don't take your child to kool smiles ...

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#21 Oct 30, 2011
Damita wrote:
Kool Smiles is a joke! Your all about money and you dont care about these kids. Parents are NOT allowed in the back with their kids! You know theres something fishy going on if all the kids come from the back crying. All of them really no ones kids safe at kool smiles.
Actually parents are allowed in the back with their children but there are only some restrictions on that such as moms who are pregnant due to the fact that the nitrious is potentially dangerous to the unborn child, one parent that brings multiple children to the dentist at the same time, and only one parent is allowed in the back per child. Not at all kool smiles are bad but unfortunately the employees at any kool smiles will not be able to please everyone that walks through the doors... Hope everyone that had a bad experience has found a great pediatric dentist for their children though!
ex employee of kool smile

Columbia, MD

#22 Nov 10, 2011
i know there are some great, highly trained and caring people that work for kool smiles but, from experience, please trust that the one motivating factor with kool smiles is assembly line production. the systems they have in place are to maximize profitability and get as many people through their doors as quickly as possible. they worship the almighty dollar. i pray if you take your children there, you are able to be seen on a slow day so your child stands a chance of getting at least a portion of the work they deserve in a polite, safe setting. and please, ask for the more tenured doctors and assistants. as for the papoose, if you allow them to use it on your child - please make sure you have a good therapist lined up for him or her. it is medieval, unnecessary and only in place to speedily get your child through when some timely care would do the same thing. stay away from kool smiles. if you do go, have a good lawyer in place as well because you stand 1 50-50 chance of walking out of there with a lawsuit against their barbarian doctors.

Copperas Cove, TX

#23 Nov 18, 2011
Kool smiles sucks a$$, my wife went and well it was a horrible experience, my son went with my wife and they were very rude. didnt let my son go back with my wife, then they said we have to take a full xray and paused and said " well whatever your insurance can cover we will do" SERIOUSLY so our insurance is not good, or did i fight for this country for nothing..........then they just wanted to give her drugs for the pain and well we werent there for pain meds but to solve my wifes problem, so problem still there, not going back there, looking for a BETTER place......... Thanks for nothing Fool Smiles
Former Dentist

Newark, NJ

#24 Nov 22, 2011
"My conclusion, based on my experience and the reviews I read here, is that all Kool Smiles offices are not created equal."
Agreed. I worked in several different koolsmiles office and I have to say one office is full of staffs who are clearly lack of professional knowledge of what they were doing. On the other hand, not all kids were created equal. If your kid is younger than 6 years old needs extensive dental care(if you can see cavities yourself), afraid of dental work, and you are the parents don't expect to see your little one crying hysterically for half an hour being restrained, then bring your little one to a major hospital treated under sedation in one visit. I personally oppose to leave an terrifying memory to my patients especially they are still young; because they will never return to any dentist in their life. However, if your grown up child or teen needs some dental work, and you only have state insurance, koolsmiles may not be a bad choice.
Mom of two

Russellville, AR

#25 Nov 25, 2011
wow!! parents arent allowed in the room huh? I take my kids to kool smiles and i am always in the doctor or dentist is ever telling me i cant be in the room with my child...that is extremely fishy....OH AND they have always done a great job...pretty sure that just because one kool smiles is bad doesnt mean they all is all up to the dedication and care of the employees...I am a medical student and i do not understand why people take an oath to care for and protect people when they do not mean it at heart..sad if you ask me

Pipe Creek, TX

#26 Nov 28, 2011
My 3 kids have had SEVERAL visits. WE have not had any problems at all. I am considering taking my 20 month old Twins there soon.

Every kid I have seen comes out SMILING at our office. And no ones crying or upset. The Staff seems to be able to handle things very well from my end.

I have always sat with them while they had their visits and no one complained. There is a window to watch if you choose!

I hadn't noticed any unusual work. They seem competant and empathetic here in S.A. TX.

Maybe you guys should ditch the clinics you usually visit and find another. Honestly, if your unhappy with their work, please find some place more suitable for your little ones ;-)

Dallas, GA

#27 Nov 29, 2011
They now HARASS ME!!!!I took a foster child there but I stayed with the child the whole time while they did they examine, so no funny business went on. But now that the child is back with her biological parent and I had to cancel the follow up visit they call me all day asking why Im not coming back and refused to remove my number from their calling list

Edinburg, VA

#28 Dec 24, 2011
I wish I could read before I took my son to Winchester, VA office. They have no skills working with kids, my son was scared and cried because of atmosphere there and how doctors communicate with kids. Secondly their instruments were dirty, when doctor took his instrument- mirror to check my son's teeth I saw it was dirty and after he just cleaned it using his gown and then put that mirror in my son's mouse :((( I never and never recommend this office to any parents.

