Ingrown facial hair, cysts, multiple ...
Cyster Christian

Germantown, TN

#263 Jan 30, 2009
Yada, yada, yada... i just wanted to let you people know that i feel your pain; i just tried to squeeze one of these subterranean demons and it just wouldn't give in. But it was gracious enough to break off in the middle like a lizard's tail, so now i have half a hair that will probably never surface without a scalpel's assistance. I'll get the perfunctory cyst; perhaps it will flare up again in a few weeks. It would be nice to eliminate this problem. BTW, I'm 29 and I've dealt with this for less than 5 years.
might help

Manchester, NH

#264 Feb 7, 2009
I know that is going to sound crazy and I know that it is not acne, but try Proactiv... it actually helps break down that crap that is surrounding the hair. It is not going to make it go away instantly, but it makes it much more tolerable. my boyfriend has dealt with the same issues for almost 2 years and he has to wear a mask at work that presses right on his jaw line, so you can imagine his difficulties. But he tried Proactiv and it has actually helped - now he still gets some white seed-like things come out sometimes, but they are not nearly as painful as before... good luck all

Hanover Park, IL

#265 Feb 10, 2009
It's taken 2 days, but I've read all the posts in this thread. This is the first time I've really seen a good description of what I've had for the last 5-6 years. I'm 34 now. And, if you couldn't tell by my name, female. lol.

I have the same thing with my eyebrows, pubic hair - underarm and bikini line, and sometimes leg hair. I haven't found any solution at all, so I can't offer any advice, but having read everything in such a short time, I can at least add some similarities I have with others and some random data in the hopes it will help someone.

I'm Type I diabetic. So the posts about high sugars possibly having something to do with this really interested me. I have "brittle" diabetes, so the control isn't as good as it should be.

Along with Type I diabetes, I have other auto-immune disorders. As far as I understand it, autoimmune diseases are an over reaction of the immune system to things they shouldn't be reacting to, but people with autoimmune disorders *also* tend to get more infections. Like the immune system is busy with stuff it shouldn't be. Again, just some data that may or may not be related.

I used to smoke and this started when I was smoking, but I haven't had a cigarette in three years (and 4 days, yay!).

I definitely also have keratosis pilaris and have had that since I was very very young. Not a big deal, but it is a hyperkeratotic disorder and I've always assumed that those "rice" things attached to the hairs was keratin.

I also have the more-than-one-hair coming from a single follicle thing. I had no idea that wasn't normal!

I've been using the Mach3 razor. I'll try using a single blade and see if that helps any. The thing is I have almost black hair and extremely pale skin. So, if I don't shave close enough, the hair is visible under the skin. In a guy's beard, that's not so bad (I just read an article, which I agree with, that most women like stubble, as opposed to clean shaven or a full beard the best). On bare legs on a woman, it's just kinda gross.

I also get those really really thick hairs that seem to be the size of multiple hairs, but I've never tried to see if they really ARE more than one. Is it totally weird that I can't wait 'til I get one to check? lol.

And some questions:

Has anyone tried using a depilatory like Nair, for example? Or has anyone tried the no!no! product? I know both of those are targeted towards women, but it seem they *might* help. I haven't tried them.

Even if there's just no answer for this, it's really a relief to read that others have been having the same problem. I apologize if it's inappropriate for me to have commented being a woman (without a beard!). I hope others keep posting!

Brooklyn, NY

#266 Feb 14, 2009
Maybe I am crazy, but there is something positive about this condition. Many nights, I got way too far and do much more damage than if I had just left things along. But there are nights when I am like a ninja, get in, take out the hair cleanly, and am done. On those nights, the whole process is almost meditative and incredibly satisfying. Am I crazy?

Brooklyn, NY

#267 Feb 15, 2009
Anyone tried one of these?
I bet it would be helpful in weeding out the real ingrown hairs from the red herrings.

