reoccuring cellulitis- hot, red, swol...

reoccuring cellulitis- hot, red, swollen skin... help please!

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Inola, OK

#1 Feb 21, 2007
hi, I'm only 19 years old and have been hospitalized 3 times in the last 6 months for acute cellulitis. the first two times happened when I was on vacation in California and then in Florida. both happened after I came into contact with the ocean water. this infection grows very rapidly with me for some reason, and no one else in my family has ever had it. the last time occured last month, I was bitten by something on my the underside of my arm near my wrist and at first the bite appeared no bigger than that of a mosquito. the very next morning the area was about 5 inches in diameter, burning hot to the touch, swolen, and extremely painful. I had cellulitis, once again. not only did I have cellulitis, but a fast moving red line had worked its way all the way up into my armpit. now each time I went to the hospital the doctors/nurses were baffled as to why my body was reacting this way. typically, people with cellulitis are of older age and it is a pretty rare infection. also, people with cellulitis are able to get oral medications such as antibiotics and steroids which quickly knock out the infection before it gets to serious. but not me, I have to immediately recieve the medicatins intravaneously. additionally, I have had a very noticable change in weight, I went from a size 3-5 to a size 9 within the last couple of months. I can assure you that there was no change in my eating or exercise habits. I've also noticed a lot of stretch marks all over my skin which came out of nowhere. I understand that stretch marks are a result of weight gain, but I am baffled as to how it could be this bad. I have been doing some research and I might have a solution, cushing's disease. some of my symptoms coincide with those symptoms. I was on a lot of steroids and cortizol medications for my reoccuring cellulitis episodes. could it be possible that it resulted in something like cushing's disease? sorry this is long but I really want to know what's going on with me. I don't have medical insurance at this time to go see a doctor and I am still neck high in medical bills from my emergency room visits, so any help you might be able to give would be much appreciated. thanks.

Toronto, Canada

#2 Oct 12, 2007
I am going through the same thing right now. A strange recurring swelling that spreads and is hot to the touch. Almost resembles flesh eating disease to look at it. I have also had weight gain.
My advice is to see a Rheumatiod specialist. I suspect this may be an autoimmune disease. Also go to a doctor who can test you for Lyme disease. Both of these diseases are hard to diagnosis but be persistant. That is the route I am taking right now.
As for your medical insurance...I can't help you there. I live in Canada and we have covered health care (thank god!!).
Good Luck

Indiana, PA

#3 Feb 12, 2009
I'm going through the same thing - just went to the er for cellulitis today. My guess is that it's what my docs are saying - Cushings. But, Cushings can mimic other things, and can co-exist with other illnesses. If you are worried about health care try contacting a hospital that is attached to a university, like a teaching hosptial - it's usually easier to get free care there as opposed to private hospitals. Also, check out your local welfare office to see if they have any programs available for you, seeing how you are a legal adult. Good Luck!

Tulsa, OK

#4 Jun 27, 2009
Jennifer wrote:
I'm going through the same thing - just went to the er for cellulitis today. My guess is that it's what my docs are saying - Cushings. But, Cushings can mimic other things, and can co-exist with other illnesses. If you are worried about health care try contacting a hospital that is attached to a university, like a teaching hosptial - it's usually easier to get free care there as opposed to private hospitals. Also, check out your local welfare office to see if they have any programs available for you, seeing how you are a legal adult. Good Luck!
For the recurring cellulitis, check into hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

My son has just started another recurrance. This is very frustrating, as this will be his 4th episode, and 4th time on antibiotics and it keeps coming back.

I did some study on the HOCT, and it looks promising. The downside is that he will have to convince a doctor where we live to give him a referral, and most of them don't have a clue as to it's efficacy.

However, it has been used successfully in at least the few cases I've been able to uncover. It makes perfect sense as well. For deep tissue healing such as diabetic gangrene, and other deep wound issues that don't or can't respond to normal treatment.....(like recurring cellulitis??)
I suspect he has low immune function, as yet undiagnosed by the medical community,(another frustration).

Best wishes and God bless you.

Ossining, NY

#5 Sep 4, 2009
My mom has cellulitis that atleast that's what the drs say anyway she's in alot of pain and we don't know what to do she's not a diabetic or obese can anybody help?


