Lump on forehead
Dee Craig

Englewood, CO

#447 Dec 7, 2010
I have a lump in the middle of my forehead. Looks like a third eye. I remember that I smacked my head on a table years ago and it appeared after that. It has been looked at and I was told to leave it alone as it will scar if I try to have it removed. It is really bothering me now, because It is so obvious. I'm seeing a dermatologist tomorrow to see if it can be removed without a huge scar. My husband says leave it, I'm just being self conscious about it. Has anyone had success getting something like this removed without a huge scar?

Las Vegas, NV

#448 Dec 7, 2010
How did it go??

Orlando, FL

#449 Dec 9, 2010
mine went fine. it's super sore still and the area is slightly raised but I can't tell if it's just swelling. The surgeon said he was able to remove it all in one piece. I go back to get the stitches removed tomorrow so I guess he'll be able to let me know.

United States

#450 Dec 9, 2010
That's great.:) Im hoping to get benefits with my new job so i can get rid of mine and get rid of my bangs! I hate bangs! How much did the plastic surgeon cost?

Circle Pines, MN

#451 Dec 10, 2010
Yeah i have the same thing.. just above my left eye brow. I went to the doctor and was told to just leave it alone. But its been about 2-3 years now (im 22) and my friends tell me "it looks like its getting bigger" - it feels squishy... so i have a feeling its that same fatty tissue.. But it appeared out of no-where. I never hit my head, and it just slowly started growing. I want to get it removed, but dont know if i'd rather have this little 1/2 inch bump, or a 2 inch scar... but mine isn't hard. It feels squishy but if i push on it too hard it starts to ache/hurt slightly.
Tai-Li Henriquez


#452 Dec 12, 2010
I had a bump on my forehead just above my right eye for 2 years, my dermatologist said it was a cyst & tried to take it out but he couldn't. I was referred to a plastic surgeon who diagnosed it as lipoma. I was operated on for just under 1 hour as the lipoma had welded itself to my skull. It was hard to come out and there were nerves attached to it. Now I'm recovering from the operation. I have 2 black eyes & a swollen face. The plastic surgeon said that the area will have a dent for about 2-3 weeks, but it will fill itself out. The pain only lasted for the day of the operation, but the swelling started after a couple of days.

Herzliya, Israel

#453 Dec 14, 2010
Just got a brand new lump on the center of my forehead...doesn't hurt and doesn't really bother me (i'm a guy and i have bangs too :D) but if it doesn't go away by itself i think i'm gonna have it removed...i figure if it leaves a scar at least I can tell people I'm Harry Potter :P

Saint Louis, MO

#454 Jan 6, 2011
Steve wrote:
I also have a lump that comes & goes. When I got mine checked out they couldn't tell me anything either. For some odd reason, when I go out drinking, it swells up either that night or the next day. It usually goes away to just a slight bump a day or so later though. Also, I find if I wear a baseball hat (which applies pressure to the lump) it seems to make it go away also. Wierd...
<quoted text>
I have a similar story but I have seen about 15 Drs, many of them specialist, am now seeing 3 at St. Louis Childrens Hospital. I am 17 was hit on head, 6 mos. ago, by object nothing serious, next day had long ridge on top of forehead. Swelling lasted for hours as it gradually seemed to drain down side of face. Couple days later two more knots size of marbles came up and went away. Next one was the size of a golfball lasted for 2 days and went away. Next was like someone hit me across forehead with 2x4. Went away in couple hours. Have had MRI's 3 Cat scans,all negative, prednison, anti-biotics. Now have headaches with them and are coming on back of head. Going to see Onocologist and edocronologist this week, other specialist have no clue, my family has strong history of Lupus, and JRA. They are checking for tumor on pituitary gland, I pray that is negative. I anyone has similar story please let me know. First Biopsy only showed epethelial cells present in knots.