Hattiesburg, MS

#268 Feb 19, 2009
I noticed after childbirth these small bumps on the back of my arms. OF course I squeezed them and white crap came out-not sure puss or something else. It seemed to spread over arm and scarred badly over the next year. I started getting bumps on butt then led to back of legs. These bumps very light raised red colored but still had white stuff in them. Okay so I would only pick at them when bored or after shower when I felt them there. I have read the Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it has nothing to do with disorder, Its horrible looking bumu and thought by popping it---- it would GO AWAY. Well thats a joke! I know have all the bumps on Thighs and legs not so much on the buttocks. I do believe I have KP (keratosis pilaris)-I read that it often occurs afterchildbirth-- Very weird b/c I always have had beautiful soft flat skin. I have scarred my arms, legs and stomach over these bumps and very disgusted with the whole situation. Oh yeah and the hair thing I have multiple white hair comign out pores. It started on breast,then arms,now hands-I do have some on legs but not abunch hairs only 2 hairs. I itch legs, head, stomach and arms. ITs weird b/c I do feel like something is crawling or movng on me for a sec then i scratch and it goes away. I plan to get marrried on the beach in JUly but IM disgusted with the way my skin looks. Every little blemish shows darker than other. Now everytime I cut ,scratch,tweeze myself I scar no matter what. Im wondering if anyone is on Aterrol or any other meds???? I am going to try this method out for reducing the bumps on my body.
Here the website:

Im a 31yr old female who only takes Atterrol 30mg pill, stay at home mom who loves to do yard work. I had original thought something bit me outside but it itched,turn red, scabbed over then spread to different areas. It has taken me 2 years to look this up, its very nice to know others have this same problem(plus Im not crazy)! I have been using Eucerin plus Extensive Repair and it keeps my skin moist all day. Im really just ready to get my body back to normal.

Hattiesburg, MS

#269 Feb 19, 2009
Oh yeah plus I have an IUD for birth control. Just wondering if any of these factors or the same.

United States

#270 Feb 26, 2009
While this does affect some women, it mainly affects men. Therefore, no one gives a flying flip because, in case you all haven't noticed, men's health has been purposefully neglected by the medical profession for years. No all the viagra, enzyte, and other retarded crap doesn't count, and I hope Bob gets hit by a truck.

New York, NY

#271 Feb 27, 2009
I've been following this thread for a while now, never posted however.
I have the same problem as what most people indicate here and after dealing with it for 8 years I finally got laser hair removal to try and fix the issue today. I carefully chose a Dr. that does the procedure himself and who was one of the initial Dr's. to use this particular type of laser. I did a lot of homework online about the different types of lasers and even electrolysis before deciding on the guy I found. He was great. The method I went with had minimal pain in most areas and tolerable pain at worst. I ended up doing my entire beard and neck with the exception of my mustache which hasn't historically caused me problems. It was much less painless than I expected, but it's not cheap.
My history is like most, ingrown hairs being the primary problem with occasional large clusters of ingrown hairs often combined with a cyst of some other nasty ball of puss with mutliple hairs coming embedded in it. I've had 4 of these cysts removed from a Dermatologist and it always required stitches, once it was the equivalent of about 20 stitches under my chin. Most of the time, and I suspect this of many people on the forum, I exacerbated problem by trying to remove the hairs at home with tweezers or some other method. It's a particular issue with the ones that are deep in my skin and I have basically end up digging small craters in my face that a Dermatologist then proceeds to yell at me about the following day/week. The emotional part of this obviously sucks and there is definitely a trend on the board that even though we all know we shouldn't be picking at our faces there is some sick gratification when we do pluck out the problem. Overall, the whole damn thing sucks, but I'm glad I found a group of people that have the same condition.
Finding a great dermatologist is key to this issue, however it's much easier said than done. Simply said, most of the dermatologists I've seen pretty much suck but I've now found a great one in my old home of LA and another in my new one in NYC so I should be covered for now.
I will keep people updated as to how the laser hair removal treats the problem. I'm fairly confident that this is really the only method to seriously reduce or eliminate the problem, however there are certainly things you can do that will help which I'll review from my experience.
-Don't shave to close, the goal is to shave close, but keep the hair above your skin (don't use a mach 3 or anything like that, don't shave against the grain)
-Do not tweeze, this encourages ingrown hairs, tweezing multiple hairs in the same area can possibly be what worsens the clusters of ingrown hairs. Again, the goal is to keep the hair above the skin
-Don't pick or really even touch your skin, just don't do it. I know it's tough, but stop it. Seriously.
-Find a dermatologist you like. Let them pick at your skin when you have an ingrown hair. Even if it's a small one, but especially if you think something big is there. A good dermatologist will take the 10 minutes it takes to remove your ingrowns/cysts so you don't have to. However, if they don't think it's a cyst they won't cut you open.
-Shave less often, shave with the grain not against it.
-Use shaving products that are designed for sensitive skin and if you shave with a blade you might want to try a shaving oil in addition to shaving cream for a smoother shave.
-Shave in the shower or immediately after
-growing a beard is really the best option, but not for me personally
-Use lotion/sunscreen to keep skin soft and make it easier for hair to burst out. I think vitamin e may help here too, but not certain.
Personally, I think this is the best medical desription I've seen, which is found on these boards: . Unfortunately, most Dermatologists just chalk this up to a basic case of felicitous and dismiss it.

