Small clear callous-like bumps on han...

Fredericton, Canada

#63 Aug 15, 2007
I have those, I think they are most likely coused by heat. I have been rowing[a canoe, or boat] in the sun for 3 months, these lumps are sometimes itchy. I have three on my pointer finger and one on the top of my palm. This has been going on for a few months. I also have a wart, I think it has something to do with it, do you have a wart ?

Evansville, IN

#64 Aug 21, 2007
Hi. My name is Kelly and im 15 years old. I dont have any clue what these bumps are but the are clear adn i can pop them and then that usually turn to dried skin. I first got them on my hands but now they are on my thighs and stomach and hands. I have no idea what they are. But they are really icthy. I think i caught them from my sister cause she had them and the doctor prescribed her cortozone and they went away but my friend then caught them then i caught them and then my ma got them adn then my other two friends caught them and now my moms boyfriend even has them. Its crazy we have no idea what it is and now my sister is starting to get hers back. they are Everywhere and everytime we go to the doctors they say its no big deal when obviously it has to be. If anyone can help me my family and my friends please help as soon as possible. Im itching right now ): and its very painful.

Kingman, AZ

#65 Aug 22, 2007
I had them when I was like 11, now im 13 and they have come back! I had a big outbreak on my index finger, I popped them and clear stuff came out, but they don't go away.
Now there is one on my thumb and it hurts like a BRUISE!
someone please email me some information about them.
they scare me
[email protected]

West Covina, CA

#66 Aug 25, 2007
I have that too, but it's really itchy... just don't scratch it, keep your hands clean, etc... and they'll go away...
anonymous girl

Clarence, NY

#67 Sep 3, 2007
I have a very similar problem as yours. I had one little tiny clear bump on my finger and it never grew never went away just stayed there for like 2 years or so since I even noticed it... it's so small it's barely noticable. And then I developed another one higher up on the finger... now I seem to have clusters of them like 3 or 4... then they moved onto my other hand... but they're so tiny (I thought they were warts so I've had them covered for a couple weeks now and I'm super careful about touching anyother area) Did any one else have this experience? DO they go away? Are they contagious? or was it just coincidence they developed on the other hand too? At least I'm not so worried about warts since they didn't look like any of those pictures...

United States

#68 Sep 5, 2007
I have been geting strange white bumps on my hands for years now. It usually starts as an itch on my middle right finger. If I ignore it, sometimes it will go away, but after I scratch it once or twice I start to get little white bumps under the skin, usually starting in-between my fingers and then migrating to my index and 4th finger. a day later the bumps move to the top and botom of my fingers. If I try to ignore it, it usually doesn't bother me but it does start to swell up my fingers and eventually If I Make a fist The skin gets tight and I crack my nuckles and it itches like crazy. The Bumps are allways white kinna like a rash, but they are never red. If I pop the bumps, a clear fluid comes out. I've gone to several doctors and they tell me it's stress related. I usually get a steroid shot and a day later the itching stops and it begins to clear up. In some extreme cases If I wait too long (like two weeks) My hands are so swollen I can barely move my fingers. After I get the shot and it clears up, My skin Begins to Peel thickly all around the Areas of the bumps.
I used to think these bumps were related to pulling weeds or gardening, but I pull weeds and garden year-round and I don't get them then. I used to get these bumps in-between my toes, but I've learned over the years not to touch my toes When My fingers itch, otherwise I'm in for a world of itching pain.

Juneau, AK

#69 Sep 5, 2007
Do the bumps pop then itch?

Spring, TX

#70 Sep 7, 2007
Yeah...I get these bumps on the side of my finger, sometimes on the nuckle, and on the inside of my thumb. They had occured once this summer and went away after a while. Now they are back in the same places. They don't hurt or itch unless I apply pressure to them. I have no idea what it could be....any ideas?

East Saint Louis, IL

#71 Sep 8, 2007
I am 34 and I just had a severe aniexty attack on an airplane Sept 4. I have since been to the Dr. and ER to check the heart and that turned out fine. I have been put on Xanax and still feeling aniexty, this mornig I woke up with these little white, somewhat itchy bumps on my fingers and hands, I am curious could it be caused from the stress I have been under? I go to Dr. on Monday, but I just want to know if anyone has experienced this as well. Thanks for any responses.

Atlanta, GA

#72 Sep 9, 2007
OK I seem to be having the same problem as all you guys. A few years ago I started to get small clear itchy bumbs on my habds. After I went to the hospital and seen a doctor they said it was an allergic reaction to something. A few days later, my hands looked like leather, and started to peel, but just one layer of skin. My hands wasn't bleeding but very sore. I went back to a clinic and seen another doctor and she said I have the "winter rash". She gave me some green gel pills and told me if it isn't gone in the next 5 days to come back. Well 2 days later I knew something was wrong cause my lympth(can't spell) nodes were swelled on both sides of my neck and on the back of my head which hurt a lot. It was so bad I couldn't even lay my head on a pillow. I also found that from head to toe I was covered in little red dots. I went back to the doctor and she said it was the german mesiles. ok so 3 different doctors, 3 different answers, no help at all. It went away till now the small clear bumps are back... not peeling yet. They are very itchy thou. Anyone like to tell me what I should do?


