Chirotalk wierding out
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Irving, TX

#2 Jul 5, 2008
Are you bored jim?

Irving, TX

#4 Jul 5, 2008

Arlington, TX

#5 Mar 28, 2009
They certainly don't like guys like Dr Vertebrae who seem to tell it like it is. I wonder why he was booted off anyway? Or why was I for that matter?

Norwalk, CT

#6 Mar 28, 2009
You clowns got booted of chirotalk because they do not allow the ramblings of idiots.

You got your one chance to claim that chirpractors can cure bedwetting and allergies by clicking the spine with a reconditioned dental instrument called activator.

After that, you needed to produce some evidence. You had none and so your ramblings were cut off. Boo Hoo.

Chirotalk is a "skeptical" chiropractic website, not a chirpractic scamming website like all the others you favor.

One of my favorite topics at chirotalk was when a chiropractic nut-job attempted to explain to an obstetrician how he could successfully turn breech babies with his hocus pocus. Too funny.....except of course for the patients he was ripping off.

Typical chiropractic idiot. Gee nwtk, I wonder why he wasn't allowed to continue his stupid posts at chirotalk? Can you guess?

Hey nwtk, in case you didn't see the comparison to that nut job and yourself......both of your chiropractic clinical experiences were jokes. And that is why when you idiots graduate you thought you were qualified to treat illnesses and diseases. You saw neither at your "student clinics" but that didn't stop you from claiming you were "qualified"..... Only in the land of chiropractic....ladies and gentlemen.

The chiropractic diaper is full. Time to empty it.

Garland, TX

#7 Mar 28, 2009
Wisdump - "You clowns got booted of chirotalk because they do not allow the ramblings of idiots."

You are proof that is not the case. Those who have been booted off were booted off because they did not fit in with the Chirotalk cult jargon. The cultists could not allow the opposing views to be expressed for fear that their own idiocy (chirotalk's) would be exposed.

You know as well as I that when evidence for something chiropractic was presented,(none so wild as your examples you have spoken of above) it was immediately deleted and the one who posted it banned.

I'll bet no one on has ever been banned for presenting an opposing point of view.

Keep trying Wisdump.
Dr E

Atlanta, GA

#8 Mar 29, 2009
nwtk2007 wrote:
They certainly don't like guys like Dr Vertebrae who seem to tell it like it is. I wonder why he was booted off anyway? Or why was I for that matter?
I have tried to post on that cult site dating back to 2004 and none of my posts ever appeared and of course I was banned two different time. So much for critical thinking or debate. I guess I'll just have to use their one-sided opinions as my source of "research" like Diaper boy Wisdump does.

Garland, TX

#9 Mar 29, 2009
Cult is right. They think they are skeptics. Wrong.

The true skeptic sites, like Science Based Medicine, have not booted anyone off that I have seen. They have selectively ignored a couple of commenters for a while, but never banned.

But even on that site, you can tell the chirotalk losers who post there from the actual skeptics.

I always wonder why they have so many different names. A different one for each forum.

Norwalk, CT

#10 Mar 29, 2009
Right, ignore the fact that you clowns were booted of by saying things like "activator" is effective at curing bedwetting.

Nice try bozos.

The day you clowns are skeptical about any of the bizarre goings-on in chiropractic is the day you'll be allowed to post.

Hint; Saying that you can gently ease atlas back into place with hio to help with spinal stenosis would not be a good start.

But then again, you idiots are too stupid to realize that. You are chiropractors after all.

Now empty your chiropractic diapers.

Garland, TX

#11 Mar 29, 2009
Oh please Wisdump. I was not booted off for anything related to the activator or any other such non-sense. Nor was Dr Vertebrae from what I can see.

Tell the truth Wisdump. Your lying is getting me bored.

I actually listened to Mr Botnick on a webcast interview and he said that chiro's are guilty of censorship. Just another example of the pot calling the kettle black.

I must say that when you have lost all credibility your lies just don't do you justice. Get busy and come up with some new BS.

Norwalk, CT

#12 Mar 30, 2009
If you are bored, then do not reply. It is not for your benefit that I point out the charde that is chiropractic. it is for the general public. people who have no idea about the cult of chiropractic.

Why don't you idiots start by explaining the bizarre "surrogate testing" that is employed by thousands of chiroquackers. Or AK, or activator which you use nwtk, or touch for health or nucca quackery....I could go on.

The economy is down, chiropractors are desperate...beware.

It is my pleasure to show just how full the chiropractic diaper is.

Norwalk, CT

#13 Mar 30, 2009
Botnick graduated at the top of his chiropractic class. he has the finest website in the world which exposes the cult of chiroppractic. An inside look, if you will, of the money hums and bizarre teachings going on in chiropraxtic today.

deal with it.

Arlington, TX

#15 Mar 30, 2009
Even Mr Botnick admits there are really two schools of thought on chiropractic. As I am not of the slant you are referring to, I will not be trying to explain their techniques.

