Ingrown facial hair, cysts, multiple ...
John London

London, UK

#383 Aug 12, 2010
mark10024 - Have you tried altering your diet? We sound like we were in very similar territories and it made a difference to me. One important note to make is that I'd bet this isn't down to one single reason, but that your skin is hyper-sensitive and that several factors make things worse. It's about earmarking which. I've noticed I'm very sensitive to onions and have seen my skin improve no end since I avoid all onions and powdered onion. I cut out dairy and that has helped too. I drink more water. I sleep better. I avoid stress and learn to handle it better. And I change towels and pillow cases every other day. Try all these for the next month and feed back.
Good luck and chin up.

Since: Aug 10

Philadelphia, PA

#384 Aug 12, 2010
thanks for the advice john...i eat pretty well, work out and take vitamins. i do drink water, but i think i really should drink more and need to start that now.

i did go to the derm today. she gave me a prescription for solydyn, i believe. i did get 3 cortisone injections and 2 of cysts have gone down about 80% since this morning. the one on the side is being stubborn and i think it has gotten worse. i have had problems in this area before, so i am not surprised. i will call tomorrow and go in monday if it does not get better.

she also suggested trying an electric razor. i saw some posts suggesting the panasonic wet/dry razor. i think i will be purchasing one tomorrow. i am not looking for a close shave as it makes it worse. i think the reason i broke out so badly was i shaved over these areas a couple times the other night. when i did it, i thought not a good idea. obviously it wasn't.
i do use the bump fighter razors and i change them frequently. i try and shave every other day. i am on day 3 now and not shaving until tomorrow, which i may pay for later in breaking out.
i do like the bump fighters and might still use them on my face as my only problem area is my neck. they are to find sometimes. i usually can get them at cvs or duane reade in nyc.

i am glad that i have found this site and appreciate what everybody wrote. it is so hard living with this and not knowing when you are going to have a break out. i have not had one since june and thought i was doing well. i get so discouraged when i break out. i know i am destined to get laser treatments, strongly suggested by my derm. she said this is very hard to treat and laser should help with the condition and cut down the cysts.

and i know people are knocking their derms but i have a great one. they are so good to me in that office. if have a flare up, they fit me in that day. all i have to do is call that morning!! i also get lots of samples and rebates. i pay next to nothing for my prescriptions. i just got a whole neo benz kit with cleanser and cream for free because they gave me a rebate card.
today, she gave me a hug when she was done. she knows i am frustrated and truly feels my pain. she is truly the best i have ever seen!!!!!!!!
John UK

London, UK

#385 Aug 13, 2010
Hi again Mark
Glad things look like improving. I'm not attempting to lecture, as there is a unique key to this we all have to find as our bodies are different, but I really think that diet and then contact dermo from your daily life are two huge issues that people say they are careful with but really aren't.
Mark - have you tried fasting? Nothing drastic. Just a four / seven day stint on the juices and possibly the odd bit of salad here and there. No onions or garlic. Just greens. See how your body reacts. Mine really did, and I get break outs after certain foods. It's sounds as if you've probably already covered this area but it wont hurt for me to ask as it may help you and others too.
I think I've probably taken just about every tablet known to man and my immune system and overall gut flora were shot to pieces as a result. Have you tried a high quality course of pro biotics? I was on a week course of the 20 mill ones then down onto the 7 mills, and was having a pre-biotic yogurt in the morning for breakfast. All seem to help. I haven't had large swell ups for ages and I used to suffer on my neck and throat with anything up to 10 at a time, and all along the jawline.
By all means try the new tabs your dermo suggested. But if they dont help, please do forget them and hit the pro bios. Loads of water. A week of fasting. 8 hrs of kip a night. No stress. And a bit of sun never hurts either.
I was suffering heavily from depression as a result of my skin and am only just getting over that now, so I feel what you do.
Keep plugging away and stay positive.
John UK

London, UK

#386 Aug 13, 2010
Oh and mark - I seem to strangly have break outs when I take the vitamins. I don't truly understand why yet - off to see allergist on Monday. Other than the pro bios, consider dropping all tablets and get your vits from a good diet.


