Lump on forehead

Charlotte, NC

#43 Mar 22, 2007
hey.....about 4 weeks ago, i was in a fight, and got punched around my nose. two weeks later, i noticed a lump between my eyebrows, and now it has not gone away. i am kinda worried about it, i don't know whether it has to to with a bruise or something much worse....and ideas????

New York, NY

#44 Mar 23, 2007
For about a year now i have had a lump just above my left eyebrow.Its a constantly bothers me to the point of excessive rubbing, where i now have a semipermanent red mark where the bump is located......Everything in my body says it need to be removed but idk what it is......the pain has driven me to even try sticking needles in it to aliveate the pain???any thoughts???

London, UK

#45 Mar 25, 2007
I have a 'bump/lump' above my left brow - doctor said it was a blocked grease paw.
Feels hard like bone and told if it was removed would come back elsewhere!! yeh right
Im going back to see a different doc and get it removed - rather a scar than a lump that every1 says "wots that?"

Bellerose, NY

#46 Mar 25, 2007
I had a bump on my forehead removed this past Thursday. I've had it for many years and it was the size of a dime (hard and not movable). I went to a regular surgeon, not a plastic surgeon as my insurance would not pay for cosmetic surgery. I meet with the surgeon and he said "no problem, this can be removed very easily". On the day of the procedure I was given several deep shots on my forehead....oh my god...that hurt!!!!! The worst part was that on the last shot the surgeon shot some in my left eye. He did a quick eye rinse and went on. The area was numb...I did not feel the cut or him lifting the skin. What I did feel was him using an device to burn after the fatty area, it was like being shocked several times and the smell of flesh burning was unbearable. I don't have a happy ending and I'm extremely disappointed. When he got to the bump he said that he couldn't remove it because it was attached to my skull and that I would need a neuro. surgeon to get it out. I said, no way, never again, just close me up. Even worse the surgeon was in a hurry for a meeting, he was calling out to the nurses for #5 stitches and he waited only seconds before he said, where is it? and said I can't wait give me #4 stitches instead. I don't know what the difference is between the two. I had a large gauze wrapped around my head which I took off this morning (Sunday). The pain medication that I was given is a laugh (Tyneol w/codine). I had to sit up sleeping for 3 nights. The top of my nose and my eyes swelled up two days after the procedure. This morning my right eye was nearly closed shut. So now I'm left with a scar and a smaller bump because he burned away the fat, but there is no guarantee that the fatty growth won't grow back. I have to go back this Tuesday for him to remove the smaller sealed bandage on my forehead which will be replaced with another one. I don't know when my stitches will be coming out yet. I'm typing this and my head is pounding. Anyway, this is my story. Please don't get discouraged if you want to get a bump removed on your forehead or above your brow. I plead with you to get and demand a CT scan of the head to see where and how the bump is laying on your skull, especially if it is hard and not movable. I would of tolerated the pain, the swelling of my nose and eyes 100% if I knew that the procedure was 100%. If I knew that they couldn't ge the bump out I would of never ever did this. Why do doctors assume? Why do they assume they are God and say, "sure this can come out, no problem", not even nothing that the bump was attached to my skull. I think I have the answer, no I know I have the's all about money. He did the procedure and no matter what the out come was...he WILL GET doesn't matter! I also have to pay the price a different price. I get to keep the bump and I get to deal with a scar for the rest of my life. Isn't life grand?

United States

#47 Mar 27, 2007
can anyone tell me their experiences after the forehead lipoma surgery, i having mine done on friday and i don't know what to expect

Frisco, TX

#48 Mar 30, 2007
I have a bump above my right eyebrow. It is hard and about the size of an nickle. It pops up about once a month and last for about 24 hours and then goes back down to nothing. I had an MRI and nothing showed as being abnormal. When it surfaces, I usually can tell because I get a sinus feeling headache.
Does anyone else have flucuating bumps? I kind of feel lucky that mine goes a way.

Redwood City, CA

#49 Mar 30, 2007
I am going on Monday to get a half inch in diamater lipoma removed from above my left brow. It's hard, but movable, yet anchored by something. I'll let everyone know how the surgery goes. i too would prefer a scar to a bump.

Frisco, TX

#50 Mar 30, 2007
Good luck with that! If mine didn't go away after 24 hours, I would do it too! I woke up this morning with it and it has already gone down to almost nothing. That is what has made it impossible to diagnose mine. My doctors have only seen pictures, it goes down, in most cases, before I can get to the doctor's office! It makes me crazy.

Frisco, TX

#51 Mar 31, 2007
Cynthia in Chicago...

