Persistent rash on face

Sherwood Park, Canada

#228 Dec 23, 2010
I also got this rashes on my face, blaming on the dry winter in Alberta, Canada. While waiting for my appointment day with my family doctor, I went to a pharmacy and ask if there is an over the counter medication to stop the itch and stinging sensation. The pharmacist recommended Cortate (hydrocortisone), while I am waiting for my appoinment. I applied the 0.5% hydrocortisone for cream and the itchwent away but the patch of rash though it is not red and swollen, it is still visible.
Finally I saw my family doctor and prescribed Bactroban,(generic name Mupirocin 2% ointment). After applying once at bedtime,it made my night sleepless as my face was so itchy. I phoned the pharmacist the next day and she recommended me to stop using it as my face got so sensitive with it. I also phoned the doctor's receptionist and told my nightmare and she asked me to stop using it too. Hopefully she will tell her boss about my suffering. I washed my faced immediately with cool water and the itch stopped. I will see a dermatologist tomorrow and will give you guys an update.

United States

#229 Jan 11, 2011
i'M NO DOCTOR but i think all these problems are Thyroid induced, i had some similar problems and my thyroid test came back normal...BUT i had tons of Antibodies present so something is attacking my thyroid.... only thing that has heplped me somewhat is a good multivitamin,omega,iodine pills, b12 shots and VITAMIN D a must!!!!!!
the doctors cannot give me thyroid meds as of yet cause my thyroid is fine apparently.....good luck...
by the way my doctor is Marco De la Cruz....
i believe in Chicago

United States

#230 Jan 11, 2011
vitamin D3-5 by BioTech

or biotics research(bio-D-mulsion Forte)

Lafayette, CO

#231 Jan 26, 2011
I have had a face rash for 3 years now and tried everything. I have found a cure for me that I want to share. I believe the rashes are caused by inflammation due to foods we eat that our bodies are intolerant too. I went off all red meat and my face rash has vanished! Also I was dealing with joint pains and cornice fatigue that all went away. It took 5 weeks before my face healed up but it was worth it. I don't know why my body does not do well with red meats but I feel and look 100x better afterwards. There are a lot of potential food intolerances but from what I have learned red meat is much bigger than most people know. I recommend trying it if you feel your rash may be cause by inflammation. Other big intolerances could be dairy and wheat.
barry in mn

Williston, ND

#232 Feb 7, 2011
You guys all have what I what I've got. Its a fungal yeast infection rash. You most likely have a yeast overgrowth condition in your body . Google candida albicans or yeast overgrowth to learn about it. I have had the same rash on my face for 20 years and just recently learned it was caused by yeast. Probiotics called "threelac" and diflucan made it go away.
Same Rash

Astoria, NY

#233 Feb 11, 2011
Been dealing with this rash for over 6 months now. Am on a Prednisone taper right now and will be completely off in 1 week. One thing to consider is autoimmune issues. My ANA test came back positive and it is thought I have a mild case of Lupus. I suspect several things are actually going on here. Had the thyroid scan and it is negative. The Prednisone really only helped remove the large bumps that were on my face. The fine reddish rash has not been affected and probably has gotten worse on the Prednisone. I will try the zinc and sunscreen. I also find my rash worsens when I eat eggs and pork. I highly suspect there are food allergy issues here. I also don't have medical insurance and am already out several thousand dollars to doctors that don't know what to do with me. When all else fails, consider food allergies! I had fibromyalgia 10 years ago and found it was due to an allergy to CORN (probably GMO), which is in almost every processed food out there. When I got the corn out of my diet the fibromyalgia went away within 2 weeks.

