Tender Swollen Lump near Groin Area

Middleburgh, NY

#65 Jun 14, 2011
I know a lot of these start out with "I have the same thing!" And not a lot of answers, and here is another one. Only I want to clarify exactly where this is because I say "groin" and by that, I don't mean anywhere near my vaginal opening which means it is NOT the bartholin thingy. It is right on my underwear line, I have one on each side of my leg and last night it exploded in my sleep and I woke up with blood everywhere. I am a picker and have tried to squeeze these things, there is nothing in there but pain and its really pissing me off because they won't go away. I think I am going to try the garlic pill suggestion and I also for awhile was taking tumeric root, chlorophyll pills and drinking an ounce of pure apple cider vinegar mixed with water...this seemed to help but I am 26 years old, why am I taking all of these freakin vitamins!?

Middleburgh, NY

#66 Jun 14, 2011
Also, they only swell up just before my period and usually go away but this one I have had for over 2 months, I also get a swollen lymph node in my armpit just before my period...WTF?

Airdrie, Canada

#67 Jun 24, 2011
Amy wrote:
im 16 and i have the same thing and when i tried researching it online the thing that seemed to fit the symptoms was a swollen gland. im hopeing if i leave it for a bit longer it will just go away otherwise ill have to see a docter but im a bit embarassed. i never heard before that you might need surgery for this kind of thing tho, i hope i dont :S
I currently have one (just the size of a pea), but i did have one when i was 13 and my doctor said that it might just be a fat deposit (from underwear rubbing against my skin), she also said nothing to worry about and i left it alone and eventually it disappeared. But now apparently back. I would recommend wait a bit, if it doesnt get any better maybe get the doctor to check it out.

Carlisle, PA

#68 Jun 26, 2011
I just found the same type of lump. Last week I was bit by a spider on my thigh. Since then I have pain in my entire thigh and now the lump by my groin. Sounds like an infected lymphnod. It's Sunday so I'm calling the Dr. I'll post what i'm told. But those of you that haven't gone to the Dr, I beg you to do so. This is your life we're talking about.

Miami, FL

#69 Jun 29, 2011
Jen wrote:
I am 22 and I have the same exact thing! This seems like a real young woman problem! I asked my doctor about it and he said it was a gland and not to worry, but it may persist for up to a year! This stinks huh?!
I am now 55 and I have had the same symptoms since I was a young adult. The lumps come and go.

Preston, UK

#70 Jul 4, 2011
I am a 15 year old male, recently discovered yesterday no more than 3 lumps on the right side of my groin, as well as the left side. I was walking long distances yesterday, and I wonder if it was caused by excercise of some sort? They are tender to touch and VERY painful when I walk.

United States

#71 Jul 19, 2011
Krystyna wrote:
I have one of these too.. or I think I do? I have a lump, where my leg meets my genital area. It is VERY tender under the skin. When I squeezed it, it was like a balloon blowing up. My skin seemed very thin around it, and you would think it would just POP, but it doesnt. It just gets bigger and bigger.. and then the lump will go away if I leave it alone for a day, but the pain is still there. I see a GYN next week, so I'm hoping he will provide some info/relief. Anyone else experiencing what I am trying to explain?
YESS mine is exactly the same. Is your purpleish? The skin is thin and it hurts really bad when I push on it.. Did you find out what it was?
just a lil bird

United States

#72 Jul 20, 2011
I had this thing most of you describe. Use cotton balls soaked in alcohol to clean area extra good (after a shower, of course) After the area is completely dry, use Caldesene medicated powder. Its actually for diaper rash and comes in a semi tall pink bottle. Mostly I find it at CVS or Walgreens drugstores. Then, find underwear that does not rub against that area.. No elastic in leg area. Try thongs. Best to try this at night before u go to bed and during the day anytime you have time. Good luck

United States

#73 Jul 27, 2011
I am 44yrs old and have been getting cysts for over 20yrs. I have had them in different places. Under my armpits (had my sweat glands removed from one arm), on my back, my face, my thigh, breast, but cheek and just recently my groin (I was embarrassed to tell my doctor). Please please please call your doctor don't wait to see you gyn. When you call ask to speak with your nurse so you can be seen sooner. You can ease the discomfort with a warm compress as many times a day as possible. Make sure to check your temp there maybe something else going on. I have had them go away with just the warm compress but if it gets bigger see your doctor you may need antibiotics. I hope this helps. Go see your doctor better sure than unsure