Since: Aug 10


#387 Aug 13, 2010
john...i know you are not lecturing at all and i appreciate you taking the time to suggest help for this horrible condition!!!!!!!!

the reason i get these cysts one in awhile is because of how i shaved. when i shaved on monday, i shaved over my neck twice. i know better to do something like that, but i was just trying to get that close shave. thus, i got three cysts. i have never had that many at once. the most i have had are two.

this has also taken its toll on me. i am a positive person and when i get a flare up, it just brings me right down. i usually just stay in for the day and do nothing except for meds on my face. as you know, it is not some little pimple. it deforms my face and makes it swollen.

like i mentioned i started getting these cysts on my neck and jawline after 31-32 and have continued getting them for a few years. i am so glad i found this forum and was able to read how people are dealing and handling their problems. i would like to know how some of the people are making out on their treatments.

thank you john and everybody for your support!!!!!!!!!!

Karachi, Pakistan

#388 Aug 14, 2010
hey em of 22 .. i want to know that how i can remove my cheeks hairs. I got hairs on my cheek .. plz tell me what should I do?
John london

London, UK

#389 Aug 14, 2010
I just grew a beard and opted for trimming it to neaten things up Mark. Work for me for now and helps hide things a bit when a breakout does occur. I ate some strong cheese for first time in ages couple of days ago and got a medium swell up on my neck. Ho hum. Next!
itsalongwaytotip perary

Traverse City, MI

#390 Aug 17, 2010
So, I am having a major problem with the ingrowings and it seems to be getting worse. Every time I take the tweezers and dig deep into the skin, there is another one in the same area the next day.. Its a nasty willi wonka never ending ingrown hair. Then the problem area increased from a small coin to a large one... Then the problem moved to another cheek and now I got red bumps and ingrowns on both sides.. I I believe that I messed myself up on my own. So, yes, I got a few ingrowns and took the tweezer at them and they got the little infestion "bulb" at the end.. But then I go and take the surrounding hairs as well, shur why not, its great fun pulling the buggers out... Then my problem got worse and I could not figure it out. The more I let the issue get on my nerves the more hairs I plucked out and the more paronid I get looking for them.. Lovely little vicious circle is set in... I have used the hydrocortozone and it helps but the big issue is the ingrowns themselves... So, here is what I think is going on... I pluck out the hair from the skin and the folicle is left behind to grow again.. But this time there is no "lead/guidance" system for the groowing hair to come straight so the bloody thing grows anyway it can.. So, I have a dastardly plan. Next time I have an ingrown, which is nearly every day. I will just tease out the hair to the surface and not pluck out fully. Yes, I know that there are loads of things to consider like when do I shave what I tweezed out, or what about the infected end or even am I better off just pluckin them out cos it is great to get rid of the bastards. HOWEVER, nothing else has worked and pulling them out has only caused the situation to be worse.. So, I will be patient and see what happens over a week.. After that Im for zappin the livin daylights out the little feckers.. Happy pickins lads..

