Does "Wisdom" add any credible insigh...

Does "Wisdom" add any credible insight to chiropractic care?

Created by DrCallahan on Sep 10, 2011

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No, spams the forum with inaccurate opinions

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North Babylon, NY

#1 Sep 10, 2011
I am the expert on chiropractic affairs. What would you like to know about the chiropractic enterprise?

I could start by exposing the fact that the most widely used chiropractic technique, the "activator", used by more than 60% of all chiropractors worldwide, is NOT supported by any evidence at all.

Meaning .... most chiropractors engage in unfounded and bizarre treatments. that most chiropractors depend on the placebo effect to make their claims.

Of course, if someone thinks I'm incorrect, please feel free to link a valid study showing that activator is god for a certain condition.

Since many chiropractors use activator for every imaginable condition, lets start with ADHD or spinal stenosis. Should be simple for you chiropractors.

I'm waiting.

Geneva, NY

#2 Sep 12, 2011
By evidence are you referring to the countless patients who had received positive outcomes when no other methods of treatment worked. There are tons of studies that show benefits of chiropractic care.

Just because activator does not have abundant research behind it the 60% of chiropractor you "claim" use it don't use it solely as a treatment. Stop twisting and piecing the facts wisdom. By the poll its clear no one is listening to you.

North Babylon, NY

#3 Sep 12, 2011
Chiroquacker shemmie, said, "By the poll its clear no one is listening to you."

Thank you for reading my every post shemmie. And thank you for acknowledging that there is NO research supporting any chiropractic technique/treatment, especially activator.

Did you know the world's largest pediatric chiropractic organization, the ICPA, claims that chiropractors can effectively treat bed wetting using bizarre chiropractic techniques?

And again, thanks shemmie, you linked NO evidence in support of activator, nucca, AK or any other chiropractic technique helping ANY condition.

That's why I love it when chiropractors post. Its all BS.

Manhasset, NY

#5 Sep 13, 2011
Here's your chance "shemmie". Chiropractors use activator to treat patients with bed wetting. Please link us some valid research to support this bizarre notion.

Take your time.

Then apologize for questioning me, the chiropractic expert.

Geneva, NY

#6 Sep 13, 2011
Please cite you link as to where you see majority of chiropractors using activator for bed wetting. Few are far between chiropractor even make a claim to help bed wetting If you understood chiropractic #1 you'd realize that the claims utilize more than manipulation, thus including nutrition and or other methods co managed with other professionals.

See the poll above, your rhyme is getting old, and people have tuned your boas view out. Your growing older as you speak, stop spinning your wheels making no valid statements. I am not a chiropractor therfore I will not speak on behalf of their techniques.

For reliable information and research visit .

Manhasset, NY

#7 Sep 13, 2011
Ahhh, good try at obfuscating.

Chiroeconomincs stated that more than 60% of all chiropractors use activator. By definition, those more than 60% of all chiropractors are engaging in quackery.

Do some chiropractors use spinal manipulation? Of course they do. Do most chiropractors over treat and over charge? Of course they do.

The only evidence for using generic spinal manipulation is limited to uncomplicated nonradiculopathic low back pain.

And feel free to read the ICPA and sherman web sites for evidence that chiropractors claim they can treat "bed wetting".

Do you need me to post the links?

Time to empty the chiropractic diaper.

Manhasset, NY

#8 Sep 13, 2011
Oh, what the heck ....

here's the link where chiropractors claim to cure/treat bed wetting.

This link is from the world's largest chiropractic pediatric organization.

Geneva, NY

#9 Sep 13, 2011
Ok now where am I seeing the use of activator as a sole treatment? Hmm I do see dietary intake, and the chiropractic adjustment. Neither of which make a statement in saying "This is the cure for bed wetting" Regardless there are cases that have shown chiropractic has resolved the case at hand...

Now people are getting results using these treatments, and in extreme cases where this situation is hampering ones life in which various treatments are not working, what is the Harm/side effects of chiropractic care? None there is none!

It is safe, and beneficial to receive care. Chiropractors educate patients on preventative care. A few visits a year keep an eye on if any developing conditions are present, and are referred to other medical professionals when severe and in need of invasive treatment

Wisdom it is only again apparent that you are trying to manipulate information to constrain to your own bias.

Why don't you protest amongst religious groups because there beliefs are not science. Why don't you deter people from prayer? Its a skeptic mind you have that is so single minded that you convinced yourself you have the one in only answer. It is pathetic that you have been posting the same ole rhyme abroad various websites.

Manhasset, NY

#10 Sep 13, 2011
Oh I see your logic. In your world, chiropractors accept patients who come to them with, as an example, their chief complaint being bed wetting. The chiropractor accepts the patient and begins treating them.

The chiropractor, of course, never claims to cure bedwetting, just claims that if he can "correct their subluxations" then the body will heal itself of the bed wetting condition. NOw, follow this shemmie, the chiropractor implies that he can effectively treat/cure them of their bed wetting. Classic chiropractic double speak there shemmie.

Fact, there is NO evidence that any chiropractic treatment can cure/heal bed wetting. Period. These quacks prey on innocent and desperate people.

Thankfully, bed wetting is self limiting and almost always improves on its own.

So shemmie, we can both agree that nutrition can play a part in treating bed wetting. Here's your chance shemmie, as you claim to know chiropractic (since you post here) What chiropractic technique can effectively treat bed wetting?

Is activator better than proadjuster? Is nucca better than AK?

