5News Smile Makeover Contest

5News Smile Makeover Contest

There are 105 comments on the KFSM-TV Fort Smith story from Jan 7, 2008, titled 5News Smile Makeover Contest. In it, KFSM-TV Fort Smith reports that:

Carl Friddle are teaming up to give one lucky person a new smile just in time for the new year! Do you know someone in need of cosmetic dentistry? Someone who spends their time helping and doing for others? ... via KFSM-TV Fort Smith

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wendy Piserchio

Greeley, CO

#21 May 31, 2008
I am a 44 year old mother of one have all of my front teeth and none of my back so if u feel u would like to help me that would b great.
cassandra nichols

Linville, NC

#22 Jun 2, 2008
I am a 26 year old mother of 2 and i have had nothing but bad luck with my teeth and when i finally got the money to get them done i could not i went ahead and had to get my sons teeth fixed he had fallen and chipped his teeth.And now all my money goes to my son he has permant hearing loss in both his ears and he just got hearing aids and glasses.I just want to beable to smile and not just look pretty but feel it to.So please consider me for your makeover i would feel so much better about myself..
Kimberly New

Marietta, GA

#23 Jun 16, 2008
I am a 30 year old mother of 2 and full time student. I was raised in a family that could not afford to get medical much less dental help. I had my first child at 17 and never had the money to get it done for tried to take care of my responsibilities. I got married since but still can not afford to take care my teeth on husbands police salary. Its getting to the point that every breath I take hurts. I have helped so many people including raising my nephew for 8 yrs. I just want to be happy and enjoy life without constant pain.
Kimberly New

Marietta, GA

#24 Jun 16, 2008
I am a 30 year old mother of 2 and a full time student. I was raised in a family that couldn't afford medical services much less dental. I had my first child at 17 and struggled to take care of my responsibilites instead of myself. I had my 2 child while also fighting for custody of my nephew, and developed blood clots at the same time. I then focused on staying alive with this condition. I have been focused on everyone else except myself. I need this so much. It is getting to the point that it hurts just to breath. I just want to be happy and enjoy life without pain. Please help me.

Since: Mar 08

Jonesboro, AR

#25 Jun 24, 2008
I am 33 and in despirate need of a dental makeover. I have 4 children and they have always come first and even thought I have at times had dental insurance, the cost was higher than i could afford. I live my life never smileing or with my hand over my mouth. What is left of the teeth i have are decayed and broken. Most of my molars have been pulled and now I have trouble eating anythign that isn't soft. I rarely eat really hot or really cold food because it causes me severe pain. I would love to have dental implants since I used to sing in a choir (since my teeth have gotten so bad I am unable to sing anymore for fear of someone seeing my mouth) but if i could just get dentures then i could smile again. I miss smiling.

Walterboro, SC

#26 Jun 26, 2008
im a mother of 2 in desperate need of dental
im afraid to smile and im in constant pain
i cant afford insurance and have been turned down by medicaid numerous times please some one help

Loveland, OH

#27 Jun 26, 2008
I am 24 years old in kettering ohio,I am a good person. I havent been to the dentist in 10 years. My parents quit taking me, my front 2 teeth come to a point in the front, very crooked, Please tell me how to enter your contest, I am in need and begging. I just want to have a real smile in a picture with my son who is 2 years old. Please help, I am getting older by the day and my teeth are getting worse by the day. I could never afford braces and who wouldn't get thier kid braces? I would do anything for my son. Ive been there everyday since day 1. Please help me smile for my family and myself.
Kay kay

United States

#28 Jul 16, 2008
My Mother is a very wonderful woman,who has put things on hold over the years so that we can have and achieved.The little that we have my mother still reach out to others whether is babysitting someone else children, or preparing food to invite someone else to eat.My Mother is a single mom of 4 children.My mother need a serious dental make over where she can smile again.Over the past years my mother has not smile, or when ever she does smiles she put her hands over her mouth where no one can see her teeth.She always always say if she could afford to make over her mouth.But due to myself and other siblings raising us up by herself and the Lord, she can,t afford it by a long shot.Please please help our Mother get her smile back.Thank you