Did your dad get the results from his biopsy? Your father's bump sounds a lot like mine. It swells during stressful times, typically during PMS. I will have what feels like a sinus headache. But other than that you can't see it at all. My nose is usually stuffed up right after it goes down, drainage maybe? I have had it for years, it use to come up about 1x a year, now it is almost 1x a month. Can't move it, feels like bone, but I know bone doesn't go up and down. I was told it was calcium, but calcium doesn't go up and down. My doctor told me to mark the spot the next time it swells up and get a biopsy done, but a biopsy of what? When it goes down, nothing is there! It is frustrating, I know from the MRI that it isn't a tumor or anything like that. It is just such a mystery to me. The only reason my doctor believes me is that he has seen the freaky pictures and then he looks at my forehead and there is nothing.

Does this sound similar to anyone else here?

United States

#52 Apr 7, 2007
i got a lump above my left eyebrow a few years back. It comes and goes, but when it swells up my head hurts a lot. Also it follows with lump in my cheeck and throught. I have not seen a doctor yet , but if someone has simmiliar please share, i am worried sick.

United States

#53 Apr 7, 2007
i forgot to mention that it all started with ridiculous pain and my left side of face was all swollen. the condition comes back once in a while with pain and bump, not as bad, but very scary

San Diego, CA

#54 Apr 8, 2007
i got into a fight last october. i bumped my head into a wall and i got 2 giant bumps on my upper forehead. they are pretty hard and get big when they get hit. any ideas what this is.

San Diego, CA

#55 Apr 8, 2007
bumps about 1 inch long on both sides

Davison, MI

#56 Apr 10, 2007
neil smith wrote:
someone has mentioned ultra sound therapy.
I have a slight lump over my left brow also! i pushed on it and it hurt. i thought it was a pimple so i tryed squeezing it. But i havent been messing with it. Overnight it kinda seems like it gets smaller. but i dont wanna make a big deal out of it.

Redwood City, CA

#57 Apr 11, 2007
I had the bump removed last week and my head is still a little swollen. The procedure took about 25 minutes and I was under only local anesthetic. The surgeon had a lot of trouble getting it out, and commented that it had split the muscle and wrapped itself under. My head swelled up big that day (golf ball), and has since gone down. I have two black eyes, and a bump about the size of my original bump. The doc said it is normal, and the swelling and fluid will continue to go down. While removing it he had to burn the roots, I could smell it, it was awful. The pain was only a 5 out of ten. I had so much novacaine parts of my head were numb for 3-4 days after. It went in for biopsy, and was only a lipoma, although the doc said it looked odd. I have a small scar, about 1/2 inch long, and hardly visible. I will be very happy when the swelling is all gone. I am glad I had it done, and would encourage others too.

Cicero, IL

#58 Apr 13, 2007
I'm in the same situation as you guys here.I have had this forehead bump since I was fourteen (I'm sixteen now) and at first, it was bigger and colorless, and it would hurt it I touched it. Then I went to a dermatologist and received some medication, which didn't work. Now, my lump is smaller, and doesn't hurt if it's lightly touched, but if I accidentally run my fingernail across it, then it hurts. It's a blueish/greenish color now. It's disgusting really. Should I get it removed by surgery?

Luton, UK

#59 Apr 16, 2007
hi guys.. all the above sounds the same to me. i have a moveable lump on my forehead. you cant really notice it and it only moves when u put pressure on it. i often wonder what the lump is made of? tissue? fat? bone? it feels so hard. had it for years. its never grown. doctors say nothing to worry about. dont want a scar so.... but i still feel puzzeled as to how it got there and what the heck is it? dermo says fibre and tissue. any comments guys??

Frisco, TX

#60 Apr 23, 2007
Well, I have been self-diagnosing myself since my doctors can't really tell me what mine is and all they want to do is cut it out. So, I think it is part of my sinuses, even though it may be a tad high on my forehead for that. I have been taking liquid Oregeno, in capsule form. I am told hat it is good for sinus infections and allegies. Since, it feels like a sinus headache when it swells up, that is how I am going to try and treat it, naturally. I will say this much so far, that since I started taking this, I was drowning in mucus the first few days, but now it has tapered off. I am wondering if it is a bad sinus infection (I don't take antibiotics) and it ever-so-often backs up or something?

I will let you know if it doesn't swell up again, it has for 6 years. I figure Oregeno can hurt and I am to take it for 30 days, maybe longer since it may be a sinus infection of many years, it may be hard to get rid of at first. I am also using the "Secret" positive thinking that it won't ever come back. Hey, it is worth a shot.:)

Sudbury, Canada

#61 Apr 23, 2007
I have a bump in the middle of my forehead, it's not that big but its scaring me quiet a bit and i'm afraid to go to the doctors, anyone know what it could be?


#62 Apr 24, 2007
shazza wrote:
my teenage son has a large bump on each side of his forehead (looks like he's walked into a tree, each side). these are now so noticeable he's getting comments from mates at school. He has a flat forehead so the bumps make the middle look like it's going in the way. anyone have any ideas what these are? Thanks in advance.

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