a little higher forhead and thin hair it's hard for me to hide I said in my earlier post - I am considering the laser procedure. I just made another appt. for a consultation to get rid of them! I'll keep everyone posted on what they have to say. It is nice to talk to people that have the same issue.
Take care!

La Mesa, CA

#30 Feb 4, 2009
I've had this same problem since at least age 10 or 11; I'm 21 now. They've always appeared after I exert even moderate energy. One is on the right side on my head by my temple; the most unsightly of all is one that looks like a giant letter Y right in the center of my forehead. If I bend over, or even laugh too hard, they appear. And like the lot of you, I am very physically fit and active. Looking forward to hearing the results of your laser treatment Kendall. Also, if you wouldn't mind, please let us know how much it cost and where you've gotten the treatment. Somehow I doubt the military will be willing to pay for this :(

Thank you all.


#31 Feb 6, 2009
Oh, for goodness sake heavenslink, you have to be joking....
What you say is straight our silly and enough to put even the best Christian off, and I am a Christian... this is not the place or subject to bring that in.. these are veins which come up as you get older and as someone has very sensibly pointed out are because the layers of skin get thinner when you get older, no repenting, and wailing and nashing of teeth will undo what God has allowed,... which is to age..

Burnaby, Canada

#32 Feb 8, 2009
Yeah I use to be overweight most of my childhood and once I lost all my baby fat the veins in my forehead popped out, especially when I lay down or laugh really hard...I don't think theres any way of treating it. I am really skinny now, i'm trying to gain weight but its hard because I have a really, really active life...oh well

Pasadena, MD

#33 Feb 9, 2009
To the "Vein Gang" :) Sorry - I know they suck but hey - let's try to have a little humor when it comes to these invaders!
Well, the debate is still out. I've had different answers from a couple different Dr.'s, which to me, is a little scary. I've had one Dr.(laser) say that they were just superficial veins that could be treated with the laser - no problem a couple 2-3 treatmenst to collapse the vein and they should be gone. Then I asked a friend who is a dermatologist check with a Dr. who she knows at a nearby heart hospital (specializes in vascular health) that said he did not think the laser treatment would work and would not do it until they come up with a better procedure. Part of me says - am I really that "vain" - literally lol:)? And can I please say - I respect the opinion of others - I guess until you're out at the pool or after a workout in the heat and you notice people staring at the pulsating or swollen vein on your temples or forehead - how much does it really bother you? Being a 41 year old female trying to be healthy and hold on to some youth/appearance...well I have to say it does bother me...:( Especially when I do try to take care of the body that God gave me. First and foremost, I want to make sure that it isn't related to my blood pressure, a clogged artery or some other health issue. I've had some high heart rate issues as well as the not so normal headache when the veins seem to be swollen. I may opt for a CT Scan to see if there may be blockage somewhere that is causing the overload on these veins?? I've had physicals/stress test/blood work that have all come back within the normal range. That's kind of where I'm at now...wish it was more cut & dry but - sounds like we may have a different reasons why we may have been "blessed" with these unique additions to our appearance.:) Health is #1 so when moving forward - keep that in mind! ;)
As I get any new information or results I'll keep you posted! Hope you all do the same.

Gaithersburg, MD

#34 Feb 9, 2009
I too am cursed with the dreaded temple veins!After a work out at the gym,I look like Frankenstein.My veins look like worms beneath my skin.This is the only place on my body that has these bulging veins,well almost.This condition causes me such embarresment because I know everyone is staring at them.I too would like to find a treatment.
Grandma D

Jupiter, FL

#35 Feb 16, 2009
For the last several years(at certain times) without any warning I get a vein that protrudes from my right eyebrow to my forehead I have asked several doc but they have no idea what it could be, some say stress,, then it goes away and this morning it was back and hurts real bad,,, So I am off to another doc if I get an answer I will post it... Have a good day
Justin - Ireland


#36 Feb 16, 2009
hi guys..I got the exact same problem..hopefully somebody comes up with a solution soon eh!

Gaithersburg, MD

#37 Feb 17, 2009
The best way to describe my veins is that they look like the veins that are near a cows udders.They petrude through on both sides of my forehead.I will try any treatment to make them disappear.I am 44 years old and healthy and first noticed them about 10 years ago.They make me look like a freak!!!Someone must have an answer.Help!!

Craigavon, UK

#38 Feb 21, 2009
Hi :) OK, a girl and I don't have veins bulging on my forehead (yet)(thank god):) but I have the same problem on my arms in particular - they look absolutely awful :'(- and on parts of my body too - yuck! I can't give you a cure, I'm looking for one, but I can help with some info: I'm naturally skinny and I lose weight very easily if I just stop concentrating for a day, but it can take me weeks to put it back on. I recently lost a stone (stressy stuff) and that's when the veins got so pronounced, so I can almost guarantee it's due to lack of fat - your veins aren't bulging, they're always like that, but your skin has thinned and isn't covering them up. As others have suggested, I'm trying my damndest to put on weight but it's not easy when you have a skinny metabolism. Don't, under any circumstances, resort to the weight gain products used by body builders - they contain a chemical to widen your veins, which body builders like to use to get their blood pumping faster when excercising - that's why they so often have those gross veins and, whilst they might like it, it'll make your problem worse. Try googling 'Angeline Jolie Veins' and you'll see a few stories supporting what I've said about it being associated with weight loss/thin skin. Sorry it's not a solution but hope it makes things a bit clearer - can't find a solution till you understand the problem xx

Ellicott City, MD

#39 Feb 28, 2009
Thank you for the great tips! I googled Angelina Jolie veins and OMG - I never noticed this before but her veins are bad...and I do agree about the lack of fat. I'm pretty thin - just over 100 lbs - sounds like I may need to fatten up if I want to get rid of my temple veins.:) I have decreased the intensity of my workouts due to my blood pressure/heart rate getting up there and just adding to the problem. Hard alcohol is the worst - I had a couple margaritas last night at a get together with friends and got up this morning and...those temple veins were enlarged & pulsating...yuck!
I have heard that using lotion/cream with estrogen on your face would help with wrinkles and thinning skin?? Any suggestions on product from anyone would be great! ;)

New Haven, MI

#40 Mar 5, 2009
Thanks for the laughs, you guys. Apparently I'm the only girl with this problem. I sure hope it goes away, because there's no way in hell I can afford any kind of fancy surgery in this economic climate!

Tunbridge Wells, UK

#41 Mar 12, 2009
Hi all
Madonna has this problem check out.
so your not alone notaguy.

Virginia Beach, VA

#42 Mar 15, 2009

Boston, MA

#43 Mar 20, 2009
Those forehead veins aren't gonna get you laid; no girl wants to do a guy with bulging veins in his dome

Boston, MA

#44 Mar 20, 2009
Hey grannytranny,you hit the nail right on the head.

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