Circular, Dime sized, Facial Hair loss

New Bern, NC

#122 Oct 21, 2008
Hello again, My last post was on June 4th of 2008 and I still have the same issue with bald spots on my chin and under my chin on both sides. I have still not contacted a doctor nor have I tried any creams or anything like that. I have however been periodically been letting my beard grow back in to see if anything has changed (been shaving) and I have noticed that the dime sized spot on my chin has filled in with light hairs and I have worn my goatee for two days now...It is not anything like it used to be, but my wife loves that it is back..sort of. Anyways...Keep up the posts and lets all know of your progress.



#123 Oct 22, 2008
Hello again,i bought a cortisone cream for my 2 bald spots I hope it will work for me i ll keep you posted if there is any progress.
Keep up the posts.
mary ellen

Bronx, NY

#124 Oct 25, 2008
my boyfriend is experiencing this as well. Alopecia is not related to stress as it is an immune disorder (at least that is what i have read from medical websites)
those blonde hairs are a good thing. they mean that the darker hairs will soon follow. my boyfriend has a few patches but each time the blonde hair grows back-they eventually fill in with regular beard hair.
the patches, however, move to another part of the face.

most info i've scene says that if you only have a few patches-it should go away with or without treatment in about two years.
and the cortisone creme treatment seems a common prescription for mild cases.

Fredericksburg, VA

#125 Oct 28, 2008
It really is nice to see that I'm not alone with this! Mine is just smaller than an inch in diameter and probably started a month ago. It's funny how it's almost a perfect circle, too, right on my chin to my left a little, along the jawbone. I used to do all sorts of things with my facial hair. Sometimes a full beard, goatee, sometimes the thin line outlining my jawbone, and since this thing started i've only been able to keep a small patch on my chin. Well, not anymore. It's too noticeable with any sort of facial hair so I'm smooth as a baby's butt as of yesterday. I hate it. As far as the cause? I have no clue. No change in diet, exercise, stress levels- that I'm aware of. My 2 year old son started taking Flintstones vitamins, but only a half of a tablet. So when i break it in half for him every morning, i eat the other half. I doubt that's it, though. I don't do doctors or medicine, but if this thing gets bigger or multiplies, I may reconsider.

Ottawa, Canada

#126 Nov 6, 2008
Hello all,

I have posted here before on October 21st. The Biotae that I ordered has finally arrived.

Biotae is all made of natural Chinese herbal remedy. Dr.Li who owns the clinic says that I should see good results within about two months.

I have started taking those capsules last Monday as well as the aromatherapy oil which I have to apply twice daily on the bald patches of my beard.

I will keep you up to date with the progress.

For those of you interested to know more about this product, here is the Web Site's URL:

Good luck to all and keep up the posts.

Angel Gabriel

Apo, AE

#127 Nov 7, 2008
Stop looking, try Kenacort Injections into the affected areas.



I can't wish you luck, if you don't help yourself.
Andy Williams

Philadelphia, PA

#128 Nov 19, 2008
I just noticed this spot on my left chin about two or three weeks ago. When I first noticed it seemed about the size of a nickel... now it seems to be larger like a quarter. At first it's like the hair just stopped growing in that area. Then , just today I notice blonde or white hars growing out in the balded area. It's wierd! I have been putting Hydrocortizone on the area daily. I do see some darker hairs growing but not gaining any length. It doesn't itch or appear to be discolored in any way... just bald. I am a healthy 31 year old. I don't take vitamins but I do take diet pills which is probably stupid... but I did quit taking the diet pills a few days ago. I'm hoping by not taking the diet pills and continuing to treat with the hydrocortizone maybe I will gain some sort of positive result. Some say 'it could be stress induced'... I don't feel too stressed but, now that I think about it... Who the Hell isn't stressed??? With the way things are today... Stock Market...Economy...Forclosures ...Job Losses... Etc... Well, I don't know what else to do. I just want it gone. If things don't change soon I guess I will go with 'MAYOTRUCK' home remedy:

1) 1-6 bleach to water solution
2) Drinking Apple Cider Vinager (A few tablespoons daily)
3) Nail polish remover on the affected area
4) Antibactiral Soap on affected area.

All these were home remedies I looked up and I used them for about 2 weeks daily. Gone now, and no sign of returning.

Next... Battery Acid! Lol!
King Deez Nutz

Bowling Green, KY

#129 Nov 30, 2008
QUOTE: Stop looking, try Kenacort Injections into the affected areas.
I can't wish you luck, if you don't help yourself. FROM:Angel Gabriel
Salw√°, Kuwait

There is a chance that a shot givin directly into the infected area can STAIN THE SKIN!!!
..i would rather not take that chance.

