Lump on forehead

Great Totham, UK

#63 Apr 24, 2007
i have this lump on my forehead above my right eyebrow for about the last 2 yrs,,,,its big enough,,,,i have to wear my fringe down now a days so nobody notices it,,,,,i always feel weird about it,,it can move freely enough when u touch it,but the center seems to be stuck to something,i want it gone but i dnt want surgery,is there any ideas out there,i wud get surgery if that was the only option,

Cicero, IL

#64 May 1, 2007
I'm in the same situation as you guys. For two years now, I have head this lump on my forehead and it used to be bigger and red. Now, it's smaller and it's a blueish-greenish color. It's gross, really. Recently, I accidentally hit that area and it began to bleed a little, and for some reason, it seems slightly smaller now, but I'm not sure. Should I get it removed by surgery?


#65 May 4, 2007
My eight month old son has a lump in the middle of his forehead. It appeared when he was about two months old about as big as a mosquito bite and is currently about the size of asmall marble. The doctor says it is a lipoma. We were referred to a surgeon to have it looked at further. The surgeon said that it is harmless annd will become less npticeable as he gets older, but if it doesnt,
it can be removed.

Halifax, Canada

#66 May 5, 2007
I also have a lump that comes & goes. When I got mine checked out they couldn't tell me anything either. For some odd reason, when I go out drinking, it swells up either that night or the next day. It usually goes away to just a slight bump a day or so later though. Also, I find if I wear a baseball hat (which applies pressure to the lump) it seems to make it go away also. Wierd...
Sandi wrote:
Cynthia in Chicago...
Did your dad get the results from his biopsy? Your father's bump sounds a lot like mine. It swells during stressful times, typically during PMS. I will have what feels like a sinus headache. But other than that you can't see it at all. My nose is usually stuffed up right after it goes down, drainage maybe? I have had it for years, it use to come up about 1x a year, now it is almost 1x a month. Can't move it, feels like bone, but I know bone doesn't go up and down. I was told it was calcium, but calcium doesn't go up and down. My doctor told me to mark the spot the next time it swells up and get a biopsy done, but a biopsy of what? When it goes down, nothing is there! It is frustrating, I know from the MRI that it isn't a tumor or anything like that. It is just such a mystery to me. The only reason my doctor believes me is that he has seen the freaky pictures and then he looks at my forehead and there is nothing.
Does this sound similar to anyone else here?

Simsbury, CT

#67 May 17, 2007
well i have a bump on the back of my head that feels like bone mass, i dont kno how long ive had it but i kno its been there since i was atleast 13 im 18 now...i have had a few injuries to the head over the yyrs but i doubt its the cause i wouldn worry if it hadnt been 1 inch above my spinal getting it checked out soon

United States

#68 May 19, 2007
I had no idea that so many people have the same questions that I have been pondering for years! I have a lump/bump above my right eyebrow that's been there for several years. It's very hard, feels like bone to me. It does not move and when I push on it I can feel pressure in my lower jaw, so I'm guessing it must be around or on a nerve. It's round and feels a lot like a marble. It never goes away like some of you have mentioned. I haven't gone to a doctor about it I guess because it doesn't seem like the most pressing medical issue that I have and am worried that it won't be anything. Plus I'm not sure of a bump is better than a scar like many of you stated also. I wish I knew what it was though! This is a great little site, like a support group for those of us with bumps on our foreheads haha. I would be interested in hearing more stories of any diagnosis
Joan from Philadelphia

Easton, PA

#69 May 20, 2007
I posted on 1/28 about my 4 year old grandson whose lump over eyebrow appeared to him to be a simple lipoma and he made an appointment for ct scan then plastic surgeon. Well the ct scan came back looking bad, so canceled that plastic surgeon and went to better hospital and he started with a biopsy. He has Langerhan Cell Histiocytosis or LCH, which is predominately in children, but adults do get it. It is benign but every bit as debilatating as cancer. He has to do 6 months of chemo, then see where it stands, and it can return at any time. This mass actually crushed a 1 inch hole through his skull into his brain. Now most of you seem like adults, so you probably don't have this, but my point is, insist on biopsy of any lumps, that is the only way to tell. Good luck to you all, Joan