Ann Arbor, MI

#234 Mar 21, 2011
Kevin wrote:
I have a problem that has been plagueing me for nearly five weeks now... I seem to be getting this kind of rash that I'm not sure about. From the pictures below, you can see parts of my face and how this rash looks like.
It's going in a frustrating cycle. I have noticed that it will start itching, then gets worse, and then calms down. When it does calm down, my face becomes clear, but dry. Flaking occurs, and when I use my cleanser (Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser), it seems to get drier. With that, I am starting to believe that my rash is caused by the dryness. Before that, I get hives, and I normally associate them as harmless. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as some of the hives started growing up into liquid filled capsules.
My doctor (I went into a children's doctor, and that might've affected what type of treatment I am getting) says that I might have contact dermatitis. With my knowledge, it is also called eczema. I am currently using the Neutrogena cleanser and this hydrocortisone lotion called "Praxoline," don't remember if it is the correct spelling. I have an over the counter cream with aloe vera that I avoided using after my rash started lichenifying, but that was four weeks ago.
My condition improved during spring break, but now it started up again, and I am running out of ideas. Can someone confirm that my rash is indeed dermatitis? Should I attempt to use the OTC hydrocortisone cream? Please note that the pictures are about a week old, and my face right now is not as serious as the pictures above.
San Diego

San Diego, CA

#235 Apr 5, 2011
My friend has this and she has tried all types of lotions as well and nothing seems to work. She is always upset and afraid to go out in public because of this condition someone help find a cure PLEASE!
itchy rash

Greenville, SC

#237 May 2, 2011
I have the same symptoms....mine came on after my septic tank backed up into my bathtub and my landlord borrowed every towel I had to clean up the mess. I washed the towels about six times in lots of soap and still when I'd use them I would break out in that horrible rash that felt more like a chemical burn and then would peel. I threw them all out, the towels. And then this happened to me again on Sat and the only thing I could think of that I used was a moisturizer on my face.
I'm thinking heavy metals or chemicals started this whole mess for me.
Jennifer -severe sufferer

Canberra, Australia

#238 May 17, 2011
Hi everyone,
Just read all your posts and I think I know what you have, because I have a pretty case of it right now. As one poster identified, its a fungal related dermatisis called "seborrhetic dermatitis". Look that up to get more tips onm treatment. But basically, the sebum glands go into overproduction, probably (they dont know definitively) because of a a kind of fungal infection called malassezia, and that's why you commonly get this white waxy build up on the outside if you dont clean it off (say, if you've just been applying moisturiser and keeping it moist you'll see this white accumulation). Also if you squeeze - gently- you'll see tiny tiny white stuff coming out. This is very gross of course. Grosser is the putules and pimples that form in bad spots where it gets morre infected, but I found are different from regular acne as squeeze out again with very gentle pressure. And of course the redness, the raised bumpy rash and selling maybe around eyes - although mine is a very acute case and yours may not have progressed as far. Typically though it affects teh sebum rich areas like nose folds, mouth area, t-zone first. So what to do? Well, when I thougt it was an allergic reaction (and it can be set off by contact dermatitis, like a nikel allergy) I was applying alot of moisturiser - wrong!!! Keeping it moist allows the fungus to grow and skin to worsen. So look it up but the basic advice is to clean (with a soap-free wash), and to apply an anti-fungal cream like Canestan 2-3 times a day, also it helps to put alittle anticeptic cream like Savlon on the broken skin and pustules. It will be probably take a few days, maybe up to 10-12 days to get rid of, just like with a case of tinea (very similar actually). If its mild, then less, if severe then over a week. Also continue using the cream for a while after it has disappeared just like with tinea. Don't blame your doctors, its really hard for them to diaginose and very few will know what it is, even dermatologists will just presecribe cortizone creams etc thinking its an allergic reaction, not realising its actually this quite different problem. Hope this helps. Also to aid skin healing during this processs, it wouldn't help to take fish oil supplements and zinc tablets.

