Itchy, dry patch of skin on breast...
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Moultrie, GA

#164 Nov 3, 2010
Ok Wel....Mine STarted ON MY Chest And Now ITs Above My Nipple BUt I Heard THat It Could Just Be A rash And That Or It Could Ber From Sweating Too Much But I Relly Wanna No

Dallas, TX

#165 Nov 5, 2010
hey..i seem to have never had any type of rash infection until 2weeks ago. it ooks some what like wingworms/acne, little small fine bumps everywhere on my back,face,arm,thighs,chest,und er my breast,stomach and neck. and it itchs on top of that i have like a prickly sensation thing going on..i havent been to the doctor yet cause i figured it was an heat rash...but its pretty much winter now lol? im brown skin so its the same color as my skin and when i scratch it seems to get worse. but its not noticeable like that unless you know its there..i need help you guys.

Los Angeles, CA

#166 Nov 9, 2010
I have the same exact thing! I'm only 18 years old and have never had any kids idk what it could be. The itching is intense and has left my skin very rough and flaky. I'm pretty scared. Is it severe enough to go see a doctor?

New York, NY

#167 Nov 15, 2010
Kaylie wrote:
I have dry skin patches on both my breasts. More on my right than my left. They rarely itch but they are flakey and i hope it isnt something serious but i have tried vaseline and cocoa butter but that hasnt worked. i havent seen my doctor yet but i think i might have to soon it really bugs me.
same with me, I don't know what to do. It's starting to get more and more. Have you went to the doctors yet?

New York, NY

#168 Nov 15, 2010
I'm only 14, and have had it for awhile.
It always bothers me, it always flakes off in my bra. and it's itchy sometimes. I want to go to the doctors, but haven't yet. It's discolored and It drives me insane.

Greenville, SC

#169 Nov 17, 2010
Amber wrote:
I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this problem. For a few months, I've become a bit paranoid about this small area on my breast, right above my nipple. I just looks like a dry patch of skin, but it makes my nipple and breast itch all the time. I was reading about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and I've gotten extremely scared. Could anyone tell me what this might be and ease my mind a bit?
I have it in between by breasts and on the top a little its horrible

Sacramento, CA

#170 Nov 27, 2010
i have the same problem, and i havent gone to the doctor yet.

Lawrence, KS

#171 Nov 30, 2010
I have the exact same condition and I have also experience a sharp pain in my breast. the pain only happens on one side but the itchy, dry skin flakes happens on both. I only now (as in today) have experienced small red dots on my breast because of itching at the flakiness. I have also experienced an itchiness to my nipples also so I will look up what Lucy suggested and see if that is what I have.

Dallas, TX

#172 Dec 17, 2010
My breast has the same problem the itching the spots & even under the arm um confussed it just started one day & now it want stop or go away is there some help anywhere

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#173 Dec 27, 2010
I have had this same problem for about a month now. It started with an extremely dry spot about the size of a dime on my left breast right above the areola. Then it spread to the same exact spot on my right breast and also two larger spots appearing on the right side of that breast as well. The sight is reddish and has a darker red outline that is barely raised. It is very itchy and dry and flaky.

This seems to be the description of ringworm that I have read about on the web but I can't figure out how I might have contacted it. I don't play any sports and haven't been in contact with anyone who was infected to my knowledge.

I am using Lotromin AF twice a day on the area and while it still itches all the time the redness seems to be fading. The tube of cream says it can take up to four weeks!

Lewisburg, TN

#174 Jan 18, 2011
I have a circular itchy on right breast as well and i am concern. This spot went away now it is back.
cadila _ ny

Bangalore, India

#175 Feb 2, 2011
hi , i am facing dryness in the breast n the skin is getting pelled n wrinkled. unable to understand its causes. Itching sensation is less. I tried applying creams but nothing is working,. can some one help me

Dallas, TX

#176 Feb 10, 2011
I've read all the post but no one has posted Wat do I actually use to put on my itchy, rashy breasts?

United States

#177 Feb 18, 2011
I've read many of your posts. My case is different....Im 26 and have had the same flaky itchy spots on the outer sides(not near my nipples or underneath) of my breasts. The patches are tiny circles and are raised in the corner and I can peel them off. No matter how much I peel em they come back. They have never spread or gone away. No red bumps unless I scratch it! I've changed bras, laundry soap, used powder, creams, lotion everything. I've had this since I started my period. No breaks! Anyone have any clues? I've looked up many of the suggested causes but still nothing. The pictures are so off! Also I had a breast reduction and most of it went I thought...where the affected parts were pre surgery came back about two months later. If you have any suggestions please email me at thanks.

United States

#178 Feb 23, 2011
both the left and the right breast have dry patches of flaky skin. it doesnt itch but it looks gross and when i take a warm or hot shower it looks red when i get out. i have tried the joelle ciocco abriciol which seemed to work for a little bit but i stopped and now its back. is it because of my bras or what? i need some help please!

Whittier, CA

#179 Apr 4, 2011
Cindy wrote:
I also have this. It started on one side and now moved to both. The itching can be intense, especially in the shower. I was treating it with hydrocotisone cream and it seemed to keep it at bay, but I ran out and now its getting bigger and has a raised red line around it.
I have done research and cant seem to find out anything.
Id love to find an answer.
If I do, Ill post it.

Palm Bay, FL

#180 Apr 11, 2011
cindi wrote:
<quoted text>
ive had the same exact problem for almost a year now.. ive tried lotion and it doesnt work, and when i had gotten it i had also gotten a coloration thing on right where its at, it worries me also, i say wait a while, cause my doctor said it was nothing also. but doctors to me dont really know what they are doing anymore... you should go seea specialist...
I have the same problem for almost a year steroid seem to help but it doesnt take away the problem. I am now taking a holistic approach... I got a digital thermography imaging and it doesn't reveal a cancer. I am trying to build my immune to fight it. I have lines going from my nipple to the bottom of my breast (almost like dry veins). I wonder if its related to my implants for maybe the thyroid meds.. Not sure.. its itchy and turns red after a shower and then turns back to skin color. It frustrating that the only information points to breast cancer which my homeopath states I dont have... I will stay on the regimen for 4 months and see what happens

Palm Bay, FL

#181 Apr 11, 2011
One more thing, it started with flakes on my bra... I used cortisol and it didn't help... its on both breast but more on the right

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

#182 Apr 12, 2011
i have this. it's all around my nipple and its flaky skin and SUPER itchy. and my nipple is completely hidden..
im 15 years old, i'm scared it's breast cancer. ive had this for about a year.
i dont know what to do.

Hurricane, UT

#183 Apr 12, 2011
Hey I've been having an issue similar for a year now. My skin around both breasts is really dry and itchy and flakes of in my bra and when I undress. But that's not the only place it's at. It's under my breasts and under my arms and seems to be spreading to my arm pits. It is also on my back. Oh! And its on my arms too--the inside elbow area. I can't afford to go to a dermatologist and am really worried. I'm only 18! I've tried all kinds of lotion but nothing has worked. Help? If you know anything please email me at Thanks.

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