Small clear callous-like bumps on han...

Duarte, CA

#83 Sep 30, 2007
I have tiny white bumps on the palms of my hand that seem to come out or flare, when I soak them in the water. They eventually go down and have little holes in the center of them. Theyre not warts, and they dont pus.





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Grosse Pointe, MI

#84 Oct 1, 2007
I have noticed the white or clear blisters on one finger and if ignored they seem to go away but once I touch it the itching begins, I figured it was something I touched in the yard but noone else gets it. I had surgery years ago my spinal chord was affected and I had to take steriods for apprx 4 mos. My hands have never felt the same to me, kinda rough feeling. Anyway after a shower they always had that feeling like I took to long, and I just attrbiuted to the spinal injury. Now these blister like bumps appeared all over the entire palm and a few on the other hand and went away after about 10 min of being out of the shower, it looked awful anyone know what that is? I am stressed I can't believe that could be it.

Springfield, MO

#85 Oct 2, 2007
I've had this for quite a while now, and it has usually only been a problem about a day or so after I go shooting. After further research I found that Nickel actually makes the condition worse, as a result my nickel plated ammunition has been doing this to my finger.

Danville, CA

#86 Oct 3, 2007
I am not a doctor, but many of the posters here may have something called "dyshidrosis," a skin condition characterized by small blisters on the sides of the hands or feet. Here's the Wikipedia link:

I found it because I have a mild case myself: a few small, non-itchy blisters on the sides of my palms, and was curious about it. I didn't realize that so many people have extreme cases with tremendous itching and burning.

Most of the official-looking literature seems to say there is no cure or effective treatment. There is, however, a page that claims hydrogen peroxide will do the trick:

It doesn't seem to be a scam because H2O2 is very cheap (3% H2O2 is $1 in my local drugstore), and the page maintainer doesn't seem to want anything from you. However, I have never tried this treatment and am not recommending it to anyone. Please simply read it at your own risk and make your own decisions! Good luck!


#87 Oct 5, 2007
I also get the little itchy blister type bumps on my fingers and toes. I found I get them if I eat too many tomatoes or too much of a food that is acidic like oranges or orange juice. The next time you get these itchy blister bumps try eliminating tomatoes and oranges and see if they go away.

Nicktown, PA

#88 Oct 7, 2007
Hi- i have the same symptoms as described by almost everyone here. I also am allergic to nickel. I was recently married & obviously that was a stressful time & my outbreak was more severe. Also- I have been doing a lot of gardening/weeding & tomato picking & can't help to think that this may have added to it. I am still finding new bumps daily. Thanks to all who have posted here to make me feel more normal & also for the great info shared.

United States

#89 Oct 8, 2007
Emily wrote:
I've never had this problem before, but it seems similar to all yours. I have very very small flesh colored, water filled bumps on the tops of my hands and feet. They also are in small clusters on the sides of my fingers, mostly the thumbs and index fingers. They don't exactly itch when scratched, but they're sore if touched. Then they get itchy AFTER theyve been touched. I've popped a few and they don't bother me, but I don't know what to do with these. Dermatologist? The damn bumps popped up out of nowhere just overnight. Is this an allergy? Stress thing? I don't think I've been stressed... And also, they haven't gotten red and have stayed so small, they're about the size of the eye of a needle. When I pop them and drain the water I can see a small hole where the liquid is comming from. Could this be a bug bite? There's so many of them in small clusters though.
Oh well, and ideas would be much appreciated!
I have these same exact things and I was wondering if you ever found out what it was/how to treat it???





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Stoke-on-trent, UK

#90 Oct 8, 2007
I just read somewhere that it could be a result from dodgy soap dispensers. The antibacterial hand soap stuff. Just a thought guys - it kinda makes sense to me now i think about it. Hope that helps
chocolate luvr

Fallon, NV

#91 Oct 9, 2007
Laind wrote:
Do the bumps pop then itch?
I have no idea but i know some one who has a callous that is green and all swelled up and it is very strange!
Kevin P

Warwick, RI

#92 Oct 10, 2007
To all Posters;
I think the majority of posters here are indeed suffering from Dyshidrosis.
I also have suffered from Dyshidrosis for many years. It is true there is indeed no known cure, as well the cause is not known. Dyshidrosis is NOT contagious, and other than it's unsightly nature does not pose serious problems.(Unless you often pop the little blisters and as a result get infections. Try not to do that, though it might be tempting.)
I think there is some confusion on this topic here because most people who have Dyshidrosis suffer only from mild cases of it. And the picture of it on wikkipedia shows a very severe case of Dyshidrosis.
Most people experience it as many small vesicles(blisters) that are clear, and only a slight bump. Mostly seeming to occur on the sides of hands and fingers. Unless agitated or popped the bumps usually are not painfull or terribly itchy. The same too occurs on the feet. Irritation of these small vesicles can lead to blistering if you walk around a lot, or work keeps you on your feet all day.
I suffer mostly from outbreakes in summer months, and times of more than usuall stress.
I recommend seeing your doctor about getting perscribed a cream for severe outbreaks. Also antihistamines seem to help, as it seems to be a reaction to my environment, and not a consistently present problem. As an example, the last time I began to have an outbreak I began taking an antihistamine every day. Doing so really mitigated the problem. That outbreak ended up clearing away after only 10 days or so.(where as in the past it would go on for a month or more.)
You could Google Dyshidrosis for more info. And perhaps present your reasearch next time you see your doctor. But as someone who has had this for many years, I've come to see it as a reactionary outbreak. With consistent themes.(summer months & stress) The best resuslt for me have come from the antihistamine's and perscribed cream's.
Hope some of this might help, I feel everyone's pain.

