Circular, Dime sized, Facial Hair loss
Dave Glisson

Seattle, WA

#41 Jan 24, 2008
I have a dime size spot on my chin. I had it once before and it just went away after a few months. It came back a month ago so I went to the docs. He said there wasn't really anything he could recommend. They aren't even sure what causes this. I am changing my diet around and trying to lower my stress levels to see if just some simple life adjustments will have any effect. Good luck.

Jacksonville, FL

#42 Jan 25, 2008
I've been taking the same mutli for at least 5 years and i'm just now getting it 01/25/08 but i'll give it a shot.

Jacksonville, FL

#43 Jan 25, 2008
Martin Smith wrote:
I have the same thing on my neck in 2 spots. Its noy quite bald but covered in very fine, sparse blonde hairs in contrast to my normally thick, dark growth. I have also been noticing the the odd blone hair in other places on my face. It been getting steadily worse for serveral months. Had a blood test and nothing showed up, been prescribed an anti-fungal cream but it has not helped. It has been suggested that it may be stressed induced, but I don't feel particularly stressed. I am 24, a smoker and not on any other medication. The only other problems I have are difficulty sleeping and a tendency for my gums to bleed when I brush my teeth (i doubt either are related). If you Any suggestions at all would be welcome and appreciated my Email address is [email protected]
My gums have been bleeding more since my spot has appeared. my god those aren't a very good combination. Can a frikin DR. respond to us rambling idiots, PLEASE. Obviously they dont know either. i like the try everything at once guy.

Jacksonville, FL

#44 Jan 25, 2008
Neil C wrote:
PS.. What types of soap/aftershave anyone out there using? Has anyone noticed it clearing up after changing brands?
I dont use any to begin with and i still have one.

Gardnerville, NV

#45 Feb 2, 2008
My eyebrow hair is gone and my sideburns and temple are bald.
Deidre Smith

Charlotte, NC

#46 Feb 7, 2008
Most every comment I read here sounds like Alopecia Barbae if it's in your beard. I've been recently diagnosed with Alopecia Areata which is patchy hair loss mainly on the scalp. Is an incurable, yet treatable autoimmune condition in which your body's white blood cells mistakenly attack your hair follicles causing the rapid onset of pathy hair loss. Topical creams usually don't help, however your dermotologist may prescribe one to use with corticosteroid injections given once every 3-6 wks. The injections will stimulate new hair growth, which should "stick around" as long as your alopecia episode has subsided. New hairs are usually much lighter, maybe even gray or clear and are of a peach fuzz texture. They usually return to normal color/texture tho. If the treatment your regular doc gives you isn't working, see a dermatologist! Alopecia Areata/barbae is very common and they'll know what to do. I hope this helps. There are also tons of websites with pics/info that can help you determine whether or not this is what you have. The faster you treat it, the faster your spot will fill in with hair. Unfortunately, if it is Alopecia Barbae, the chances of developing new spots throughout your life is high. It may be a non-stop frustrating battle for many.

Burlington, Canada

#47 Feb 28, 2008
Colin wrote:
About a month ago I started taking multi vitamins and now have a long bald spot on the left side of my chin and a more circular patch on the right. I'm going off the pills now and hopefully I'll be bearded again soon:-(
did it go away?

Burlington, Canada

#48 Feb 28, 2008
Mayotruck wrote:
Hi all,
I have been looking around for a solution to my problem for some time now.I am a 28 year old male, that smokes, and have never experienced anything like this in my life. I have a circular,dime sized, smooth as a baby's bottem, hairless patch on the side of my chin. I am currently healthy, I eat well and take vitamines daily. I am a clean person, and have good hygiene. The hairless spot, does not itch, it is not discolored, it does not appear to be growing in size, and there are no side effects at all, thusfar. It's almost like my chin was waxed, in that small area.
Before I noticed:
I was over at a friends place renovating their new house(which I might add was very disgusting,on the inside ..the ex-owners had birds flying around the house, not in cages, pooping everywhere....dogs that would urinate inside...ect...It really was in bad shape...I just added this for possible bacteria/fungal issues)
After I got home I noticed that I was missing the small patch of hair on my chin. I thought I possibly skinned my chin or what ever during the renovations. After a few weeks, I started to worry about it, thinking it should have at least started to grow back. Now (1 month-ish) later I realize there is something not right here.
I talked to a few of my friends and one mentioned it could possibly be a ringworm or a type of fungus.
I know a few people will be upset with this, but I figured It may be ringworm or a fungal issue, so instead of going to the dermatoligist. I decided I would home remedy the potential threat. From what I have read household bleach will destroy fungus, very rapidly. So, I applyed a solution of 1-6, bleach to water solution(to try and prevent chemical burn) on the area for a couple days which did sting, and possibly did gave me a chemical burn on my face. I since then have stopped with the bleach treatment, and it has scabbed over. the scab is located in the middle of the hairless spot and I have noticed no change what so ever in the hair, within that area(still no hair regrowth). I have also read about possible cancer or alopecia barbae. Is there anything you recommend I can try to eliminate this or at least narrow it down? Possibly a few creams or other over the counter remedies? Also would my bleach remedy actually work?(I understand it's not the most practical way, but would it actually work?)
I don't have medical coverage and I can't afford to pay out of pocket. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading,
The clean shaven one.
Brother, did you figure this out?

