Lump on forehead

Spanaway, WA

#244 Dec 24, 2008
Hi Everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while now and this is my first time posting. I have a few forehead lumps/bumps under my skin that have been there for about 14 years or so. I am 23 year old male. These lumps are under my hairline. They are no particular shape or size. The one of the right seems to be the size of a quarter maybe and the one on the left seems to be the size of a dime. I think I got these lumps from bumping my forehead when I was a kid too many times. On the right side I even have a scar from a fall I had when I was kid. Anyways, so I have been to about a dozen plastic/cosmetic clinics to ask what they were and nobody seems to know the answer for sure. They say they can possibly be removed, but I will be having a scar. In a couple of weeks I'm going in to have them removed by a plastic surgeon. I hope the procedure will go through smoothly.

Does anyone have a similar story on how they got their bumps/lumps on their forehead? If they did anything about them?

Thank you in advance.
stacie 17

Coventry, UK

#245 Dec 27, 2008
For about a year ive had a lump in the middle of my forehead, its hard and not moveable, ive had it for about a year. Since ive had it, my eye sight has worsened and im now wearing glasses for everything but walking, and i also suffer from alot of headaches. The lump is also icthy. Im gona go to the doctors on monday and see what they say, ill post it on here.


#246 Dec 27, 2008
Im 24 yrs of age,I just have a lump of my forehead also it is the left side! and I got something feeling headache in a left side is happen sometimes.The first thing when i am 18 yrs of age ,last 2002.When i sleep together with my sister before coz i am working at the company.During the it is time to go to bed...her elbow is kick my forhead it was two times happen...and i say Ouch !its hurt!! just what i say before.And i did not get to put some ice bags of my forhead nothing either...then after a past few years 2003,2004,2005,2006,and 06' i noticed it that i have a something little lump of my forhead it is getting grow!so i was sad and worried ill go to the doctor 2007,october 5...and i got xray!3 copies of my xray!the doctor said it is connected of my skull,
and i dont know really what the doctor said,it is benigned too.But i never go back again the doctor..I hope so what really is this my forhead! coz it is not move ,it is very hard...only my skin of my forhead is moving .Is this any idea to can tell about my situation!???

London, UK

#247 Dec 31, 2008
Hi...where did you have this removed?
I had surgery to remove a lump in the middle of my forehead a year ago. The lump however has not fully gone and im very upset. The procedure cost me over 2k.
In addition to this the surgery has left me with a large blue vein on my forehead!
Has the surgery left you with a scar?
mmb wrote:
I had a forehead lipoma removed ten days ago by a plastic surgeon. I received the results of the biopsy yesterday. The surgery went very smoothly. I had sedation so I slept through the entire procedure. Surgical center staff top notch. There was minimal discomfort afterward, nothing that tylenol could not handle.
I am very pleased with the results...still can't believe that the large bump is gone after ten years. I still have a bit of a swelling, but the doctor told me that with the healing process, this will smooth out.
Having it removed was the best decision I ever made!

Fresno, CA

#248 Jan 3, 2009
mel wrote:
<quoted text> You know what? I had something similar and had it for about 3 years. I went to the doc with no isurance. Thought it was a lipoma but went to the doctor and found out it was just a cyst. Just got it removed today. cost me 300 bucks. thought it was going to be more so I waited so long. Its definatley worth a shot to get it checked out and cut off becuae it really does cause a lot of embarrassment. so hope this helps someone!!!
I've been having this problem for almost three months now. A bump on forehead in between my eyes combined with swelling. The doctors have given me several antibiotics, it goes down, then comes back. They are now thinking it is a cyst and that I might need surgery. Of course I have no insurance and this is only causing greater grief to my situation. If anyone knows of someone I can talk to or go to in California I would appreciate it so much.

Oklahoma City, OK

#249 Jan 4, 2009
hi im 18. Like everyone else i have a bump well actually i have two! one on the left and one the right side of my forehead. When i was about 7 i fell and hit my forehead really hard. I never really noticed or paid attention to it until i got to middle school when all the other kids would make fun of me. I did't know what to do i was so embarrassed to even go outside. so till this day i've been wearing my hair the same way to cover the larger bump on forehead, i thought i was the only person in this world with this problem..
My question is. Is it removable? and if it is about how much?

United States

#250 Jan 7, 2009
I am 22 and I have had a large boney bump on the top of my forehead right under my hair line. I have had it since I can remember and just 2 years ago, it started giving me pain. I had like 3 CT scans that just showed a sinus problem. I had a sinus surgery to see if it would drain by itself 2 years ago. It didn't work at all. Just recently I have been in more pain than I can remember because of this lump. I have read a lot of these post and I wanted to know if the forehead lipoma surgery actually worked for anyone? I can't handle this anymore and even when I cough it hurts. If anyone knows anything about the surgery, I would appreciate your incite very much.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

#252 Jan 10, 2009
Advise all of you to get it medically checked once and for all rather than guessing and worrying. I was in the same boat. Started of with a small movable lump size of a grain but kept on dismissing it as sebacious and will not grow into a problem. Over time, it gradually grew into an immovable bump. After putting if off for so long, I plucked up the courage to see a Doctor on this, even suggesting to him that it is a cyst.

