Non-itchy widespread rash

Colchester, UK

#43 Oct 16, 2011
oh alex whatnot you naughty girl . no seriously most peoples haveing this ort of thing it will go away on its own and it cant hurt to moisterize it with oil and not have so hot a shower and try the anti-histamine .

Macau, Macau

#44 Oct 17, 2011
Me too. Mine first occurred on my inner right arm only. They tend to get worse after a shower at night, and seems disappear in the early morning. I had it more than a year ago. Now I am pregnant, they still occur every evening on my right arm, and spread to my upper thighs. Non-itchy, not swollen, just pink rashes...

I asked the doctor, and she said there is no need to care for it.... so what is that actually?

United States

#45 Oct 21, 2011
I've had bumps on my inner thighs, chest, back and stomach for 2 weeks now. It has gradually gotten worse. My doctor diagnosed me with pityriasis rosea. Viral infection of the skin. She said it would take about 3 months to clear up but wouldn't leave any scars. No medication needed since its viral.

United States

#46 Oct 23, 2011
I have pink and red little raised spots that have spread on my inner arms and legs within the last month and do not itch :( help please? Thanks!

Hilmar, CA

#47 Nov 16, 2011
omg, i have the same thing and i dont know whats wrong. i have these red dots/bumps on my legs that started a week and a half ago and it doesnt hurt, itch, or bleed. they kind of look like pimples but its not. theyre not huge either. theyre super tiny. i have them on my legs, feet, and now i just saw one earlier on my arm. what could it be? i have no money to be going to the doctors but if it gets worst then i might just have to. please, let me know as soon as possible. im starting to get worry.
JJ in MA

Coopersburg, PA

#48 Nov 18, 2011
If the rash does not resolve in 1-2 months, try eliminating all sugars and breads from you diet for about a week. Eat lots of veggies, but limit all high sugar fruits. If it clears up, you need to limit your intake of these foods.

United States

#49 Nov 20, 2011
My daughter has had the red.raised bumps which turned into severe rash....Doc told is it was a form of a yeast infection. Doc prescribed ua Nystatin and it cleared right up. We use the Nystatin as soon as we see a few red bumps and it stops the yeast infection in its tracks.

Hilmar, CA

#50 Nov 28, 2011
ok. so, from the last time that i was here, my non-itchy rashes are going away. but slowly. i dont know what it was but it just went away after almost 4 weeks. it was yeast infection too. && for those of you who might of have the same rash as mines, it could possible be the medicine your taking. if it still hasnt gone away yet, i suggest you set up an appointment and go see a doctor as soon as possible because you dont want it to spread.


#51 Dec 16, 2011
Am having rashes over my hands and dorsum of foot, non itchy rashes... Can anyone help me with ur idea???

Madisonville, LA

#52 Dec 27, 2011
Okay so I am a 16 year old girl who has a light red rash on the inside of my elbows. It is not dry, or itchy but it won't go away. I put cream on it every night after I get out of the shower but it doesn't help. The rash isn't bad, and there are no bumps or welps, it is flat, but it is noticeably red. I don't particulary think it is excema because it is not itchy or have bumps. And I don't think it is from my diet because i don't eat anything different from When I didn't have this rash. Also, I am allergic to cats, and when I was around them once It did make me have an itchy red rash on my neck and inside my elbows but It went away when I was away from the cats. So I am confused as to why this non itchy rash is still inside my right elbow. Not on the other side

Columbus, OH

#53 Dec 28, 2011
kim wrote:
<quoted text>
This could be eczema
ring worm

Long Beach, CA

#54 Jan 9, 2012
Ok I. The pit now can you get it twice


#55 Jan 10, 2012
Hmm looks like a few people have had this rash has any body found answers of what it could be?
I'm 18 an have had this rash since I was 14, it started off as a few little dots on my stomach around my belly button, which I didn't think much of, then the 'dots' got larger then started to spread to under my breast and around the back/underneath my arms. so I went to the doctors an he thought it was scabies (mind u it wasn't itchy or irritating or anything it was just there, silly doctors) so I got prescribed creams & anti biotics, which did nothing.
I then thought its best leave it for a while an just see if it goes away, but no!
It only started spreading more on my back (were my bra straps up), inside of my legs/thighs and recently the back of my knees & the inside of my hip (were your leg joins with your pubic area at the top)
Some days it looks as if my rash is starting to clear up but others it looks like its getting worse.
It's never itchy, nor bumpy or discomforting , its just a change in skin color that varie in sizes upto 1-2cm big.
I've been back to the doctors many times but all they do is prescribe me more anti biotics & creams. After having it for so long I've started to just give up on trying to his rid of it, although it fills like it slowly taking over my body.
I also have a boyfriend which I have been with since I was 15 an we have lived together not long after getting together an his never had any rash's or skin conditions like this, even though we share a lot of things like the bed etc. so obviously its not spreadable to others.

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

#56 Jan 13, 2012
I think I have the same skin condition as you Nikki.
It happened When I was about 12 years old, at the time the doctor thought it was scabies but it wasnt. it started as a big red patch on my thigh. It spread to most of my body. It's not itchy never has been. I've gone to so many doctors, had numerous blood tests. Paid heaps of money for doctor visits just for them to tell us they didnt know what it was. I've been told I might be allergic to dairy products etc I'm 26 now and still havent found a doctor who knows what it is.

South Africa

#57 Jan 30, 2012
Sounds like we all have the same problem with no solution :\

Burnsville, NC

#58 Feb 10, 2012
usually a skin rash is a sign of something far more worse. Your body is trying to tell you something, best advise get your blood checked to be safe and practice safe sex

West Haven, CT

#59 Feb 11, 2012
I have the the same thing little red dots on my shoulder going around to the back side of my neck. I am on several med.but in have been on them for a long period of time time. When i first noticed it i put a steriod cream on for about a week it sort of went away. I thought it was going away but no it's there. Help im getting married soon and dont know what to do. My dr. do not know anything

Burnsville, MN

#60 Feb 19, 2012
Oh my! I have the same thing! I have a doc appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get answers and I'll let ya know
Not Itchy

Tampa, FL

#61 Feb 22, 2012
I also have had this non itchy rash on the back of my right thigh. Looks like a circular spot then it seems to branch out with little mildly pink spots. There also seems to be a dark spot under the skin. Wonder if this is where the ??? has settled. Going to dermatologist again tomorrow...first trip was assessed by her "assistant" (not) and she gave me Vanos cream (steriod) to use twice a day. It seemed to annoy the bumps, but they never really went away. Now there are more. I'll let you all know what I'm told. Looks the most like pityriasis rosea,

Colorado Springs, CO

#62 Mar 21, 2012
Seriously. I have the same thing. I've done hours and hours of research, spread out over a couple weeks. I'm coming out with nothing.
Mine started under my arm, near the armpit, but not actually on it. That went away by using anti-fungal cream and un-scented deodorant.
Now a few days ago, I've noticed little red scaly patches on my lower abdomen and legs. It's really bothering me. They don't itch... and they don't hurt. They're just there.
If anyone finds out what this is... Help me out.
[email protected]

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