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Auckland, New Zealand

#22 Jul 5, 2010
(typing error in last comment)* lol

Saint Louis, MO

#23 Nov 3, 2010
My peeling is likely from eczema. Steroid creams help tremendously. I use them when it's bad and layer a really thick ointment over it - Vaseline/petroleum jelly/Aquaphor or even lanolin cream for breastfeeding moms (natural, and completely safe if ingested by infants - so perfect for the lips). I prefer lanolin. I use Lansinoh and it costs about $8-10 for a big tube, depending where you buy it (Target/WalMart is usually cheapest, Walgreens or other drug stores/ grocers are the most expensive). One tube will last forever. You'll find it in the aisle with the baby items (usually next to the bottles and breast pumps).
It's really thick and sticky, but thins out with the warmth from your finger. It's so thick that it might be difficult to spread (might pull on the skin - ouch!) straight out of the tube, so I usually squeeze out a dab and then breathe on it for a few seconds to heat it up and soften it before putting it on. I layer it on really thick at night before bed.

Vista, CA

#24 Sep 4, 2011
I have had the same issue for a couple of years. The advice you have gotten is wrong. Moisture based subtances will get the scab wet and it will peel off. I have been very careful and kept a scab on my lips, also keeping it very dry. Washing in shower from feet up and face last. Brush your teeth when the scab is dry so it stays longer and do the same with eating. I have been successful so far but as the time goes the scab wants to come off easily.

My next approach was not recommended by the company i called; however, I purchased a liquid bandaid from right aid. It says to never ingest, and I do not intend to, i will dry my lip and then apply. Before applying, I will wait for the first section of scab to form to ptotect the growing skin from the sun.

United States

#25 Mar 31, 2012
Hi guys ...ive been living with exfoliative cheilitis as long as i can remember 10 years . Both of my lips bottom and uper are affected but i dont lose my faith. I have try alot of balsams ..cream and all kind of chapstick as well and nothing really have help with my condition. Just know that same as u feel guys ..isnt comfortable to live with exfliative cheilitis ..it is so annoy but i recently started putting 100% pure avocado oil and have help me alot. Specially with my upper lip. I can say my skin on my upper lip is almost healed . Iam drinking also B Complex with vitamin C. And it seems to be working pretty well. I also brush my teeth twice a day. One after finish of eating lunch and before i go to the bed. Iam using my mouthwash only once every day just every night before bed time. Ohh another thing if u want to put any lip balms try to get or make sure ur lips balsm is made of organic ingredients a natural lip balms. Dont put alot if u dont want to see ur your lips looking so messy and weird. Ttyl

Medindie, Australia

#26 May 8, 2012
At the risk of sounding like a hippy, most physical problems stem from emotional ones. Mouth issues can, for example, perhaps be related to somewhere in your life where you need to voice something that you are not. Because you're not releasing what you need to say its festering and causing you physical ailments.

Edmonton, Canada

#27 May 22, 2012
Before my lips started to have burning numbness which ends up drying my upper lips until they peal, months prior I have had continual burning palette and tongue. MRI shows my brain is normal but does not show functioning problems. I believe that my Maxillary Nerve and its branches have been damaged by an illness or through a toxic poisoning. This affliction is painful and depressing with a slow diagnosis by the medical practioners I have seen. I await to see a oral pathologist which will do a biopsy on my salivary glands. This all started last Nov 2011 amd the diagnosis is still unknown, let alone a treatment.

Randolph, NJ

#28 May 22, 2012
My lips have been going through a peeling cycle for years now. I have no skin condition or anything. It's just the upper lip that won't heal. A scab will form, but then eventually it'll just peel off when I take a shower or brush my teeth. Even when I try my best to leave it alone, the scab gets really thick and looks like dead skin. Again, I don't have exfoliative cheilitis.

Oceanside, CA

#29 Jan 10, 2013
I've dealt with this for years! My upper lip(where mustache would be) is constantly going through this cycle of being normal-looking and then stinging a little from various factors...then turning red and sometimes itchy...sometimes turning rough and cracked...sometimes oozing some thin liquid in really bad cases...then it scabs over and i have to scrape it all off for it to start over again in a few days. I'm pretty sure it's eczema, but I've tried my creams/ointments for eczema and have had no luck with it. I use Aquaphor religiously and tough it out..unfortunately

South Africa

#30 Feb 21, 2013
I have white spots at the corners of the month. I have undergone blood test to check if I'm not infected perhaps by any diseases, but I'm clean.

