Small, "tapioca like" bumps on finger...

Jacksonville, FL

#285 Mar 29, 2012
I was thinking it could be from my steering wheel - will change the cover tomorrow and see if that was the cause....

Ocean View, DE

#286 Apr 5, 2012
wow I get the same thing. I am just now getting over a bout of the same bump issues. I'm pretty sure it started out stress related. But what happened what the fat areas of my body became itchy. Then i got the 'tapioca ball things' on my hands, elbows, and feet and they were really really itchy. But again, I'm pretty sure it was brought on my stress/anxiety/deadlines. But b/c I was so itchy, now I have scabs that are healing. I ahve had this same thing happen about 5 years ago and hoped it would never happen again. it sucks. Normally during the changes of seasons (spring/sum) and (fall/wint) I get a mild case of bumps on my hands and sometime feet. It was just much more sever this time around. Cold helps the itch go away. Band-aids help to cover the spots that are itchy. I'm from Oregon and read that there's stuff in the air during blooming/season change that causes these bumps to happen and that most people grow out of it. Hope that's all it is associated to.

Wellford, SC

#287 Apr 13, 2012
I have been wondering what was going with my hands and I have searched been to dr.s and nothing seemed like what mine look like are how they do when they going away, and I came across this today and I have the same thing thanks for the info I feel more relieved now!!
Johno wrote:
Yeah I have the same thing... doing some research I think it might be Psoriasis
Check out the below URL for more info.
Josh, I have the same symptoms and judging by the photos we have a case of Pustular psoriasis..
"Pustular psoriasis. The typical symptoms of pustular psoriasis are pus-filled blisters on the skin. The blisters usually dry up, turn brown, become scaly, and peel off. The lesions usually occur on the hands and feet and are primarily seen in adults."
Check out the link above for more information and possible treatments.

Naples, FL

#288 Apr 14, 2012
This is not an outside treatment it is inside.. for everyone who has tried every ointment etc... this is just a way for ur body to release certain toxins/stress from ur system as u have overloaded it. 6wk check..

1. if u smoke stop for 6 wks if u cant at least cut in half.
2. if u over caffeinate ie more than 4 cups a day cut to 2 or stop for 6wks.
3. If you drink alcohol everyday more than 2 glasses of whatever take free days and dont overdo for a 6wks on anyday or go to excess.
4. If u r living with stress daily u must give ur self a break and have a cple days a wk as free days that u let it go as u have no control.
5. Check ur acidity levels if high get a juicer drink beet, carrot etc raw enzymes
6. Dont always hold your cell phone in ur palm put it away when not in use.
7. wear breathable shoes for those with foot prob, ladies watch out for nylon.
8. stay away from nickle dont whatever u do touch with pins
9. Try a body cleanser for at least 1 day a wk for 6. Flush out your system.
10. No pill or cream fixes this in the long term as u all know it just cycles back.

New York, NY

#289 Apr 15, 2012
Kerry wrote:
I get similar bumbs on the sides of my fingers. They do not cause much of an itch but it is noticable. I have narrowed it down to The ingredients in Dr. Bronners soaps. When I was younger I used Dr. B's peppermint liquid soap for soap and shampoo. I noticed these bumps after using it for a couple months. I discontinued using it years ago and the bumps went away almost immediately after I quit using it. I was young in my twenties and didn't think much about it. RECENTLY I was at a health food store and decided to get some of Dr. B's peppermint and almond soaps - THE SOAPS ARE WONDERFULLY SCENTED and HEALTHY - HOWEVER, After about a month of useage the bumps started appearing on the sides of my fingers again. Now I am sure that is what the cause is was - I think it is the palm oil or coconut oil used in making the soap. After I quit using the soap the top surface of the the skin on my fingers drys out and peels off.-Check any products you are using to see if they contain palm or coconut oils - I think one of these are the ingredients causing this reaction.
- kerry i get the same thing on my hands and feet mostly feet. ive realized theres a chemical in some body washes and mostly soap and hand sanitizer. so when you wash your hand just thoroughly wash with not or cold water. also when the bumps are opened the liquid inside spreads like an oil causes more bumps to appear an ueffected skin to become dry. hope this helps.