Jersey City, NJ

#73 Sep 11, 2007
Wow.....this is so weird. I have the little water filled blisters. I have had them for years. And like many of you, they come and go, mostly with stress. What is this? And what causes these? I just noticed a few of them on my feet the other day. They do not itch and are not painful. I usually just pop them and a few days later, they go away. But it seems this time is worse than ever. Is there any kind of home remedy? I was just at my doctor and he told me to go to the dermatologist. I just don't have the time. Can anyone offer any suggestions??? Please?

Boynton Beach, FL

#74 Sep 12, 2007
Danielle writes " Can anyone offer any suggestions??? Please?" I have had this rash come and go for years, Everytime I get it I go to the local family doctor and after arguing with the docter about the cause, he either gives me a sterroid shot or a series of pills (Sterroids). The itching stops usually the next day or the day after and after a week, all the bumps would be gone, and after another week, the Skin would start to peel around the infected areas. I just had another run-in with this mysterous rash ,(The last occurance was 2 years ago) and this time I took a different approach. I tried ignoring it, the old MIND OVER MATTER bit. It's kind of hard ignoring a very itchy rash on both hands. Whatever you do, don't scratch it! It just makes it spread faster. If it gets so itchy You can't bear it anymore, what I did was I took a sewing needle and popped several of the blisters around the itchy area, take a Alcohol filled cottonball and rub it intil the alcohol got into the wound. It stings for a few seconds, but then it doesnt itch anymore.(A few seconds of pain is better than a few hours of itching) I repeated this process every day utill The swelling went down and the itching stopped. From first symptom of the itch to cure was 1 Week. My fingers are a little dried out from all the alcohol I've been rubbing on them, but it's going to peel off anyways and new skin will grow back. A little moisterizer might help too.

Virginia Beach, VA

#75 Sep 13, 2007
Mine is a little different from the other posts on here, is it 2 different condidtions I wonder? I get the little clear bumps sometimes, usually when they appear they are on the upper part of my thumb or finger...if you mess with them they just itch more but they do go away on their own. Now the other thing is I have these clear/skin color bumps, they are more like warts but very small and not raised much on the skin. I have 2 on each palm, they do not itch or hurt and they have been there for years. Sometimes I will cut them off with nail clippers but they always come back after a couple of days. Any ideas???

United States

#76 Sep 21, 2007
I get the same thing. I get the bumps sometimes when I'm stressed. The doctor told me they were some sort of skin condition related to stress and having dry skin. He gave me some cream that usually helps to start making them go away. I guess it's not a big deal as they don't seem to be contagious and aren't that noticeable unless you know they are there. The only thing that I find strange is that they seem to come back in the same spots???

Mount Clemens, MI

#77 Sep 24, 2007
I have had similar if not the same symptoms and its driving me crazy! My fingers itch and burn and it started with one or two little bumps on my right middle finger and then quickly spread to my other fingers and palms of my hands. What is it? i am used to the outbreaks its seems to happen to me every spring or fall. but this time its worse than any other time that i can recall i cant hardly type or cook or even sleep i put benydryl on my hands with no success in stopping the itch. HELP!! what can i do?? 15 years of the breakouts on fingers but not like this.


#78 Sep 26, 2007
I've never had this problem before, but it seems similar to all yours. I have very very small flesh colored, water filled bumps on the tops of my hands and feet. They also are in small clusters on the sides of my fingers, mostly the thumbs and index fingers. They don't exactly itch when scratched, but they're sore if touched. Then they get itchy AFTER theyve been touched. I've popped a few and they don't bother me, but I don't know what to do with these. Dermatologist? The damn bumps popped up out of nowhere just overnight. Is this an allergy? Stress thing? I don't think I've been stressed... And also, they haven't gotten red and have stayed so small, they're about the size of the eye of a needle. When I pop them and drain the water I can see a small hole where the liquid is comming from. Could this be a bug bite? There's so many of them in small clusters though.

Oh well, and ideas would be much appreciated!
Itchy girl

Shelton, CT

#79 Sep 28, 2007
kalem wrote:
Yeah...I get these bumps on the side of my finger, sometimes on the nuckle, and on the inside of my thumb. They had occured once this summer and went away after a while. Now they are back in the same places. They don't hurt or itch unless I apply pressure to them. I have no idea what it could be....any ideas?
You're telling my story! Did you ever find out what it was/is?

United States

#80 Sep 29, 2007
I have little wht bumbs looks like a ant bite in the palm of my hands for about 4 months now.if i pick them with a needle they go away and leave a red spot and then pill.does any one have this problem if so let me no.thanks.and palm of my hand is

United States

#81 Sep 29, 2007
I have the same thing.anybody might no let me no.

La Mesa, CA

#82 Sep 30, 2007
i had the same thing that everyone has been talking about and thought that i was the onl person in the world to have these but i am not alone. i started to see these bumbs when i worked over the summer and used gloves in my everyday work routine in the extreme heat and noticed that i had the clear filled white bumbs on my hands and on the sides of my fingers. if i pop them they just dry up and new skin will form but if u leave them alone they go away i heard from a doc that it was a form of heat rash and just fungus but i dont think it can spead to other people through skin to skin contact because my wife doesnt have them and she sometimes pops the bumbs on my fingers but if anyone knows what it actually is then please yet us all know...

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