Help. tiny red bump(s) in pubic area

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Columbus, OH

#2 Jan 3, 2007
I'm not sure it'll be of much use but I have the same sort of problem, but it was just outside of my vagina. It seems to be caused by especially rough sex - it didn't show up on me until about two months into my current relationship. He was cleared for all STDs and I had myself checked for STDs just before I got into the relationship. So as far as I know you shouldn't worry about it being an STD but it might be some other rash. Either way, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, and you should too if you can.

Belmont, MI

#3 Feb 15, 2007
Molluscum contagiosum. itll go away by itself. might take a year or so though

Stettler, Canada

#4 Feb 23, 2007
Well it could be Molluscum contagiosum, or HPV or many other STD's but best bet would be to go to the doctor. Get it checked out.

Milwaukee, WI

#5 Nov 15, 2007
yeah i've had the same experience basically. i can almost guarantee the doctor will not take it seriously. it's maybe molluscum. but i think it could be herpes too. but it's very hard for them to get a culture of herpes, so a 100% diagnosis is hard to get. i don't know if that's good or bad. There is a herpes blood test you can get- it costs like $300. and it will only detect it if it's been in your system for 12 weeks or so. My experience is that doctors won't consider it to be herpes unless it looks like a classic photo of it- really nasty. but those photos are extreme cases, and most people that have it don't even have symptons. who knows maybe it's a zit or "jock itch." but i doubt it.
bbc boii

Trenton, NJ

#6 Nov 26, 2007
I have little bumps on my pubic area and im a little worried.they are skin colored n some are whitish. They really don't itch only when I start thinking about wht they can be im 17 and im worried that my father would go crazy if I told him I wanted 2 get an std test wht should I do
anonymous XD

Mentor, OH

#7 Mar 24, 2008
bbc boii wrote:
I have little bumps on my pubic area and im a little worried.they are skin colored n some are whitish. They really don't itch only when I start thinking about wht they can be im 17 and im worried that my father would go crazy if I told him I wanted 2 get an std test wht should I do
Yea, you should see a doctor. I have a similar problem but mine are just red. No funny colors here.
I have the same problem as the one guy who said-
"It was only after rough and sweaty sex".
So I think its best not to worry but see a doctor either way.

Calgary, Canada

#8 Apr 1, 2008
i too have this issue. ive had simmiler cases and they tend to go away. they also go away fast if you do not touch them or pop them...ect (any irratation) ive also read in other places they go away fast if you use nutrgina acne cleaner stuff (spelling?) this has helped me before in other cases. i have also noticed that it has shown up after having sweat and ruff sex
worried male

Oklahoma City, OK

#9 May 2, 2008
Having kind of the same problem here. After 6 months of not being sexually active, me and my partner got together and have a lot of sex during a week. We even got in a jacuzzi in a hotel and had sex too. Then she developed a rash over her pubic area mostly, and one little blister in her labia. I developed a similar bumpy rash over my pubic hair area and two days later three blisters on my penis shaft. They dont hurt and i dont have any other symptoms at all. The funny thing is that my partner and I have had sex multiple times and this never happened before. I'm dead scared it might be herpes and cant even stop thinking about it. She and i have been talking about it and trying to figure it out. I read molluscum can spread if somebody infected with it was in contact with the bed spreadsheet. Since they rarely change the spreadsheet at the hotel i wonder if that was the cause. I'm still gonna get the blood test because honestly i need to know for sure. This had never happened before to her or me and it was so odd that it showed up at the same time. I thought it took several weeks for the herpes virus to incubate and then you get a first episode. We are really upset about it and has lead to several arguments about trust. I was deployed and I wasnt having any sex down there. She was working all the time and she swears she didnt have sexual contact with anybody. We are both scared and trying to figure out if it is herpes or something else. I thought herpes affected just the penis in males, not the pubic area mostly, and all the pics and diagrams online points toward that clinical presentation. Maybe I'm wrong. This is so dristressing.
John Doe


#10 May 5, 2008
I am gay and had sex for the first time in months with a guy in his late 30's while in Spain. We used complete protection and the condom didn't break but we performed oral sex on each other and about 5 days later I notice I have this red bump above my penis underneath the pubic hair. i don't know if its just an ingrown hair or not but i know this guy has a lot of sex (altho always protected) and same with me and the condom didn't break or anything. i am just worried now and i am leaving ot go home in a couple weeks and don't know what to do. its just a red bump the size of a dime and it hurts to push down on but doesnt appear to have any puss or anything inside. i am very worried can someone help me? could it be serious? hopefully not!:(
John Doe