Prince George, Canada

#93 Oct 13, 2007
I have the same clear bumps, they are not dyshidrosis. They are not painfull and they are not blisters. One derm dr told me what they were years ago, I can not remember the name - that is why I am searching, they are hereditary (my sister and my father have them) the bumps are worse on the feet then they are on the hands. The doctor told me there is nothing that can be done, I find pedicures make my feet feel and look better, and lots of lotion. I also have PCOS??

Laredo, TX

#94 Oct 14, 2007
This has been a great site. It's nice toknow i'm not alone. I have recently found a couple of small white/clear bumps, that look like their filled with either water or pus, not itchy. My husband first noticed he had the same thing a few months back(fingers, hands and feet), then they would go away. He would pop them and of course they came back. We have recently moved and thought maybe it was a change in water or something, possibly even stress. I was hoping they were not contagious, but I now have a We just recently got our medical insurance, but i am afraid that the small town hospital may not be able to help. However, I will go in for a DR visit with some sort of ideas as to what my husband and i may have and possible cures/help. Thanks to all. SR

Pittsburgh, PA

#95 Oct 22, 2007
Ive had eczema for as long as I can rember but I have only once before gotten Dyshidrosis when I was stacking wood two or three summers ago.
After playing football at college for almost two hours less then a week ago I started noticing strange bumbs and it turned out to be popholyx or dyshidrosis. On the field that we were playing on, there had also been geese there for the past month. Im curious as to whether the geese crap that basically is just made of grass could have caused the outbreak once it got on the football. I play sports regularly includeing tennis and basketball and have never had this happen to me afterwards. Im thinking that its caused by mold or bacteria that was found in both of these instances.

I really have no Idea how to deal with this. Ive been putting cremes for my eczema and anti-biotic oinment on the bumbs 3 times a day for the past four days and im not sure if its clearing or not. Im curious as to what you do to help clear it up, and how long it usually lasts. having limited use of my hands is driving me nuts so any helpful info is most welcome.

Thank you

San Clemente, CA

#96 Oct 23, 2007
I've been having blister like things all over my toes and fingers lately, more so on my toes. They're white and so full of puss, but they are not blisters! They feel very delicate, and they are driving me nuts. Can anyone help me?


United States

#97 Oct 28, 2007
Amanda C wrote:
I forgot to add that they dont hurt or itch in any way either.
It the same thing that you get betwen the toes
and some times I get the little bump on my finger when I eat hot house tomatoes If you can get the ANTIFUNGAL SOLUTION Toinaftate Topical SOLUTION UPS 1%(IT SAID cure for most athlete's foot Jock itch and ringworm)
come in a small bottle It work for me

United States

#98 Oct 28, 2007
Jessica wrote:
I've been having blister like things all over my toes and fingers lately, more so on my toes. They're white and so full of puss, but they are not blisters! They feel very delicate, and they are driving me nuts. Can anyone help me?
It the same thing that you get betwen the toes
and some times I get the little bump on my finger when I eat hot house tomatoes If you can get the ANTIFUNGAL SOLUTION Toinaftate Topical SOLUTION UPS 1%(IT SAID cure for most athlete's foot Jock itch and ringworm)
come in a small bottle It work for me

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#99 Oct 29, 2007
resist wrote:
I am 54 years old and have been getting these bumps for probably 30 years. The older I get (UGH!) the longer the time between outbreaks. I first started getting them on the side of my middle finger (towards the palm more), but now I am getting them in the thin part between my thumb and index finger. Thirty years ago they seemed not to bother me so much as they would just stay a day or two and then go away. Now it seems they make my whole arm hurt like arthritis. The bumps are very small and always have been. I can feel them coming on before I even see them. The skin is sore and feels like a burn. Then I see the bumps. I have 3 this time and they are usually all close together. They used to slightly bigger than they are now and I would sterilize a needle and pop them because it seemed to relieve the aching. I went to a doctor probably 25 years ago and he said it might be allergies (??)...i have always thought it was stress related...i work at Virginia Tech and have been VERY stressed in the last 2 weeks. Is this what everyone else has?
Yes, I think mine are also stress-induced! I hate stress...

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#100 Oct 29, 2007
PEOPLE!!! Everyone is asking "what os ot, do you know what it is?" All over this thread we have determined it is in fact [called "dyshidrosis," a skin condition characterized by small blisters on the sides of the hands or feet. Here's the Wikipedia link: ]

Auckland, New Zealand

#101 Oct 30, 2007
Hey, I just looked up at the photos that Amanda C posted and they are just like what I have developed over the last week - mine are still small and not too red. I started getting these after a trip (at times it was stressful) where I had started eating dairy products again. Also I washed my hands a lot more overseas as I was paranoid about getting sick. I'm not sure what made me get this, but I've decided to not wash the hands with soap, get plenty of sunlight and to go swimming in the sea. If anyone has any luck with theirs, please post it!

Prairie Hill, TX

#102 Oct 30, 2007
HI, im not sure what this is. i been having this for a month or so. I have these bumbs that look like some type of bites. i get them on my fingers also. when i pinch them or pop them clear liquid comes out. then next to my arm pit like right above my boob. i have this red, dry spot there. its been there for at least two weeks and its goten worst. i sometimes get really itchy there. but in my arms its where the problem is at. what is that? their small and go away and come back. i need help someone pls tell me what this can be...

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