New York, NY

#290 Apr 15, 2012
for the past 4 years ive had the same thing everyones talking about. red little bumps that spread quite quickly across my hands feet, fingers and toes. i know how you all feel, embarassed, weird, and different. its a pain in the ass but i have no clie how to CURE it. there are strategies to reduce it though. use bar soaps instead of liquid soaps also dont use hand sanitizers and body wash. there is a chemical in these that cause the bumps, so ive read and observed in myself. sweat and stress also contribute. try to keep the areas dry like instead of always wearing socks. keep your feet insand at the beach this helped me during the summer also salt water helps clean it out and getrid of the bacteria. dont scratch it or pop thw bubbles the oil in thwm spread te bumps and cause dry ichy skin. topical creams help the iching but as far as i know dont help the bumps. this is all i have to say, i hope i helped some of you.

Thorold, Canada

#291 Apr 17, 2012
I had red spots, flaking skin and bubbly, tapioca-like spots on my fingers & palms for the past 4 years. Tried everything. I did some research on nickel allergies. Replaced my metal barbell with a broom handle and stayed away from my bicycle (with nickel handlebars)for about a week. My hands cleared up entirely. I used the barbell with light weights about 3 times a week with bare (sweaty) hands in a workout routine. I couldn't believe the results in just a few days. hope this helps someone else.

Salt Lake City, UT

#292 Apr 26, 2012
Okay so i have these bumps, only on the sides of my fingers and they usually go away if I dont bother them but sometimes they can get big and when i "pop" it, clear oily fluid comes out then, bam! its over and it goes away. Its never hurt, its never been itchy its just kinda....there. But Ive always wonder why I get them and they usually appear in the summer or when it gets warmer or when im on my period. I always thought it was excess oil or my hands trapped my swear or something like ingrown hairs but with oil but i dont know. But like ive said they've never bothered me they just show up and go away. oh and i never get them on my feet. so ya....any advice, anyone?

Raleigh, NC

#293 Apr 26, 2012
I posted my experience for this some time ago. I'm sorry it took me so long to give an update.

I figured out what was causing my bumps. It was my steering wheel. The material had deteriorated down to the metal. I soon as I got one of those steering wheel covers went it away and never came back.

I hope this heels someone else
White Male 37

Encinitas, CA

#294 May 3, 2012
I have had this for years... I did my own due diligence (a lot of trial and error) and have concluded that it is a variance of Candida on my hands- it has plagued me every Spring for the last decade...

In its benign form, Candida yeast is present in small quantities in all of us in the mouth, throat, digestive tract. Candida or Candidiasis is caused when Candida becomes too prevalent in the gut and changes into its fungal form. This fungus damages the intestinal walls and Candida spores spread throughout the body.

I applied Nystatin ointment on my hands three times a day since last Monday and today- Thursday- I am completely free of the small, clear, fluid filled bumps that were all over my hands.

Nystatin Ointment USP provides specific therapy for all localized forms of candidiasis. Symptomatic relief is rapid, often occurring within 24 to 72 hours after the initiation of treatment. Cure is effected both clinically and mycologically in most cases of localized candidiasis.

Good Riddance.

Do yourself a favor and take my advice- Nystatin has cured me of this wretched affliction.

White Male 37 in San Diego. Peace

Bethlehem, PA

#295 May 9, 2012
OMG, I get this and I'm not much of a big drinker. I had 2 beers today and yesterday. The bumps appeared yesterday and I've just started looking around for what it could be. I really think your onto something.
Jenny wrote:
Hey Josh,
I usually get those exact same bumps after having one or two alcoholic beverages. For me, I think it's an allergic reaction to alcohol which usually starts after five or six hours after consumption and it last for about two days and the bumps start to fade away. But I understand the frustration and the numb, needle pitching sensation that occurs. that's about the only time when I get those bumps whenever I drink. And it is not a reddish skin irritation, the bumps are clear and I do have that yellowish (barely) tint to them. anyhow, I have also been searching and asking but haven't gotten any answers. I just avoid alcohol, or make predictions to my friends about how my hands would look like the next day. They think its strange! Good luck.
Me three