Strawberry, CA

#391 Aug 18, 2010
Post 1 of 2
Wow, glad to finally find a site that deals with this exact problem…I been trying to diagnose myself for years but it never exactly fit any other known skin diseases. I, too am a 30 year old male and have had this issue for over 3 years. It started with one ingrown hair, then spread as I dug and picked. I ended up with lots of red, irritated lumps from deep ingrowns, multiple funky colored, waxy and bent hairs with white things attached. I had tons of wounds and scabs from digging. Felt like a monster. I over treated at home with oils, lotions and creams and made it worse. I have seen 4 derms, but no real help or diagnosis. My initial skin scraping cultures came up positive for Staph, but negative for fungus. Secondary cultures 3 months later were negative for both. I have treated it as a bacterial infection, fungal, viral, scabies, mites… all to no avail. I believe that is may have started from pathogenic origins (possibly staph on dirty needle/tweezers) b/c it only occurs in spots where I have plucked ingrowns and only spreads when I pick new ones….but then whatever the pathogen is either gets deep into the skin layers or follicles and/or the immune system recognizes the ingrowns under the skin as foreign bodies and starts attacking them. Then, I think it eventually becomes an inflammatory issue. Since there is so much inflammation (and scar tissue if you keep picking) the hairs can’t get out and the problem becomes chronic.
I have gotten steroid injections (bad), 9 sessions of laser hair removal (good) and a few sessions of electrolysis (good) so far to remove the lighter hairs. I have run the gamut with topicals (variable results), antibiotics (better at first, relapse), accutane (worse). Here is a short list: Topical: Triamcinolone, Finacea, Metro-gel, Retin-A, Eythromycin, Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%+ Sulfur 5%, Selenium Sulfide shampoo, Permethrin, Tea Tree oil, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sudocreme-Zinc Oxide, Salicylic acid, Lotrimin (clomitrazole 1%) Lamisil (terbinafine 1%), Miconazole, Ketoconazole, Draw Out Salve (ichthammol), silicone gels, hydroxy acids, microionized silver, tend skin, Elicina Snail Extract, apple cider vinegar, baking soda scrubs, aspirin masks, eggwhite masks, bio oil, coconut oil, emu oil, MSM, Bepanthen, manuka honey, coal tar, blood root, neem, buckthorn etc…….Internally: Sulfmethoxazole, Azrithromycin, Cipro, Flagyl, Diflucan (worse!), Accutane, Doxycycline, Minocycline.

Strawberry, CA

#392 Aug 18, 2010
Post 2 of 2

This is what seems to work for me…and believe me, I have tried a lot of different things.
Do not pick or squeeze….especially if you haven’t heat prepped the area with a hot water compress. Dry picking causes more inflammation, possible infection and scar tissue.
Use hot water compresses a few times a day to try and get the hairs to the surface. This brings circulation to the area and white blood cells to the surface and helps direct the hairs to the surface. This is slow work but it is not futile. This doesn’t work for deep hairs very well but it will usually give you an indicator of where the deep hairs are (a distinct red lump or white pus will appear or once the skin dries, dry flaky skin will appear where the problem hairs are). Do not pluck though! Next,(but at least 30 min after heat/water application) what you need to do is take the top layers of skin off as gently as possible. I first put down a layer of metrogel which is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory gel,(or if you don’t have metrogel you could probably use hydrocortisone, but I avoid the stuff) then I use a strong hydroxy acid at night (M2 lotion…a 20% blend of malic and mandelic acids…it is expensive but will last forever). Then I wash it off in the morning or after a few hours with about a tsp of baking soda and a bit of water to make a scrub that will exfoliate the skin. This works for me really well. It may get more red at first but it should get better after a few days or a week, the hairs will start coming to the surface. I repeat, you need to take off the top layers of skin and scar tissue with a strong acid…or ablative laser so the hairs can escape. Once the hairs can escape the redness/inflammation dies down. The M2 lotion I use also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it may work better than others. Once the hairs come through, then let electrolysis get rid of them or if you have dark hair then use laser hair removal. If you don’t kill the follicles, the hairs will just keep coming back ingrown. I also avoid things that make the redness worse. Namely hot temperature and spicy foods. Ibuprofen seems to help keep the redness down but it is only temporary and there seems to be a redness rebound effect. Thanks to all who have added to this discussion thread, good luck to all who read it.