Lawrence, MA

#74 Aug 7, 2011
I am 29 and. I have been getting these since i was like 12. They are scary and mine have always been painful. Hot compress helps keep them from getting extremely large..When they egg size and hurt definitely see a doctor. I wonder how many of u ladies are African American. I am half my doctor told Me it is very common in women of color..Being over weight can also contribute..More friction. My dad gets them too and he is my parent of color and I take after him.i've heard also that they are hereditary. For the young girls. They definitely are not sexually transmitted and have nothing to do with being dirty. Try. To wear a full cotton panty that helps prevent.
Dillon Bhagolie

Surprise, AZ

#75 Aug 8, 2011
ok hey guys im only 15 and ive had it. when i was 14i had it and i cut it open with a pin and a hole bunch of puss came out i DO NOT recomend it because it hurts like ah bitch but it went away now its back and im about to have sex for the first time and im worried as hell but this time its in the same spot but hurts more idk what to do. should i squeeze it? because ive cut the skin down a little bit with the edge of a sanitized knife and i will never tell my doctor because its too embarrassing so could someone tell me what to do with it before my fuck buddie thinks i have herpes

Smithfield, NC

#76 Aug 8, 2011
-Hi everyone. I'm 13 and i have the same exact thing. I'm kinda scared and i dont wanna tell my mother.But that seems like the only thing to do. I hope i dont have to get surgery though like some of you say. I've had it for like 2 years and when i get up and start walking i cant hardly walk because it hurts that bad! I really do hope that they have a cure for this !

Salt Lake City, UT

#77 Aug 10, 2011
I am 13,and i also have something on my thigh near my panty line its getting big almost the size of a marble its hard and hurts, but I'm not so sure its a ingrown leg hair my sisters say it look somewhat like a boil, its starting to worry me but I am going to the doctor for it.

Salt Lake City, UT

#78 Aug 10, 2011
carolina wrote:
<quoted text>
YESS mine is exactly the same. Is your purpleish? The skin is thin and it hurts really bad when I push on it.. Did you find out what it was?

I also have the same thing, but on my thigh, it hurts like a small stabbing sensation if you poke it and if i squeeze it feels like when someone pinches the back of my arm, really hard, considering the fact that i a thirteen and only have a dad I was sorta afraid to tell him but I did so today I will be going to the ER because I don't have a regular doctor.
Lauryn S

Columbia, MD

#79 Aug 11, 2011
I have that same lump but mine is ferimal hernia the rare one for women I am only 16 kinda scared cuz I have to have surgery now

Smithfield, NC

#80 Aug 12, 2011
Hey everyone....I told my mom about it and she took me to the doctor.My doctor gave me these antibiotics and this cream and she said it comes from shaving she said something about a hair folicule and that its just a in grown hair.... She said the best way to get rid of it is to sit in some bleach water....for every gallon of water you put one table spoon of bleach.... I hope I helped !*:)


#81 Aug 21, 2011
I have the same problem except my lum has been there for a month and has grown! I ignored it as I has a similar situation in the past and docs have treated it with anti biotics......Its no back but larger and kinda hurts but hasn't formed into a spot. Reading some of the reviews are kinda scary but also very helpful as I am quite worried. My lump has gotten a lot bigger for last month.....just hope its nothing bad :s


#82 Aug 25, 2011
So I have ingrown hairs every now n then, which I tweez out. On my inner right thigh, almost on the inner pubic bone, I had an ingrown hair I couldn't get out. After prodding, I gave up. Next day it was a white head so I popped it. It swelled up but just watery fluid came out. I had another look at it recently and it looked purpley black, and quite full. The skin seemed thin and I thought the colour meant the hair was underneath so I tried again to get it out. It just swelled up loads. It felt hard and would move about. Just looked on this site and reading experiences...most women don't get these just once, they have many. I also have a hard lump on my chin which swollen up too. Worried that this trend is gonna continue? Not sexy. I don't really want years of battling with these... I'm happy to have surgery but as long as they put me under! I have a low pain threshold. Ahhh wth is up with us women we have it crap!
Good luck to everyone hope you all find a solution!!
19 year old female
Abbie Monaghan


#83 Aug 28, 2011
Help I am gonna die!!! I have this and it's so soore I can't even walk properly and I have put hot water on ad tried to pop it only a little came out!! I'm so mard I hate pain don't know what to do!!:'(

Downers Grove, IL

#84 Aug 29, 2011
i have the same thing its been swollen for about almost a week now, it hurts to walk and sit sometimes and i've noticed if i wear underwear it gets worse. so i haven't been wearing any and it'll get better, its werid. i think im gonna go to the doctor.. just haven't had time yet. I noticed it started i think it was from my underwear, b/c i bought a new thong and put it on then, it was kind of tight but i didn't think anything of it, so i continued to wear it. After the next day or so this appeared. I've also had one before on the other side my bikini line about 5 years ago, and i still have a scar.

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