Tender Swollen Lump near Groin Area


#125 Mar 7, 2012
Stephanie wrote:
It's possible that you are describing at bartholin cyst. Look at this link:
Hope this helps.
Stephanie that sounds EXACTLY like what I have, thank you so much!


#126 Mar 10, 2012
Hi there, I've also been experiencing this weird swelling, down there, its painful when I sit and I don't no what 2 do or who to speak to as its embarrassing. Do these things go away on its own?

Westbank, Canada

#127 Mar 12, 2012
I might have the same thing but I'm a 14 year old girl and it's right where the leg and genitals meet on the right side. It's hard under the skin and soft on the outside, it just recently turned into a bluish purple bruise and it's very painful at the touch.




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Turlock, CA

#128 Mar 13, 2012
Woke up this morning with a sore area next to my groin. its been sore all day and hurts when anything presses against it. i just took a shower and realized there is a walnut size lump under the skin. its quite paintful. debating whether or not to see a doctor. i feel a little better knowing this is pretty common.

Des Moines, IA

#129 Mar 19, 2012
Michelle wrote:
im 20 and i have the same exact thing. i have 2 for 6 years now and was somewhat worried in the past but now i did some research and see there is a wide range of possabilities.i have had this before i was sexually active with one guy. i have a doctor appt scheduled for next week just to make sure its nothing serious. mine starts off small and then will swell all the way up to a think hard line on my pantyline. and then it will go away come back and be small and grow again. it just now recently got a little white head on it but im not gonna try to pop it. i just hope we can find some answers somewhere...
I'm 31 & this first started happening at age 20. They were just small fluid filled hard lumps back then. They came and gone. I always put anti-bacterial cream on them to keep from getting infected. It seems to shorten the cysts active time too. Can you PLEASE tell me what your doctor told you? I would much appreciate it.

Toronto, Canada

#130 Mar 19, 2012
hi i am a 35 year old woman who developed a hard dime sized lump in my groin 9 months ago.it wasn`t painful at first and now it is no longer a hard lump but a soft elongated lump which is very painful.it is a deep red to black color most of the time except for when it is infected then it is a bright red and extremely painful to the point of moving my leg really hurts.it feels like something is tearing inside i have been to the dr several times and have been told that it might be lympoma, an abyss or a infection caused by an ingrown hair ive already had antibotics that didnt help and am on a wait list for a surgeon to see it but its getting worse and i am really getting worried as it has been there for 9 months is really painful and i still have no answer to what it is if anyone has any help for me please comment thank you

Darlington, UK

#131 Mar 20, 2012
I have the same sort of problem im active do many sports and only 16 i have a lump on the groin area quite low down my mum says its an ingrowing hair and suggested savlon and a few hours later a hot flannel to compress it to see if it does release puss and or the hair im hoping it will work as it worried me the moment i found it you guys really helped thank :)





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Linda S

Wixom, MI

#132 Apr 2, 2012
1982 i had a lump inside lower left side closer to the the vagina opening it had to be lanced three times omg it hurt then the hot sits bath but it kept filling up went to hospital it was a barthinlon cyst they opened it up not knowing it was in a vein left me in out patients next morning took to er for emergecy surgey almost bled to death.now the small pea size i have on the outside groin area is swollen painful hope its not the same thing it does seem different. i wore a slimmer panty sat to hold me in and the elastic was erritating hope thats all it is. they are not fun i am 62 years old and no sexual activity is to blame

United States

#133 Apr 3, 2012
I am a 23 yrs old and i have the same problem,i had a lump on my right side and it was painful when i touch it but i diddnt feel it otherwise and it went away by its self and know i have the same thing on my left side.i would like to know what is this and what causes it?

Bronx, NY

#134 Apr 4, 2012
I have it too. right above the right side of my groin (ballsack), but its not on my groin... but its not on my thigh either.
Its in the corner of where the upper leg touches the groin. but anyway.
i had this for about a year now. First, it was pea-sized.. now its walnut sized. it feels sensitive on the tip, tender, painful when touched (so its best to just leave it alone).. hasn't been so painful when it was pea-sized.
its so common, i'm not so worried, but i gotta make sure.

Cardiff, UK

#135 Apr 18, 2012
Hi I'm 17 and I have a small lump in my groin I only noticed it a few days ago does anyone kno what it is? And is it serious?

