The Future Of Chiropractic Health

The Future Of Chiropractic Health

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Medford, MA

#1 Apr 13, 2009

The Future Of Chiropractic Health

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Norwalk, CT

#2 Apr 14, 2009
Man, do these quackers ever get tired of "inventing" more bizarre and ineffective treatments? Every quacker graduates chiropractic school and "invents" his own form of chiropractic "Invents" his own angle, if you will.

Just more evidence that no standards of care exist in chiropractic.

The chiropractic diaper is full. The word is getting out.

United States

#3 May 13, 2009
Chiropractic future is strong

With 80,000 US Chiropractors we just keepp growing and growning

Chiropractors are qualified primary care physicians

Good to see people standing up for the profession

Subluxation needs treatment

I recently saw that more people are going to this site called chirotalk and telling them like it is

Too bad they delete what they do not like

But every chiropractor should pay them a visit and express just how AWESOME Chiropractic is and how great it is to be a Chiropractor

I see a lot of people from FL here and hope to see more in other states post and tell everyone just how important a adjustment is to health and how important it is to make a visit to your local Chiropractor for a examination

Chiropractic is leading the way and the future is bright with great income and the ability to heal the sick and get people off medication and if possible even avoid surgery

WOW now that my friends is simply CHIROPRACTIC

United States

#4 May 13, 2009
Nice to see more posts exposing the anti chiropractic frauds on the internet

I just checked out Nemo and his gang on chirotalk

I like the newest post by rackstraw

He really hits them hard so hard they have yet to repond

Chiropractic is the future of primary care who better than a Chiropractor, Chiropractors have more education than most MD/DO without the residency

Now Chiropractic has residency and 3 year in length

Yes Chiropractors are leading he way to real health

Brooklyn, NY

#6 May 14, 2009
Ha Ha Ha

Oh yeah, chiropractors are the future of primary care?

How utterly stupid that a group of cultists who treat disease by pushing and clicking on people's backs claim to be "qualified" to be primary health care providers.

Chiropractors graduate without ever examining, treating or diagnosing real illnesses. The majority of chiropractors graduate having a pathetic clinical experience limited to seeing a few low back and neck discomfort patients in their "student" clinics. Indeed, many of these so called "patients" are friends and family members who visit the student clinic to help the student meet their minimum visits required for graduation.

You want these idiots responsible for treating serious illnesses? Does it get any more stupid.

And here we have another idiot posting above claiming that "chiropractic" education is somehow similar to medical school education.

This is the classic chiropractic cult claim that chiropractic students are taught to repeat when their "education" is called into question..
Chiropractic students, for the most part, are c+ students who sit in similar chairs as do A+ medical students. That's where the similarities end.

Lets be honest. The foundation, the premise of chiropractic, remains that "subluxations" cause disease. Subluxations are a figment of the chiropractic imagination. Heck, half of all chiropractors use the activator, a reconditioned dental clicker, to treat any condition that walks into their offices. Its really all too stupid.

Indeed, there is not one study that shows any chiropractic technique treatment is more effective than even placebo. Can you imagine a field such as chiropractic not having any evidence that their treatments are better than placebo.

These quackers as primary care providers? Really?

What member of your family, say; one who develops a recurring cough or shortness of breath, would you be willing to hand over their care to a chiropractor?

I am the chiropractic expert. I know all their cult and scamming activities.

The chiropractic diaper is full. Many chiropractors are seeing the light and moving into legitimate fields. They are now leading honest and fulfilling lives.

You quackers need to do the same.

Liverpool, UK

#7 May 14, 2009
Tell me Mr. Wisdom or should I say (BPD) Do you even have the brains to figure out what BPD stands for?

I find it strange that you say Chiropractors treatment of VSC is imaginary and cannot not be seen and because of this you stat that Chiropractors are quacks your words not mine

Well let us examine our fellow MD/DO they treat Headaches/Migraines right. Well how come they cannot show us a headache or migraine? After all Pharma spends millions and makes billions on the treatment of Headaches pharmacological therapeutic agents. Now that would make all of these MD/DO and the Pharma companies quacks right (according to your so called scientific standards) People exibit pain all the time but the MD/DO cannot see the pain and yet they treat it? So you must be calling them quacks also.

You see wisdom just how stupid your logic is?

I can tell you that MD/DO as well as DC are not quacks, they worked their ______ off to become doctors and help people while you do nothing but sit around and show everyone that you have a type of BPD.

I list many more disorders that MD/DO treat but cannot see or even prove they exist. Can someone say depression but yet billions of taxpayers dollars and years of research are spent to treat this disorder that no one can see

I am sorry wisdom but I win all the time and you loose this arguement

You are a fraud with no knowledge of Chiropractic

Now go ahead and say it again I want everyone to hear you (YesMan)

Now go and empty your fraudulent diaper and go home and listen to some more Big Fish Story from finding Nemo

Chiropractic care saves lives

Chiropractors are the Future of Family Primary Care

The people have spoken again and Chiropractic is voted number Uno

I don't think we wil see you here anymore because you have been exposed

Brooklyn, NY

#8 May 14, 2009
"Chiropractic care saves lives ....Chiropractors are the Future of Family Primary Care"

Ha Ha good one.