Fairview, NJ

#272 Mar 3, 2009
I have been having te same problem for more than 5 years... alot of people say it is a combination of things some will say it is the way your body releses sweat into your pores....also if you dont eat a lot of fresh fruit too. I recently had one that was on my abdomen that was the worst pain imaginable. It was right on my pantline and impossible not to accidently hit it or put pressure on it simply from sitting down. Whatever u do do not put neosporin on the affected area until u are sure most or all of the infection is gone. All the neosporin does is seal the pores up and kind of heal the outside of it but the infection stays and the pain just worsens. What I have been doing is using antibacterial soap everyday and in the event u do get one of these big suckers the best remedy is as follows:
1. After wasing with antibacterial soap take a very hot rag probably as hot as u can get your shower water, soak the rag and add some epsom salt...this will make the infection come to a head and you will start to see the skin open somewhere around the center. beware this is painful but it helps to bring the infection 2 the surface of the skin....if u try to pop it like a pimple the infection and redness will just get worse.
2. Once u see the infection start to come to a head there is a topical ointment called bactroban or mupirocin......use a little peroxide over the affected area dry it and then place a ammount of the ointment big enough to cover the affected area over it. The bactroban brings the infection out and also eases the pain somewhat depending on the size and severity.
3. After steps 1 and 2 cover it with a sterile gauze pad and some gauze tape and after a few days to a week you will c that the area is much less defined and starting to heal....once you out peroxide on it and it no longer bubbles up u can start to use neosporin to fight any remaining infection and close up the hole and prevent scarring.
4. Its kind of a pain in the ass to do all that but for the pain i was in thats what worked and the one i had started out like a regular pimple and within a few days was about the size of the bottom of a paper coffee cup.

Be aware of the area around the infection if it becomes extremely red and there are squigly red lines coming out seek medical attention immediately as this may mean the infection is in your bloodstream and could go to your heart and other organs!!

Cincinnati, OH

#273 Mar 3, 2009
i have had the same problem as you. i have a boil type cyst that gets huge and stays around for weeks. doctor told me to use neosprion. that doesnt work, so i pick and pick everyday looking for hairs that look like a splinters. "it sucks "when will they come up with something that works.
bill wrote:
I've had this same problem for about a year and a half. It starts as a boil, the hairs around the infection hair follicle disappear, and then it turns into a hard cyst. Dr. told me to hold a warm compress on it 10 minutes a few times a day. I did that with the first one, and squeezed out a hair with a waxy cocoon on it. Then it spread to nearby hairs. I've since pulled 20-30 of these out of my face in the last year. Now I have an obsessive compulsion to pick at these. They seem to get deeper each time, requiring me to really gouge and pick with a safety pin. Once I get them pulled, it heals and doesn't return. Why is this happening all of a sudden at 30? I've tried leaving them along, but then it stays as a large pea-sized cyst for months. They are also painful to the touch because the hair is almost like a hard splinter. all this talk about dermatologists not having an answer sucks.