Saint Helens, UK

#239 May 22, 2011
just passin by wrote:
Has anyone thought of Herpes?
I am experiencing the same problems my self esteem has took a real battering. I am walking with my head down. Makeup covers it but you still see the bumps its just annoying. I am currently on Metronidazole gel - antibiotic as I have been treated for exzma, impetigo, dermatitis etc. I am on day 2 of this cream and although it is still quite angry looking and burns like hell for about 5 mins on application I am crossing everything in the hope that it goes. I have never had a blemish on my face. I am coming up to 38 and I may be leading up to early menopause as some blood results showed. But as long as this rash goes bring it on. I will let you know if the rash goes with this gel x

Saint Helens, UK

#240 May 22, 2011
I am experiencing the same problems my self esteem has took a real battering. I am walking with my head down. Makeup covers it but you still see the bumps its just annoying. I am currently on Metronidazole gel - antibiotic as I have been treated for exzma, impetigo, dermatitis etc. I am on day 2 of this cream and although it is still quite angry looking and burns like hell for about 5 mins on application I am crossing everything in the hope that it goes. I have never had a blemish on my face. I am coming up to 38 and I may be leading up to early menopause as some blood results showed. But as long as this rash goes bring it on. I will let you know if the rash goes with this gel x

Brooklyn, NY

#241 May 28, 2011
I am just like Paula above. Taking Metronidazole for about 2 weeks did nothing. Now on a cortizone cream. So far it's doing nothing. Going back to the doctor in about 3 weeks. Maybe need an antibiotic. Someone above said it could be a yeast infection. I don't know.

Immokalee, FL

#242 Jul 6, 2011 i read all of these post. i have to say im a little relieved that im not the only one. i started this whole allergic reaction 11 years ago. itchy skin and all. i had it under control w zyrtec and claritin. changing my detergent and soap..moisturizing etc. then recently in octobr my face starts developingthis rash. on my chin...its red and bumpy with a clear liquid and it itches. it definatley gts worse at night. i can control myself from scratching at night. it goes away then out of nowhere comes right skin is normally dry but sems like if i moisturize it it gets red and itchy but if i dont it gets dr and itchy. i dont have insurance now.but when i did i went to a dermatologist who snet me to an allergist who said i have atopic dermatitis.but i wasnt teted for chemical allergies and im a my kids were precribed a lotion for a rash on their hands so i started using it. its called betamethasone dipropionate. i started using that it worked...and then sure enough it would come back. but i helps the itch. wel i researched the lotion and it bad t use over time beacuse it thins your skin out which makes itworse. recently i found out milk ive been doing that. cold milk helps dry it out and helps the itch but it will sometimes dry it out to much. peroxide helps kill the bcteria and helps the itch sometimes. and ice helps numb it. its definatley frutrating and kills your self estem and sometimes i just want to rip my face off. glycolic scrubs help remove the top layer of skin and will dry it out but it burns and hurts at first. only natural glycolic peels are good. i also take two spoons of local honey seem to help. also taking fish oil pills. i use aveeno bath and oil for my skin and cetaphil sometimes. free and clear detergent. i ont know what else to do. i want to go to an alergist but its 200 bucks just to conslt and i dont want to waste my time and money. any help is appreciated. oh yeah i tried an acne clean and clear spot treatment and broke out bad my face was burning. cant wear makeup feeling so ugly right now. i heard neosporin or benadryl ointment may help. ill be tryingthat next. i have started benadryl a night to help me sleep. but scared t get addicted

United States

#243 Jul 7, 2011
I bout b12 and zinc today as we'll as cortizone cream. I have to say atleast reading these post makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one. It is very depressing. I'm a hairdresser so its hard to rule out if its chemicals causing it. And not wearing makeup makes me feel so ugly. Feels like I have mosquitos on my face 24 7. So hard to know what it coul be. Gonna try ruling out the dairy and see what happens. Definately want to just hide in a bag away from everyone.I've tried so many things. Don't know what else to do. And I'm so tired cuz I can't sleep. :( I do appreciate all this advice. I wrote everything down. Going to try one thing at a time. Thank u all for sharing. I know how hard it is and sad. Stay positive...that's all we can do.