It turned out to be an arterial malformation, and because I had put it off for so long, it has wrapped itself around some of the nerves. Afer surgical removal of the lump, some of my nerves were affected. If I had done it earlier, it would not have been so bad.

So my advice is to have yours medically checked and removed asap.

Tallahassee, FL

#253 Jan 12, 2009
I also have a cyst on the center of my forehead, it came up all of sudden, now i'm having a burning sensation and pressure around my hairline and is gradually moving to the top of my head. Can someone help me?

Spanaway, WA

#254 Jan 18, 2009
Sandi wrote:
I have a bump above my right eyebrow. It is hard and about the size of an nickle. It pops up about once a month and last for about 24 hours and then goes back down to nothing. I had an MRI and nothing showed as being abnormal. When it surfaces, I usually can tell because I get a sinus feeling headache.
Does anyone else have flucuating bumps? I kind of feel lucky that mine goes a way.
i have the same thing it is emberassing and no one can figure out what is wrong have you found anything out about your symptoms

San Clemente, CA

#255 Jan 20, 2009
Does anyone one know the approximate cost of having a doctor remove the lump?

Fort Dodge, IA

#256 Jan 23, 2009
Hi Heidi! Your description exactly fits mine. I was worried before but the docs I've consulted were not. Thanks for sharing here, that helped me more.
Heidi wrote:
I just had both an unmovable bump removed from my forhead yesterday. The doctor called it a lipoma, a fibrous fatty growth. Mine was so tightly anchored into the muscle on my forhead that it actually felt to me like it was a bone mass. I may end up with a thin two inch horizontal scar on my forehead but I'll be much happier to have it than the bump. Mine was removed in day surgery with general anestetic which took about 30 minutes.

Leicester, UK

#257 Jan 23, 2009
I have the same thing a hard immovable lump but something must cause it and nobody seems to know what it is or what causes it.

Leicester, UK

#258 Jan 23, 2009
Oh and I have been to the doctor had an x-ray, seen two dermatologists and still nobody knows. All they say it get it cut out but hell if they don't know what's causing it how can they give that advice?

Maryland Heights, MO

#259 Jan 27, 2009
I've had painless lump on right side of forehead above eyebrow. You can't see it, just feel it. It has been there for 7 1/2 years. It seems smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. I've had lots of MRIs because of MS but the neurologist has never mentioned it. It also lies in an indentation. Has anyone heard of this?

Clay City, KY

#260 Jan 29, 2009
My husband starts itching on his forehead and then a knot pops up and a little later the knot goes away.. Then he itches in another spot and another knot pops up and then later goes away.. Does anyone have a clue what it could be....just on his forehead and sometimes his eye swells up.. Any clues anyone???

Warrington, UK

#261 Feb 4, 2009
hi i have rheumatoid arthritis and thought because of this i developed 2 hard boney lumps on my forehead. one developed about a year before the other one. I have had exrays, and was told there is nothing to worry about they are both cysts. My doctor says as you cant really see them as they are hidden under my fringe they would be better off left alone!! If they become too big of which they are slowly getting bigger can arranged to go back to see her!! My sister in law had a similar hard lump on her hand, and has had a needle put in it and drained! Not sure if her lump is the same as mine.


#262 Feb 5, 2009
I left a message on here before christmas, anyway I was referred to a surgeon by my GP on the NHS. The surgeon convinced to have a think twice about getting the lump removed on my forehead as it will leave a scar about 2cm long, this been more noticable that the lump already there. I have booked an appointment in a few months time so I can have a good long think about wether to have surgery done,basically my choice is scar or lump? The NHS will cover the cost but the surgeon said it would cost around £200-£300 to have it done privately. Procedure will involve local anesthetic to the area been cut out and should last around 30 minutes. Hope this information helps anyone with a similar problem, please let me know how you feel about this and would you risk the surgery or stick with lump??

Litchfield, NH

#263 Feb 9, 2009
I have a lump about the size of a dime between my eyes just above the eyebrows. It feels hard and under the skin. It dosen't move around and isn't red or painful. I'm just a little self concience of it and would like to get it removed, but fear a scare might look worse than the lump. I've read other comments, has anyone got rid of the lumps on their foreheads. What are your comments.

Kanata, Canada

#264 Feb 9, 2009
you guys should get these checked out...

sound like lipomas (fat deposits under the skin)

could also be something called steatocystoma multiplex

just have it checked out...they are probably nothing but its better to be safe

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