Zits with a hard white mass. (and I m...

Budd Lake, NJ

#43 Jun 27, 2011
I know what you guys are talking about.

1. the one that starts out as a zit then it pops and it flattens, but it's still there and there's kinda like a hole then when you squeeze it, it's this white ball thing tht comes out. That's puss that has been in there for so long that it hardens. I usually use tweezers not to get into the skin but to help squeeze it out. If you pick at it it will scar.

2. The white little dot that looks like a zit but isnt painful and stays for a long time. And no matter how much you try to pop it or pick at it it wont come off. That's a keratin deposit. It's protein in your skin that hardened. There's a tool you can use to take it out but it's painful. It's this thing they use for facials its metal and has a needle on one end to prick the skin then a ring sort of, at the other end to scrape the mass inside. You can also use this toold for pimples and blackheads.





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Bedford, MA

#44 Jul 15, 2011
Hailey wrote:
The same thing happened to me except instead of the hardened mass being white, mine was black! like it looked like i literally pulled a rock out of my face. I had this zip like bump on my eyebrow for a while now and i kept popping it like a zit but it wudnt go away. one day after a shower my face gets rlly soft and its rlly easy to pop zits, so i decided to finally get rid of it. but when i popped it, that black thing came out! i thought there were like tiny rocks growing underneath my skin. What is this?!?!?
It's a blackhead that had skin grow over it. Not a big deal. Sometimes blackheads get really big and dramatic (google 'giant comedo'). Exfoliate to keep this from happening.
that girl

Portsmouth, VA

#45 Jul 16, 2011
what the hell ppl go to the doctor!!





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United States

#46 Aug 30, 2011
8 months ago I had a small hard zit that appear near the corner of my right eye. I tried popping it and clear fluid came out. The next morning, it had doubled it size, brite red and very tender. I still tried popping it again. This process was repeated for days. Then I took a pair of tweezers and pulled the scab off. It wasn't bleeding and I saw a small round dot where the scab was. I tried squeezing it once more. I was asstonished as to what came out. It was a sold, thick, white puss sac the size of my pinky nail. I had never seen anything like this ever. I used the tweezers to pop the sac and a soft puss came out. The empty sac was so thick, I couldn't quit make out what it was or what it was made from. A couple months ago, it came back in the same spot. So everyday I would pick at that same spot creating a scab, which can be picked the next day and so on. Then with all the antsiparion to pick the scab off and see the white spot. I started to squeeze it out and a huge ball came out. I noticed that another one was attached to it. I took my tweezers and pulled the 2nd one out. They were chain linked together. I seperate the and then I examined them to come them to the first one I'd seen. It was exactly the same. White thick skin sacs filled with puss the size of my pinky mail. Now I have a deep hole by the corner of my right eye and I'm just hoping no more come.





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Exeter, UK

#47 Sep 27, 2011
I had one on my neck... Now ones building up in my finger so sore

East Peoria, IL

#48 Nov 2, 2011
I have been having a problem that sounds similar to this. I have these hard lumps under my shin that eventully trun into a head but when I try to pop it a white hard ball with these "tentitcle" like fingers hanging off of it is what I have to pull out. And it bleeds like crazy and clear fluid comes out of it. I had one on the inner part of my thy that was the size of a pencil eraser. After alls said and ripped out it heals up and never comes back but scars like crazy. I have had about 12 that I can think of and 3 of which were surgically removed cause they were too big and kept coming back. These are not fun and I am terrified to take my shirt off now cause of damage this is doing. Advice?





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Floyd, VA

#49 Nov 10, 2011
The ones near eyes are probably styes. Never pop them. It most likely sprad and cause am eye infection. Other areas of these could be a boil. Folliculotus- contagious staph infection that easily spreads. A cyst. Abscess. Spider bite. Any of these cause need to see a dermatologist.
I've had styes. Put warm compresses on and it will drain without scars or red aftermath.
I have folliculitus- its like a small bump, where hair is. When picked at it drains and weeps. Sticky .spreads easily. Can give you pink eye If I gets in your eye. Bacterial staph conjunctivitis.
I had a spider bite from visiting El Salvador. Came home. Saw it on my leg. Popped it. Lots of white ooze then BLACK ooze. Gross and fascinating.

Whatever you have, go to webmd.com symptom checker. Try not to pick. Ack! I'm a picker addict.
See dermatologist. Try warm compress.
You don't want awesome bloody scabs on your face or infection to spread.
Keep your nails short and always wash with liquid antibacterial soap before touching. Pre Bacteria and post gunk bacteria will stay under your nails and take it to the next place you touch.

Good luck pickers! Anyone get an answer to your hard rock pops?

Floyd, VA

#50 Nov 10, 2011
Lori wrote:
Herpes no joke & if it isn't taken care of could infect the eye.
<quoted text>
Herpies in the eye can blind you. It comes from touching a cold sore and touching your eyes. Its so painful in the eye you need a patch and percocet for weeks. Untreated you go blind. It is not the STD herpes. Different strain. Had it had a kid. Out of school in wretched drugged pain for weeks. A hard pimple on the tips of your eye lids are styes. If popped the bacteria spreads And causes more.

