Itchy, dry patch of skin on breast...

Union City, OK

#82 Dec 11, 2008
I have had this problem for a few months. It's driving me crazy, but I got for my annual exam, and they haven't detected any breast cancer. I didn't even know it could be a symptom until someone in my college speech class gave a speech over breast cancer this month. I'mr eally worried myself, and they just drive me crazy and I can't help but scratch because it's so bad. I've tried anti itch and lotion, even unscented. I've tried different bras, no bras and shirts.
I was wondering, my Dad possibly has a thyroid problem, and I have a very dry face, I have to put lotion on every morning. My breasts are dry and itchy, and sometimes I get dry patches on my shoulders. What do you all think?

London, UK

#83 Dec 12, 2008
hi everyone. i have been reading your posts and have had the same problem. i had intense dry/flaky skin with awful itching on my left nipple. i went to the doctor to be tested for padgets disease and had a mammogram. i was clear on the side of the itch but the right hand one showed up a small area of breast cancer. i had it removed and then got an infection in the wound. i was given fluxcoxacilin (sorry dont know how to spell it)! which cleared it up, and also cleared up the itchy one as well!! my consultant said it was probably a low lying infection on the itchy one which had responded to the antibiotic. He also told me to avoid dairy which i started doing. i now notice when i eat any dairy (especially cheese) that i get really dry itchy nipples on both sides which lasts a few days. so i really try to avoid all dairy. it comes out within a day and really anoys the hell out of me! i hope any of this helps anyone.

Eastlake, CO

#84 Dec 18, 2008
I am having a problem similar to this-but it's just dry patches on my breasts. It's flaky dry skin. I thought it may be because of the dry season (I live in Colorado). I put lotion on morning and night, I've tried exfoilating, and I've tried the fungal creams (even though, I'm pretty sure it's not the "tinea versicolor"). I called me OB GYN and she said it's probably just dry skin but it's driving me crazy and my breasts are so sore from the itching. Any other advice would be appreciated.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

#85 Dec 18, 2008
I have had the exact same problem for about a month. One day i noticed that i had a dry spot on my right breast, i have eczema and thought that must be it. The next day i noticed a spot on my left breast and then it just spread to both of my breasts. the itchiness is driving me crazy. They are dry and flaky and i have my hand in my shirt all day. i don't have a doctors appointment until next month, so am going to try what others have tried. Cortisone Cream has done nothing, i have just been putting major moisturizers on. I am interested about Tinea Versacolor as my mothers whole side of the family has it.. so i probably do to. We'll see.

San Clemente, CA

#86 Dec 25, 2008
I took the advice of others on this post and realized i had recently changed shampoos when this occured. Oddly enough, i threw out my shampoo and the problem is gone. I think the residual shampoo left on my breasts, and then putting my bra on, irrated them to no end. After 3 days of using different shampoo & Conditioner the problem is gone.. I hope this helps..


#87 Dec 30, 2008
I get it in the wintertime. The itchyness. Not patches and ringworms, tho ...
I think it's because I'm not drinking enough water. I don't have the problem during the summer.

Riverview, FL

#88 Jan 2, 2009
I also have this. But it's in between my boobs. For a while now it's been red and itchy and dry skin, Now the skin is starting to peel. What does this mean!?

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#90 Jan 15, 2009
The itchy skin is something else. Probably need to see a dermatologist for that. But when you itch it it tears at the skin causing stretch marks which start out as red/purple lines over months and months they turn white.

Murrieta, CA

#91 Jan 17, 2009
im 15 yrs old and my breast have been itching for about two weeks now and today my left one is dry and is peeling on the areola and the right one is just beginning.. I've been freaking out about it and don't know if i should tell my mom because we don't have insurance right now to go to a doctor.
anyone know what it could be?

Hamilton, OH

#92 Jan 17, 2009
I'm eighteen as well.
And i've had the exact same problem as Ashley.
And occasionally i scratch too much and get scabs.

I have no idea what it is.
But it looks nothing like
I.B.C or Tinea Versicolor.

So i'm just assuming its some type of fungal thing.
What should i use on it?

