Zits with a hard white mass. (and I m...

Zits with a hard white mass. (and I mean hard)

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Waco, TX

#1 Apr 17, 2007
Ok so this started happening last summer. I formed two zits, 1 on each side of my face. They were normal zits and after awhile the bump started to go down. What I noticed though is it never went away. I noticed that if I feel around the bump I could feel a very hard mass/rock in the bump.

A few months later I managed to get one of thoes masses out. I took some tweezers and got just in there enough to grab ahold of the mass. It started coming out looking like a whitish puss ball or something. As I pulled it out a few months later it came back in the same spot. I managed to pull it out once again and as it was coming out it felt like something was still holding onto it. So I pulled harder and finally got it out. I did bleed alot from it. I still have the other zit on the other side of my face.

I then formed one on my leg. I managed to get that out and it was literally hard as a rock. I could drop it and it would make a sound due to it's solidness. They were not big though.

Now here I am with one still on the side of my face and about 4 under my chin/neck. The 2 that I managed to get out have not come back but I seem to me forming these more and more now. They start off as zits then harden up.

What is going on?





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pie in the sky

Bloomfield, CT

#2 Jun 6, 2007
The trick is to find them before they get hard. You can squeeze puss out of those zits for like 6 months on an almost daily basis





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Belmont, MA

#3 Jun 19, 2007
They may not be zits, but rather calcium deposits. Check with your doctor.

Tucson, AZ

#4 Jul 26, 2007
In women, this kind of zit can be due to hormone embalance --- too much male hormone -- can't remember which one. I don't know if it occurs in men or not but you should not squeeze it. Squeezing any zit can cause scarring or infection. If it is they type I had, it can do both. A doctor can tell you -- preferably a dermatologist. Not all other kinds of doctors know about the details of all kinds of zits.

River Falls, WI

#5 Nov 29, 2007
could be a cyst
mr l

Seymour, CT

#6 Dec 31, 2007
i got 1 on my back that wont go away

Olympia, WA

#7 Jan 2, 2008
Do you use a gritty facial scrub? I think sometimes the grit gets under the skin and forms a hardened zit. I get them now and then and I use a needle to open the skin enough to let the mass out. The use of the needle minimizes the bleeding.

Fredericksburg, VA

#8 Feb 7, 2008
I actually just removed one of these from below my right eye that had literally been there for years. It was very small but hard as a rock, like you said. It resembled a small, white mole but was very hardened. I had been messing with it recently, determined to remove it. I got the tip of tweezers and made a tiny hole so that I got it out. It was a mixture of hardened mass and softer white substance. I have a red spot now but hopefully it will fade with time.





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#9 May 6, 2008
The same thing happen to me. I don't know what it is. I don't plan on doing any surgery on myself though...even though I can't afford insurance..if it doesn't go away I will go to a clinic. It's so weird how it starts out like a zit and then goes down. Mine is under my right eye also. I was a little nervous because it was so close to the eye. It also caused my eye to drip alot. Good luck 2 everyone.
cory glover

Lynn Haven, FL

#10 Jul 23, 2008
i have one on my right knee and i just got the ball/freckin rock out is that good or bad?

Leominster, MA

#11 Nov 28, 2008
I have one between my but and test---- it went away and came back try using neosporin if not see a doctor they will remove it -----good luck


#12 Dec 7, 2008
I got several on my nose and i took out al lthe hard masses out of them, all of them are gone now except the most recent one which i pulled out a few minutes ago :P there's a whole in its place and i dunno what i should do, lol
Young Girl in need

Paris, France

#13 Dec 16, 2008
Hello everyone...
I am a girl and I have one right under my nose :|
It is a major pain...literally. It hurts a little bit. I've had these before and gotten rid of them but this one is a bastard.! It simply wont come out. I've pricked a hole in my skin (really painful) and tried squeezing it out. NOTHING. I am lost. Please, someone help me.
I'm a girl in need of help here.! Its getting really big and it HAS to come out.!
Please help with ideas on how to make the stingy thing come out.
Young Girl in need

Paris, France

#14 Dec 16, 2008
Its a good thing.
Means it's gone and shouldn't come back (if you squeezed EVERYTHING out).
Young Girl in need

Paris, France

#15 Dec 16, 2008
The above was in response to cory glover.

United States

#16 Dec 23, 2008
i had the same on my left testicle doctor treated right away...alot of white puss





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Genoa, IL

#17 Dec 30, 2008
i have one right above my eye, it's so close to my eye i'm a bit worried. I tried picking at it with a needle but it seems to have gotten worse. actually, the skin there has become amazingly HARD! even a needle is having a hard time penetrating it. i intended to penetrate through my skin to the actual problem, however, it seems the that the hard ball can move around beneath my skin...to an extent of course. well, any advice would be nice. i'd rather not wait and let it turn into something cancerous!^_^

Virginia Beach, VA

#18 Feb 23, 2009
I just removed one of these myself. I noticed it a few days ago on my thigh it was very painful then so i decided to pick at it i tried with no avail to get anything out. this morning i tried again and it came out really easy along with puss blood and some clear white fluid. Im happy its out because it was not natural. Never had anything hard like that come out it was small but unnaturally hard.

Nanaimo, Canada

#19 Apr 4, 2009
after a while, it is no longer a "zit" it is a damaged follicle that is collecting dirt and oil. If you damage a follicle from over picking or sticking a needle in to extract the substance build-up, you can leave an open hole which just naturally fills up with dirt. The cycle is continuous and neverending. So, be careful that you are not mistaking a "zit" for a damaged follicle. I have many damaged follicles on my face and the act the same as zits in a way. They are scars per say...





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Holden, MO

#21 May 14, 2009
my two year old had this "zit like thing" on his left check and I left it there for like a eek thinkng it would go away and than today I set down to pop it and help along the process but .... it ended up being one of these hard white puss ball things. i just want to know what it really is?





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