dark spots on fingertips

Thompson, Canada

#62 May 31, 2010
I developed tiny black pinpoint spots on all my fingertips and they showed up after using Aveeno anti itch cream for bug bites. I guess I used too much of it or something, because a day or so after I stopped using it, they went away. The active ingredients in this stuff are calamine and praxomine HCI. Maybe this will help some of you.

Oregon, WI

#63 Jun 2, 2010
Isn't it gust a bunch of seed worts clustered together?

Severna Park, MD

#64 Jun 4, 2010
they are warts, not syphilis. the black darts are blood vessels growing out from the hpv virus in your finger.

Edison, NJ

#65 Jun 4, 2010
look into morgellons disease.It is pupura caused by small nematodes(strongyloides)

Saint Petersburg, FL

#66 Jun 8, 2010
One day I noticed that there were tiny brown spots on the back of my right middle finger. It looks like they are under and above my skin. But they wont come off when I wash or use skin cream. These spots seem to increase and decrease on different days. But they don't hurt. I've had these spots for about three months!


#67 Jun 20, 2010
I have had this problem for weeks now, appearing on different fingers. It seems to flare up on one spot for a while , then become less noticable, but still there.....I have shown 2 doctors, but they don't know what it is....I am getting worried, HELP!

United States

#68 Jun 23, 2010
I just had this start on my left hand.(thumb and middle finger). I also have them on my fingernail of the middle finger, and unlike anyone else I have 2 on my face just below my lower lip. The night they showed up I had sprayed the back yard with bug spray then bleached out the shower. both of. Which I have done many times before with no problem. I am a nurse and work with an office full of Dr's and none of them have a clue. Well I won't waist my money seeing a Dr since I already know they won't have a clue.

San Francisco, CA

#69 Jul 13, 2010
They're plantars warts. They are caused by a virus (HPV-1 or HPV-4). The virus is highly contagious so make sure not to touch other parts of your (or someone else's body). Basically the little black dots that you see are the heads of the warts and the virus manifests like cauliflower under the skin. The skin on top of the cluster will eventually become hard and feel like a callus. To treat it, soak a cotton ball in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and tape it to the fingertip with a band aid at night. It is also important to boost the immune system with things like mushroom extracts, pine cone extract, echinacea, goldenseal, etc. Good luck!

Parramatta, Australia

#70 Jul 18, 2010
i have the same thing for about 3 weeks now and i got it after accidentally slamming my finger by accident with a door and i have little tiny black dots under the skin where i hit my finger maybe it has something to do with that but i have hit my fingers many times with the door and this is the first time it has happened

Manchester, UK

#71 Jul 28, 2010
I have the exact same thing on my left hand. Last summer I used to have it on my left middle finger all around the middle of my finger. It went away by itself but now, this summer, I have noticed it on my left index finger and some have returned on my left middle finger.

I find that it is best to burst these small spots, sometimes using tweezers, because it means that they go away for a short while. When burst, a clear yellowish liquid comes out (not pus) and a pinsize red spot is left behind which heals quickly.

I am considering the fact that these pinpoint brown spots could be seasonal due to the fact mine cleared up after last summer and have returned this summer. Has this happened to anyone else?

San Jose, CA

#72 Jul 31, 2010
Hey guys. I also got these wierd spots in my thumb. It started out swollen, then got these spots, and then turned into blister lookin things under the skin that you can't pop. Then they turned into blood blister type things...then they dried up. My thumb eventually started peeling and healed. Now you can see little scars where each of those spots are.

Now the spots ARE BACK on the same thumb but in different spots. Anybody know what this is? My doctor had no idea. I suggested it might be staph and he gave me antibiotics the first time. I have no symptoms this time besides the first,swelling and now the spots. My finger is no longer tender and i think its going away.

Randolph, NJ

#73 Aug 2, 2010
I cant beleive I found this thread... even though its been a year since a post...

I have felt tingling in my right index finger for about a week now. Like a papercut, almost a painful tingle... I helpped my sister move yesterday and this morning i woke up with 4 random spots close to eachother on my right finger tip...they look as iff they are tiny little brown circular plates floating underneath the skin... No larger than the tip of a dull pencil... hmm.

Shreveport, LA

#74 Aug 5, 2010
Well I saw mine on my middle finger on my right hand and I went to wash it off because I thought it was dirt but it wouldn't come off and then it got a bit bigger then after about a month it went away

Shreveport, LA

#75 Aug 5, 2010
I just remembered that I smashed my finger ( hard) in a door the day I got them that's probably what it was a blood vessel!!!

Kingston, Canada

#76 Aug 10, 2010

Look here, I have these too. I play guitar, and I noticed them just under the skin. I cut away the calous with nail clippers and exposed them just under the skin. I hope i can soak them away with a hot bath.:)

Manteca, CA

#77 Aug 11, 2010
this morning i noticed these spots too. i tried to wash them but they didnt come off, i have tiny browns spots on my left index finger, the side of my middle finger and some on the palm of my hand. its all on my left hand, not on my right. i work at a pizza place doing deliveries so i don't use any chemicals, so what could it be?

Jackson Center, PA

#78 Aug 16, 2010
I have the timy black spots under my fingernails and also on the skin of my fingers. I believe they were spread from my plantar warts which do have the tiny black spots and is very contagious. As I treated my plantars wart with Forma-Ray from doctor, I cut off the dryed up part of the wart and believe I transfered it to my fingers. They do not go away. A few years ago my podiatrist prscribed Efudex-40 which is a chemotherapy cream if I remember correctly. After a few months it didn't completly destroy the wsrt so he prescribed Aldara which boosts your immune system and is used for basal cell carcinoma and genital warts. I go to my PC next week and am going to ask for RXs.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#79 Aug 18, 2010
i noticed the same thing. It kind of looks like a blood blister type thing. but it doesn't hurt. At first, i thought my fingers were just dirty (looks like clay dried) but o amount of scrubbing would get it off. i play softball for my high school team and lately we've been doing hitting a weights and stuff. pressuring on my fingers? also, we've had to get on the dirty floor to do ab workouts. the last thing is that we had had a trail of ants in our lover room so coach told me t pur whatever i could find on them, i just grabbed a cleaning spay and doused the ants, i may of got some on my fingers? i hope this helps, will someone please find the answer???

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#80 Aug 18, 2010
another thing! i noticed i have been taking motrin for my sore muscles after softball and motrin is a blood thinner. connection?

Charleston, WV

#81 Aug 21, 2010
i have them too!!
tiny little specks on my left middle finger. Ive had them for about two week. its weird i need answers!

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