Lump on forehead

Dallas, TX

#184 May 22, 2008
Angela...Get it checked out. It's probably nothing serious and can be removed if it's a cosmetic problem. I have a huge one that started developing three years ago. I finally built up the courage to have it looked at. My appointment is next Tuesday. I've had it for three years, but I just recently started to be able to feel it. I can tell something is there that isn't on the other side, so something's going on now. I'm hoping it's just a cyst or something and its presence is causing swelling around it. We'll see. Use the symptom finder at . Choose head, then lump/bulge. It gives three or four possibilities, none of which are that bad. Best of luck.


#185 May 23, 2008
It is good to see all the posts. I also have one quite a big lump above my left eye brow. I saw my Dr and he said it is bony and nothing to worry about. Luckily I can cover that with my hair slightly. So nobody has noticed yet! I had treatment for lymphoma about two years ago and those lumps are different to this lump.So I am trying to ignore this. But I am not sure whether it is ok to ignore in my condition. Hope some professional explains me this lump

Baltimore, MD

#186 Jun 3, 2008
I've had a lump on my fore head for the past three years or so, i've had it checked to see if it was cancer; but the docters told me it maybe a calcium growth and its really big and hard i only where hair styles that cover it, but know i get head aches on that side which happens to the right side of my head...

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#187 Jun 5, 2008
I have a hard lump in the middle of my forehead. I do go to a skin cancer doctor. While there yesterday I asked him about the lump. He recommended that I go to a plastic surgeon and gave me the name of one. I also have a small one coming next to it.. Anyway, does anyone know...if the plastic surgeon has been recommended by another doctor would that help it not be a cosmetic situation with the insurance company?

San Jose, CA

#188 Jun 5, 2008
I have a lump on the left forehead between my eyebrow and hairline. It started 6 months after I had had knock in the same area. I have seen several doctors and they claimed that it just lipoma. It is more than 1 year now and I still have this weird feelings and lost of self confidence whenever I meet people. I decided to remove it but several doctors advised me to leave it as it is. The forehead looks simple but it is complicated and they cannot ensure the results. Anybody has good suggestions. I am consulting a plastic surgeon next week.

Dublin, Ireland

#189 Jun 16, 2008
britton wrote:
<quoted text>
i have the same thing man, my doctor told me they could remove it, but i would take a risk in losing feeling of my forehead and being able to move my eyebrows.
Did you have the lump removed as my grandson has a small boney lump between his eyes and it seems to be getting bigger.

Dublin, Ireland

#190 Jun 16, 2008
My grandson of 15 months has a small boney lump on his forehead and there seems to be fluid around it and is getting bigger his doctor says it is bone structure but I have never seen anyone with this problem has anyone had something similar removed successfully.
Jammie Lee

San Bernardino, CA

#191 Jun 17, 2008
i was born with a lump right in between my eyebrows. I am about to be 18 in august. when i was a baby it was huge and noticeable up until i was about 9. it is non movable and its hard like a bone.i started noticing changes as i got older like it became less noticable but i started forgetting things,it became harder for me to focus in class and things of that nature. i have went to the doctor and they told me that it wasnt a big deal and that it can be shaved down with the risk of scaring and sum head injury. When i was born they told my mom it was becus she was pushing too hard. But around my 12th birthday i started getting headaches and started feeling sick more than usual. ever since its like i constantly have these headaches, my eyes hurt, im always feeling like i want to vomit, and im sleepy. i dont know whats wrong with me. also my head seems to keep getting larger. my mom thinks that im just being dramatic. but i really think something is wrong. i dont know what to do. should i get a second opinion?

Glenrothes, UK

#192 Jun 18, 2008
i bumped my head when i was younger like 2-3 years ago & the lump got smaller but has not gone it has stayed the same for a year anyone ele had this & what did you do

Hammond, IN

#193 Jun 20, 2008
My son has a lump over his left eyebrow. He is two monthes old and I'm worried to death. His doctor keeps telling me not to worry,but its hard not to. I want it gone because I don't know if it hurts him or not.The thought of surgery scares me so if there is any one out there who is going through the same thing please share some ideas with me.
TN Girl

Chattanooga, TN

#194 Jun 25, 2008
ken wrote:
i have a lump on my head it the size of a penis and people are calling me dick head i dont know what to do
Maybe, you should have your head removed!
Kristin LPN and MSW