Sudbury, Canada

#274 Mar 4, 2009
Most people have went to a doctor that's why we are looking on the net for the answers.They say it's in our head and it is just a ingrown hair ,give antibiotics but it's not an infection my dermatologist told me to worry about "important" things and that some people actually have a problem basically telling me I wasted his time. It is not a vanity thing, it is uncomfortable and I want to know what it is...I want to know why the hairs stick together or why it grows like that..I also have white tube-like things(with no hair) that grow in a sore, if a scab comes off they stick out from under it, I told him I think the 2 are related somehow ,when I told the doctor about the "tubes" he said I needed a shrink...I hope the answer comes up soon...

Hilliard, OH

#275 Mar 4, 2009
Anyone following the thread knows I'm a regular poster. Good to see more afflicted folks joining the discussion. I have come across a new product that is not a miracle cure but certainly is giving me some relief. It is Hibiclens. An over the counter anti-microbial/anti-bacterial soap. It's about $10 a bottle and lasts for several washes, but wash twice a day with it and couple that washing with many of the other regiment type items on this thread....washing/exfoliating/ salicylic acid treatments/hydrocortisone/vita min E oil/tea tree oil, etc and the Hibiclens, in conjunction with all the aforementioned stuff does seem to help quite a lot. Again, don't expect miracles but it does lessen the severity of breakouts/new ingrowns/cysts, etc.

I still haven't found a laser surgery center on the cheap....still looking though....sigh.

DJD please post your updates frequently!

Everett, WA

#276 Mar 5, 2009
So great to read all the posts from others with this problem. I'm 57 and have dealt with cysts since I was in my early thirties! I haven't read anything until this forum that comes even slightly close to what my problem is, and it's been really frustrating. This isn't regular acne, as everyone here knows, and they don't go away by themselves. The doctors I've seen have been less than helpful and a few, in fact, have made the problem worse. I researched it a little bit and found a few interesting facts:
1. The hair follicle is what harbors the cyst. It's a freak of nature that some of us have the breakouts and some don't.
2. The thicker hairs are due to testosterone, the male hormone that even we women get in excess sometimes.
3. This is why we tend to break out more when under extreme stress. It's a "fight or flight" reaction going on in our skin due to the testosterone.
4. No amount of acne med will help.
5. Once we start getting cysts, they can happen anywhere in the body which happened to me when I was mis-diagnosed with a tumor due to a large cyst developing in my breast.
6. The only things that helped my skin were time, ultra-violet tanning rays, using clean washcloths to help exfoliate every day, and using a high quality moisturizer (like a mild shea butter cream) at night.
7. I haven't found that food makes a difference although I do eat very healthy.
8. Lack of sleep aggrevates it.

My bumps caused some scarring; the really deep things that just don't go away will just be there causing us grief until the stuff is extracted. Ugh. And believe me...when those scars appear, nothing will get rid of them. Not even facial laser treatments, which I've had. They can be lessened but they'll never, for the rest of your life, go away completely.

So, for whatever it's worth, try using a hot washcloth on your face at night which causes the "stuff" to come to the surface. If you must extract the pus, try really hard not to pinch but wait as long as you can so you just have to touch it to extract the crap. Then wash again with a clean washcloth and hot water, smooth a little moisturizer on the entire face, and get a good night's rest. Try a tanning booth a few times a week to give the skin a good zap of ultra-violet rays and, hopefully, the damn things will eventually get so small & infrequent that you'll be able to forget about them.
Good luck to everyone.