Cardiff, UK

#136 Apr 18, 2012
Chantelle wrote:
Hi I'm 17 and I have a small lump in my groin I only noticed it a few days ago does anyone kno what it is? And is it serious?
i have felt it and it feels like a small ball

Portland, OR

#137 Apr 22, 2012
I had something that sounds like this. It was a lump that grew to the size of a small egg, skin discolored around it, and no head. Hurt a lot, but it never went away and came back; it just stayed. My doctor said it would pop on its own. (I'm a runner, and she said that probably caused it, and will also pop it.) But it didn't. She gave me a 10 day course of antibiotics, which shrank it, but then it grew again after the meds ran out. I went for a second opinion and this doctor lanced it and drained it. It's been 3.5 days and is now leaking pus and itches like the dickens. I'm putting antibiotic ointment on it and keeping it covered with a band aid. We'll see...

Derwood, MD

#138 Apr 28, 2012
REMEDY!!(Worked for me). If you're too lazy to read all of this, there is a summary at the bottom.

So I'm a 19 year old male and like everyone else, I have a small lump near my groin where the upper part of my right leg meets my groin area. I found it on Wednesday night and it's Saturday morning now.

This is the first time I've had this, and I freaked out when I found it. I was worried that it'd stay there and even grow, so I did everything I could to kill it. So since I don't want anyone to feel extremely worried like I did, I'll post what I did to "fix" it. Over the course of a little over two days, I've managed to make it go from a pea sized lump to something not very noticeable at all and not uncomfortable like it was before.

What I did:
It came out of nowhere. I found it, freaked out, looked on the internet to see what it was and how to get rid of it.

1) I read that it could be a swollen lymph node, build up of bacteria, and/or an infection. Silly as it may be, I put neosporin on it twice. Once, when I found it, and once before I went to sleep. The next morning, it was still there, but it didn't hurt as much(but still hurt.)
2) The next day(thursday), it seemed to grow, but not much. I put more neosporin on it. Went through class the way it was. I got back and put neosporin on it again. The pain would reduce, but the size reduction was minimal.
3)Like I do with any swelling, I iced it down. It is extremely uncomfortable to ice something down near your groin, but it works! I saw a significant reduction in size and pain! So I iced it down 3 or 4 times that day. Took an ice cube, put it in a sandwich bag, and lightly pressed on it(hopefully it won't hurt much). In the short run, it sucks. But it will help! Mind over matter!
4) I also took 2 advil pills that night, since I read ibuprofen might help?
5) The next day(Friday), it was so small I didn't notice it. I could feel it a little, but it wasn't nearly as painful as it used to be. So I iced it down again and put on more neosporin on it and took more advil. I iced it down 3 or 4 more times that day and put neosporin on it more.

It's saturday morning and it's almost completely gone! I don't feel it, and it's so small now.

In short - I urge you to not just let this go, take action once you find it. Ice it down A LOT(3-4 times a day) as I'm still icing it down too, put neosporin on it(2-3 times a day), and take advil(minimal dosage though: once or twice a day). Also, I feel like hot water made it grow a bit, so I stayed away from hot water and hot compresses. I didn't have to go to the doctors or anything.

Hope I've helped someone here!

Derwood, MD

#139 Apr 28, 2012
So throughout Wednesday night and Saturday morning, it's almost completely gone.

Preston, UK

#140 Apr 29, 2012
heyya i was just wouderin ive got like a pump under my skin at the side near were my nickers rest n it only hurts wen i touch it i dont want to go to the doctors or owt tho im really scared its not cancer or owt isit ? thanks xxx

Preston, UK

#141 Apr 29, 2012
im 19 by the way xx

Eugene, OR

#142 Apr 30, 2012
I realize these questions are old but just in case someone needs an answer in the future...

I have had this same problem. When I was pregnant I had one develope at an extremely fast rate (egg size in about 2 weeks) my OB had me wait until it was "pointing" until she could lance it. It was terrible..she lanced it and said it was the largest she had ever seen before. She took samples of the puss to be tested for staph infections...she also told me once you have one you are more susceptible to keep getting them. After lancing it, she stuffed a thin gauze-like material that was soaked in antibiotic into the hole, and left the hole open for a week-changing th e "gauze" twice. Then finally allowing it to close.

IMPORTANT: Antibiotics will not work to CURE it. It will make it better temporarily and it will come back with a vengeance. Seek medical help.

Sacramento, CA

#143 May 23, 2012
You all have Hidradintis Suppurativa. Google it. It's an infection of the sweat glands.

Sacramento, CA

#144 May 23, 2012
It's an infection of the sweat gland it gets blocked its called hidradinitis suppurativa.

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