don't take your child to kool smiles ...

El Paso, TX

#41 Sep 25, 2012
OMG, Kool Smiles is awesome. I had a root canal doen there and ey did nothing wrong. I felt comfortable they made sure I was alright and felt at ease. This place is awesome, my daughter was treated well also. Maybe all you with the negative attitude need to relook yourselves. And as far as employees go, all that I have had the pleasure in meeting have been great. kool smiles is awesome.

Dallas, TX

#42 Nov 7, 2012
There many bad dentist and good ones. Its out job as health providers to teach children and parents how to care for oral hygiene. So you can't always point fingers at parents. Here in el paso,TX kool smiles may not be doing so well. A dentist once ignored a child's class v decay as nothing till a parent decided to get a second opinion. The child had to get his/her teeth extracted. These aren't primary molars either. These are his/her maxillary incisals and canines. Parents need to make sure their children are getting quality health care they deserve.

United States

#43 Jan 23, 2013
My son(2yrs at the time) had a dental check-up at kool smiles, as soon as I walked in the clinic had an awful smell! The toys were nasty....I would have left by then if he had to get any seriouse treatments done...the staff was girl rolled her eyes as soin as she saw me come through the door. When my son got to see the dentist, he was tok ruff...the way he was turning his head caused my sons neck to be sore for 3 days! Never been back, bever will!

Columbia, SC

#44 Feb 13, 2013
DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO Kool Smiles! I brought my 8yr old son to this place to have a cavity removed, I picked Kool Smiles because I wanted a place geared towards children so it wouldn't be a scary overwhelming experience. When we walked in everything looked great, very clean, inviting waiting area with things for children to do. Nice receptionist. We were called back fairly quickly. The back area was open and clean looking. The nurse took us to get Xrays, and that's where the hell started and it turned into the worst dentist visit I have ever known. The nurse jabbed the Xray film into my sons mouth to the point where he gagged and threw up a little in his mouth, she did not apologize, she just started saying "I didn't even touch him, I didn't even touch him". We went to the exam room and the doctor and nurse started getting everything ready, went over the Xrays and told me an extraction would work. I told the nurse I wanted "laughing gas" for my son to calm him down, again I wanted this to be easy on him- not some horrible ordeal. They put him on gas but didn't explain it too him, I was the one that told him to calm down and breathe through his nose. Kool Smiles states in their paperwork multiple times that they "show-tell-do" to explain everything before it takes place to keep the child at ease, that did not happen at all. At no time during the visit did the doctor or the nurse explain anything to my son, or to me for that matter. Since I have had a tooth removed before I ended up just standing by my son and explaining everything they were about to do while the doctor and nurse came in and out of the room. The only time they spoke to my son was to Bark at him to move this way or that. They stuck numbing gel in his mouth and around his tooth so hard he started to get upset and they brushed it off. Then they stuck him with the novacaine needle without saying anything to him and the doctor told him "well yeah it's gonna hurt" when my son flinched and complained. A short time later the doctor came back in and just jumped right in and started yanking out the tooth. I stood beside my son and helped hold him in place because he was scooting off the chair, then he started screaming in pain as the doctor ripped the tooth out. At first I thought he was just scared but it became very clear that the novacaine didn't work and the doctor just took my sons tooth with no pain relief. My son was in so much pain he just cried and cried and the nurse told him "you need to calm down and stop crying cause you might scare the other kids" I have never wanted to hurt anyone so much in my life! My son is 8yrs. old, not a little kid, but a tough boy and I have never seen him so hurt and scared. We ended up going to another dentist on the way home to get him checked out and the other dentist told us the cavity was probably infected and the dentist shouldn't have pulled it without giving antibiotics for a week first, that's why the novacaine didn't work. The people at that office told me they hear complaints about Kool Smiles in Columbia all the time and were nice enough to give my son a prescription for pain. This visit turned into eveything it wasn't supposed to be. Start to finish the whole thing lasted maybe 25 minutes, but my son will never forget those 25 minutes. BTW I was a cash paying customer, not on medicaid with limited options, I just wanted to bring my child to a dentist where children were treated.
angry parent

Washington, DC

#45 Feb 16, 2013
Don't I repeat don't bring your kids here staff is horrible.gotta wait hours just to. Be seen. You miss an appt they press you out to reschedule another done. If you don't have anything to do so be it.
Mom of 3 Lake Charles LA

Lake Charles, LA

#46 Mar 13, 2013
I had no idea that when I walked into Kool Smiles that it would be so unprofessional with rap music blasting and every patient was a welfare recipient!! It was ghetto to the core! Staff was rude and I'm a private held insurance! Maybe they preferred patients with the medical card, but I do know we will never go back!!!