please contact me by email

[email protected]
Derise Babbitt

Boston, MA

#29 Jul 23, 2008
I am 33 years old and to make it short and simple. My mother could never afford to take care of my teeth. As I've gotten older my insurance (Mass Health) made changes where they wouldn't fix your teeth. You had the opetion to pull which was my case. I only have 6 teeth at the the bottom of my mouth which it makes it hard to chew and digest my food. My worst of all I have tooth missing in the upper right hand of my mouth which keeps me from smiling and makes me feel beyond insecure about my self. It's not the best thing in the world to hear my 6 year daughter say Mommy you have no teeth. I do not have the means to pay for the the work that needs to be done. But this would mean the world to me. to have an oppurtunity to fix what is ugly and make pretty. I would like to smile the day I get married. Thank you for your time. Derise Babbitt.

Norristown, PA

#30 Aug 2, 2008
FortSmithian wrote:
Y'all know this is a contest by a local TV station, right?
The winner will be from Northwest Arkansas, not Tennessee, California, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia.
Then perhaps the TV station should not have set up this forum as a means for people to enter. This site, " topix.com " is apparently used by a lot of affiliates.(Click on "About Us" at the bottom of the page for a clue.)

And in case you, they, or anyone else hadn't noticed; this is the WORLD WIDE WEB. All it takes to bring anyone here, really, is having the topic you're looking for come up in the results of the search engine of your choice - odds are good (if not better) it'll be on this site.
auntym M C Louisiana

United States

#31 Aug 3, 2008
After being in an accident two and a half years ago with 3 major surgeries along with a lot of cortisone and other meds my teeth are in desperate need of repair. Due to my high cost of medical expenses I am unable to do what needs to be done. I do have medical insurance and dental insurance but I am unable to meet the balance. To smile and sing again would be great. It is very up-setting to be where I am with the repairs that are needed. I do not care to be around people because of this problem. Consideration would be much appreciated. Thanks auntym

United States

#32 Aug 7, 2008
My name is Chenaye and I am 16 years old. It's my senior year, probably one of the most important times of my life. Senior pictures and different outings, I can't fully enjoy because I am very self-conscience. My two front canines are impacted...they grow on top of each other. I feel like a smile says everything and leaves a lasting impression. But unfortunately I'm not able to leave impressions. I would be eternally greatful if someone would respond back and let me know something????.


United States

#33 Aug 17, 2008
I am a 32 year old single mother of three. I lost my front tooth when I was 16 years old. I was grooming a horse when it lifted its head and its nose bone connected with my tooth. My tooth didn't immediately fall out but instead the root had beeen severed and it died in my mouth. By the time I realized something was wrong it was too late to save it, according to the dentist that pulled it. I have been living with a not so realistic flipper in its place for 16 years. I have been embarassed to smile for just as long. The flipper also unfortunately has a tendency to break on occassion so I keep a tube of super glue with me at all times in case I need to repair it.My general dental health is not so great either and although I want to improve it I cannot afford it at this point in my life. It worries me because I was diagnosed with a severe and progressive degenerative joint disease, psoriatic arthritis, for which I take weekly injections of methotrexate and entanercept. Both medications can increase your risk of infection and cause serious sometimes fatal health risks if you have an infection.I have always been concerned about the asthetics with my teeth but after having three daughters I am now more concerned about staying healthy to provide for them. My daughter Madeline is 3 1/2 and my twins Abigail and Bella are 2. Thank you for reading my story.
Sincerely,[email protected]

Fayetteville, AR

#34 Aug 26, 2008
I am only 22 and missing some of teeth in the front...so all u that think ur teeth are bad because of gaps or whatever just be happy that u got ur teeth..atleast u dont look like the biggest hillbilly of all when u smile...I have been trying to find a way to get my teeth fixed by entering all these contest but not got it yet..But good luck to the others trying...