Norwalk, CT

#16 Mar 31, 2009
I know that deep inside nwtk, he knows that chiropractic is a scam, based on lies.

He just has to grow up and denounce it.

But times are tough, and he is not. Sad.
Doctor Giglenutz

United States

#18 May 11, 2009
The boys of this so called ____talk (its def not about Chiropractic) so let us call it dumbtalkers network. They are not even licensed Chiropractors. They are just wannabe, Yes.
They claim to be Christians, then they gossip about everyone and everything and make fun of people or even try to ruin lives.
They are a very sad bunch of fools who could not make it in the real world and decided to instead collect welfare checks and spend all day on the computor like little children.
While the rest of us are out in the trenches removing subluxations and saving lives everyday.
They use nazi tactics and laugh at and humiliate real Doctors of Chiropractic who are just trying to make the world a better place.
I really do feel bad for them. How low someone must feel about themselves to try and ruin other peoples lives
Chiropractic works, Subluxations are real
They cannot even prove subluxations are not real
I challenge the boys of ______talk to prove to the public that subluxations are not real and do not cause disease.
They can't do this because subluxations are real.
All the best,
Dr. Giglenutz

Brooklyn, NY

#19 May 12, 2009
Ha Ha This quack above exemplifies the stupidity which is chiropractic when he asks, "prove subluxations do not exist".

Hey dumbo, it is up to the chiroquacker to "prove" that subluxations exist.

When a chiroquacker claims he can remove subluxations using 200+ entirely different treatment methods, he should at least have some evidence for the claims he makes.

I do understand chiropractic education. I am the expert on such matters.

The above statement made by this chiropractor is classic chiropractic "logic". Make ridiculous claims and then when questioned, respond by saying......"prove me wrong".

Thank you. Another idiot chiropractor exposing the truth about chiropractic.

Proving once again, the chiropractic diaper is full.
Doctor Giglenutz

United States

#20 May 12, 2009
The above statement from the above wisdumb is only another example of the childish games this idiots play.

That always turn the question around. He did not answer my question which is prove to me that subluxations do not exist? Why do you side step my question. Then they go on to humiliate the people they are against. Just another nazi tactic.

Chiropractic has been around for over a 100 years, Yes

In the one hundred years Chiropractors have helped millions of people suffering from all types of disorders, Yes

This is proof that subluxations exist and do cause disease. If not then Chiropractors would not be around today.

People like wisdumb will tell you they have no scientific evidence, Yes

What they will not tell you is that the medical/scientific community have scientific studies due to the fact of billions of dollars and federal funding, Yes

Then these same people will tell you that the innate intelligence or intelligent creation is false and has no proof, Yes

This is the laugh because these same people will go to church every week pretending to believe in a God but at the same time they support just the opposite, Yes

They attend and support institutions that will not allow even the thought of intelligent design or the fact that maybe there is a God

They are the cultists, Yes

At least Chiropractors believe that maybe, just maybe God does exist

Just because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist

When I see these so called scientist claiming that Chiropractic is false and only a drug can cure a disease, it makes feel as though I am watching the old movie the planet of the apes and the apes in that movie state that there is no scientific evidence to support that man can think, speak, reason, or that they even have a brain

Dear old wisdumb is just another one of those people who have no knowledge of what True Chiropractic is.

SUBLUXATIONS do exist and scientific community has had 100 years to prove they don't or that they don't cause disease. Do you know what 100 years of countless and endless ways to prove subluxations do not cause diseasse or don't exist. It has added up to nothing because they cannot prove it.

Chiropractic wins and patients keep on winning by avoiding drugs and surgery

Wisdumb go have you spine checked for subluxations as I think you could use a adjustment to clear your mind

Prove to me I am wrong and subluxations do not exist or cause disease, can you meet my challenge

I didn't think so
All the best
Dr. Giglenutz

United States

#21 May 12, 2009

It never stops

They claim to be Christians then they support vaccines that contain human diploid cells from aborted fetus

They claim to be Chiropractors but are not even licensed

They are no longer licensed because they could not make it as a Real Doctor or they simply never passed the boards

They look so foolish

My friend who is a MD looked at the sight and told me that he thought is was a joke and that they are just people who not only could not make it as a Chiropractor they could never enter MD school either. Instead these idiots are either on welfare or trying to play nurse

How Ironic that is

Chiropractic has been around for 100 plus years, removing subluxations and saving lives of paients

No drugs No surgery

Many MD see Chiropractos on the same level even though we can disagree (we both still are licensed doctors)

Many MD support CD

The boys of chirotalk keep collecting welfare checks while misleading the public and acting like children

In turn they probally get donations for anti chiro movements who only support drug and surgery

The Patient has spoken and Now Chiropractic is the 2nd to 3rd largest healthcare system in the US

The boys of Chirotalk or should I say the dumbtalkers club of wanna be Real Chiropractor doctors, will continue the propaganda machine spending all day on the computor while the hard working american public has to front the bill of non paid student loans and welfare checks just because these idiots are too lazy to go to work

Maybe on day I will see these guys in a nurses uniform taking doctors orders from me as I perform a MUA

They need to get their spine checked for subluxations as they have lost their minds

I think they are now going to teach us how to clean a diaper

Chiropractic RULES and Will always be here

I have to go now and remove some subluxations
Number 1

United States

#22 May 12, 2009
My friend is a nurse and told me she thinks it is a joke that a Chiropractor on Chirotalk is going to go to nursing school. If they could not make it as a doctor how in the world will they make it as a nurse.