Dumont, NJ

#93 Jan 23, 2009
Hi, Just went to dermatologist to see what the heck this perfectly round itchy/flaky patch on my left breast it. She actually had to look it up in a medical journal. She told me the name but it was something I didn't understand. She gave me a prescription hydrocortozone cream which I have only used three times but unfortunately does not seem to be helping. Just hope it is nothing more serious. Anything with the breast makes me scared. I will let you know next week when I return from docs.
Neicy Southaven MS

United States

#94 Jan 29, 2009
OMG!!! I cannot beleive I finally found a page that fits my description perfectly. It began last year in the spring, my right nipple was constantly itching. I ruled out menstrual related bc it was happening bf during and after my cycle. By the time I went in for my annual exam it went away. As recently as December it came back and it was the entire right breast. I never saw a rash, but after a month or so I had a line of dark spots to appear. I finally went to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist and she told me to come back when it flares up again bc she thought it may be herpes. She wasnt sure but she said she would have to do some tests. I have never been diagnosed with herpes. No symptons (fever blisters, cold sores, genital area, Nothing!!) I didn't want to be in denial about it. But I left the office that day still with this constant itch to my right breast and now the center of my chest. I am at a lost for words.

Eastlake, OH

#95 Feb 6, 2009
I wish I can post a picture on this blog. I have just visited a dermatologist about this problem. For the most part, I do not do doctors to often. However the rapid spreading of these dry circular patches all over my breast, neck, and back, and now a small spot on my face made me give in a visit the doctor.
I look like I have leprosy or something its absolutely terible. TINEA VERSIOLOR is what I have been diagnosed with. It is a fungus that lives in the skin all the time that an sometimes manifest in small children or young adults. I know sounds yucky right.
I was perscribed, pills called KETOCONAZOLE, TRIAMCINOLENE OINTMENT, SELENIUM SULFIDE LOTION, AND CICLOPIROX CREAM. I was also given a mild soap to bath with called CETAPHIL.
My advise to anyone with these dry skin patches that wont seem to go away no mater how much lotion or gunk you put on it is to go see a doctor ASAP. Believe me I tried everything in the book to treat myself before I went. Lotramin, Vaseline, hydracortizone, baby oil, shea butter, antibiotics, and nothing worked. Dont just asume it is eczama and will go away.
Best advise is to go to a doctor. Hope this helps
carolina girl

Virginia Beach, VA

#96 Feb 9, 2009
There's these dry spots on my breast that seem to be getting bigger they started as little spots but r slowly expanding. Noticed small ones under my breast but don't feel any lumps. waiting for advice please help

Langley, Canada

#97 Feb 21, 2009
I have the same thing... once I went to the dermatologist and she said it is just dry skin... winter time it gets worse... normally a cream do hydrate makes it better... but it is not fun all the itchy... I am there!
Mary Jo

Ames, IA

#98 Feb 22, 2009
I have had the same irritation on my breasts and it only happens in the winter. I went to a dermatologist and was told that it was just dry skin and was recommended vaseline.
Haley L

Yadkinville, NC

#99 Feb 23, 2009
yeah i'm 17 and i have this.
does anyone know how to make it go away?

Langley, Canada

#100 Feb 23, 2009
I wish I knew Haley. I had this when I was very young too and still have it (35). I am breast feeding now and I am only using a cream that I can leave on and still breast feed my baby. Mary, thanks for letting me know about the Vaseline. Did it work for you?? Does anybody knows what I could use and still breast feed??

Henderson, NV

#101 Mar 15, 2009
I have had dry patches on my breasts that itch like crazy for maybe five months or more. Im really worried because they wont go away. It gets go bad i take a butter knife, because of it's non threating points and scratch the crap out of it. I make them bleed, and then the skin around it even becomes dryer. I dont know what to do. I know i need to see the doctor, but i dont have faith in them they will probably say it's just dry skin...okay well it's been here longer then the weather, and im trying all the lotioning, exfoliating, rash cremes. Nothing helps. Even now i find i almost cant stand it so i rushed and tried diaper rash creme. No help so far. What am i going to do? Does anyone know the worst possiblities it could be?

Des Moines, IA

#102 Mar 26, 2009
I have extremely itchy breasts, and they itch exactly where my bra ends, you can see distinct lines under my arms and across the top of the breasts. the undersides are relatively unaffected. I have no scabs, i have not itched to the point of drawing blood, and no dry skin lotion has helped clear this up. If I switch to a clean bra, they seem to clear up for a day but the second time I wear it they itch again. I have not changed soap, laundry soap, shampoo, or conditioner in the last 12 months, and this started about 3 weeks ago. Anyone else have this problem?

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