Help please. 0736170680
anshul sharma

Mumbai, India

#31 Mar 3, 2014
guys,even i hav been facing dis delima from about 2 months... d cycle of peeling and heeling continues and is so bugging. what i discovered to be the most benifitial was regularly and frequently applying vaseline and at times some coconut oil....... also sumtym just leaving it the way it is helps out
any further and better suggestions are welcomed....

Maple Grove, MN

#32 Jul 13, 2014
Have you tried Dr. Dan's Cortibalm? It's worked for lots of people who have had lip trauma. I'm trying it out myself soon. But people who have had this for years say it made a dramatic improvement in a few days. Like instead of that horrible raised scabbing you get a thing layer of scar tissue and it starts healing instead of the cycle again. I've left those scabs on for at most 2 months (took the summer off to heal them), lips been healing for 7. And while most of my lips grew back, the last part on my bottom lip hasn't. It keeps getting that scabbing and peeling cycle and it's horrible. For now the vanicream lotion has been keeping the scabbing down, but only prolongs it for a few days until it gets dry again. Hoping the cortibalm works.:(

Nagar, India

#33 Feb 10, 2015
I am also facing this problam since 7 months.. dont know what to do. Please help me. My upper lips looking so dry,cracked and peeling skin.

Montebello, CA

#35 Apr 30, 2015
This is a continuation of my last post after doing more research. I came to the conclusion that you may have the same condition I have called actinic keratosis. I googled some images of this and although some were raised and brown, there were others that were pink and flat like the condition you described.
I have found more information on this. There are natural ways to heal actinic keratosis aside from what is listed below. Green tea (both drank and bags applied topically) and iodine (applied directly to the skin) are also listed as treatments that have worked over time. I am skeptical of the eggplant extract oil cream (costs $144 for a tube!) but am considering the new treatment ingenol mebutate topical gel recently approved by the FDA. Here is the link: http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-skin/2012/03/n...
Home treatment:
1. Though not always actinic keratosis patch turns into skin cancer, it is better to treat the condition as the risk of skin cancer becomes less. The treatment is mostly a precaution measure as the lesion may become cancerous.
2. Conventional ways of treating it is freezing, curettage, chemical peeling, laser therapy, dermabrasion etc.
3. Besides the conventional treatment, there are home remedies that can take care of actinic keratosis. Apple cider vinegar is one such home remedy found effective in healing the skin patch of actinic keratosis. Take half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Also add a teaspoon of honey to it. Drink it daily for few weeks. You can also apply apple cider vinegar on the lesion. After few days, the patch fades. The skin over this area becomes smooth and supple.
4. Patient should avoid sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm as the ray of sun during this period is strongest.
5. Apply aloe vera gel.
6. Wear full length clothing which covers the whole body.
7. Use sunscreen when you go out in sun.

South Africa

#36 Sep 18, 2015
Men,like five
years ago,somthn that i don't remember happened to me.Part of my lips got peeled,being a kid i struggled and peeled the rest.since then,theyve been lookin ugly,they are super red.help me out

South Africa

#38 May 4, 2016
So I have this same issue and I think I've stumbed upon a solution. I bought a pack of water-resistant bandages (they're transparent ) and cut one down to size so it fit over the triangle bit of my upper lip. I placed it over my lip about two days ago. Normally my lips would crack or the triangular bit would become white and wobbly, but so far - none of that! It's difficult. I have to watch HOW I eat and drink, but the triangular bit has turned a light shade of white and I can see the skin on the periphery of the wound begin to move in and heal over the white. I hope I'm on the road to recovery. I'll post again if it completely heals!

Cape Town, South Africa

#39 May 5, 2016
Update from above: I removed the bandage for the first time since I placed it three days ago. It was covered in slough so I couldn't see if the lip had healed or not. I removed it and voila! The lip isn't perfect but I'd say about 30% of it has regenerated to the color of the rest of the lip. The triangle is MUCH smaller. I discarded the previous bandage and attached a new one. I'll update again if my lip is completely healed.

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