Tender Swollen Lump near Groin Area

Beuningen, Netherlands

#44 Feb 26, 2011
I have this problem to! I got it the day after i wore my first thing for the day. Im 16 and the lump feels alot bigger than a pea, but when i took a closer look it is rather small.

It is just behined my "thing" at the base of my right leg. I could feel my thong rubbing against there and dident think much of it...I hope its not an infected limph node like people are saying...i had one of those 5 years ago, it was higher up, closer to my hip. It swelled up to the size of a small banana..i had to have it operated on...not nice...i still have the scar, its about an inch long.

Im putting teatree oil on it and wearing lose clothes.(Teatree oil is suposed to speed up the healing process) So i hope it will clear up soon.

Beuningen, Netherlands

#45 Feb 26, 2011
first thong*...not thing! damn typoes sorry!

Portland, OR

#46 Mar 10, 2011
Hi girls -

I am not a doctor but I've experienced something that sounds similar to what many of you are describing since I was a young woman (I'm 42 now). I also remember being very frightened when it first started.

I think it's what is called hidradenitis suppurativa or apocrinitis. Check it out on the mayo clinic website. Isn't the internet amazing?

Best of luck to you all - this is an annoying and painful skin disease.

Rialto, CA

#47 Mar 19, 2011
Well I'm 15 year old teen and I have a bump on my pelvic(pubic) area right under my boxer line and I went to the doctor and tried to give me a physical attenmpt to touch me in that part and I jerked and left the room so I turned to the internet.. its a pea like size and it doesn't hurt only if I touch it, so please help I'm very worried!!
KKzzz687 wrote:
I'm a 22 year old woman that has a tender swollen lump near my groin area (where my leg meets my genitals).
When I was 13 I had the same thing on same place except on my right side, it was the size of a pea that eventually grew into the size of a walnut. It was never painful until 3 years ago, it became infected (I found out later by an ingrown pubic hair). It has swollen up to the size of an egg and was painful to walk. I went to a Dermatologist and he surgically removed it, I forgot what he called it though. After researching, it has many charateristics of a sebaceous cyst but has never leaked or oozed fluid or pus. It doesn’t even seem to have a ‘head’ on it.
Since then it's been 3 years and I've noticed an occasional small one every 4-5 months but currently I have one that seems to be doing the same thing as 3 years ago... it's taken about 2 months to grow to the size of a walnut. I'm not touching or squeezing it, mainly b/c it hurts, and I think that that's the reason it got bad last time. I really don't want to have it removed like last because the last time it left a horrible scar and I don't want a matching one on the other side. BUT I will if it is necessary. I guess that is my main question. Last night, I put a really hot rag on it for a few minutes because I read that heat would help with the swelling. Will this go away on its own, without surgery?
AND if it is infected would Doxycycline be a good antibiotic in order to cure the infection?(Currently I do not have insurance and I have a prescription for Dozycycline that my doctor gave me a month ago for my acne).
Basically my questions are:
• What is this?
• Will it go away without surgery?
• If infected, will Doxycycline cure the infection?
• How can I prevent another one from popping up?(I thought that it might be caused by me shaving my bikini area frequently and have course ingrown hair)
I hope someone can help me. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I realize there are many similar cases like mine with questions but not as many answers.
Thank you in advance!


#48 Mar 30, 2011
i have same thing for ages. i have loads of them near my groin and even under my armpits under both!!!!! im waiting on operation for my arms. stuff comes out of my groin cyst sometimes the last time i got it it went away on its own. its very painful even ta wear knickers. i hate havin them they always seem to hurt so bad. it would be ok for about 3 months but then start to act up again. its ruining my life altogether =( i joined vhi but then they said i would have to wait 5 years. 5 years is alot of time to suffer i think.especilly if i have them for over 6 years now. thanks for reading and hope someone can help t

Calvert City, KY

#49 Apr 1, 2011
i am 20 years old, i got this cyst like bump between my legs when i was pregnant. i thought it was an ingrown hair so i tried popping it. it began to swell alot and eventually it busted! it was full of blood and puss. the swelling went down over a week or two. but now i have two of these cyst like bumps. and one of them is the same one from when i was pregnant. i am really worried about this because one of them is big, the size of my thumb nail and purple. i havent tried popping them since i know what happens. but the rubbing from walking, and sometimes they pinch against my pants or underwear. i have really dry skin too, and i am wondering if this could be why my glands swell into cysts? these cysts only occur if i try working out or me and my boyfriend have sex. im scared it could be cancer, and im so young and have a 1 year old son. im actually really freaking out. please help me understand and calm my nerves. im scheduling an apointment this week to see my doctor.

Kerrville, TX

#50 Apr 13, 2011
I had a lump on my right leg a year ago on the lower outside of my groin. my doctor said it was a fraboid tumor. so he cut it out and packed it. now i have another one on my left left higher than before. Every doctor I go says its a swollen lymph node. I hate these doctors look at all of us with this same problem and no one can tell us what it is. I have an appointment with a general Surgeon next week to get this removed again. i am going to keep whatever they pull out of my leg and see if my primary doctor can test it.


#51 Apr 21, 2011
Hello I came back on here to hopefully help others, I have had these lumps for about 10 months I went to the doctors so many times and was told it was the way it was and they.could last for months.or years. I felt so low and embarrassed about.them and was in a lot of pain when they swelled up, I tried so many things off these forums from not shaving to going on sun beds to dry up the skin to trying spot treatments and anti biotics ! NOTHING Worked for me! But my mum suggested going to for.homepathy, I was skeptical about this but went as at the end of my list of ideas!! I had one session and little changed then I went again and she gave me a different treatment called silica and literally the next day they got heads and started to drain. I wanted to share this with you as I hope it will help.someone else.