United States

#6 Aug 14, 2010
wow- I have never come across anyone who else has recurring cellulitis. When I was born I had a large cyst under my armpit. So it was removed immediately. then I had my first cellulitis break out at 4 months old under my right arm, in the area where the cyst was (I dont know at all if there related or just a coincidence). I was hospitalized for it of course, I was so small and had a fever of 105 degrees. The Infection was consuming my whole body, they told my mother i might not live through it. Now, I just turned 23 and have had many episodes every yr growing up. As I got older it got less sever but I still see about two too three episodes a yr. Always on my upper right arm to my armpit down my ribs across my right shoulder blade and when realy bad up my neck and to my face. I had some show up during a concert last week for a couple housr then was gone by morning. I usually take amoxicillion to clear it up. I've had it for so long I kind of know how to manipulate it a bit, but its really F@$king annoying. I too have bill up my neck from hospital visits when it gets out of control. I'm sorry for going on so long, but is there anything I can do in my life to change how often I get it or to stop it all together?
Thank You.-Stefan
jennifer d

Thunder Bay, Canada

#7 Jul 13, 2011
hi there..i also have this occurs on larger muscle,hot,swollen and hard..sometimes it is my upper thigh..forearms and right and left shoulders...its ver seem to be worse when i have my bra putting pressure on it...i also haved been treated with steroids,benadryl and Zantac..they say it is not cellulitis..then what??

Lilburn, GA

#8 Jul 14, 2011
Stand on the Earth Barefoot. This is called EARTHING / GROUNDING. This will reduce the swollen and hot to touch skin. You still may have the redness, you need to stand on the ground for 30 minutes. You will notice the skin temperature will start cooling down a lot, and the pain will not be too bad. Be careful with the ants and spiders, you don't want any more bites.
You have nothing to lose and it's FREE. Sweep and clear an area in your back yard, and stand on the Earth barefoot.

United States

#9 Sep 27, 2012
I had it last year and it blistered and bubbled like flesh eating disease. Was on hospital IV super antibiotics for a week. Took a month to heal and still have scarring from it. Almost lost my leg. I had cut my foot and went walking in the ocean and I think I picked up the bacteria from the ocean that got into the blood stream. My immunity was alittle low because I wasn't eating very healthly at the time and also using a steriod ointment for psorisis and just read that steriods can lower imunity. I would say get a blood test to make sure your levels are good and you are healthy to keep it from recurring. And if you get a cut...keep out of the Ocean. Some of the other people writing in here sounds like you may have had a spider bite which can also cause cellulitis. I've only had it once... but it is VERY scary thing that I thought could never happen to me. Also, it does seem to happen to people more when they are older, but I know several people who had it in their late teens and early 20's. It's a bacteria that takes over when your immunity levels are low. That's what it is. It usually attacks the legs, arms and/or face,.

Meriden, CT

#10 Nov 20, 2012
One word for any women out there, check out imflamatory breast cancer, presents like cellulitis and is often misdiagnosed.


#11 Mar 1, 2013
Ive got cellulitis 3 times in my leg from infection from cut from playing sports. Ive not got it in my arm from mosquito or spider bite and its in lower arm but there's one red line going straight up to arm pit which is serious I know cause it goes to lymph nodes in arm pit, im only 26 and doctors don't have the answers for me! They just keep sayin im unlucky! That couldn't be it. Ive been hospitalized twice too!Starting course of antibiotics now for my arm! Can anybody help me please?!??
worried mommy

Washington Court House, OH

#12 May 23, 2013
my daughter had a red spot around her diaper area & i took her to her dr the dr said it was heat rash nothing life threatening 2 days later it was swollen & red/purple i took her to the er they said it was a cellulite & it would go away with meds so the next day i got her meds & then the next night her temp went to 103 i freaked out took her back to the er they said to take her to childrens hospital she was admitted & they had to do surgery and we were there for 4 days it was MRSA & we had to keep packing it for 7 days & on super meds for 10 days after 10 days the spot looked great besides the hole that still needed to heel up but it wasnt red & she had no fever the drs all said it looked great & to just keep it clean i have been doing just that & changing her diaper like crazy but its turning red again with a low grade fever & a bump on her arm & leg so im taking her back to childrens tmrw! MRSA check that i hear its hard to get read of.

Saint Louis, MO

#13 Jun 10, 2013
My daughter has had it in one foot for 6 months now its in both feet she is in an assisted living facility for diabetes and they have done nothing for this any ideas on what I should do
susan labial

Taguig, Philippines

#14 Jul 3, 2013
i"m 50 yrs old...i have this red swollen painful skin episodes since doctor says its an allergy, but it keeps coming back even though im already extra careful with foods....this usually worsen when i do some house this just allergy? or is it cellulitis how is cellulitis diagnosed? what test should i undergo..this really bothers me...