Cedar Lake, IN

#49 Feb 28, 2008
Yes. I'm having this problem on my mustache on my upper lip. I'm pretty sure it's fungal in my case because I have problems with fungal infections on my upper torso that never seem to go away.

The standard antifungal creams you can get OTC won't work because they can't penetrate into the hair follicles.

I'm thinking about trying the bleach solution another poster mentioned but I'm kind of wary. Bleach is pretty harsh.

Albemarle, NC

#50 Feb 29, 2008
try using moducare just look it up on the website its about 20.00 for 90 caps it balances your immune system most people that have alopecia and all these skin problems is due to an overactive immune system moducare is suppossed to balance it so it will work normal again
Ashi_ India

Bangalore, India

#51 Mar 3, 2008
I think I suffer from the same.
Since Indians traditionally have mastered the form of home medicine, let me get back to you with a solution, if any.
Please read the following extract from Wikipedia.
The hairloss may be limited only to the beard, in which case it is called Alopecia areata barbae.
Since the exact mechanisms are not ultimately understood, there is no known cure to date.
About 50% of patients' hair will regrow in one year without any treatment.If the affected region is small, it is reasonable to observe the progression of the illness as the problem often spontaneously regresses and the hair grows back. In 90% of cases, the hair will, ultimately, grow back. In the other 10%, only some or no hair will regrow.
In cases where there is severe hair loss, there has been limited success treating alopecia areata with clobetasol or fluocinonide, steroid injections, or cream. Steroid injections are commonly used in sites where there are small areas of hair loss on the head or especially where eyebrow hair has been lost. Some other medications used are minoxidil, irritants (anthralin or topical coal tar), and topical immunotherapy cyclosporine, each of which are sometimes used in different combinations.
This is an extract from wikipedia

Wichita, KS

#52 Mar 3, 2008
is their anyway to grow back your facil hair after a scab is gone, i hit my face got a scab and their is no hair growing no more have a small bald spot is their any help for this?

Telford, UK

#53 Mar 19, 2008
Ive got a bald spot on the bottom left of my chin about the size of 10p coin had it now for about 6 months maybe longer just appeared from nowhere and has gradually got bigger. I'm going to eventually go the doctors but i doubt they will help.
A from KC

Kansas City, MO

#54 Mar 25, 2008
I have a bald spot on my chin where my beard use to grow. This happend to me a year too. The hair came back but i don't know why it stopped in the first place. It has done it again. It has become very smooth and I have noticed really white hairs in that area. I am 26 years old, smoke, but eat healthy and work out. I have taken some suplements but not on a regular basis. Anys suggestions?

Corpus Christi, TX

#55 Mar 30, 2008
Does anyone has tried to remove the rest of hair with a laser hair removal method?
Just wonder, you know, to try to make it look at least even.

Indianapolis, IN

#56 Apr 3, 2008
Same FRIGGIN problem! 29 Healthy, don't smoke, don't take 1adays, workout, a little stressed but who isn't?? Mostly getting stressed and depressed about this! Started as a small circle on side of chin and is now 10 months later a quarter and starting a small one on other side. Did anyone take Accutane ever? Only thing I can think of.
Tushar Gupta


#57 Apr 6, 2008
30 year old guy. Same problem. Started Shaving with electric shaver and taking multi vits at the same time. A month ago realised that there are some small smooth hairless circles on my chin. Stopped using electric shaver thinking that might be the cause but hasnt improved actually there are more patched now. After reading this forum I will stop taking multi vits. Please everybody keep this forum updated so that we can all gain from each others experiences....

Stockton, CA

#58 Apr 15, 2008
same here!I have always had a really thick beard, one day i thought i just got drunk and tried to give myself a trim. It started as one bald spot, then after a few weeks it was three. I cant stand it!I miss my beard. Please someone help us all?


#59 Apr 24, 2008
Hi guys, I have had the samething small spot thta got bigger, went to doctor, gaveme a shot n a cream .. it grew half back n thats it hthen few other spots puped up in differnt places on my face, I ended up with an old traditioinal mathod & it worked , hair is back n nooo problems.. scrub the area with a peice of wool till it loses the underskin water, get real red (almost bleed), cut a peice of garlic & rub the whole area with it, do it once a week & no need to thank me afterwards :) good luck
Joe Whittaker

London, UK

#60 May 2, 2008
I noticed a small bald patch on my chin early this year. Over the last four weeks it has increased in size and now i have another two that have would be a blessing if didnt have to shave but the patches are not right.
Please help???!!!

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