Small clear callous-like bumps on han...

United States

#506 Nov 7, 2011
kee win wrote:
I get this after collecting firewoods while camping n thought they might be infection
Everytime my husband handles firewood no matter what time of year it is, he gets poision ivy
Hope this helps

Sydney, Australia

#507 Nov 9, 2011
sounds like everyone has what I had ywears ago POMPHALOX spelling is unsure, only affects digits toes and fingers,drove me insane as well.

Denver, CO

#508 Nov 9, 2011
I just today noticed a small clear blister on my thumb...first one, then another. I've been wearing rubber latex gloves for the past 5 days of work to keep chemicals off my hands. They feel like slivers...but nothing is in them other than fluid. What might they be?

Shelby, NC

#509 Nov 11, 2011
I have the same bumps that you are referring to. Mine are like very tiny shards of glass. When removed they seem to be tiny triangles. I am trying to find out what they are. I got them over 25 yrs ago when I was going to a spa on Walnut St in Phila, PA. They began on my feet and over the years spread to my hands. They are contagious; as four of my five children have acquired this same problem. I did not notice for many years as going to the salon kept my feet and hands smooth. I did try cutting/plucking them out only to have them regrow. I tried doing same and then spraying Lysol (note:hurts to high heaven)after removal and this did lessen the number but I was never able to totally alleviate the problem before fear of toxin related problems scared me into stopping. I have no idea what this #%&! is but I truly hate it. Have you had any luck since posting?

Toledo, OH

#510 Nov 12, 2011
yes my daughter has a hard bump sometimes red on her finger is there anything other then a wort that it could be?

Lima, OH

#511 Nov 14, 2011
did you ever find out what these were?

Alpharetta, GA

#512 Nov 28, 2011
Some one mentioned Molluscum contagiosum in one of the much earlier posts. I looked it up and it fit my lesion perfectly. Many thanks to that poster.

Mumbai, India

#513 Nov 29, 2011
Same deal here. I used to have them since i was around 7 years old. Now I am 23. But it comes rarely now. Right now I have one on my thumb. Looks White tiny Bump. And feeling on my other fingers too. Just want to point it out that don't scratch it or do nothing silly with them. They come & go away. At the Early age i used to have them between my every finger (Both hands & Foot). And that felt really bad. But as i have grown older, they are gone. I guess the Reason behind it is Heat.

Oregon, OH

#514 Nov 30, 2011
I also have these fluid filled bumps on my finger, usually only on my pinky finger. I have noticed if I wrap a band-aid around it, it clears up a bit but it is only on my pinky it has never spread before I do have eczema does anyone else have any other skin conditions???

Honolulu, HI

#515 Dec 29, 2011
Hello, yea I have the same bumps that when they pop clear fluid comes out and my hands become dry I don't know what to do either.

Bullsbrook, Australia

#516 Jan 4, 2012

Federal Way, WA

#517 Jan 4, 2012
I have this too. I first had it on my pinky finger, I took benedryl and put hydrocortizone on it and it cleared up. Now it is on the palm of my hand. I will put and good layer of cortizone on it and then a latex glove for about an hour a day and that seems to help. I have found keeping it moist, keeps the bumps from forming.

Nottingham, UK

#518 Jan 9, 2012
i had gone through all the posts briefly from the start. I have had the same type of thing happening to me for approx 9 years now, but mine started on my 'neck',(funnily enough when my eldest daughter had the chicken pox) they flare up frequently (more so if stressed). Then recently i had a small cluster appear on my hand (between finger & thumb-but on hand part), they were just water filled tiny bumps. They get sore when scratching at them, but its difficult not to. I always use Aqueious cream on my hands, but it hasn't helped. They start to dry out but won't clear easily, they just look red, raised & dry, after scratching. They then spread further down my fingers.....really confused :o/
I have also been getting similar on my legs, which i thought was from using an Epilator, but they have not cleared up after 1-2yrs of not using Epilator, they leave small scars, really horrible & depressing :o(
Would love to hear some possitive feedback on this :o) xx


#519 Jan 9, 2012
Hi guys I think it's a type of herpes like colds ores but on your finger think its. Allied herpes whitlow , google it

West Jordan, UT

#520 Jan 16, 2012
Amanda C wrote:
I have had this strange clearish bump on the side of my palm for as long as I can remember now. When It first appeared it was small and I picked it off. A month later it came back a little larger. I kept repeating this process until it looked like this:
[IMG] /albums/y4/Lilangelwings/stuff /IMG_1881.jpg[/IMG]
On the right is circled a smaller one that appeared a year later. Both grew to those sizes and have been like that for many years. The skin of the bump is tough, almost like a soft callous, and thick.
A couple of days ago I noticed 3 tiny bumps on the inside of my pinky finger on the same hand. Today I looked at them and now there are 11 or 12 of them. These are similar to what the above ones looked like at first but arent growing. Also, the original ones are becomming softer and seem to be going away while more pop up. I definately think they are different.
[IMG] /albums/y4/Lilangelwings/stuff /IMG_1880.jpg[/IMG]
The ones on the side of my hands arent warts. If they were, they should have gone away by now. I have also tried to freeze them with absolutely no success.
If anyone knows what this is, please help. I would greatly appreciate it!

West Jordan, UT

#521 Jan 16, 2012

Red Hook, NY

#522 Jan 20, 2012
hi guys, my caase is diffrent from EVRYSINGLEPOST on this page, i have 1 small bump on my finger under the finger nail on the side. it is skin colored but when i squeeze it it dosent hurt or itch. i seen a few very very small holes in it but its not like a mosquito or spider bite, any idea of what it is?

Red Hook, NY

#523 Jan 20, 2012
it has also been there for about 3 months, i tried to pick it off by nailclippers but i seems to just stay there

Calgary, Canada

#524 Jan 21, 2012
I have this weird bump of skin with a cracked skin beside my nail's sort of burns it's like normal but if u touch it or move it it feels weird but can you cut it off ???

Red Hook, NY

#525 Jan 24, 2012
i showed my dad today, he said it was just a water blister and you just have to pick it off and it will be fine :D!!!!

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