Dry Cracked thumbs - a solution!!!
Gail Chicago

Chicago, IL

#21 Dec 9, 2008
Ditto to all the painful laments above. Last year was the first winter I was able to escape the bleeding thumb syndrome. I credited a new fruit and vegetable supplement my brother-in-law was selling. However, to my dismay, this winter IT'S BACK!

Lake Elsinore, CA

#22 Dec 13, 2008
It all started at about the same time a year or so ago. Deep lines in my hands. Dry, painful, cracking thumbs and index fingers, a crust-type coating on the tips of both thumbs. I'm a 65 yr old male taking all the colesterol, blood pressure, depression medication. Like Rebecca,my fingers are sometimes deflated and flat. I've done the creams and am now on the gloves in a bottle with not much luck. I'm now getting numbness in the finger tips. What's up?
Debbie Kasparian

Bennington, VT

#23 Jan 17, 2009
My husband has been suffering from cracked skin and bleeding around the thumb nail area for the last couple of months. Can you tell me the name of the supplements you tried.


#24 Jan 21, 2009
My thumbs crack and bleed during the winter only. If I go to a tropical place they immediately heal and I'm fine. As soon as I return to cold weather the skin breaks again. That tells me that stress and lack of vitamins are not the main problem. Unless a tropical vacation releaves all the stress which I think it does not.

Atlanta, GA

#25 Jan 26, 2009
please help! my thumb tips are killing me. Just moved to Atlanta from Florida burrrrrr!

Atlanta, GA

#26 Jan 26, 2009
Help! my thumb tips are terribly painful! what are the supplements?

United States

#27 Feb 1, 2009
My thumb hurt so bad I couldn't touch it. My husband had me put super glue on the crack and instantly it quit hurting.

United States

#28 Feb 1, 2009
Robin wrote:
Help! my thumb tips are terribly painful! what are the supplements?
Put super glue on them and they will quit hurting instantly

Wallington, UK

#29 Feb 3, 2009
I also suffer the old cracked thumbs in the winter. I am now pretty sure it is caused by rinsing the hands under a hot then under the cold tap when washing them.Whenever I do this my thumbs crack-the pain!!!It must be the quick temp.change that cracks them.To relieve pain I find normal wound plasters work best of all (use two). Plus, they heal quicker. Try it

Raleigh, NC

#30 Feb 6, 2009
It seems the Original Poster does not respond. AFter reading through this post, I googled the issue and here is the link that I found. Hope it helps everyone. If possible, post your results!


Try this link:

Seattle, WA

#31 Feb 17, 2009
Rubbing a little chapstick (the little stick kind) on my thumb helps the cracked tip quickly for me.

For what it's worth, my mother has the same problem. Some genetic weakness?

(I have a crack that started yesterday. I've been doing a lot of painting at work the last few days.)

Seattle, WA

#32 Feb 17, 2009
Rubbing a little chapstick (the little stick kind) on my thumb helps the cracked tip --> heal <-- quickly for me.

Also, I've had my hands in water a lot the past two weeks while washing paint equipment. I've worn gloves most of the time too.

(I can't see how to edit my first post. Sorry for the second.)

Orange, TX

#33 Feb 28, 2009
My family and I all suffer with cracks on our thumbs. My husband and son have it worse than me :( their hands will just crack. But New-Skin works beautiful smells like nail polish but it covers the crack and give our skin time to heal.

Evansville, IN

#34 Mar 4, 2009
Yes, I have the painful cracks on my thumbs also. Use a good hand lotion etc but make sure that before you put the lotion on your cracks that you wet the area and then let it air dry. Lotions themselves often do not soften/heal skin but help retain what moisture is there.

Evansville, IN

#35 Mar 6, 2009
3M has a product that's in the drug store..comes in a small bottle with a clear liquid and a brush-like applicator and is called Skin Crack Care. It contains tea tree oil and vitamins. Your brush it on the crack twice a day and it forms a protective coating. Works for me to take away the pain and promote healing.

Vancouver, Canada

#36 Mar 7, 2009
i have VERY chapped thumbs too!
i usually clip off a new layer of skin every few days lol
its realy gross
im surprised i havent started bleeding yet
Star Waschevski

Sacramento, CA

#37 Apr 16, 2009
Could you share with me the supplements that you take which stop the thumb cracking?

Paterson, NJ

#38 Apr 30, 2009
my thumbs hurt real bad and i think its spreading to my other fingers. i think im gonna chop off my thumbs.
yadav rai ahuja

United States

#39 May 5, 2009
I tried to open the address given by Mr Nathan Laubach I could not open. It says tht spelling are wrong or some word is missing. I have copied from there and posted. So if there is any solution for crack on the corner of thumb let me know. I have tried band aid which helps for a week and than it repeats on the same place on thumb.
yadav rai ahuja

United States

#40 May 5, 2009
I am looking the solution for the crack on the corner of thumb. This gets cured by using band aid and reoccures. The address given By nlaubach@hotmail.com does not open

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