Small clear callous-like bumps on han...

College Station, TX

#183 May 16, 2008
I poked a needle in mine and oil came out :/
Cpn Zippo

Jacksonville, FL

#184 May 16, 2008
Ok not to freak anyone out or anything, but I think some people should look at herpetic whitlow... Its basically a herpes infection... on your hands... All the images I could find were really bad, and nothing like what I had... but I did find this image.. which is quite similiar to what I have, and im sure others.
Now I have gotten this 2-3 in my life before, and now I have just a few popping up. I think its closer to Pompholyx though in the other images that I posted. Actually it looks EXACTLY like what the first user posted. Im just saying this may help some people. Im hoping to god that its not whitlow. It would seem especially odd since I take suppressive medication since I get recurrent cold sores, and this pops up right in the middle of me dosing. Either way I pop the little ones, and use purell to dry them out ... Seems to work pretty well. I hope this helps, oh yea and that was the ONLY picture I could find that was even similiar to the conditions people are posting about. Thanks

United States

#185 May 20, 2008
Hey everyone..... I have had this problem since I was nine... Clear, itchy and very unattractive bumps on my right hand!!!! I am now 27 and I still get the bumps but only on my right index finger.....uuugggghhhhh.... My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mom and my oldest sister also had these mysterious rashes......but oddly theirs all stopped around the age of 25.....Im 2 years past that and still.....The dermatoligist has prescribed me and my fam tons of meds but nothing works..... Sometimes my hand would swell soooooo bad I couldn't write, type , or do anything with my hand.....I would love to know a cure....oh my gosh they itch soo bad..... I would put my hand under extremely hot water instead of scratching the bumps..... They do seem to spread if they are irritated or the clear stuff comes out...My hands have always been soooo dry...I put lotion on 10 times a only seems to irritate my hands..Whatever it is I wish mine would have stopped like the rest of my fam.....HELP....

United States

#186 May 23, 2008
Amanda C wrote:
I forgot to add that they dont hurt or itch in any way either.
This is me second time I've had this.
Small water filled bumps or blisters.
These blisters itch and begin to peel after
several days. It Acute fungal infection of the
foot that I think is on our hands.
Caused by t (tinea) mentagrophytes.

Craiova, Romania

#187 May 27, 2008
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
This is me second time I've had this.
Small water filled bumps or blisters.
These blisters itch and begin to peel after
several days. It Acute fungal infection of the
foot that I think is on our hands.
Caused by t (tinea) mentagrophytes.
i look to the internet ,,tinea pedis ``` it is the same to what i have on my foot and hands , i buy LAMISIL gel active substance is ``terbinafinum`` now i treat the infected skin , i will tell you if works

Milford, CT

#188 Jun 3, 2008
britney wrote:
I have tiny white bumps on the palms of my hand that seem to come out or flare, when I soak them in the water. They eventually go down and have little holes in the center of them. Theyre not warts, and they dont pus.
did u find out more about what this is? i think i might have it also!
Miserable in MD

Baltimore, MD

#189 Jun 3, 2008
Does anybody get these on thier ARMS and NECK also. I get them at the base of my palms, around the base of my nails and down the sides of my fingers. When I have a bad out break they also appear on the lower parts of my arms and around my neck. It itches so bad I can't sleep. I seemed to be free for several years with only very minor outbreaks occasionally but the last 2 months have been miserable. It seems like it has to be a allergic reaction to something. I went to a dermotoligist 6 years ago when I got my 1st out break and was told it was just eczema was given steroids and what ever was the cream of the week back then. I take Allegra, benadryl and every other topical itch spray/cream/gel I can find. I slather eucerin on every night and am still miserable. What really helps aleviate the symptons.

Eau Claire, WI

#190 Jun 3, 2008
I have PCOS and I also have these bumps, they have gotten really bad this past week. the hurt and sting and itch. They are spreading like crazy. I suppose this is something that I have to go to the doctor for huh?

San Diego, CA

#191 Jun 11, 2008
Hello all,
After reading all of the posts, I realized that indeed, I was not the only one experiencing these bumps.

I first got the bumps back in high school about 5 years ago, and they would come every summer, all throughout my hands, on the sides, between the webbing of my fingers and so on. This was very uncomfortable as many of you know, and my doctors unfortunately never bothered to diagnose me and would only ever give me prescription calamine lotion, and on one occasion gave me a cortisteroid (topical steroid). However, neither really worked and I was forced to suffer through the outbreaks. I am now in college and just had it come back this past week.

My experience is different than most of those described by people in that my hands don't sweat too much, I am not particularly more stressed than I normally am, and when I first noticed the bumps again, they did not necessarily erupt just because I scratched them. Also, my outbreaks are fairly large, this time, they appeared in every finger except my pinkies and were beginning to appear on the top of my hand before I made a doctor's appt.