El Paso, TX

#47 Apr 15, 2013
They hire personnel with tattoos which is disgusting. They pressure you into the treatment they recommend you don't have the option of saying no. They force you to sign.

El Paso, TX

#50 Aug 13, 2013
Amartinez wrote:
They hire personnel with tattoos which is disgusting. They pressure you into the treatment they recommend you don't have the option of saying no. They force you to sign.
I work in the medical field and I have tattoos. I care deeply about my patients and strive to make sure they feel loved and well taken care of before they die. I work hospice and never in all my years have I had someone say to me " you have tattoos, you are disgusting." I actually get recognized as a loving and caring human being. I ask one question, if you were close to dying and I was the only person that could save your life, would you then say to me that I was disgusting?
hispanic parent

Chicago, IL

#51 Oct 31, 2013
This place is the wosrt place to take your kid if you are Hispanic they treat us different I don't want to thisnk that is because of my n my kids race but other people that not Hispanic they get treat better .. this place is really bad n some of the people at the front desk are really rude...
mom of 4 yr old

Edinburg, VA

#53 Dec 3, 2013
I took my 4 yr old son to the Winchester VA office today and have to say it was absolutely horrible. We will never return and I feel like a horrible parent for taking him there for his first experience. The hygienist did not know how to talk to a child at all and the Dr. Apparently found 2 cavities and told the hygienist in some other language. He walked away and she turned and told me. They never even told me which teeth were affected! She then went on to tell me that he needed x rays so I wanted to talk with my parents who are medical people just to see if they thought it was safe. While I was on the phone she was antsy, shifting her weight and rolling her eyes at me. I then asked her a question about the x rays and she said to me "I don't know but you only have until 1 because the dr. Is going to lunch"! I was completely appalled by such a response and dismissal of my question. I had also tried asking both her and the dr. If my son should be taking vitamins with fluoride and they looked at me like they had no idea what I was taking about, and moved on as if I had not asked the question! I was u comfortable with the entire visit and the tone and attitude of the dental assistant that I started wondering if any of them were really qualified to be there. We opted out of any further treatment and will NEVER go back. I was then rushed to sign the paperwork while trying to read it carefully at the end of the apt. And handed a are for the next appointment which h they had made for me without even talking to me about when would be good. I hope this is not what the medical future looks like. It was horrible.

El Paso, TX

#54 Dec 19, 2013
kool smiles so bad my little girl came out crying and the doctor was like a homeless with no shoes only (sandals)

Petersburg, VA

#55 Dec 20, 2013
mom wrote:
I wish I could read before I took my son to Winchester, VA office. They have no skills working with kids, my son was scared and cried because of atmosphere there and how doctors communicate with kids. Secondly their instruments were dirty, when doctor took his instrument- mirror to check my son's teeth I saw it was dirty and after he just cleaned it using his gown and then put that mirror in my son's mouse :((( I never and never recommend this office to any parents.
I feel this comment is a lie. I went there as an adult patient and obsvered several kids having procedures done and I didn't see no dirty instruments. They would lose their license in VA if this happened. if you are serious about this quote, please call the fredercik co VA health dept. to investigate your claim.

Shreveport, LA

#56 Jan 21, 2014
Honestly I have no complaints about Kool Smiles. I went there for a horrible toothache and they were all very friendly! The lady who pulled my tooth was very gentle and made sure I was comfortable. After everything was done she explained what to do and I was on my way. Not only that but a few days later she called me to ask how I was doing. I am very pleased with Kool Smiles. The part where "parents don't get to go back with their children" I saw plenty of parents in the room with their children. Even my grandfather was able to go back with me. I have an appointment for the same thing today. I will gladly choose Kool Smiles for any dental work.