Ottawa, Canada

#130 Dec 1, 2008
Hello again,

After about 1 month of taking the BioTae that I ordered from MerryClinic, I can say that it does not seem to help at all.

On top of almost completely eliminating my sex drive, another bald patch now showed up on the back of my head. The one in my beard is still there as well.

So, I went back to my local doctor and this time he prescribed me a stronger topical steroid lotion called Clobetasol 0.05%.

After about a week of applying it, I can see tiny white hairs growing in the bald spot of my beard.

It is the first sign in over 6 months that there might actually be life in there.

I was also finally able to find a dermatologist that is willing to see me on December 19th, possibly for injections.

I will keep you guys posted, hang in there.


Fullerton, CA

#131 Dec 3, 2008
I have the same thing it just appeared out of no where I have a full beard and one day I noticed a bald spot on my neck area and now its lead up into my beard I don't know what to do about and I just recently noticed small areas that look the same and seem also to be growing I really would love to know why this happening

Edmonton, Canada

#132 Dec 5, 2008
Don't rule out your gums. If they bleed when you brush it's a sign of gums in need of attention.
I too am getting the hair loss on my face, the follicles just dissapear. And my gums are bad too. If you don't brush, floss and get professional cleanings regularly, bacteria builds up in the gums. Some leaks out and gets into your system. My theory is that it gets into the lymph tissues around your face and neck, and the war between bacteria and the immune system produces chemicals that attack the follicles.
Read up on gum disease and start taking care of your mouth.

New Bern, NC

#133 Dec 6, 2008

Springfield, MA

#134 Dec 10, 2008
i have the same thing on my chin,,,it seems to be getting worse,,i just found out my cousin has it on his head,,,patches all over,,,its alopecea and its heredatery.....a few people in my family has had it mainly females...
no hair

Charlottetown, Canada

#135 Dec 14, 2008
Hello well sorry to say this but I was told it's stress related but I am under no great deal of stress well I have similar spots 2 on my face and one on the back of my head no hair on my lower legs and spots on my back I look like a ...............o well I have learned to live with it looks awful but nothing we can do about it I just keep my hair longer in the back to cover the spot their and my face I try and keep it shaved and as far as the legs and back I just keep them covered up so i really need help any advice besides shaving my hole body maybe a good wax job heheh let me know thanks

Croydon, Australia

#136 Dec 15, 2008
Scott wrote:
<quoted text>
I just switched to "one a day" multis and have since noticed a couple of bald spots.
my brother had the same problem and i was just doing some research online to find out if it is contagious but coming across this comment, i relised that my brother had also been taking the same one day multi vitamin tablets.
must be some form of reaction

Ottawa, Canada

#137 Dec 19, 2008
I just came back from my dermathologist.

She gave me injections in both patches. I got about 5 injections in the head and about 4 in the beard.

They don't hurt at all.

According to her, I should start seing results in 4 to 6 weeks.

She also gave me a prescription for minoxidil 5% which I can apply along with the clobetasol 0.05% which my local doctor precribed.

I will keep you posted on any progress or lack thereof.

Happy holidays everyone.

I will write again in the new year!!!

Roy, WA

#138 Jan 2, 2009
Scott wrote:
I too had this problem a few years ago. The only thing I could pin point as a possible cause was a men's health multi-vitamin. I quit taking the multi-vitamin and a few monthes later the hair grew back.
I recently have aquired a bald spot right at the corner of my mouth that's as smooth as the day I was born. I also take a men's health formula one-a-day multi-vitamin. Was the one you were taking the Equate brand sold at wal-marts?

Duluth, GA

#139 Jan 2, 2009
I have a dime sized itchy spot on the right corner of my mouth. The spot is pinkish sometimes, then no color at all other times, but has a slightly leathered appearance. Hair has stopped growing there as well. It appeared right after a case of cracked lips, followed by Chillietis. My Derm. thought it was an infection resultant from the cracked lips and gave me several creams for Fungus, Yeast and a Steriod cream and nothing has helped. Does anyone know what this is and how I can get rid of it?

Duluth, GA

#140 Jan 2, 2009
I also take the Wal-Mart brand of Men's One A Day, but have been for many years. This itchy spot thing just started a few months ago.

Plano, TX

#142 Jan 6, 2009
Hi, about 5 months ago I noticed a tic-tac sized bald spot developing in my beard next to my chin. It is now about the size of a 50 cent piece, with another patch on the other side of my chin about the same size. It is extremely frustrating to have to keep a clean shaven face after having a beard for the past couple years. I notice that my after-shave balm does have propylene glycol, so I will discontinue its use immediately. I will do nothing else to treat the patches except cutting out all products containing propylene glycol in them for a couple weeks to see if it is successful. Stay tuned for an update soon.

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