I went to my doctor late last week after dealing with the bumps for about two days, and he said it was acute dermitis (which I didn't really believe) and he gave me a Rx for a cortisteroid again. After using the cream for about 5-6 days with no avail (he told me the longest I would have to use the cream was 7 days) I saw no improvement and actually noticed it getting worse and spreading even more. I returned yesterday (Monday) and saw a different physician who then diagnosed me with Dyhydrodic Eczema. She said that there was no exact reason for them, but it could be a combination of factors. What she did though is she changed my prescription to a short course (less than 5 days) of the oral steroid Prednisone on a low dose (2 10mg tablets a day w/ food) and then after the course, I would continue the topical steroid again if I still needed. It is now two days later and they're basically gone!

So the moral of my story is that if you have a fairly large outbreak or your outbreak isn't being controlled with a cortisteroid, then ask your doctor about a short course on an oral steroid like Prednisone. This is especially important if you have a large outbreak or have been using a cortisteroid for an extended period of time. This is because cortisteroids have been know to cause thinning of the skin with prolonged use exposing you to more problems.

Hope that helps!:)


Lexington, KY

#192 Jun 11, 2008
I visited this site last week as soon as I noticed these small bumps on my hands. They were mostly on the top of my fingers and when I applied pressure on them, a clear liquid came out. I of course freaked out thinking it was much worse. It was only itchy once I started thinking about it, then again who knows if it was because they were just getting itchy.

I visited my doctor and he confirmed that it was Dyshidrosis eczema, which was a relief considering I am not a "busy" person at all! He prescribed a topical steroid (Flucinoinide) and told me to calm down, lol.

Please don't freak out until you visit a dermatologist - the bumps are gone now, though now my regular eczema is bothering me, oh joy! It must have been the stress of it all!

Craiova, Romania

#193 Jun 15, 2008
i treat the skin with lamisil terbinafine is getting better , its disappear from my hands , i have to treat 1 month maybe 2 , 2 times a day , its getting better every day , its ``tinea piedis``,look to internet and you find pictures and treatment for it

Saint Paul, MN

#194 Jun 16, 2008
For those of you who have weird bumps on your hands and feet and are super itchy, especially at night, you could have scabies. I just got them, and I think I might have them again, but they are literally little bugs that burrow in your skin and make you itch like crazy, it makes you want to die at night. so if your bumps are accompanied by severe itchiness, i would really recommend you see a dermatologist and let them know your concerns. The bumps that I had literally look like burrows, like it was a circle of dry skin leading to a dark little line.

Dayton, OH

#195 Jun 16, 2008
I think people are describing different skin issues. There is the eczema but that is accompanied by itching and tends to look more severe. The other issue are tiny skin colored/clear bumps that DO NOT ITCH OR HURT IN ANY WAY so this would rule out the eczema. For me and a few others I have read, these come with warm weather but are not present at all in fall or winter and even early spring. I only get them when the weather gets hotter. I had heard somewhere that it was a viral infection but I don't remember where I heard it.

United States

#196 Jun 17, 2008
I get these small blister type bumps on the side of my fingers but not all my fingers. Every summer is whe they show up. Im not sure if its because of the heat or not. But every summer they form on my hands and sometimes on the sides of my feet. As soon as fall comes around they clear up and go away until next summer. They don't itch and they are not discolored. They are just bumps with a little water in them but i don't pop them unless it seems really big but after a while i noticed poppin them did not help them get small. They would stay the same. So i asume i have the same diagnosis as what everyone seems to be talking about.

United States

#197 Jun 18, 2008
I have 2 of thouse bumpson my index-finger and 2 on my thumb on the other hand.
If anyone finds out what they are write me at [email protected]

Newport News, VA

#198 Jun 21, 2008
I have been searching and searching for what these stupid bumps on my fingers/palm are and I was freaked out that I might have lupus or something. Thank God you all have this thread here or I would never have known. I'm convinced I have Dyshidrosis Eczema on my hands, and now know what to ask my doctor. Thank you!

Beresford, SD

#199 Jun 21, 2008
Lynn wrote:
I have these too. They don't hurt or itch and come and go over time. Stress exacerbates them, but I'm certain it's a hormonal reaction. Does anyone else have PCOS?
when i get anxious or stressed out my bumps pop up but they go away and come back again. I do also have PCOS. Its intersting that you would ask that.

Forest Hills, NY

#200 Jun 22, 2008
I have the same blisters. Have you had any luck finding the cause?
britney wrote:
I have tiny white bumps on the palms of my hand that seem to come out or flare, when I soak them in the water. They eventually go down and have little holes in the center of them. Theyre not warts, and they dont pus.

Forest Hills, NY

#201 Jun 22, 2008
I also have PCOS, and get these blisters. Interesting.
Elizabeth wrote:
<quoted text>
when i get anxious or stressed out my bumps pop up but they go away and come back again. I do also have PCOS. Its intersting that you would ask that.

Reseda, CA

#202 Jun 23, 2008
i have one in my thumb by tmy plam and it scares me cuz maby its like a cyst or toumer and may be cancerus so i ask'd my uncle cuz he had one and he said its a broken blood vessel is this true if it is send me a email at [email protected]

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