How do I treat bulging veins on foreh...


#208 Jan 13, 2010
i think enough has been said. If you really want to get the procedure done, you will ( reread all the posts and start your journey):). its a simple procedure. my doc said today like a 1 out 10 as far as that goes. Plastic surgeon, someone whos worked w head and neck alot. Good luck everyone.
flemm :)

Québec, Canada

#209 Jan 25, 2010
I'm having the same problem

everytime i finish a meal.... they stick out and pulsate from my temples
and when i have alcohol..... they stick out alot more .....

and when i do cardio or work out at the gym... they stick out as well

and i dont know about you guys but its a little bit uncomfortable.... feels like my head is swollen ...... and it looks terrible.....

im 24.... i need to get to the bottom of this or understand why this is happening. can anyone seriously shed some light?

Since: Jan 10

Fraserburgh, UK

#210 Jan 25, 2010
I too have these veins in my forehead one on each side of my head the one on the left side is slightly worse.
I am 26 years old, fit, averaged weight & not stressed atall they are always present but sometimes a lot worse than other times.
Ime sick of them ruiningg photos, social life etc.
Ive noticed people on here have had surgery to remove them, does any one know how safe the procedure is ?


#211 Jan 25, 2010
what is the cause? is there any solution? how can we prevent it from spreading?

Detroit, MI

#212 Jan 25, 2010
i think im the first girl to post on this !!!!
my veins are SOOOO bad ! i feel like thats the first thing people look at when they see me !
im tempted to do surgery i hear they can almost cut the vein out but i dont know any details
i have tried make up and it just looks clumpy and gross. i tried gaining wait but it just all ends up in my tummy ! the only thing that seems to work is a tan but i live in michigan so the only time i get that is in july :(

HELP !!!!!


#213 Jan 27, 2010
Please refer to my posts 143 and 155 which cover the background and diagnosis of this problem as well as my treatment and recovery



#214 Jan 27, 2010
Graham, thanks for coming back. I want to personally thankyou for doing the groundwork on this. Because of your dd and willingness to share your story i was able to free myself from the wigglies. its been almost 2 months since i had the procedure done. the small scars are much less noticeable each week( still a bit red). I massage vitamin e gell on scars each night for a few minuites . are yours visable?


Longford, Ireland

#215 Jan 29, 2010
I have the same issue, massive pulsating vein on my right and left appeared about two years ago and hasnt left since, even in the morning when i wake up its still there, when i exercise it gets worse and alcohol makes it go nuts too....every time i get my haircut i feel so self conscious about it cause its more obvious.
i know its only aesthetic but it affects my self esteem, find it hard to sleep cause it pulsates so hard...really frustrating if i always had them i probably wouldnt care as much cause id accept it as the way my body is, but im twenty four and it only appeared two years ago, as well as that around the same time my whole body got veiny....i have blue and green veins every where my hands, fingers, feet, toes, arms, chest, legs cock and balls, and all them were never visible before
Even if i can't fix it id like to know what caused it so it doesnt get worse, i think its stress related, but i know if i go to a doctor they'll say im normal and just overthinking so dont know what to do....just want to be confident with my appearance but find it hard with all these veins that have appeared from no where, any help or info much appreciated

Plymouth, UK

#216 Feb 4, 2010
I also have this vein... I'm 26 and used to be happy with the way I looked but since 24 the vein has gotten more noticable and I can now see it on every picture taken of me. It's really ruining my self confidence! Can botox around this area help do you think as it only seems to appear when I smile!
Grandma D wrote:
For the last several years(at certain times) without any warning I get a vein that protrudes from my right eyebrow to my forehead I have asked several doc but they have no idea what it could be, some say stress,, then it goes away and this morning it was back and hurts real bad,,, So I am off to another doc if I get an answer I will post it... Have a good day

Riverside, CA

#217 Feb 5, 2010
Paul wrote:
I have the exact same problem, I searched around and I think the best thing to try is to gain as much weight as you can, and they should reduce in visibility, I'm trying to do this even though it isn't working, I'm eating like crazy and still gaining tiny amounts of weight, been doing this for 2 months.
I just developed veins similar to exactly how you described. They appeared suddenly overnight. I've been very stressed and lacking sleep lately. Some online sources claim it to be from exactly that. I've been pushing my body to the point of fatigue trying to keep up with my studies and household responsibilities. I'm well overdue for a break. Also, I've learned that the tendons, nerves, and muscle tissue that govern our jaws pass over and around the temple region. Stress, excessive teeth-grinding, fatigue can all contribute to these tissues becoming tense or knotted up and even to the point of becoming crepitus. When this happens, the veins can appear to be bulging due to an inflammation of the region causing a slight 'pinch' of the veins. Feel around, just above your temple, and then open and close your might discover an ache that could use a good 'rubbin'. I'm working on a nasty one on the left side of my head right now...and it's soar. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions by self-diagnosing my condition, nor am I yours. Were probably under enough stress as it is. we don't need an anxiety attack to go along with it.