Lexington, KY

#57 Jan 29, 2014
I took my 5 year old to kool smiles in Louisville,KY and experienced this. My daughter used to love going to the dentist now she screams at the mere thought. I was a tragic event and I was so angry I wanted to hit the employee that was working on my child what can I do.
former employee wrote:
When i was first hired i was told what a great place kool smiles was and the Doctor was very good, one who read verses of the holy bible every morning before the first patient. Well it was nothing like that at all! I couldn't believe how they tortured the children there, with the papoose board, a head holder, plus 2 assistants using all their. weight to hold the child down when he didn't seem fearful until he was wrapped and restrained like a mental patient. The doctor (Dr. Lopes) kept yelling at the children with remarks like Boy or Girl (instead of their name)"You don't tell me what to do, I tell you what to do!" He wouldn't make sure the patient was numb or wait until the nitrous had time to kick in, just start drilling sometime cutting their cheek or lip in the process, I responded "Are you sure he or she is numb!. The child would flop like a fish and turn its head side to side and the doctor would not STOP! I was having an anxiety attack as this was going on, tears where running down my face, i'm a mother of infant twins and it really hurt me like i could feel their pain and anquish. I later complained to the Office Manager but she didn't care, i even warned mothers of fathers not to come back, file a complaint, or if the child seemed already fearful to go to a dentist who does hospital sedation because of the trauma it will bring. I tried to do what i could even get it on camera but they would not let me assist anymore and sent me to hygiene to take xrays instead. I was later fired for complaints of cross-contamination and chairs and equiptment not being wiped down in between patients especially with the swine fle going around, so i refused to work in that environment with fear of bringing home germs to my infants and requested that other staff be retrained. In my 11 years experience superior to their mostly just out of school externs or 1 or 2 years experience who work there as assistants are such incompetent and ignorant, uncaring creatures who should not even be let out on the field without real training.
I hope everyone realizes that Kool Smiles isn't going to last very long doing this to our kids....God's children....Jesus says
Matthew chapter 18 verse 3-9
"Assurdely, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."
"Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
"Whoever receives one little child like this in my name receives me"
"But whoever misleads one of these little ones who believes in me, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea."
Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!
Matthew chapter 18 verse 10, 11 "Take Heed that you do not despise one of these little one's, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven."
"For the son of Man has come to save which was lost."
The lord sees everything!

Milford, MI

#58 Feb 18, 2014
Hello My 2 kids have an appointment tomorrow with the office in Winchester va...Whats wrong with them...I haven't took them yet im more scared to take them to the dentist then they r......I will deff be back there wih both of them and ill watch every little thing they dooo....Im not into abuse...Best believe ill do all I can if I find something not up to my standards..Ill shut them down...Im no 1 just a loving mother but my word counts...
Patricia Sutton

San Antonio, TX

#59 Feb 22, 2014
Please as an adult I do not recommend Kool Smiles for "grown People"!! I had the worst experience of my life getting a tooth extracted. The small frame Dentist was unable to complete the extraction after approximately 45 min of torture, she finally broke the tooth leaving the roots in the gum. they refunded my money and recommended another Dentist to correct the problem they caused and this was going to cost me more money.

My granddaughter hates Kool Smiles.

United States

#60 Mar 6, 2014
After several shots for pain, my Dr was very pissed at my constant complaint of pain, finally 4teeth were gone. They xrayed to make sure all was clean. Then moved on to the next one, after that crush and cracking they hurried me out. Later that evening I thought it was a bone coming out my husband looked, it wasn't! It was a broken needle! In my mouth.. I called the next day and the nurse says are you sure? I said, Yes, I have the needle! She says "well I guess it's possible then " . You think! She then wanted to know what to do about it...
Tell the Dr. Maybe! I never got a call back to be checked on.
Andrea Quinteros

Jersey City, NJ

#61 Mar 15, 2014
Is that sooooooo true because I was going to get my braces there
Kool Smiles costumer

El Paso, TX

#62 Apr 8, 2014
Yesterday I went to Kool Smiles to get a root canal done and they didn't. The Dr & her stupid help we're just laughing and flirting! I'm 18 years old and yeah I found some of the things they said to each other funny, but they continued laughing & flirting while she started to do the prosecute! The Dr is so unprofessional! For example when my X-rays came back she said "I'd show them to you, but I'm to lazy to turn around and show you" Then after that she tried drawing my X-ray on a paper that had little kid drawings! Also the Dr doesn't speak proper English! God I'm just waiting for my appointment to be done tomorrow and then I'm done with this place!! PLEASE DO NOT GO TO KOOL SMILES or DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN!
The Judge

Midland, TX

#63 May 22, 2014
Amartinez wrote:
They hire personnel with tattoos which is disgusting. They pressure you into the treatment they recommend you don't have the option of saying no. They force you to sign.
How can they force you? You ALWAYS have the option to say No and walk away.. Did they handcuff you, tie you to a chair, or hold a gun to your head?

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