United States

#70 May 21, 2007
I am surprised this post is still going since it started so long ago. I would think alot of you have answers by now.
My situation sounds similar to many of yours except for one lump went away, but came back. I don't understand that at all.
About a month ago my head above my left eyebrow felt kind of sore, so I felt it and it felt like a bruise, but I hadn't bumped it. The next morning when I woke up it had doubled in size and worried me.
It was there for about 4 days and then it went down. Exactly one week later I felt the same kind of pain less than an inch away from the first and just a little higher..closer to the hair line. It's just as large (1-1/2") and just as sore.
Like other one and also like many of yours, it doesn't move and is very hard.
When I touch it, it feels like I got hit with a baseball bat. It's been there now for about days and I am not sure what to do. I know I should go to the docs, but I am so sick of them. I am disabled with an auto-immune disorder and have seen so many of them. I am thinking I'll just wait until my next appt and if it's still there then he can check it. The appt isn't for a month though. My mother & husband are bugging me to see him sooner.
I only call him if something serious is going on and I don't know if this is serious.
Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention is it is causing some pain deep behind my eye.
Does any of this sound familiar to any of you?
If I think it's serious enough I'll call my doc, but the fact that it went away and came back really makes me wonder.

I wish you all the best!

New York, NY

#71 May 25, 2007
Here is another Bump story. About 1 1/2 years ago once starting a new Job in a building which I now know as the mold factory. Around that time(January 06) my dogs adult hair started to grow in (we will get to both of those facts later). Ok, so I got nervous because I had 2 bumps on my forehead along my hairline. One side was larger than the other. One about the size of a dime, the other the size of a quater and raised about 1/8th inch. Im thinking I was bitten by a spider and that it will go away or something. Well, 6 months later They were still there and itching just as they have been the whole time. I contacted a dermatologist and setup a meeting
I met with the dermatologist and he quickly wrote the bumps off as cysts, gave me an injection of cortizone and proceeded to market retin-a and some other facial cleaner (They get incentive for that crap). Anyways, my bump went down but not quite all the way, the itching was gone and I was happy because I was thinking that the bumps were on their way out the door. A week later, they came back. At that point I got depressed because I felt like everyone in the nation noticed my bumps. Well, I got back to the doctor and another doctor says, we can remove the cyst and the sack so it wont ever come back. I was onboard and of course, really excited. When I went in for the minor surgery, My original doctor went under labor and I got another doctor in the office to perform the surgery. When I get in the room and the doctor feels the bumps on my head, she quickly said, "This is not a cyst, this is a lipoma" confidently. She said she can take it out. We proceeded with the surgery. During surgery she could not find any fatty tissue under the muscle (lipoma) They close me up and setup a follow up appointment. After the biopsy of the tissue that was removed was beninge (non-cancerous). I was a bit puzzled at this point, Its not Cancer, Lipoma, Cyst, the Dermatologist does not know what it is.
I come to terms with the fact that I have a large lump on my head that itches. About 4 months afer all that, Im eating crabs and fillet (note, up until this point I have never had a allergic reaction to crabs) All is well, we eat dinner and an hour later, Im thinking that im dying, I get rushed to the hospital barely breathing with hives all over(scarey stuff) and they force 50MG or prednisone and 50 MG of Benedryl down my throat. I notice that the bump on my head is larger than ever, About 10 minutes pass and I start to feel better and mh hives are on their way... The next day, after a perscription of prednizone I woke up and my Bumps are half size, the next day they were half the size of the day before, and the next day, they were almost completely flat. I put 2 and 2 tgether and came to my own conclusion that these lumps could be allergy related. I immediately set up allergy test. Turns out that I am very allergic to the tree that is right outside my office and my dog!!! Along with almost every other thing out there. I immediately started allergy shots. Bumps are still here and everytime I get an allergy shot they get larger for a short time but I am hopeful that I will become imune to whatever is causing this reaction and that this will be the resolution... My allergist is confident that it is....


#72 May 26, 2007
I've had a bump on my forehead for about 7 years. I went to a plastic surgeon and got ct. The MD had going back every 6 weeks to measure it to see if it grew. It is very noticeable now. I'm thinking of having it shaved off. Surgeon wouldn't consider doing it years ago b/c i was going through a divorce and he very paternalistically (if that's a word) told me that if there were any complications, i wouldn't be able to handle it. Well, i was so mad at that, i decided to just wear bangs. Now it is really starting to bother me - i think that i want to have it shaved off - anyone ever hear of any complications from that.