#11 May 5, 2008
correction: i do NOT have a lot of sex. basically a prude

Las Cruces, NM

#12 Jun 10, 2008
HI i am 13 and never had sex or anything and i just noticed at least 1 month ago there were these little
bumps on the left side on my scrotum its a little red and smooth and it does not itch or hurt only when i start to think about it and its a little red and a little bit darker they kinda go away after a while like there will be almost just little bumps
or a little red so I dont know what to do before i tell my dad or mom i just want to see what i am dealing with here i am thinking maybe a ingrown hair or something of the sort it is just red and shiny so i dont know it is just in one spot so i just want to see what others think before i jump to any conclusions and get some opion on this
before i talk to a Doctor Please help

Decatur, GA

#13 Jun 26, 2008
poor kid. don't look on forums for medical stuff. talk to your parents. you should feel comfortable telling them stuff like this. You will be scared by the crap on the internet. don't grow up to be scared of every bump you get. Just let your parents or a doctor know.
Terrified Female

Estevan, Canada

#15 Jul 5, 2008
I was very itchy on my vagina for quite a while then I finally told my mom about it. She told me it was probably a yeast infection so I used monistat 1 to try and cure it. But after i used that I noticed a few small red spots by the bottom of my vagina hole and they went up a little on my labia. But then a couple days later then started to fade away but farther up i noticed kind of skin colored but pinkish... they don't seem like bumps because they do not stick out lots but they don't seem like a blister either because there is nothing inside of them.. I am so scared about this.. What does this sound like?
Terrified Female

Estevan, Canada

#16 Jul 5, 2008
Oh and also they are not painful, barely itchy at all and it does not hurt at all when i pee.. but i kind of have white discharge! help please.

Harker Heights, TX

#17 Jul 20, 2008
I had sex withmy ex partner about three days ago.
and today I noticed little line of blisters on my pubic area right below my penus.(red, tiny,and some broke but no bleeding or so just waterery)
I have been separated for 6 months and I know she slept with someone else but used condom, am scared.
M Charles

King, NC

#18 Jul 24, 2008
I noticed small red bumps around my pubic area about a month ago. Its been about 2 months since i have had sex. The bumps arent directly on my penis but above around my pubic hair. They dont itch or burn or anything. Nor have I seen it spread. I constantly wash and use anti bacterial soap but nothing changes. They dont look like any type of herpes i've seen on the net. I'm about to start another relationship but dont want to take it to the sexual level cause I fear it might be something I could pass. I've always used condoms and even inspected my partners before sex. Their not raised much or anything. They actualy look like red bug bites in a way but I havent been anywhere to come in contact with those. Any ideas?

Edmond, OK

#19 Jul 24, 2008
I had sex with my girlfriend the day before yesterday and we used one of those extra lubed condoms and last night i took a shower and there was nothing around my pubic area(i wash pretty thoroughly). At least if there was they werent big enuff for me to feel. Then at about 1 A.M. i noticed that there were a bunch of small skin or slightly darker skin colored raised bumps. They kind of look like skin tags. They dont itch, have pus or anything and they dont even hurt. i accidentally scratched one off and it bled a bit. I had my girlfriend take a look and then asked to look at her and she had a more than me. They only grow in the pubic hair areas and only where it grows thick. I decided to trim the hair down and there were 5-6 small ones and one thats a considerable size larger right in the middle of my pubes(the rest are more focused around the sides).

I went to the doctor and he said it could be HPV but probably just a hair folicle infection. They dont look like theres hair in them.

My girlfriend was just tested for all STDs because we just had our first daughter. She sowed negative in everything. I know i was clean because she the only girl ive ever even kissed or had sex with.

Still kind of scared about what they could be tho. They are very embarrasing.
Extrodinary Female

Palm Springs, CA

#20 Jul 25, 2008
Terrified Female wrote:
Oh and also they are not painful, barely itchy at all and it does not hurt at all when i pee.. but i kind of have white discharge! help please.
ok, this could be from shving. you know like "razor bumps" and the white discharge? thats skeet. haha it's normal. I promise.
horrified Male

New York, NY

#21 Aug 1, 2008
I cant believe all you irresponsible people.

Posters, stop looking for an excuse to go to the doctor. Responders, stop giving them excuses. Christ, I am looking at some of your answers, and you people really have no clue what you are talking about.

Not even a doctor can diagnose any of these symptoms over the internet, and as far as a white discharge, I think any kind of white discharge is a inarguable red flag that you need to go see the doctor.

Extrodinary (sic) female, don't you think she knows what cum is? You're promising that she is normal. Tsk tsk. Bad form.

Go see a doctor people!
horrified Male

New York, NY

#22 Aug 1, 2008
Posters, stop looking for an excuse to go to the doctor.

Should have read:

Posters, stop looking for an excuse to avoid going to the doctor.

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