Now shouldn't you quacks actually get experience in examining, diagnosing and treating real disease before you make such ignorant statements

I'm not sure if you quacks know this but sick patients can be found in hospitals and not chiropractic student clinics.

Real doctors, by the way, have years of clinical experience with sick patients before they claim to be competent.

But I realize you are quackers after all. Sick but true.

Now empty your chiropractic diapers.

Sarasota, FL

#9 May 14, 2009
yesboy, don't ever forget that I am the chiropractic expert.

I am the expert on every fraud technique you quackers use to treat innocent people.

I am the expert on such stupidity as activator, pettibon, gonstead, sot nucca, blair, logan basic etc etc.
All bizarre treatment methods currently taught at chiropractic cult schools. None with any research to support them.

You are out of your league mr. scammer.

Now empty it.

United States

#10 May 14, 2009
You can say it YesMan

United States

#11 May 15, 2009
I think wisdom must be mad that he has been exposed and his cult is fraud

I know you are too _______ to answer the question but please come on you can at least pretend to tell us why a MD/DO treat things like headaches/insomnia/depression/ pain all of which like you siad about subluxations cannot not be seen

BPD is tough to deal with, but their is treatment for it

No come on you can do it one more time say it for us we cannot wait to hear it "YesMan"

Good job I think their might be some hope with wisdom after all

Saint Paul, MN

#12 May 15, 2009
J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2007 May;30(4):263-9. Links
Clinical utilization and cost outcomes from an integrative medicine independent physician association: an additional 3-year update.Sarnat RL, Winterstein J, Cambron JA.
Alternative Medicine Integration Group, LP, Highland Park, Ill 60035, USA. [email protected] <[email protected]>
OBJECTIVE: Our initial report analyzed clinical and cost utilization data from the years 1999 to 2002 for an integrative medicine independent physician association (IPA) whose primary care physicians (PCPs) were exclusively doctors of chiropractic. This report updates the subsequent utilization data from the IPA for the years 2003 to 2005 and includes first-time comparisons in data points among PCPs of different licensures who were oriented toward complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). METHODS: Independent physician association-incurred claims and stratified random patient surveys were descriptively analyzed for clinical utilization, cost offsets, and member satisfaction compared with conventional medical IPA normative values. Comparisons to our original publication's comparative blinded data, using nonrandom matched comparison groups, were descriptively analyzed for differences in age/sex demographics and disease profiles to examine sample bias. RESULTS: Clinical and cost utilization based on 70,274 member-months over a 7-year period demonstrated decreases of 60.2% in-hospital admissions, 59.0% hospital days, 62.0% outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 85% pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine IPA performance for the same health maintenance organization product in the same geography and time frame. CONCLUSION: During the past 7 years, and with a larger population than originally reported, the CAM-oriented PCPs using a nonsurgical/nonpharmaceutical approach demonstrated reductions in both clinical and cost utilization when compared with PCPs using conventional medicine alone. Decreased utilization was uniformly achieved by all CAM-oriented PCPs, regardless of their licensure. The validity and generalizability of this observation are guarded given the lack of randomization, lack of statistical analysis possible, and potentially biased data in this population.

United States

#13 May 15, 2009
Hey Nice to see other joining in to stand up for our profession

If you look at what wisdom posts and his remarks along with his dancing around or turning around questions asked of him

To tell you the the truth,it is getting very old quickly

To continue conversation with a complete idiot is not what I have in mind

I never bashed MD/DO, we would not be hear today without them

What I was quick to point out is that the also treat disorders that cannot be seen with the human eye, they are human just like everyone else

Chiropractic also is important and has a important place in medicine

Wisdom is a fraud like the rest of his buddies

You cannot think that trying to reason with this idiot who by the way displays borderline personality disorder (BPD) and judging from his comment, it is quite remarkable to note

Wisdom, you can say, I know you can, just one more time for us so we can get a good laugh "YesMan"

United States

#14 May 15, 2009
Chiropractors are the Future of Primary Care

We are the second largest primary care providers in the US and we just keep growning and growing

Chiropractic is here to stay like it or not wisdom

Now go back to your headquarters as I think the movie finding nemo is playing again, staring Presto/Robot____!/The Stork/and all the other talkers around the camp fire listening to another big fish story

You can say it, I know you can, come on now go ahead I know your trained to "YesMan"

Brooklyn, NY

#15 May 16, 2009
Just wondering if chiropractor should actually get the necessary clinical experience in diagnosing, examining and treating sick people before they claim to be "primary doctors".?

Everyone but chiropractors seem to know the answer to that question.

And the experience would not be found in your chiropractic clinics.

Hey nice job, tom, I ask for specific studies that show a chiropractic technique is effective and you list a generic mobilization study.

Classic chiropractic. Classic BS.

You are chiropractors after all. The future is NOT chiropractic. Chiorpactic usage has been declining for years.

Get out now and save some face.

Bothell, WA

#16 May 16, 2009

Answer the question asked of you in earlier posts??????