United States

#244 Aug 2, 2011
"June187"]Hey,the rash got me too! I have had it pretty bad for a few months now. I believe it started a few years back as a small itchy patch of scaly skin I'd get on my chin. Then one day it turned into a cluster of little pustules (white like pimples but did not act like them, got weepy and all that). I went to the doc and he said it was rosacea, I was skeptical. He gave me metrogel which only made things worse. I was also put on doxycycline 100mg/day which honestly seemed to do nothing but I was headed overseas to a malaria zone so I kept taking it for anti malarial purposes. I switched to a basic black african shea soap and 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water toner and the rash seemed to get a bit better. I was then put on a cortico steroid for an adverse reaction to some mosquito bites very close to my eye.(yeah I swell up pretty good with those bug bites)lo and behold I had PERFECT skin for a week.. which was so lovely. I finally felt normal. Then the aftermath.. a few days off my oral steroids and I got a horrid rash a million times worse. Not just a little break out of bumps, my whole entire face was red, burning, tight itching, scaling and peeling. I thought maybe the antibiotics caused a fungal overgrowth so I stopped those immediately. I proceeded to wash my face with a shampoo called Nizoral which contains ketoconazal 1%, and applied an anti fungal cream Lotramin with clotrimazole. This got rid of the red, burning, peeling, itching and all that in a few days actually.(mind you I continued with the apple cinder vinegar toner alongside this as well. Unfortunately The anti fungal cream seemed to agrivate my acne so I discontinued it and opted for another natural anti fungal. Oil of oregano. It has worked wonders in skin conditions similar to these for some people. I have heard either add 1 drop to a tsp of oil (olive or jojoba for example) and apply that way. I can't do the oil so I use water with a few drops and make a toner well shaken..........Hello, I read this post and I actually appreciate you being so detailed. I have had this rash for almost a year. On my chin and now spreading to my nose. And this morning I found a little one near my eye. I've tried many things. I have a post on here explaining all I've done. Recently I've been using an acne spot treatment and aveeno diaper rash ointment. I also bought b12 and zinc and a multivitamin. I think I was to try your formula of apple cider vinegar. So you use 50% vinegar and 50% apple cider. And how did u find out about that. And what does it do? Does it burn? I feel like what I ned to do is dry this out. I am frustrated and stresed and feel horrible. I used to have dry skin n always needed moisture now my skin has changed. I'm 33 and feel like I have the face of an acne invested ten. As a teen I never had pimples. My face tends to itch. I started having allergies 10 yrs ago so I associated it w that. It does get worse when I use certain chemicals at work. I'm a hairdresser. And I thought because it itches that it was an allergy. I don't have insurance n can't afford to pay out to go to a doctor. I don't know what else to do. If u don't mind...What is your email so I can get some details of evrything you r doing and where to get all these things. Thank u

United States

#245 Aug 2, 2011
I love how detailed u r. I have had similiar issues. If u don't mind. Can u email me at I would love to ask u some questions and try some of these ideas out. Thank u


#246 Aug 20, 2011
guys i have the same problem,what gets to me is when i wash my face with a herbal soap or facial was its itches like mad for about 3min then cools down.,but i bought these aloe vera 200 capsules,the problem is inside,you should try and clean your system by detoxing.
I got tired of cleaning my face externally.
Sheika Gimani

Harare, Zimbabwe

#247 Aug 23, 2011
I hve been getting the same itchy rash for the past 4 yrs. When I use a steroid cream it disappears but comes back as soon as I stop. Can someone please help?

Oakland, CA

#248 Aug 27, 2011
I have a rash on my face too. weird. it's itchy and dry, scaly. I have an idea that it may be related to cell phone use! i heard that those things are really germy, and it kind of ties into the mouth, cheek, neck, ear area...So, I bought these disinfectant wipes to use on my phone. will report back in a bit whether it works or not

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