Ambler, PA

#195 Jun 26, 2008
usually lumbs or bumps near eyebrows are sebacious cysts and you can do warm salt compresses 4x per day to draw it out.
If after 2 weeks it has gotten worse, go see a dermatologist and he/she will numb area then lance it, burn or stitch area and send what he drained out to be tested just to make sure there is no MRSA or anything else.
Proper hygeine, water based lotions only, and tweezing NOT shaving eyebrows in the direction the hair grows can reduce these annoying lumps !
And also people, I see so many not wash their hands or fingernails that should be condemned scratching , picking and popping things !
You can't do this and you can get MRSA and can be fatal.
If you have no medical degree,
Carry purel wherever you go !
You'll thank me one day...(winks)

Braintree, MA

#196 Jul 1, 2008
im 15 and i have the exact same thing.. im kinda worried, but idk if i should be

Girard, PA

#197 Jul 8, 2008
wow we are all dealing with the same thing im going to the doctor tomarrow and seeing what i can do about my lump also because its terrible and makes me so mad because im beautiful and i always have to hide my forehead!!1

United States

#198 Jul 9, 2008
I have had a bump on my head since around 5 years ago (I'm 29 now).

I had it removed today. The doctor said it wasn't a cyst but a lipoma (some sort of fatty thing).

It'll leave a scar. But its better than some weird bump sticking out (no matter how small it was).

It took about half an hour and needed only local anesthesia.

Milwaukee, WI

#199 Jul 10, 2008
I noticed a small bump forming on my forehead back in May 2008. At first I thought it was a pimple and just left it alone, figuring it would go away. Well, it didn't and now it is July. So yesterday I went to my doctor and he told me it was a cyst. He said it probably started out as a pimple and turned into a cyst because of a blocked oil gland. So right then and there he tried to drain it with a needle, but it wasn't working, so he had to make a little cut to get everything out. I think it was worth it. I just have a little cut on my forehead now along with some bruising. It's still not exactly flat, but that might be because of swelling, I'm hoping.

He said that there is a 50% chance that it will come back again. Then I'd have to have an excision by a plastic surgeon. I'm hoping that doesn't happen.
ivan from Brazil

Olinda, Brazil

#200 Jul 13, 2008
a lump grows on the rigth side of my forehead,every time i drink any kind of alcohool,or if i exercise,them it goes down in about one hour but lately it grows if i only get streessed . can`t find medical help.
any help?


#201 Jul 21, 2008
Red, bumps or better known as bulges on my forehead.. WHAT IS IT? HELP ? allergy or stress related?

I have swollen red bumps on my forehead and around my eyes, is it an allergy or stress related??
this all started about 6 months ago.. my forehead would be covered in one red bump that bulged outwards and the more i touched the bump or the skin around it , the bump would get bigger.. it sounds like an allergy because the more i touch it, it becomes more activated and its very red.. The redness and the bump or bulge would go away in about 2 hours but now this "thing" has changed..
now after 6 months of experiencing this weird “allergy” that comes and goes, it has changed completely. Now the allergy still activates but when the red bump changes form very quickly and it is much bigger. Also after the redness goes away the bump or bulge still remains and does not disappear for another 3 weeks. its so irritating because it is visible and I’m very self conscious about these bumps .. The size is about 4 cm wide and long.. and another thing i might add is that when i'm stressed or after crying these red bulging bumps appear.. WHAT IS IT? how can i cure it? who has this to? HELP

Portadown, UK

#202 Jul 22, 2008
Rachel wrote:
Hi guys
I went to the doctor with regards to the residual bump three days ago, and he said what I could see was all part of the healing process,(i.e the scar tissue hasnt come back as its not possible for it to come back so soon after op)
Yesterday, I noticed the 'lump' had nearly disappeared.
My surgeon advised after the operation that my forehead was going to constantly change for a few months which it has. And now it looks like its improving.
Basically if you'd like me to refer you to a surgeon let me know, he's very very good at was he does.
Hope this helps
hi Rachel, was ur bump a soft moveable one, OR a hard and immovable one like mine which was the result of a hefty blow to my head,(although it does feel like there is some fatty tissue under there as well)Would this matter to the type of surgeon you went to? I briefly inquired about this to my old doctor a while ago, who said its nothing to worry about,(thanks alot Doc!) an id rather avoid the chance of being told this again by goin straight to the person who can actually fix it if poss i guess, thanks

Boston, MA

#203 Jul 28, 2008
I have a lump on the left side of my forehead for some years. It is movable (seems like movable with the skin when I rub it). The funny thing is it got pause, so I guess it must be located around a artery. Do you think I should see a derm of vascular doctor. My primary suggested me to see a vascular on July 30, 2008.

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