Milford, CT

#29 Dec 29, 2011
Kool Smiles Employee wrote:
Funny! All of you incompetent employees who are terminated say Kool Smiles will not last long. Do you not know how much we are growing? Kool Smiles strives to train all employees in the best to their ability problem is you are probably not trainable. With that many years of experience you have how can you get terminated from a job for cross contamination. Good luck to you go find another job we all know it wont pay you what Kool Smiles did.
What she wrote is true. I brought my son there because the commercial made it look so good. They did not numb him enough and when he cried he was called a baby. By the doctor . What I did not tell them is I am a doctor and I am outraged !
I brought my son to my friends husband after and was told to file charges- they extracted a tooth while it was infected- huge no no . They told me he needed a root canal and crown ASAP on a tooth that is loose. I have already filed suit in Connecticut

Marble Falls, TX

#30 Jan 12, 2012
former employee wrote:
When i was first hired i was told what a great place kool smiles was and the Doctor was very good, one who read verses of the holy bible every morning before the first patient. Well it was nothing like that at all! I couldn't believe how they tortured the children there, with the papoose board, a head holder, plus 2 assistants using all their weight to hold the child down when he didn't seem fearful until he was wrapped and restrained like a mental patient. The doctor (Dr. Lopes) kept yelling at the children with remarks like Boy or Girl (instead of their name)"You don't tell me what to do, I tell you what to do!" He wouldn't make sure the patient was numb or wait until the nitrous had time to kick in, just start drilling sometime cutting their cheek or lip in the process, I responded "Are you sure he or she is numb!. The child would flop like a fish and turn its head side to side and the doctor would not STOP! I was having an anxiety attack as this was going on, tears where running down my face, i'm a mother of infant twins and it really hurt me like i could feel their pain and anquish. I later complained to the Office Manager but she didn't care, i even warned mothers of fathers not to come back, file a complaint, or if the child seemed already fearful to go to a dentist who does hospital sedation because of the trauma it will bring. I tried to do what i could even get it on camera but they would not let me assist anymore and sent me to hygiene to take xrays instead. I was later fired for complaints of cross-contamination and chairs and equiptment not being wiped down in between patients especially with the swine fle going around, so i refused to work in that environment with fear of bringing home germs to my infants and requested that other staff be retrained. In my 11 years experience superior to their mostly just out of school externs or 1 or 2 years experience who work there as assistants are such incompetent and ignorant, uncaring creatures who should not even be let out on the field without real training.
I hope everyone realizes that Kool Smiles isn't going to last very long doing this to our kids....God's children....Jesus says
Matthew chapter 18 verse 3-9
"Assurdely, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."
"Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
"Whoever receives one little child like this in my name receives me"
"But whoever misleads one of these little ones who believes in me, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea."
Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!
Matthew chapter 18 verse 10, 11 "Take Heed that you do not despise one of these little one's, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven."
"For the son of Man has come to save which was lost."
The lord sees everything!
You are telling the truth about that I took my daughters there yesterday. My 5yr old was screaming she could feel it the dentist said you cant feel it. I thought maybe the noise was getting to her. Then my oldest daughter text me from the other room saying her dentist was rude and started drilling and she could feel it. My little one cried all afternoon saying please dont ever take me to the dentist again they are mean and hurt me. It seems like they have to many patients at once so they are rushing through on children. It is really sad that people only see patients as a pay check that they dont care if they are hurting them or scared. Im not saying all Dentist only see a pay check. Im just saying that it is horrible to have 2 heartless Dentist in the same building. If they just want to cut on things maybe they should reconsider a new career and not work with kids.

