dark spots on fingertips

Kissimmee, FL

#123 May 14, 2011
I noticed I had these after I got my finger caught in the wedge of my front door. But that happened a week ago, why are they still there?
Mike d

Dallas, TX

#124 May 19, 2011
They appear under my fingernail or toenails occasionally. Then grow and stay on my nails as my nails grow out. Also, whenever I get a cut or injury they will show up. I don't know what it is, as does everyone posting on here haha, but that's when they appear for me.

Wichita, KS

#125 May 21, 2011
I got my left middle finger jammed in a door and it appeared with those mysterious little black dots! I wonder if it has anything to do with blood vessels or a temporary blood cut off. I don't know just a thought. Anyone know?

San Mateo, CA

#126 Jun 21, 2011
I have had these little brown dots on my fingers on both hands. They dont bother me but i would like to know what they are. I have had them for a few days now and seems like they are popping on there own not sure why but i keep getting them on my fingers...anyone know why?

Nanaimo, Canada

#127 Jun 22, 2011
ive had them once before on my big toe, i picked at it because it looked like dried blood but then it eventually turned into a plantar wart. it was frozen off years ago and ive never had one since but today i just noticed the same brownish stains on my ring and pinky finger tips, it will not scratch off or wash off. i looked at the same toe from years ago and way underneath the skin i can see the same discolouration. im fairly healthy but do have sensitive digestion and at one point heavy metal toxicity poisoning in my system could any of this be related?

United States

#128 Jun 23, 2011
My doc told me I have reynauds phenomenon which is bad circulation....I have these same black pin point dots on my fingers too....not sure if it is related or not but maybe??? Haven't found answers on the web
Ryk in Nigeria


#129 Jun 25, 2011
I noticed the same thing too, this isn't the first time I am seeing these brownish pinpoint spots on my fingers, my physician says its nothing to worry about the last time, but three days ago they reappeared and are more than any I had before. The last time they just faded off, I hope its not some severe problem. They are smaller than those symptomatic of syphilis and they don't hurt, pls does anyone know what these are? Any information will be helpful cause I can't find much on the internet.
Ryk in Nigeria


#130 Jun 25, 2011
There are several causes for brown spots on your hands, not all of which have to do with a vitamin deficiency. Brown spots may be due to a lack of vitamin C or B12, anemia, weak liver function or cumulative sun damage. It's important to investigate each potential cause; your doctor can help. If your brown spots are indeed caused by a lack of essential nutrients, add a vitamin supplement to your daily routine, and increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat---prime natural sources for a host of all-important vitamins and minerals.

Lack of Vitamin C
You might remember scurvy as a disease that primarily affected Renaissance-era sailors confined to a ship for months at a time. Although it's rare now, scurvy does still appear in malnourished adults. It occurs when people don't ingest enough vitamin C, a vitamin the human body isn't capable of synthesizing on its own. Scurvy symptoms include bleeding gums and small, dark spots on the skin. The hair that grows out of these patches is curvy and shaped like a corkscrew.

Lack of Vitamin B12
According to a 2008 joint study performed by India's Saveetha Medical College and Singapore General Hospital's Department of Family Medicine and Continuity Care, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause skin discoloration and lesions---without any other symptoms being present. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause "cutaneous manifestations," including "hyperpigmentation"- --an overdose of color in the skin, like that of a lesion or brown spot. When these manifestations occur on the hands and feet, this study says vitamin B12 deficiency should be investigated as a cause.

Fanconi Anemia
This type of anemia is genetically inherited---it's not the type of anemia that occurs when your body runs short of iron. In this case, the body can't produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. A primary symptom of the disease is brown spots on the skin.

Weak Liver Function
Your liver is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, as well as ridding your body of toxins. You may have heard discolored patches of skin referred to as "liver spots"---this can be an accurate description in some cases. The liver helps filter your blood, removing harmful chemicals that contain free radicals, elements that cause skin damage on a cellular level. If your liver isn't doing its job, several external signs revolve around your skin: rashes, itchy skin and brown spots.