United States

#296 May 20, 2012
Me too wrote:
I have the same thing as described above. I went to the doctors and they had no idea what it could be so they prescribed me hydrochrosome cream, and nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, which is supposed to treat yeast infections. So far, I thought it could be from the sun since I am a lifeguard, but now that I have a week break, the bumps seem to have lessened down a bit, so I am not sure if it is the less exposure to the sun or the creams.
I have been getting these little blisters since I was a kid. Then I didn't get them for years, and just lately they started up again. I had a hunch that this could be yeast related since I have had other symptoms of a yeast infection on my back called tinnea versicordia (something like that) and it burns real bad on your skin and a darken skin patch appears. Anyway, I had some of the same cream you just mentioned, and I figured it would be worth a try on my hands. I just used it one night and I saw a big difference. That was a few weeks ago. Today some new blisters just popped up on my index finger, so I am going to try this cream again, but for maybe a week in a row and see if this kills the fungus off for good. Wonder if a Diflucan pill would help? That kills systemic yeast off all through your body.

Atlanta, GA

#297 May 20, 2012
It still amazes me that five years later this topic is so active.

I have not had this problem in close to two years now, I think.

But, a few times I have felt as if it was happening recently.

When it does, I try really hard to resist the temptation to scratch the area.

I have been having more alcoholic drinks than normal, but if it truly had anything to do with that, I figure it would have flared up regardless of scratching.

I eat more wheat/gluten based food than I used to as well, so that probably is not related.

The biggest change is that since late Jan of 2011 I have had a 99% vegan diet, after having eaten everything for 33.5 years.

So, I still don't know what really causes it for me, or what may help prevent it.

Newark, NJ

#298 May 26, 2012
I get these clear bumps ever humid spring/summer I wash my hands and use Anti-Bacterial soap.. still nothing.. the more hot and humid the worse they get... I use baby powder and try to keep my gands dry like aq babys but during a rash and it helps big time just talcum powder...after a good hand wash... they never itich just feel bigger than they are between my fingers...

United States

#299 May 28, 2012
It is likely Dyshidrotic Eczema
Rachel from the UK

Maidstone, UK

#300 May 29, 2012
I had this nearly a year ago (last July) and I have been wondering if I will ever get it again, since most people on this thread said they did. And guess what! I think it is coming back now :( My hands are starting to itch and I can see the bumps forming. There are two reasons which could have caused it. One could be the stress I have been under because I have been sitting exams the past couple of weeks. Or the other reason, which is the more likely, is that the weather has been very hot and humid here in the UK!!! It has been 30 degrees. This is so annoying.


#301 May 29, 2012
I started getting these as well about 4years ago. I think its an allergic reaction to pollen. Mines always occurs in spring. The first time I got them it was really bad and I.didn't know what was going on and thought it was stress from final year at uni. Then they started to occur the next year at the same time. I got the doctor to prescribe decent antihistamines and they go away after about two weeks:-)

Sarnia, Canada

#302 Jun 1, 2012
kyle wrote:
this is the most inoying thing that has happen to me
Predisone is the only cure

Haslet, TX

#303 Jun 5, 2012
I get tiny, hard pimple-like bumps on my fingers sometimes, too. There is no pus inside and they are itchy. The difference for me is that they do not "dry up, turn brown and crack." Mine will just disappear. They always seem to come back though... I have a bunch on the back of my hand in an area the size of a quarter and between my forefinger and thumb. They just pop up!

I've always attributed it to allergic reaction to something.

Keller, TX

#304 Jun 8, 2012
I get these things too, living in a very HOT subtropical country. Only happens in summer time and when the temperature goes up, so I know it isnt bacterial or fungal.

What I do is squeeze the liquid inside out like a pimple then put Hydrogen Peroxide on them. Not only does it remove the bump (water under the skin gets squeezed out) but the peroxide removes the infection and stops the itching quickly.

Hope that helps...

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