Marble Falls, TX

#31 Jan 12, 2012
Kool Smiles DA in VA wrote:
Ok first of just because you worked in an awful office doesn’t make all KOOl SMILES bad.. I’m sorry I have been a DA for over 7 yrs and I love my job I have been with Kool Smiles for over 3 yrs and I wouldn’t change a thing.. You must not be that great of a DA if you cant understand the reason f of why we do the things we do there We are trying to take care of these children we need not to blame Kool Smiles we need to blame the parents who aren’t brushing or taking care of their children dental hygiene.. Sorry but when I see a 2 yr old with so much decay that almost every tooth in their mouth has to have a crown on them or be extracted because they cant be saved.. The reason for the papoose is to make sure the child doesn’t hurt themselves Doctor or the Assistant .. The parents know what is going on and if they don’t the only one to blame is the assistant if you cant not explain to the parent everything that is going to happen then that on you .Plus parents are allowed back in the rooms .Oh wait lets blame the Doctors though...Oh and what about the parents who know their kids mouth is jacked up let their child go on for months then bring them in for an emergency oh wait lets not take our children to Kool Smile better yet lets go to another Doctor who wont do nothing because they don’t work on children.. I’m sick of people saying Kool Smiles is so bad .. Whatever.. I love my job my staff and all of my Doctors .. Like I said you must no be that great of DA!!
I just graduated to be a DA my self and I have to say you fit right in with the people I met at Kool Smiles. Some of the staff there are really nice but the people my kids had were rude. What I seen was wrong I would never yell at a child that is scared or treat a teenager like she is beneath me because she has to get some work done on her teeth. Not everyone can afford insurance and then if you are married its hard to get medicade. You dont know what is going on in the lives of the patients that come in. It is our job to make the patients feel comfortable as soon as they come through the door. People need to take a minute and think is that how I would want to be treated or my child? Of course not!
Uh oh

United States

#32 Feb 8, 2012
Kool Smiles Employee wrote:
Funny! All of you incompetent employees who are terminated say Kool Smiles will not last long. Do you not know how much we are growing? Kool Smiles strives to train all employees in the best to their ability problem is you are probably not trainable. With that many years of experience you have how can you get terminated from a job for cross contamination. Good luck to you go find another job we all know it wont pay you what Kool Smiles did.
Kool smiles is facing a lawsuit..........
the man

Chihuahua, Mexico

#33 Feb 10, 2012
i just took my kids and its a god awful place

United States

#34 Feb 16, 2012
Well everybody has something to say... All I know is that I took my son when he was 2yrs as soon as they strapped him down he started crying they started the drilling it seemed like it was hurting him I asked the dentist he said that my son wasnt feeling anything and whats weired about it was that after a min ir two he doubted himself and started poking him with the needle to see if it wasnt hurting him my son kept crying ...1month after one of his caps fell off I took him to another dentist so they could put it back thay told me that koolsmiles had put him a cap that was too big for his not saying all koolsmiles do the same thing cuz all dentist are diffrent but where I took my son I didnt like it.....

New York, NY

#35 Feb 19, 2012
I don't know where u are from but Kool Smiles pays Cheap!!! Who are to tell that person about that girl getting fired for cross contamination? Were u there ?? I had applied at one and seriously .. I laughed at them when they gave me my pay rate! I have been doing this over 15 and I am Ceritified and wanted to pay 14 an hour lol!!! Seriously ?? You think they have a good pay scale ... Obviously you work there it wouldn't have gotten sooo defensive .. But I wouldnt brag about that!

United States

#36 Mar 11, 2012
Call made a appt. but had to cancel it and they have called all weekend friday night at 9:00 then called my cell then called back on sat. Around 11:30 rang twice then called cell and called back on sunday. I have told them to stop calling and take me off there list. When I need them I will call them. But not going there after reading all this thanks
do not trust

Shepherdsville, KY

#37 Apr 14, 2012
I have know a few people who have worked for and is still working for Kool Smiles first of all the pay really sucks for what they expect from you. The use of the papoose is used quiet a bit so that the doctors can go as fast as they can to get the work done no matter how much your child is screaming they continue, it is sad so I advise all parents to go to the back area with your child there is a reason why you can not see your child!!! As for treatment the always do crown instead of fillings because it cost more and they can prep the tooth twice as fast and then they make the cron to fit by pushing it way under the gum so that keeps the gum inflamed. I now work in a pediatric office and we have had to use the papoose only 1 time , and at kool smiles it was probally used atleast 5 to 6 times daily even to take xrays if you can believe that. As for being for under served kids get real it is for the $$$$$$

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#38 May 28, 2012
We visited koolsmiles 2 days ago.. we had to wait forever and there we rough teenagers on tge playground, but once in the back, they were very gentle and friendly

Phoenix, AZ

#39 Jun 9, 2012
I took my 2 children to Kool Smiles off of Lee Trevino one time. We had just moved to El Paso, so that was a place I thought I would try. My kids have their check-up and cleanings every six months since they started getting teeth. They have never had any problems or cavities. When I went to Kool Smiles, they told me my daughter had 3 cavities! I did not believe them, so I ended up taking them to Vista Hills Family Dental and she had ZERO cavities!

United States

#40 Jul 5, 2012
Well i think that they really not treat the kids too good just because they give a bag of toys doesnt mean that they need all our respect hahhaa

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