white blotches on skin

Minneapolis, MN

#105 Feb 25, 2009
It is most likely tinea versicolor. The spots are caused by an overgrowth of yeast on the skin’s surface. The yeast normally live in the pores of the skin and thrive in oily areas such as the neck, upper chest, and back. An overgrowth of the yeast results in a fungal infection that causes uneven skin color, scaling, and sometimes itch.

It's not harmful, so don't worry. Below is a is a website with more information about tinea versicolor and treatments:

United States

#106 Mar 1, 2009
Tata wrote:
Hello, I have white blotches on my skin ( all over my back and under my breats as well as on my shoulders) They started out on my lower back, and were always white, never red or itchy. They donĀ“t pigment like the rest of my skin so since IĀ“m latina and brown-skinned they are very visible, especially when I get a tan. IĀ“ve had them for about eight years now and they donĀ“t go away, they actually seem to have spread throughout the years but donĀ“t cause any physical sensation at all and are completely flat. The dermatologist had no idea what it was and assured me it wasnĀ“t a fungal infection. Can anyone help me?
This may not smell good or sound good but trust me it worked for me and my brother. We both had white spots . The medicine is called antifoot fungus ointment, it's sold at any drug store .Try it in a small clean spot for 3 to 4 days.
Haley- Aust


#107 Mar 7, 2009
I also have had white dots all over my olive complexion;mainly on my shoulders, upper arms, rib cage, now on my lower back. My Doctor had perscribed an anti-fungal lotion, which has not worked.Then she perscribed, an oral fungal capsule, which also has not worked.I will give Selsun a go and let you fellow poccadot buddies know, how that treatment goes! I also have a follow up consultation with the Doctor, to see what further treatment she has to perscribe?

North Bay, Canada

#108 Apr 2, 2009
I have a geat tan from sending 9 days in florida. I lept a lot of sunsceen on, but I have white, or light pink blotches all over m skin area that got tanned. What is this and can I get rid of it?

United States

#109 May 14, 2009
Staci wrote:
Did anyone find anything that works?? I am very tan and am having these white splotches come up all over my chest and shoulders. It looks awful.
Sesun doesn't work i had the smae thing 8 years ago. a dermatologist gave me a RX . but it forgot name. it was a red shampoo/ shower cleanser. worked like a charm within weeks it was gone and has not returned. trying to recall name

Gainesville, FL

#110 May 18, 2009
I have white spots on top of what almost looks like a bruise right behind my knee. They appeared out of no where. The area is about as big as a baseball and I know it was not there a couple days before. Has it come on that sudden for other people?

Saint Catharines, Canada

#111 May 20, 2009
Amy wrote:
I have white spots on top of what almost looks like a bruise right behind my knee. They appeared out of no where. The area is about as big as a baseball and I know it was not there a couple days before. Has it come on that sudden for other people?
are you sure it isn't ring worm? you should see a doc just in case. I also have TV and have had it for almost 3 years... I've just begun using selsun 2.5%(not selsun blue) and my spots began disappearing withing the first 2 days. I leave the selsun on for 15 mins before showering, but have recently noticed red bumps showing up on my skin (i think it may mean that it's burning my skin?) so I'm going to leave it on for only 10 mins from now on. Been using it for less than 10 weeks but my spots are gone for now.
Anyone have any other ideas about the red bumps and what they may be?

Marietta, GA

#112 Jun 11, 2009
So I must have something different than Tinea because I have white blotches on my face only. A few years ago I gad micro dermabrasion, a very mild course and since then I look like leopard girl. So no sun, and it seems even a bit of self tanning lotion doesn't take on the spots and splotche. Can anyonr help?

Palmyra, VA

#113 Jun 24, 2009
I had Tinea Versicolor, one summer and it looked like leopard spots. It was all over my chest and going up my neck and just about passed my jaw. I was told to use Selsun Blue to cure it, so I just tried a bit on my chest where it had developed and it immediately started burning. So bad I couldn't stand it. I was told to leave it on a little longer just to make sure it wasn't just me getting used to it, so I left it on a little longer, and rinsed it off, while my chest continued to burn. I went to sleep hoping when i woke up it would be gone...so I woke up and went to the mirror because my chest felt weird to touch...the Selsun Blue had literally burnt my chest to pieces, I had scabs, and scars, and it burnt horribly. I was in so much pain! Turns out...i'm horribly allergic to Selsun Blue. So then i turned to antifungal cream meant for athlete's foot and such. It worked like a charm. By the end of summer, my Tinea Versicolor had completely disappeared. It's summer again and i'm hoping it doesn't come back. It hasn't yet, so let's hope it stays that way.