London, UK

#455 Jan 9, 2011
I have two lumps on my forehead.I was not born with it but when i started getting older, it start to appear to more. I havent see a doctor about it but it is very annoying when people comment about it. I feel really odd having this since no one in my school has it but at least im not the only person in the world that has it.
sarah uk

Birmingham, UK

#456 Jan 13, 2011
please can anyone out there help.i have several lumps on my front scalp and forehead,the ones on my forehead are a bluey purple colour and ache like a bruise,but ive not had any trauma to that area.i also had a lump on the right side of my neck which anti-biotics got rid off,but the hard,itchy bluey lumps remain and seem to be getting worse.does anyone out there know what they are im worried its cancer.thanks

Denton, TX

#457 Jan 14, 2011
i am 31 with a bump on my forehead. that has been getting more noticable over the past 4 years or so and seriously effecting my self esteem. it's the only thing i see when i look in the mirror even though no one else comments on it. i know they must see it! It's hard, unmovable and definitely attached to my skull. a calcium deposit or boney growth.
what kind of doctor is best to approach for initial diagnosis. also what is the process for removal.
at this point i would do anything to get rid of what might soon look like a unicorn horn growing out of my head.
I also have several sebacious cysts on my scalp that don't hurt or seem to be changing, but am also self concious of them. don't want anyone running their hands through my hair and feeling all of my bumps.
generally, being bumpy sucks.

Peabody, MA

#458 Jan 21, 2011
I have a lump about an inch wide and 1/4 inch poppin out above my right brow that started 2 show @ 20 and now im 32 and the doctors call it fatty tumor.I have about 5 more 1 on each arm 1 on leg and 1 on looking in to getting the fivehead removed.scars are hot as far as my wife says hahahah...but ask a doctor and you all will find out exactly what you need 1!!!!
Lesley Harvey

Romford, UK

#459 Jan 24, 2011
My son has a lump he has had it two years,
The doctor said its a result of the skull foring and pinching an area of skin causing thickening in babies, i said well hes 11 hes had it two years, but apparently the condition becomes obvious as they get bigger so he is having it removed its a cyst
Lesley Harvey

Romford, UK

#460 Jan 24, 2011
sarah uk wrote:
please can anyone out there help.i have several lumps on my front scalp and forehead,the ones on my forehead are a bluey purple colour and ache like a bruise,but ive not had any trauma to that area.i also had a lump on the right side of my neck which anti-biotics got rid off,but the hard,itchy bluey lumps remain and seem to be getting worse.does anyone out there know what they are im worried its cancer.thanks
Im sure its nothing to worry about but if your glands are up you really need to see doc

United States

#461 Jan 24, 2011
How much did the procedure cost?
Heidi wrote:
I just had both an unmovable bump removed from my forhead yesterday. The doctor called it a lipoma, a fibrous fatty growth. Mine was so tightly anchored into the muscle on my forhead that it actually felt to me like it was a bone mass. I may end up with a thin two inch horizontal scar on my forehead but I'll be much happier to have it than the bump. Mine was removed in day surgery with general anestetic which took about 30 minutes.

Saint Louis, MO

#462 Jan 28, 2011
Saw Ononcologist for lumps on head that keep coming and going within a few hours, followed by headaches, he told us he was almost 100 percent sure it was not cancer, but could not tell me for sure what it was. None of the specialist I have seen can. Diagnotic team will review my case at St. Louis Children's Hospital, hopefully thay can figure it out.
J - P G

Rogue River, OR

#463 Feb 2, 2011
Broncorider wrote:
How much did the doctor quote you on the surgery?
I was quoted 200-300 and decided to wait until the bump gets bigger. In 4 years it has grown very slowly and most people don't notice it. It helped me to see the doctor because I feel less anxious now that I know it is not cancerous and it could be removed (hopefully) without any problems.

Philadelphia, PA

#464 Feb 2, 2011
Hey my name is Elijah i am 14 and i have a bump above my left eyebrow. i have had it since 09. im worried. it doesnt move and it feels as if its stuck to somthing any ideas what it might be. dont let me know if it's scary

Owensboro, KY

#465 Feb 3, 2011
I just has a knot come up today. It is just over my right eye brow and feel like pressure that gets worse if I rub it. It is immovable and idk if it's still growing. I was wondering if anyone elses knot, bumps, or lumps ever hurt?

Newport, KY

#466 Feb 4, 2011
Me too i have had it when i was a baby and i want it to go away but i dont want surgiery because im still a young teenager and it drives me crazy!!

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