What best practices models do chiropractors follow to treat specific conditions?

Are there any?

Don't even bother answering shemmie. I am the expert here. There are NO best practices models which chiropractors follow. NONE

Good try though shemmie.

Oh and while there are many things in this world which are filled with fraud, my expertise is the chiropractic enterprise. And so I spend a few minutes each day exposing chiropractic baloney. My pleasure.

Geneva, NY

#11 Sep 14, 2011
Unless you are a practicing clinician you do not hold any expertise in the field. Please end your mindless propaganda

Manhasset, NY

#12 Sep 14, 2011
What I state is fact shemmie. It is also evident that you really have NO idea about what goes on in the chiropractic enterprise.

But feel free to tell me all you know about chiropractic.

It is well known in the chiropractic enterprise that former life chiro college president used to demand that his students do "money chants" each week during their chiropractic schooling.

Shemmie, what else did this chiro college president do during those meetings?

What was the president's name shemmie?

Come on big mouth ... time to shine.

Geneva, NY

#13 Sep 15, 2011
Your opinion is not a fact. You believe you only speak in certainty, which is a tll-tale sign that you bias cynical skeptic views/opinions are anything BUT factual. You never link or cite anything to convey your opinions from reputable sources. One view is NO view and there is more than one side to a story.

You need to realize that you have an issue in your narrow minded thinking. Your trapped in the cycle of trying to find attention through negative ways. Break away from your linear process of thinking.

Again the poll clearly depicts that No One Cares About Your Rant Move On and stop pretending to be an expert in something you are not.

Manhasset, NY

#14 Sep 15, 2011
Shemmie, here's a little hint for you. When a quacker like a chiropractor claims he can cure something and I say there is no evidence for it (like using activator) then there is NO link to the NO evidence.
And thanks for reading my blog. Perhaps you want to tell us where chiropractors get their expertise in treating serious illnesses. Remember, I've been to many chiropractic schools and their "clinics". I am THE expert here.

You follow?

And why do you post so much when you really have no idea about what goes on in chiropractic? Just wondering.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#15 Sep 16, 2011
Wisdom please stop your ramble. There are over 60,000 thriving chiropractors. The majority of them deal with musculoskeletal conditions, nutrition/exercise, co-managing conditions, and promotion of wellness.

You make claims there is no evidence because there are no RCT on things like activator, AK, etc.? What about the thousands of case reports and actively participating patients who are benefitting from these treatments?

In cases like this, research is not by any means a proper tool to dispute treatments other than the statistical harm something can do. The wonderful thing about chiropractic is that the side-effects are not there. Treatments are natural.

Hackensack, NJ

#16 Sep 16, 2011
As a chiropractor you do not have training to know that anecdotal evidence is not evidence. The use of activator is not based on any best practices model nor is it based on any valid evidence. Yet chirps click patients with that spring loaded instrument and hope for the best. Some muscle aches get better and chirps take credit for the results. It is beyond stupid.

Oh and nechiro, I know hundreds of chiropractors and all of them are either struggling financially or are out of business. I played golf with two such fellows yesterday. Both doing other things with their lives. One seriously in debt due to student loans. Both embarrassed that they ever got into the chiropractic.

Stop your BS nechiro. It does not suit you.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#17 Sep 18, 2011
Wisdom you couldn't be anymore wrong. I am a Chiropractor doing well and far from struggling.

As far as student loans it is a problem that is in the forefront for everyone. Dentists, Lawyers, and even undergraduate students etc are racking up debt they cannot pay back.

You do not understand chiropractic and/or alternative medicinal treatments. You feel as if they should be constrained similar to current medicine. Medicine is potentially dangerous. Scientific research does not provide adequate evidence to deem a medication harmless. It simply weights the harm to benefit ratio. Chiropractic does not by any means similar negative outcomes. You put to much weight in the scientific model, you need to open your mind and become aware that it does not come close to explaining everything.

Please Wisdom stop wasting your time posting here. THe poll above is quite right with the conclusion of you poor expertise.


#18 Sep 18, 2011
I never said chiropractic wasn't effective. I just said there are a lot of unscrupulous practitioners.
I myself was tremendously helped by a chiropractor when I had severe sciatica. I tried NSAID's for many years with limited results. I have osteoarthritis and the OTC and prescription meds I took just weren't effective. A chiropractor here helped me quite a bit to help restore normal movement in my neck, legs and wrists. I now have less than half the pain I started with.
So if you think I have something against chiropractors, you would be wrong--just the ones who use bizarre treatments like the 'clicker'.

Geneva, NY

#19 Sep 25, 2011
Only thing bizarre is Wisdom.

Manhasset, NY

#20 Sep 25, 2011
Shemmie, its apparent you know nothing about chiropractic. Bets you keep quiet and learn a little something.

It is beyond dishonest for an idiot chiropractor like "ne" to claim that chiropractors are doing well these days.

Then again, he is a chiropractor who has supported every bizarre chiropractic technique out there, by claiming that, "You do not understand chiropractic and/or alternative medicinal treatments."
ha ha yeah, only a chiropractor "understands" that some anecdotal claims are evidence enough.

Geneva, NY

#21 Sep 25, 2011
Haha please wisdom keep your mouth shut! Look at the poll no one is even listening to you.

You are clearly a fool, you clearly don't understand alternative medicine. If you did you would see why it works and why people choose a natural direction in health.

Again refer to the poll above, no one care what you have to say.

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