New York, NY

#218 Feb 5, 2010
flemm wrote:
Graham, thanks for coming back. I want to personally thankyou for doing the groundwork on this. Because of your dd and willingness to share your story i was able to free myself from the wigglies. its been almost 2 months since i had the procedure done. the small scars are much less noticeable each week( still a bit red). I massage vitamin e gell on scars each night for a few minuites . are yours visable?
Flemm, thank you for sharing your experience. I would appreciate if you could share the name of the surgeon to my email at I would be extremely grateful!!
sam england

Hebburn, UK

#219 Feb 6, 2010
hi , im a 40 y o ,healthy male, ialso have these horrible, bulgeing arteries,
ive seen my doc,who has referred me onto a vascular surgeon, so will keep yaposted,when i see this guy, dont know how much it is gonna cost , but will post back soon,

Southall, UK

#220 Feb 7, 2010
I also have these artery branches, I got them when I was away in hot countries for a few months and still have them two years on, so I went to see a vascular surgeon in hospital who also has them!! His response was that nothing could be done and I was to "compartmentalise" the problem!!needless to say I was pissed off when I left! So thank god I found this forum and a big thank you to all that have posted the good news!! I am goin to get emailing local surgeons to see who will do it so I'll keep you posted!:-)

Brooklyn, NY

#221 Feb 7, 2010
Have the same problem, went to a few vascular surgeons, all who said nothing was wrong,(had MRI, sonogram & blood tests).This type of doctor does not subscribe to removing a perfectly good artery or vein regardless of how you may feel about it. Better off seeing a cosmetic surgeon. They said it was probably due to lack of fat under scalp.
sam england

London, UK

#222 Feb 8, 2010
hi jay,were in england are ya im in nottingham,
let me know if ya have any joy an ill do the same,
how old are ya ,wots ya health like,
just wondering

Southall, UK

#223 Feb 8, 2010
Hi Sam, I'm in Scotland 32 years old don't smoke anymore, fit and have a good diet.I hardly drink anymore as booze makes it worse and hangover makes me look like Frankenstein's kid!! Lol
sam england

London, UK

#224 Feb 8, 2010
ye i know ya cant have a beer,sit in the sun ,go to the gym or ya end up lookin like a freak lol,gonna get it sorted though, if they can send man to the moon,they can send these arteries to lol

United States

#225 Feb 13, 2010
Botox works for me...drinking will constrict your blood will caffeine...might make the veins bulge more...alsso stay hydrated...water...drink lots of water....
I think you might be able to have Restalyne or fat or some other substance that would temporarily plump up the area...
You have veins pop out near relax the muscles...see a good plastic surgeon for excellent botox...check reviews first there are a lot of quacks out there.

My best advice is to work on your spiritual yourself just the way you are...and you will attract someone who also loves you warts and all. If you meet someone so shallow that they would not like you with the prominent veins..then good riddance to them I say! Good luck!

South Pasadena, CA

#226 Feb 17, 2010

South Pasadena, CA

#227 Feb 17, 2010
Ok, from some posts of I've read, I don't think there's one absolute factor that causes this bulging vein such as age, weight, or diet alone. Unlike others who say they are fit, old or have a healthy diet, I am young (23yrs. old) who's overweight and does not have a healthy and balanced diet. I may have overexercised before for about 2 hours or a little more but I never felt headaches nor painful muscle strains. I do not have high blood pressure, I do not drink alcohol (tried a few different ones but I hate it and am not fond of it), I don't do drugs, and I don't smoke.(1 minute secondhand smoke from uncles like twice a week at the most) Yet, there are times I'm probably not aware of in which I wrinkle my forehead from frustration, confusion, and blurriness. Does everyone who has a bulging vein on the forehead wear contact lens?

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