Grasmere, Canada

#73 May 29, 2007
I have a large solid bump on my forehead that can not be moved. It feels like a bone (my friends call it my horn). It does seem to be getting bigger. I will be going to the doctor to get it checked out. I too would rather have a scar than a bump. On a guy the scar looks tough, a bump can be mistaken for a zit or something... Join the forehead bump club lol

Brooklyn, NY

#74 Jun 3, 2007
I'm Molly and im 15 years old. Last night i noticed a bum about the size of a quarter on the right side of my forhead. It isn't really red or anything but i can feel it and its annoying.. its not too noticible but i dont want it there.. does anyone have any insight on this? I hear surgery can leave a scar or you can just deal with it.. any help would be amazingg..

Long Island City, NY

#75 Jun 4, 2007
Hi, I had something VERY similar, you want to investigate a benign hemangioma in the bone. No one could figure it out, until it came out, rare but seems to be more common these days. Good luck!
shazza wrote:
my teenage son has a large bump on each side of his forehead (looks like he's walked into a tree, each side). these are now so noticeable he's getting comments from mates at school. He has a flat forehead so the bumps make the middle look like it's going in the way. anyone have any ideas what these are? Thanks in advance.
ainesley jones

Portland, OR

#76 Jun 7, 2007
i have a bump underneath my left eyebrow. it's been there a couple days and im soooo worried about what it could be.
someone please help me! im only 15.

Red Lodge, MT

#77 Jun 8, 2007
My son fellface first on our slate floor with his hands in his pockets. He is only three years old. It has been 7 months and he still has a very large bony like knot on his forehead. It has not gone down in size at all! His pediatrician doesn't seem to worried but has offered noexplanation. Does anyone know anything about this?

Philadelphia, PA

#78 Jun 14, 2007
I once when I was 10 I hit my forehead on a dumbell and a big hickey appeared it has never gone away and I'm 24 now. I also hit my head on the on the left side on a wall and it has resulted in the same thing. It's not so big as though I look like a freak. It's just something that you would notice I want to get it filied down if thats possible but I dont' know if that cosmetic surgery is possbile and I don't wanna end up like Frankenstein. Can any one Help I'd greatly appreciate it.
Rehana UK

London, UK

#80 Jun 20, 2007
I have a small bump on my forehead above my left eyebrow i didnt really take much notice of it since a couple of months back and today one of my friends said have you banged your forehead as it looks so much noticiable. it looks like it is part of my skull bone you cannot move it. it just feels like a hard boney lump i am so scared it might be cancer related
Carol Wallace

Lincoln, NE

#81 Jun 21, 2007
Rehana UK wrote:
I have a small bump on my forehead above my left eyebrow i didnt really take much notice of it since a couple of months back and today one of my friends said have you banged your forehead as it looks so much noticiable. it looks like it is part of my skull bone you cannot move it. it just feels like a hard boney lump i am so scared it might be cancer related
Hi I have the same thing. I just notice it about a week ago and it is really strange. I am thinking about going to the doctor when I get back from Vacation. Cause I don't think that is something to mess with. I have really bad headaches all the time. I am 50 so it just may be old age. But I am going to have it checked . If you find out any thing let me know. Thank you Carol
Carol Wallace

Lincoln, NE

#82 Jun 21, 2007
Hi I have a small bump on my forehead over my left eyebrow also. It has just came up in the last week or so. I have really bad headaches. So was starting to worry me. You can really tell it when I wrinkle up my forehead. It really show then. But you still can see it when I don't. If any one has the same thing please let me know. I am 50 so it just may be old age.LOL

Randolph, MA

#83 Jun 22, 2007
I have a bump over my right eyebrown, its the size of a quarter, hard and does not move, change color or cause headaches. Gone for CT and MRI with and without contrast. It appears to have grown in both directions. Outward and very apparent and inward pressing on the brain slightly. I am going for a skull tumor debulking surgery where he will cut my head like a brow lift from ear to ear, flip down the skin and shave off the bump. I will be going for an MRI prior to this surgery to see if its still growing inwards, which I doubt because its been 17yrs I have had it. If it is growing, then they will cut a window out of the skull, removing both sides of the bump and replacing the hole in my head with a piece of skull from another section of my head. Ya its pretty scarey. I had it worked on before when I was awake and it was numbed, it sucked and there was no definate change to the bump at all. I know its a hard boney mass because of this initial surgery. I am 45 and had it for awhile, it has bothered me since day 1, but I had other important things to do in my life starting my family, etc... So if all goes well I will be back July 13th or so to let you know how it all went...

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