Since: Aug 10


#393 Aug 19, 2010
thanks kev for the information. also, for the guy in traverse, mi, i feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!

i was just wondering what kind if hair everybody has?? my derm said i get ingrown hairs because i have wavy/curly hair. she said that hair below the jawline grow in different directions usually and that is why guys get ingrown hairs. we discussed it because my face is completely clear and i have no is my neck. i hate wearing turtle necks, but do when it is cold because i feel so horrible. i wish i could anytime i get a flair up, but in the summer i would like a

my derm told me try not to pop them as it could infect and make it worse. kev, if i get a flair up i go to my derm for a coratizone injection the same day. it helps within 12 tro 24 hours. i use different topicals but including a from of retin A called epiduo. i also use cleocin gel, which i really like. i use salisyic acid for wash and scared to put it on my face as it irritates it more. i do like benzoyl peroxide, i do put that on my face.

when it comes to shaving, which i HATE to do, i go lightly and use bump fighter razors. i can not go over an area more than once and do not worry about a close shave. i do not care because i rather have stuble than a mountain on my neck. i am going to look into laser and thinking of getting my jawline and neck dowm.

good luck!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry, CA

#394 Aug 19, 2010
Hey Mark,

I have dark, mixed with reddish facial hair...but a lot of clear vellus hairs in my problems areas too.
I am not sure about what to do for a bad flare up on the neck. Warm or hot water compresses can aid the process of getting the hair to surface as well as the healing process. I like to mix benzoyl peroxide with Sudocreme..which is high in zinc oxide. I also find that metrogel works well at first, then kind of stops working after a few applications...use sparingly. Ibuprofen works well for keeping the inflammation down...temporarily and I have found that using doxycyline inappropriately like ibuprofen also helps at first for the redness and inflammation, then kind of loses its luster..and yes, I know this is not recommended. For me, I got a steroid injection once and it helped for 12-24 hours, then it caused the biggest lump I have had so personally, the dexamethasone/cortisone may not be such a good idea. You might want to check to see if this happens to you or not. If not, then keep doing it. I am a big fan of laser hair removal for the neck and jawline, but you need to have dark hair there. I had my neck lasered and shaving is so much easier. The laser also seems to temporarily cause some of the redness to go away...probably because the heat draws circulation, kills some pathogen or causes the capillaries to shrink. I used to get ingrowns on my neck but they are much better after laser. On my face though, I still get fine hairs and a few dark ones coming through my problem areas...hence I have switch to electrolysis for those.
John UK

London, UK

#395 Aug 20, 2010
How do

My derm is no big fan of benzoyl peroxide. She told me of several studies linking it to being an equivalent of sunbathing without protection, and thus a cause of skin cancer if used repeatedly long term.

I find Differin Gel to be really good, and far easier on the skin. And it's not a bleaching agent, so it wont knacker your clothes either!

I was watching my diet and my skin wasn't too bad at all. Once I let it slip, things have flared up again. For me, this scenario repeats again and again if I let things slip, so I'm pretty sure that even if diet doesn't cause the flare ups, it certainly makes the situation worse for me. And I'd rather control things naturally via diet than pump myself full of drugs or cover myself in potentially harmful creams.

That said, when you've got a problem like this, it's admissible that people should go for anything that helps, scare stories or not.
itsalongwaytotip perary

Traverse City, MI

#396 Aug 22, 2010
Well lads, the non plucking is actually helping greatly. My face has calmed down immensely,(SP!). I have stopped pulling out the buggers and just expose them at the surface. Sure, I gotta dig them out but they are then just left to lie on the surface. They do get covered again on a daily basis with scar tissue and they have to be uncovered again... But the major rash and red face and nastiness is gone and Im only left with little red flecks.... Oh, and I use a generic 1% hydrocortizone cream to calm down things.... So, Now I can relax.
So, when your there and thinking, "I will pluck every feckin hair at or near that ingrown one", DONT!!!!.. Be patient with yourself... As Coriolanus said, "scratch the poor itch of your opinion and make thee scabs"..... N dont be pickie with my quotation:)

Strawberry, CA

#397 Aug 24, 2010
I have added Hibiclens to my regimen (see above posts #391 and #392)and it seems to be working very well to reduce the redness and clear some of the infection and inflammation. I almost look normal again. You can buy it at most drugstores. I use it a few times a day. I clean the area with a gentle soap like Purpose or Cetaphil and then rinse and pat dry. Then I rub in the Hibiclens for 30 sec or so, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water. It has seriously done wonders in just a few days. I actually noticed some immediate results too which was awesome. I am usually pretty skeptical of the drugstore stuff and I am trying not to get too excited since a lot of things have worked at first and then lose their kick. So, if you don't see another post soon saying it stopped working, then I really recommend you try it.
Also, since I have been using products like alpha-hydroxy acids that can be drying and cause flaking I tend to get reactive redness in my problem areas to a lot of moisturizers, but I have noticed that Neutrogena -'Oil Free Moisture - Combination Skin' seems to be a decent moisturizer that I don't react to. Good Luck.