Floyd, VA

#51 Nov 10, 2011
Scared wrote:
I am 12 and a I have one between my left and and my nose ....is so close Im scared I try to pop it but it hurts blood it comming out also I can't shut my eyes with out it hutton so bad...I an really scared,.. What do I do???
probably a boil on the bum. They can spread if popped. A main place for it is the bum. Google boil. Always keep your nails short and wash with liquid antibacterial soap before and after if you touch it. Probably a common cyst on nose. Dont be scared very common. Ask your parent or guardian to take you to a physician, clinic or dermatologist and they'll fix it. Let us know how it goes.
Jenna Moore

Bloomington, IN

#52 Jan 22, 2012
I had one right below my boob, and it formed within one night! I assume it was irritation from a new bra that was tighter than usual and I wore it all day. while I was in the shower i popped it and this string of hard whiteness started coming out, i thought it would never end! I hope it doesn't come back because the left over zit still hurts, too.

Colorado Springs, CO

#53 Feb 12, 2012
I have 2 on my right hand that come out and cone back. they are so hard you cant even smash or "smoothz'them out. i was bitten by a dog and wondered if they werent scar tissue building up. guess next time, i will go see a skin dr. my hand is the only place i have ever seen them!

Virginia Beach, VA

#54 May 22, 2012
its called a milia, google image it to be sure though. if it is, you can go to a dermatologist and they stick a small needle in and extract it. they form from whiteheads that form skin over top so they don't go away

Denver, CO

#55 Jul 17, 2012
I had one on my right side of face for few years, squeeze it, i get slimy white stuff then thought I had it taken care of. Year later, same spot but this time more solid white stuff enough for tweezers to pull it out. Man, few years gone by, decided go doc and turns out be sebecious cyst. Google that and also youtube, it sounds like most of us have it. I ended up had my taken out via simple surgery removing the whole sac removed. Its simple 15 mins and it was fast. Best bet go doc office! Or google the best treatment for yours. Take care.

Denver, CO

#56 Jul 19, 2012
I had one of these in the back of my leg. I a guy and have pretty hairy legs that get little ingrown hair follicles on a regular basis, so naturally I check for unnatural growths and came across this hard white ball it the back of my leg, it came out pretty easily and could not believe how hard it was. It was like this white rock sitting in my leg. There was a hole in my leg where the white rock was, no blood or pain. It has never came back, I check my body regularly and more thoroughly because it felt like it came out of nowhere. I know it wasn't a zit because those take time to form and usually have some sort of "pain" associated with them, I experienced no pain at all, all the way to the time it came out.

Kansas City, KS

#57 Jul 29, 2012
Just desinfect a thin needle and make a puncture on the pimple site and the remove it. Wipe it withh alcohol and voila.
tickle me timbers

George Town, Cayman Islands

#58 Sep 30, 2012
Hey guize I have one of these on my ferrell and 2 of them on the back sides of my balls sacks, I picked them out and ayte it but is not help wut should I du?:(

Omaha, NE

#59 Oct 6, 2012
I had the same thing and later found out I had a flesh eating bacteria called MRSA. Go get checked ASAP!!!!1

United States

#60 Oct 13, 2012
ok I have one of these on my left cheek. However when I went to pop it the white head had some kind of tissue growth around it and it went back in... So I pressed a little harder and it came out. But it is attached to my skin and I have this tick tac sized whatever hanging there.......

Denver, CO

#61 Nov 5, 2012
that girl wrote:
what the hell ppl go to the doctor!!
I had a few and a few doctors looked at them and dismissed them like.. Yep it will be there for a while
Ouch it hurts

Fort Worth, TX

#62 Nov 11, 2012
I didn't have them as a teen I got them in my late 20's, now there horrible, it's like the same everybody's saying, maybe an ingrown hair on my neck like now, pulled it out, got infected, all the sudden I have about 15 of these clear sticky sometimes dried up hard and sharp as glass some huge and long some skinny and semi-long, all different sizes. If I don't pull all of them out at the same time, "same day", I'll have about another 20 after pulling out 10, so it's a constant struggle, the spot will NOT HEAL unless you remove every single whitehead/blackhead or whatever the hell they are, I've had this on the back of my neck in my hair line for over a month now, it's almost healed but I'm still pulling out these clear long things then they immediately dry and turn white and are hard like glass, and some I pull out are white and feel like a needle sticking me if I move my neck a certain way, I don't understand why I keep getting these I even had one in the crease of my arm but on the top, made no sense where it was located. It took 6 months to make it heal. I tried using peroxide on my neck, NOTE: DO NOT LET PEROXIDE GET ON YOUR HAIR OR IT WILL TEAR AND BREAK OFF YOUR HAIR. So I was being very careful putting peroxide on a papertowel holding it on my neck and it burned I cried but I was trying to kill infection, it didn't really help, I stopped using the peroxide and still fighting daily to pull out these things I can't even see behind my head so it's hard. I feel so sorry for anyone that goes through this, All I do know, you have to remove every single one in your follicles, if you have to take a razor and shave the area that's infected don't let your hair touch it or it just get's re-infected with the clear sticky gunk. and blood.

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