Millington, TN

#15 Jul 16, 2013
Mine start from a spider bite...6 months later I'm in the hosp for 2 weeks almost went into kidney failure...i have high blood pressure yet my bp was 90/ was septic....horrible pain blisters pus it was into my blood...after 2 week in hosp i had 1 week bed rest then start wound care treatment for 3 1/2 weeks lost layers of skin layer and it was painful ..then hospitalized again same infection for almost another week that was 3 months ago still on antibiotic and my leg is still not healed from feb to now I've been dealing with swelling in my left leg redness burning and it hurts I just can't believe it's not healed yet I've been on sooo many antibiotics and will continue until it's healed any words of wisdom

South San Francisco, CA

#16 Nov 25, 2013
I had an extensive blistery rash on both my forearms. The blisters broke and within days I developed severe cellulitis. My forearms (both) turned red, became hot, and swelled up to twice their normal size. The redness and swelling began spreading slowly up my upper arms. I did not go to a doctor or take antibiotics. I decided to self treat. I agree with many who say don't mess with this...get to the ER. This is good advice. But the problem I have with this is that so much of our immunity is actually dependent on our gut health - when you wipe out your gut flora with antobiotics, your immune system is taking a huge hit. I'm tired of doctors hurting me as much as they're helping me. So here's what I did:
1) rinsed arms 2 times per day with mild soap
2) sprayed colloidal silver every hour, or more
3) made a solution of tumeric and water in spray bottle, sprayed on arms throughout day
4) made a 50-50 solution of water and apple cider vinegar, sprayed throughout day
5) made a wet paste of high quality edible clay and spread on arms for 30-60 minutes twice a day, rinse then spray
6) took olive leaf capsules (internally)
7) ate completely raw until I healed (no cooked food, no sugar, no dairy, no meat) pretty much fresh fruit and vegetables (organic only)
8) one tbsp raw coconut oil every nite

My cellulitis healed during the course of a week. It was scary. I was prepared to go to the ER if I did not see improvement. Thankfully, these natural and powerful remedies worked for me. I should also say I did not use any sticky creams or oily pastes on my cellulitis. I tried to keep my arms dry - i sprayed them as described above which wet them, and let them dry after each spray. Whenever I felt uncomfortable, I did not hesitate to spray. The vinegar, silver and tumeric sprays all work together so you don't have to rinse between sprays. It's very important to rest during this process - I did not work or stress myself during this time. Again, getting to the ER is good advice. But health is personal and for those that have decided they can't afford to or won't go to ER anyways, then maybe what I chose for myself will work for you too.

South San Francisco, CA

#17 Nov 25, 2013
As a follow-up to my post above, I should say I did not have any fever, chills or 'red streaking' - if you have these symptoms the best course might be straight to your doctor - to avoid sepsis. I did have severe redness but it was solid red around the circumference of my arm (not a 'line' of red 'streaking' going up my arm) and my redness and swelling traveled up my arm about an inch per day. It got about two inches past my elbow before the remedies I used above stopped the spreading and healed the cellulitis.

United States

#18 May 23, 2015
I work outside. Im 55 years old. Ive always swelled up when i get bite by a mosquito. But not like this. First it was my right arm a coulple week ago. My arm swelled 3 times its size. I had 5 bites. My arm was hot and very itchy. I did not go to the doctor. It finally it went away. Now 2 days ago i got bit again by a mosquito, just 1 bite on my left arm. Its huge. It was just around the bite by my elbow, i went to work anyways and it still swelling. Very hot to touch, still very itcy, but now it is all the way down to my rist and 3/4 up my arm and i have red streak going up to my arm pit. I cant aford a doctor bill. My other arm is still stiff. So what should i do?

Wisbech, UK

#19 May 28, 2015
My dad had cellulitis over a year ago and his leg has never gotten better, it's immensely swollen ,sore,red,blotchy and painful he's had antibiotics a couple times to treat it but every few months he gets the shivers really bad and can't control shaking because he feels so cold and then gets severe headache and a high temperature. It usually only lasts a day or 2 is this normal once you've had cellulitis ? Any help would be appreciated , I'm tired of seeing him suffer but getting him to go to the doctor again is impossible.

Jakarta, Indonesia

#20 Jul 8, 2015
I got 7 times cellulitis. 4 times on my left leg, Twice on my right leg, and once on my nose. I have diabetes. The first time I got cellulitis I went to ER and got IV antibiotic. The last time I got this, I decided to deal by myself. What I did and I feel work for me:
1. I did sunbathing on make sure my wound got the sunshine.
2. I did exercise on my bed for abs and leg exercises
3. I did diet and eat more veggie and fruit especially pineapple.
4. I rinsed by saltwater.
5. I applied sulfur powder.
6. I did breathing exercise. Oxygen is very important for healing.
Just be patient dealing with this cellulitis.

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