Since: Aug 10


#398 Aug 26, 2010 i read all the posts and i figure i should try some type of salycic acid. i have used neutrogena and it is fine, not harsh. so i buy oxy clinical. it was on sale and i thought i would try it. it tore my skin up. i had more in grown hairs than i ever had after a week of using it. some where not even pimples, but i could see the hair. it would be an inch long. i never get this many. it was too strong for my skin. i even had a small problem on my cheek, and i never have problems with my face. if i could have worn a turtle neck this week, i would have!!!!!!!!!!

i am staying away from this stuff!!

i am just happy it has calmed down a lot and my skin is returning to its normal self. i just hope i do not get anymore cysts!!!!!!!!!

anybody else use oxy clinical wash??

kev...i use neutrogena moisturizer everyday and love it. i strongly suggest it. it helps since i use a low dose of retin A sometimes.

also, i wish some of the people from previous posts would write. i would like to hear about their methods and if any of them worked that they discussed.
Catherine Starr

Chicago, IL

#399 Sep 6, 2010
Lynne wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi. I also am having some weird skin problems and the hair follicle seems to be involved. I too get different looking sometimes colorless hairs and pluck them and often will find a thick black coating and a bulbous end. Often I will get a white speck clinging to the shaft from under the skin. As crazy as this sounds, I have seen some of the hair move, very distinctly, as if looking around. It will always have a speck on it, sometimes seems like energy moving. I am baffled and wondering if anyone has had this?
I am also dealing with this problem. That is not crazy, although when I told my family what I had seen they had me committed. I don't know what they are, but they don't like anti-bacterial cleanser; it makes them leave the skin, but you you need to hold it steady on where are, or rub with TP!<3

Smiths Creek, MI

#400 Sep 6, 2010
I've had this problem for over 5 years now, ive gone to a doctor, he just called it an ingrown hair and stuck me with a $275 bill, its not an ingrown its not a mogellon, or worm i found the name of it a while back but i was looking for it again, ill get anywhere from 1-5 of these at a time on my face. I look for them they usually start out looking like a black head cause ill have grown on my facial hair but these will stay almost under the surface or just bareley portrude. Ive gotten pretty good at plucking them, sometimes if i wait, i can just pop em out like a pimple. But yeah its like anywhere from 4-10 or more hairs clumped to geather by sum goo, and growing out of one follicle.


#401 Sep 10, 2010
JULIE wrote:
<quoted text>type into your search engine morgellons pictures this site might shed some light for you all
sorry julie morgellons are nothing like what these lads are referring to .
I have the same problem every one of these guys is describing and it's nothing like this.

Clearwater, FL

#402 Sep 15, 2010
I have had this problem for years. The hair turns into a cyst that I have had cut out and stitched up on several occassion by my doctor after dealing with what looks like a wort on my neck that wont go away. A few things to point out. Most of the time, when these pop up, there is hard white hair in my black beard. Not GRAY from age. White and hard hair, If I can dig them out, it heals slowly but usually comes back down the road a few months. Most of them occur after a close shave. I only use the Gilette Sensor 2 blade. It gives a good shave without going too deep to cause the problem like the 4 and 5 razor blades. I also have places on my lower neck the grows multiple hairs out of the same folicle that is a constant problem. I also chew tobacco "Copenhagen" and have for years. I started shaving at 18, and have chewed all my life. The ingrown hair problem didnt start until I was late 20's.

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