I am not saying to go buy silica but to see a proffesional homepathic person who will assess you as an individual it cost me 80 pounds for 2 sessions which is I know expensive but its more than worth it.to get rid of these horrible lumps. Hope that helps.someonee.as I know how desperate.i became!

Take care.x

Hialeah, FL

#52 May 2, 2011
I have been getting these lumps off and on since I was 26 and I'm now 37. I don't know what causes them. I have a very healthy diet now and yet I still get them. My gyno was clueless. What makes them go away quicker is cortisone cream. Put on the cream 3 times a day everyday until it disappears.
Me Too

Nürnberg, Germany

#54 May 7, 2011
I had a small lump under my right upper thigh are (beteen major labia and leg - not on the vagina at all) aka panty line. For years it was there but not always filled up. When it wasn't active, it would be flat and you could only feel if you touched very firmly the tissue of the "sac". It also looked kinda purplish (size of a dime) from where it began scarring because about once a month it would fill up (ironicaly usually around when I'd get my period) and almost over night to the size of a walnut. It would be hot, swollen and unconfortable and feel like a deep zit. It also seemed to do it more when it was really hot/sweaty outside. Tight panties on the underwear line also would also bring the cycst about.

I tried many times to have docs take it out but they wouldn't,..they said it wasn't hurting anything or would give me a stup topical to put on it or an antibiotic,..which would work, until the next time. Finally, the skin became so thin from it constantly doing that, that it would rupture (mostly blood, some white fluid - no smell) and I could see the sac protruding.

I became concerned for infection so I went to the doc and she lanced it. I knew that wouldn't do anything. Sure enough it was back a month later and I demanded general surgery,..after 5 years of dealing with this.

So, I just had the surgery to have it removed (it was filled when doc did it - which was good so he knew what he was cutting). It was relatively painless. I have 10 days off work to recover and yeah there might be an ugly scar, but I'd rather an ugly scar with healthy tissue than an infected swollen area down there. It doesn't hurt at all. I have stitches that will disolve and some meds. I wish I would have done this YEARS ago and not let the docs talk me out of it. It's my body. Lesson learned.

Handcross, UK

#55 May 9, 2011
I noticed a small pea sized lump on my groin 2 weeks ago, which wasn't painful, except when touched and when I'm horse riding (which is my job!!) I'm 18. Cos of this I went to the doctor and she said not to worry it's just an ingrown hair from shaving causing something to swell up. But now it's got bigger and really hurts when I ride, which I can't not do. I dont really know what to do about it

Nyack, NY

#56 May 9, 2011
I have the same thing and im 14. I've had it since I was 12. One time it. Was like a walnut but now it's huge and painful! I have two on same side!! Is this something serious??

Norwood, Australia

#57 May 23, 2011
I have a cyst in my groin area also. It sits right under my underwear elastic at the front. I'm having surgery to have it removed on Tuesday.
I've had it for 6 months or more. It's red/purple and probably a centimeter wide. I took 2 courses of antibiotics and it didn't shrink at all. My doctor said it was probably an ingrown hair or bacteria got in while I was shaving. He also said if it doesn't have a "head" like a pimple that it couldn't be drained.
Obviously yours may not be the same, but I hope this helps.

United States

#58 Jun 4, 2011
I'm 26 and I have had 3 cyst that needed to be lanced one was even on my face next to my ear, these things hurt like heck. (don't want to curse..lol) I get them all the time next to my groin where the leg ends and crotch begin. I find that if I leave them alone they go away. but sometimes like right now I got two walnut size ones and they leak sometimes and stink bad. So far I know it could be the albuterol I take for asthma but I doubt it or dehydration. The doctor says ingrown hair that became infected or clogged pores but no cure or prevention...fml

United States

#59 Jun 7, 2011
I have a tiny lump next to my groin I think it's an ingrow hair but idk. It burns & itches plz tell me if u know anything. I'm 17. And my fiance is worried about it.


#60 Jun 8, 2011
have the same thing


#61 Jun 8, 2011
m 14 and scared of my life i have a small lump in my right groin area.im too afraid to go to the doctor because i dont like the idea of injections or operations.someone please give me some advice i am male btw

United States

#62 Jun 9, 2011
i have the same thing.. DID you ever find out what it was? I have dr appointment tomorrow but I am concerned and looking for information.
anonymust lol wrote:
well im 16 and i have one right above my left hip bone....and its sort of painful when im sitting for a while ( like how i am now trying to find answers lol ), and it hurts when i walk or curl up t night to go to sleep. Online i haven't read anyones complaints about their "lumps" being quite bluish as if it were a bruise or something. thats my case and it always feels cold. The coldness is the kind of coldness that yu get in your hand if youy raise your arm for an hour ( as if blood is draining out or something)- has anyone felt similarly??


#63 Jun 11, 2011
I have just noticed a large lump in groin area noticed it before at time of period but never this big it's also painful to touch

United States

#64 Jun 12, 2011
Trixie wrote:
I noticed a small pea sized lump on my groin 2 weeks ago, which wasn't painful, except when touched and when I'm horse riding (which is my job!!) I'm 18. Cos of this I went to the doctor and she said not to worry it's just an ingrown hair from shaving causing something to swell up. But now it's got bigger and really hurts when I ride, which I can't not do. I dont really know what to do about it
I'm a rider too and have the same issue, its SO aggravating!

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