I now hear that they are holding lessons on how to change a diaper or C-dff

They are a insult to real nurses who really make a diff in the lives of patients

From no knowing what a subluxation is, to playing nurse, these are wannabe chiropractors

Nurses are AWESOME

We do not need chiropractic nurses, we need real nurses and we need real doctors

Go get your spine checked wisdumb I think you have a subluxaton

I really like Doctor Giglenutz

Go Chiropractic!

Brooklyn, NY

#23 May 12, 2009
Thank you for your posts. I'm loving them. Nothing speaks of ignorant fools as much as hearing it from your mouths.

"Prove that subluxations do not exist"? Ha Ha

I'm still amazed at this very "chiropractic" type of response. But really, don't any of you idiots see the fallacy in your logic? Come on, just one of you maybe?

Well, maybe not, you are chiropractors after all.

Interesting you chiropractors mentioned that many many chiropractors have gone on to become not only nurses, but PAs and teachers.

Of course, they are the intelligent chiropractors who came to realize that chiropractic is based on a scam.

Your claims of, "chiropractoc must work because its been around for 100 years" is also another logical fallacy. You dummys are just too stupid to realize it. Again, you are chiropractors after all.

Fact: There are no studies that support any of the more than 200+ chiropractic techniques/treatments. Indeed, there are NO studies that show any chiropractic technique is better than placebo.

Fact: There is no evidence that chiropractic subluxations even exist.

Chiropractic is beyond stupid. Given one patient, a nucca chiroquacker will push on only atlas, an sot quacker will put blocks under the hips, a gonstead quacker will attempt to push on your entire spine based on idiotic ;lines drawn on an x-ray, and the stupidity goes on and on. Acitvator quackers will click your spine with a reconditioned dental instrument and claim they are putting vertebrae back into place.

Ha Ha Beyond stupid. No studies, no evidence , no double blind or random controlled studies. No NOTHING.

Well, they do have plenty of excuses..........Yawn.

And now you dummy are bashing some of the chirotalk posters who happen to be Christian? You'd think you'd stop at bashing medicine like you were taught in chiropractic school.

You idiots failed to mention the incredibly large practice management cult group known as "body by god chiropractors" that scare patients into care by using scare tactics. These "body by god" chiropractors are every where. And they are ripping people off by the millions.

Never forget, I am the chiropractic expert. I will expose you quacks at every turn.

Lastly, chirotalk members and posters are current and former chiropractors, medical doctors, PAs nurses and PTs. Some graduated at the top of their chiropractic classes. Anyone is free to see for themselves.

The chiropractic diaper is full, you idiots need to empty it. And then leave the chiropractic field and become legitimate. You'll feel much better about yourselves.

Saint Paul, MN

#24 May 12, 2009
nwtk2007: >>>>"They certainly don't like guys like Dr Vertebrae who seem to tell it like it is."<<<<

nw--- the cultists at chiroblab don't even let their own robotnicks "tell it like it is" Daily, Moderators go in and edit posters posts!!! See example below:

New Member

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Joined: Apr 2009
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Re: General Peterson Question
Result #40 on May 6, 2009, 4:24am

I agree with A J Botnick DC

Last Edit: May 6, 2009, 5:09am by A J Botnick DC

Botty would use "creative"(read-dish onest) editing of others and his own posts on several DC and PT forums. He was banned from them all for that.


Wisdump declares:

>>>"One of my favorite topics at chirotalk was when a chiropractic nut-job attempted to explain to an obstetrician....."< <<

Yeah right dumpy.......Obstetricians post on chiroblab. HAHAHAHA!


Wisdump continues his BS with:

>>>"Botnick graduated at the top of his chiropractic class"<<<

Check THIS out dumpy:

A review authored by botty on amazon:
Grammar in Plain English
by Harriet Diamond
Edition: Paperback
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability
51 used & new from $0.01

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
An excellent grammar tutorial, March 17, 2005
I picked up this book when I realized that my grammar was not up to par as a result of attending a sorry little public school with an inadequate number of hours and instructors in the subject.

Although this book is written for the GED crowd, I found it to be an excellent tutorial on the fundamentals of grammar. It's style is very easy to read and fun with a good blend of content with practical exercises.

YUP- he sounds like a real genius. Looks like his school complaints started early in life! At any rate- DCs in his graduating class will confirm his did not graduate "at the top of his class". What a pinhead liar.

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