New York, NY

#277 Mar 8, 2009
Got another cyst along my jaw line. I think it's a large and recurring one. Talked to my doc on a Sunday, he picks up his cell for patients, he'll see me on Monday. I'm hoping to make him extract it so he knows it's more than an ingrown. Thinking of getting past medical records from other Dr's sent to him as they contain information like biopsy results of cysts previously extracted.

No noticible updates on the hair removal, but it's only been ten day

Western Grove, AR

#278 Mar 9, 2009
Sorry I may not be of much help, Bill, but I know for a fact that the hairs upon hairs coming out of single pores (with the red bumps) are ingrown hairs and the best way to get rid of them is to use a facial scrub fairly regularly (probably every other day if your skin can take it). After a few weeks the ingrown hairs should be gone and your red marks should disappear.
As for the wormy pore, it sounds like routine blockage within your real pore. I'd suggest using a cleanser (preferably antibacteria) at least twice daily, this should clear up a bit of the gunk causing your problems.
I think what you're overproducing is FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone, I dunno what can be done for the overproduction, but I'd suggest asking a pharmacist/doctor/sex hormone specialist, since it IS a sex hormone. I don't think a dermatologist could be of any help for the root of the problem.(No pun intended, lol. Sorry.)

Kilkenny, Ireland

#279 Mar 17, 2009
Hi all, I have the exact same problems as everyone has described Ive had these ingrown hairs for the past four years i first noticed it one day when I was in a Bar a felt a thick what I thought splinter in my face I pulled it and this 2cm thick black hair came out with a glue like coating and white bulb.

Ive a weird question to ask but here, but here goes what type of hair do you all have straight or curly? My friend is experience the same ingrown hairs also we both have curly hair im just wondering is this issue due to my hair type?

Centerport, NY

#280 Mar 31, 2009
I had to start shaving again when I changed jobs. So I'm back to shaving, and I'm getting ingrowns again. What's weird is that they are worse on my neck than anywhere else. But, thank God, I haven't gotten the big cysts on my jawline that I used to get.
The best thing I have found, if these things are being caused by shaving, is to start the blade under your bottom lip and go in long, single strokes down to the bottom of your neck, move to the next row (so to speak) and keep moving around your face. This way you are shaving with the grain and "training" your hairs to grow in the right direction (apparently). But I'm still getting a lot of ingrowns on my neck for some reason.

Ankeny, IA

#281 Apr 14, 2009
I've been following this thread for several weeks and have the same problems. The doctors are all stumped. I did my own research i think we have Tinea Barbae. It's a fungus that attacks the hair folicles. I tried terbinafine (Lamisil AT spray liquid) I've used it for 4 days now and the results have been a miracle. As the skin grows out the hair that is trapped under it is going vertical again. The goop around the hair is now just at the bottom of the root. My research says that it is going to take Oral Terbinafine to get it all. Im off to see if I can convince my MD to prescribe it. Wish me luck.

Owosso, MI

#282 Apr 14, 2009
Well, I don't want to put up a big post describing everything, because it's all been said before: this happens to me too.

Although not mentioned in every post (all of which I've read), being dehydrated, under stress, overly anxious, and not sleeping enough seem to be a semi-common factor. All of these of which I'm guilty.

I'm 31 years-old, and have been getting these ingrown hairs and "superhairs" for about ten years now, with increasing frequency and severity. I first noticed this type of problem after I returned from Saudi Arabia to Alaska while in the Air Force. I've always thought it was something that I might have been exposed to overseas.

I've become quite neurotic about picking at my face, especially during high-stress times. I work 50+ hours per week as a machinist, and go to school full-time (engineering). I don't get very much sleep, I eat terribly, I excercise infrequently.

I am going to try some of the vitamin suggestions, drinking more water, and sleeping more (yeah right). Also, with summer coming, there will be more vitamin-D for us all from the sun.

Keep the thread alive! It's been very informative. I thought I was the only one like this, and I've never seen a doctor because I've been quite embarrassed.

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