Brooklyn, NY

#35 Aug 26, 2008
am 28 yrs old. I am in desperate need of a smile make over. I have neglected my mouth for almost 20 years. Currently I have two cracked teeth and suffer from chronic pain. It was definately in my best interest growing up to go to a dentist/orthodontist but unfortunately my parents let that slip between the cracks. I should of had braces because I have severe crowding which is unbarable to even look at. When I was younger my baby tooth never fell out when it was suppose to forcing my adult tooth to grow behind it. Finaly as a teenager the baby tooth fell out leaving me with the most horrible smile. I cry everytime i think of how much better life would be without worrying about what people think when they notice my defective mouth. The worst part is that because of this I have avoided dentists at all costs and now my situation has only gotten worse. Forget about cosmetic dentistry I need major , major work done before something terrible happens to me. I wake up everyday with the worst pains , bleeding and terrible puffiness. I am sick of hearing people say " whats the matter?" or " are you ok?" ... I always shake it off and act like I am just fine but the truth is.. " No I am not ok, I am in terrible pain and I hate smiling anyway because it makes me ugly".. Again I am 28 , I take good care of myself otherwise and I just want to feel good about my looks. I know I can really go far if only I had more confidence.I thinking that my condition may kill me before it gets fixed, I AM SCARED.. PLEASE HELP!... I once saw a girl with a similar situation as me on oprah and after many dentist visits Oprah got her a whole new smile!...( also , my dental insurance only covers cleanings and x-rays).. I pray to hear back from someone.. [email protected]
kathy lipford

Murray, KY

#36 Aug 27, 2008
Hi. I am 46 years old, between my husband and I we work six jobs, of which none provide insurance. We work this many jobs just to make ends meet , we do not own our home we lease, we have had a multitude of medical expenses in the past 6 years. Anyway, I started a few years ago having dental work done, after the birth of my second child my teeth started falling apart, the progress is very slow due to money , by the time I save up up for ex: a filling, something else needs repaired. Anyway, we have done alot of charity work throughout our lives so when I read this web page, I thought I would give it a shot. I love to smile, I am very blessed in many ways and am greatful for all I have. It would be nice to smile with good healthy teeth! I will be happy for whoever gets this dental makeover, as I understand how it feels to have teeth that are in desperate need of HELP. This is a very kind and generous thing you are doing
Most sincerely, Kathy

Chattanooga, TN

#37 Aug 28, 2008
People please take one moment and visit this thread it could be one of the smartest things you have ever done.


We had this very seem contest sponsered by local media in our city too a number of years ago. Today, one of those doctors is dead with 37 people suing his estate, his daughter being Miss Tennessee and the other one has both Tennessee state board charges and civil suits against him pending. The campaing was called Tennessee Butterfly. Please click on the thread above and do some reading.

Altoona, PA

#38 Aug 31, 2008
My boyfriend is 19 years old. His teeth are horrible. His family grew up trying their best to just make it. His father works over time and they still don't have enough money to make it by because his mother is very sick. They can't even afford the bills let alone teeth work. He works two jobs and used his money to help them out with the bills because he feels being their for his family should come before himself. He always tells me how he wants nice teeth and how ashamed he is of his. His teeth go every way! He always puts everyone before himself. On top of working two jobs and helping out his family he is also a volunteer fireman. He believes in helping people for the feeling it gives him not for money. He would be so grateful to have his teeth done and he really does deserve it. You can e-mail me at [email protected]
Know the truth

Montreal, MO

#39 Sep 1, 2008
Stephanie wrote:
Hi, I'm 32 and I lost all my teeth to Anorexia and Bulimia when I was only 24 and to this day have suffered not only the physical pain from wearing full dentures but from the emotional pain as well. People can be so cruel :( I think what hurts me most of all is is the fact that my 15 year old son who has Down Syndrome is terrified to see me without them and recoils from me in disgust and even spits like he wants to throw up when I take them out so I never go without them regardless of the pain. The only thing I wish for in this world is to get dental implants and be able to smile again with confidence and fell attractive again and not ashamed and be the person I was meant to be without feeling so much pain and humiliation.
[email protected]
I thankfully did not lose my teeth due to severe anorexia, but they are in bad shape. My teeth got worse with my first pregnancy, and now that I am pregnant again, I am afraid I will lose them.
My Wife

Maysville, GA

#40 Sep 3, 2008
I am writing in honor of my wife. We have been married for 5 years and she is wonderful. She is always helping others. She took in her two sister who are 6 and 15 to keep them from going to foster care. She pays for all there exspences as well as our two children.She has had them since she was 20 and i don't know many 20year old willing to give up there time and money for someone else. She told me for her birthday all she wanted was to have her teethe restored. This breaks my heart as we can not afford it onto of our added exspences. She would do anything for anyone. It would just be nice for someone to help her for a change.
Thanks for your time,
Michael Gilstrap
[email protected]

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