Or will we see the same of sond and dance with you!!!!

What is you problem????

My posts have not based MD/DO as you claim

I hold them in high regard

But when you bash Chiropractic I am compelled to stand up and correct your comments on it

It was stated earlier that MD/DO also treat disorders that cannot be seen as do Chiropractors I listed just a small portion of these type of disorders that MD/DO treat

When you come on this forum and bash and even worse make comments that are very offensive to Chiropractors and their patients, then you can expect us to fight back

I know a lot of MD/DO, one thing I can tell you is that they do not act like you and if they did then they would of never of made it into Med school, one thing that is taught to in med school is to repect others even if you disagree

If you are here to represent them, then you are a very poor minister of health

When you talk about fraud within the Chiro ranks, you also need to look at data that will also show you that this is also common in the MD/DO ranks

Every profession has some bad apples and no one profession can be singled out

Many people have become Chiropractors who had GPA to get into med school, I know of some DC's that have even completed undergrad at colleges like MIT to just name a few.

I hope that you will examine yourself more closely and the words that you use.

If you showed more respect for others you will go much further in life and most importantly be able to enjoy life for yourself

I do not think that you will do that

So as always, I know who you represent _____talkers, I see that Finding Nemo and Presto the magic dragon, Goodviewer, and all the other Robotic________, are getting ready to enjoy the reruns of Finding nemo and are still sitting around the _____talkers campfire still telling the same old big fish stories, the problem is that no one takes them seriously, I hope that you can some how break free of the cult you are now caught up in, if not it will destroy you inside, you as a cult memeber are trained to say Yes

So I cannot help but tell you again to say it, I know you want to, you cannot help it, do what your are trained to do, come on we are all waiting, you can do just say it "YesMan"

Good job, now maybe you can get somemore brownie points from you new found cult and your new masters

Chiropractors are by the rules and regulations and the law of the land of the federal goverment considered PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS, I know this makes you want to cry, and all your talker buddies are weeping because not matter what you do or say you will never change the fact that true health is Simply Chiropractic

Now go get you spine checked and start enjoying your life

Their is help for you with anger management and help to break free of your cult

Good luck and remember I always win because I am right and Chiropractic keeps growing and growing

Little Rock, AR

#17 May 17, 2009
Oh yeah, still claiming the BS that chiros could have become MDs f they wanted to. That they could have become neurosurgeons but instead decided to click or push on spines instead?

Are you really that ignorant? Well, you have been indoctrinated well.

Yes, dummy, MDs treat illnesses that cannot be seen all the time. Is that supposed to be a trick question that stupid chiropractors ask their patient to prove that "chiropractic" works? More stupidity coming froma quacker.

Hint. MDs treat all kinds of diseases they cannot "see". Diabetes to give a simple example. Well researched treatments, in case you didn't know.

You as a certified quacker knows that there is absolutely no evidence that"activator" for example works. Activator is a spring loaded dental instrument used by more than half of all chiropractors who claim that they can click vertebrae back into place. No evidence. And no questions raised by any in the chiropractic community. Cause its easier to claim that you can click a vertebrae back into place than tell patients that you are full of crap. And its better for their wallets.

Chiropractors are sick leeches on society. Ripping off desperate and innocent people.

The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.

Bothell, WA

#18 May 17, 2009
But I asked you a simple question. Before you claim to be a primary care provider, don't you think chiropractors should actually examine, diagnose and treat truly sick patients?

Lets hear your BS answer. Let me hear you say that chiropractic student clinics and the limited few friends and family they see before they graduate, is sufficient to get the "necessary" experience. Ha Ha

Lay people have no idea about the reality of your clinical experience. I do, I have exposed you quacks.

You chiropractors have full diapers. My pleasure to let the public know abut it.

United States

#19 May 18, 2009

You need to seek help and break free of this cult you are caught up with

So many ctalkers are popping up everywhere but as time shows us, posts drop off and eventually memberships do as well

So the members are eventually left out to dry

I feel bad for you wisdom

I hope you find some counseling for your problem as well as your other friends and newest robots

As always you know what you want to do, go ahead and say it "YesMan"

Now go get some professional help

Brooklyn, NY

#20 May 18, 2009
"But I asked you a simple question. Before you claim to be a primary care provider, don't you think chiropractors should actually examine, diagnose and treat truly sick patients?

Lets hear your BS answer. Let me hear you say that chiropractic student clinics and the limited few friends and family they see before they graduate, is sufficient to get the "necessary" experience. Ha Ha"

Anything but answer my direct question.

An honest person would say of course, "yes".

But I understand you are a quack. Sorry. But there is help out there.

First stand and empty your chiropractic diaper.

United States

#21 May 18, 2009
Wisdumpy wants to talk about honesty but sits around waisting taxpayer dollars Hmmmmmmmmmm?

You have been caught in your own lie

Now go back to you ctalkers campfire and watch you movie presto the magic dragon and listen to the day big fish story

While Chiropractors are helping sick patients get better and making a 6 to 7 figure income

I command you to say it, "YesMan"

Good little robotic quacking fraud

Now have you have you diaper changed the ad hominem is starting to stink

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