Covington, GA

#114 Jun 25, 2009
Actually it sounds like vetiligo(i think thats how u spell it). any way michael jackson had the very same disorder. It starts out with some white patches that spread like what you are talkin about.

United States

#115 Jul 8, 2009
soo i have the white spots too ..jus on my shoulders though so its rlly no big. i work at a tanning salon so i tan alot and its summer so im laying out as well. we carry a lotion called CT7 which is the best lotion we carry.. im using that and that selsum stuff (whatever its called).. and im seeing it go away. i jus started two days ago and i already see the difference.. and i beg to differ that its a fungus haha// i DO NOT have a fungus on my arm :)

Vernon, Canada

#116 Jul 11, 2009
I went on a 6 hour boat ride which resulted in a bad burn. A week later I started to peel. It has left a large white spot where the skin peeled off. alot of these splotches may be cause by the top layers of skin peeling after tanning a lot, revealing the lighter non tanned lower layer of skin.

Hunstanton, UK

#117 Jul 21, 2009
My spots started on my back, and it was one of those out of sight out of mind type of things.

But about 4/5 weeks ago i started noticing them on my face which really got me into action have been using selsun for 2 weeks and have noticed improvement in certain areas but others are a bit more stuborn. Hope they pass quickly im very embarrased about it and always think people are looking at them.

Los Angeles, CA

#118 Jul 24, 2009
I'm 36 years old, dark skinned, and have never had any skin problems, til now of course. I have developed these small white patches along right side of my face and along the jaw bone. This is the only place I have them. I have no idea what they are. I've read about Tinea Versicolor, but it says younger people usually develop it and its rare for it to start on the face. I tried Selsun Blue and left it overnight, next day may face was burned. I've also tried fungal cream but neither seem to work. Any way to tell what it really is? I keep switching from fungal cream to Selsun Blue to Hydrocortizone but until I figure out what it is, I cant treat it effectivey. Anyone know how to tell the difference?

Weehawken, NJ

#119 Aug 4, 2009
All- anyone with the white blotches- it is a fungal infection believe it or not- you need to go dermatologists where they will perscribe an anitbiotic as well as a shampoo for your body that you keep on for 10 mins in the shower and rinse.... unfortunately - the skin will look the same until you tan over it....after you have used the shampoo and taken the medicine


#120 Aug 14, 2009
Everyone has a name and cure but what causes the fungus besides moisture?

San Antonio, TX

#121 Aug 22, 2009
I have white blotches or spots if you want to call them that and have had them off and on for several years. I found that i started getting them when i used fat burners Hydroxycut was one of them. They dont hurt and they fade away when i discontinue use of any thing of that nature. Useually it takes about a month for it to get out of my system before they fade. I have tried different types of fat burners and it happens more with some than others. anyway they appear on my neck and shoulder area. Maybe this will help someone.

Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago

#122 Aug 25, 2009
yea im 14 i live in a hot area i started getting this about 1 year ago. o.o i don't no what it is and my blotches are not white like paper, they are kinda clearish like the healthy part of my skin.people tell me these "skin blotches" is something called 'LOTAR' i have tried to get rid of it by using sulpher with some cream it didnt go away im kinda pissed in a way >:( but still this is a problem i desperately need to address!

Yucaipa, CA

#123 Aug 31, 2009
OK, so now I know these spots are tinea versicolor. Does that mean I'll get them every time I tan? This is the second summer that I've had them.

Allen, TX

#124 Sep 11, 2009
Jemima wrote:
This sounds very similar to my condition. I was told it was a fungal infection in the skin so have been using Ecostatin creame for a week now and before that I tried using Selson but don't think I used i properly. How often and for how long do you have to use the Selson product?
I have the same condition on my arms. I heard about using selson blue to get rid of it like ten years ago. I tried that and left it on overnight and when I woke up ,it looked as though I had third degree burns all over the areas I had put it. It took about a month or so for the skin to shed off and it looked HORRIBLE!!! I guess it was better afterward though. Avoid all this and just wash it on and off in the shower.

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