Sun Damage
Flat brown spots, or lentigines, may be the result of sun damage that occurred earlier in your life. They're most often seen on the face and hands, appearing during middle age. They can fade on their own if your skin is protected from the sun with clothing and sunscreen, or you can have them treated with lasers or peels. You'll have to watch these spots carefully to make sure they don't change in color or shape; if they do, they could be a form of skin cancer and should be inspected by a doctor immediately.

University of Maryland Medical Center: Scurvy
Hope this finding helps
Ryk in Nigeria


#131 Jun 25, 2011
Ihave the same brown spots and I just found a post by someone with a similar problem on ehealth forum, he says his doctor refered him to an endocrinologist who diagnosed him with Addison's Disease. Hope this helps

United States

#132 Jun 25, 2011
Karina wrote:
My baby woke up with brown spots this morning all over her palm. It came out of nowhere
My baby has this too! Did you find out what this is?

Kirkland Lake, Canada

#133 Jun 26, 2011
Alex wrote:
I too, have experienced this same phenomenon.
Light brown spots on my fingertips when I woke up, no amount of scrubbing will remove them...I had the same thing a couple of days ago as well. It has since become barely noticeable but is still there. This is pretty disturbing, as I can think of nothing that I came in contact with that would cause this. Anybody shed some light?

Kirkland Lake, Canada

#134 Jun 26, 2011
scabbies hun scabbies that the buggies poop under your skin i think

Vancouver, Canada

#135 Jul 8, 2011
It's from silver nitrate, so if you've been exposed to some or you work in a lab, that's most likely what it is.......

Canešas, Portugal

#136 Jul 10, 2011
i also have this from time to time, altough i found that it is mostly during the summer, can it be lack of water? or lack of vitamin C or folic acid? dont known, but the other day i was reading about it and someone described it has being pompholyx , some images are acurate .

Buffalo, NY

#137 Jul 14, 2011
Are sure there not warts

Westbury, NY

#138 Jul 14, 2011
Well, about a month ago i went to do a job with my father's friend, and i bashed my finger pretty hard. Thats when these spots showed up. They are all at the tip of my left hand's ring finger... This is nothing to worry about right?

Chatham, NY

#139 Jul 22, 2011
i was takeing a shower and i noticed brown blotches on both my thumbs pointer finger and middle fingers anda small one on my palm.... they went there yesterday and im worried because i dont know what they are :/

Sheffield, UK

#140 Aug 7, 2011
What your probably noticing is a case of dermetisis known as Pompholyx. This appears as very small nodules that arn't raised but appear to be under the skin, like very tiny brown or clear blisters. They appear on the fingers and is usually more noticeable during the summer months when you experience hot humid weather. This condition affects around 1 in 20 people and is nothing to worry about. I have this condition myself and does appear from time to time. Think of it as a type of eczema, it is not burst capillaries or warts so ignore all these posts and avoid internet diagnosis as it causes panic more often than not, see your GP.
Barbie UK


#141 Aug 14, 2011
These brown circled spots appeared on my forefinger,left hand. Also a brown line appeared on the side of my nail. I sterilised a needle and took off the top layer of skin on a row of 3 spots.
I then doused top of my finger with TCP. It nipped!
The row of spots have gone. I will continue to douse the top of my finger and see if the others will disappear without me taking the skin off. The brown line is still there. So we will see. Hope this is helpful.

Larbert, UK

#142 Aug 21, 2011
Since I was a baby, I have always suffered from coldsore's every now and then, and when ever I would get a cold sore, I too, would get a swollen right index finder, which is very sensitive, with a throbbing pulse through it, and usually has 4 or 5 tiny brown spots around my nail. Iv been to the doctor countless times about it, but all the every tell me is " they've never came across this before - if it's not going in a week come back", which mean iv to go usually 4 or 5 days with a throbbing, swollen, and very sensitive to touch finger. Anyone on here got any better advice? As iv been told that for years and years, and have never known anyone else to have suffered from it, but clearly their is quiet a few other people out there.

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