Chiropractic Question ???

Chiropractic Question ???

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Since: Sep 12

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#1 Sep 25, 2012
Why physiotherapy or chiropractic isn’t considered a part of medical Science or the bio medical model?
Its tend to be widely taught throughout universities. Is there not enough evidence to suggest that is not scientifically proven?

Port Washington, NY

#2 Sep 26, 2012
Melissa, chiropractic is NOT based on any legitimate evidence. No chiropractic technique/treatment is supported by evidence. For example, the "activator", which is used by tens of thousands of chiropractors, has no legitimate evidence to support its use. Chiropractors depend on the placebo effect.

Hence, 99% of chiropractic is pure quackery.

Melissa, it sounds as if you know nothing about chiropractic. Why did you post?

Since: Sep 12

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#3 Oct 2, 2012
Thank you Wisdon for posting this and yes as i posted in my last post that i am beginner of a chiropractic that's why i am gaining knowledge and thanks for letting me know more knowledge about chiropractic.
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Durham, NC

#4 Oct 2, 2012
Melissa, it looks like "Wisdom" should change his/her name to "Uneducated and highly opinionated". For the most part, chiropractors are in private practice and not part of large "govt. grant funded research backed institutions" like hospitals and large inpatient corporations, so the $$$$$ for conducting the research to provide the "legitimate evidence" that "Wisdom" talks about isn't there in the abundance that, I am sure, would be desired. And since chiropractors don't prescribe drugs, the pharmaceutical corporation have no reason to back the profession. Bottom line is, whether "Wisdom" likes it or not, chiropractic is supported by studies found in the Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neurology, Journal of Orthopedics, and on and on and on. I have been a chiropractic patient for about 10 years now and am in my 50's. I walked into the office at the age of 41 and was on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and had borderline Type II diabetes. 3 months later, I was not only feeling better in regards to my back pain, but I was also 25 lbs lighter and off of all my meds. When I went back to my MD for blood work, it was the first time in over a decade that it came back GREAT! The reason? My chiropractor taught me how to manage my weight through proper diet and exercise. He is just a wealth of knowledge and I've never had anything less than an amazing experience each time I have had an appointment. Here's the kicker...I actually ran into my MD about 3 weeks ago at my chiropractor's office. He was there as a patient and he told me that he has been a patient for about 2 years and they also get together each month to discuss "tough" cases!! Educate yourself (you too, Wisdom!!!). Don't listen to foolish opinions like the one "Wisdom" ignorantly unleased upon you. Clearly, he is uneducated on this topic but feels the need to show off his opinions based upon lack of "legitimate evidence". One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the most vocal bashers of chiropractic tend to be the ones who could probably most benefit from their services.

Anderson, IN

#5 Oct 3, 2012
....the MD was most likely in the DC's office to collect his kickback fees for referral of "patients".......wha t a MD utilizing a Chiroquacker? thats real fantasy for you.

Manhasset, NY

#6 Oct 3, 2012
So, here we have a clown accusing me of being ignorant but does not back it up with any facts. So typical. of someone who went to a chiropractor and now thinks he "knows" chiropractic. I exposed the fact that the most widely used chiropractic technique/treatment, the activator, is not supported by any legitimate or reproducible evidence. So, the fact is that MOST chiropractors engage in quackery. NOt some, MOST.

I like this ladies comment when she says, "since chiropractors don't prescribe drugs, the pharmaceutical corporation have no reason to back the profession."

No kidding. Brilliant.

Talking about her chiropractor and medical doctor, she said, " they also get together each month to discuss "tough" cases!! "

ha ha ha That is pure bull crap! That is lie.

Then this lady says to me, "Educate yourself (you too, Wisdom!!!)"

Here's a secret Ms.,.... I was a chiropractor. I am an expert on the chiropractic enterprise.

Lets be clear, you couldn't name, much less be able to discuss, even one chiropractic technique currently taught in any chiropractic school or seminar

Seems to me that YOU are about as ignorant about chiropractic as anyone. But glad you lost weight.
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Durham, NC

#7 Oct 7, 2012
Oh oh sounds to me like someone is bitter. Maybe you were unsuccessful in business? If that is the case, perhaps you are not the best one to give advice. I'm curious, what are you doing today if you are no longer a practicing physician? It would seem to me that after all of that schooling and training, you would want to put it to good use helping others just like my doctor does. After reading your silly, overly defensive and harsh response, it really is difficult to arrive at a conclusion other than you failed in practice and are burdened with debt as a result of your failure. I will say a little prayer for you that you are able to overcome your bitterness and lead a happy, successful life. I will also continue to YELL at the top of my lungs how much chiropractic has helped me, my family and so many of my friends. I truly feel that my life has dramatically improved thanks to the guidance from my doctor.
Melissa, find yourself a good chiropractor (ask around) and I will bet that you will be very glad you tried it.

Central Islip, NY

#8 Oct 7, 2012
Well "ignorant" one. I too am a chiropractor who is fed up with the baloney in my field.

Wisdom is correct. Tens of thousands of chiropractors use the "spring loaded activator" on patients with every imaginable condition. And many other unfounded treatments as well.

Besides placebo, do you know how much legitimate evidence there is to use the activator? NONE. Hence Wisdom is correct. And really, lets be frank, you obviously know very little about chiropractic, yet you felt compelled to argue with a chiropractor about chiropractic. A bit arrogant, don't you think?

Calling Wisdom a failure is illogical. And like Wisdom said, your anecdotal story about how chiropractic helped you does not in any way, invalidate the facts as Wisdom and I have laid them out.
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Clayton, NC

#9 Oct 8, 2012
You really should check out this link:

It appears that "Wisdom", "Cody", and "DrCallahan" maybe spend a little too much time on the internet spreading their apparent misery and regret of career choice. They attack people who wish to simply share their positive experience. AND, they seem to work together in doing so. I can't help but to feel sorry for these people because they come across as miserable, negative and defensive with their comments. It sounds to me like they should maybe consider quitting if they don't feel good about what they do. These are probably the chiropractors you would want to avoid.

Again, Melissa, there are a lot of great people in all professions out there, and you will always be able to find some in all professions who are sad, sorry people who are unable to claim accountability for their failures or lack of success. Find people who take passion into their work place and you will usually have an amazing experience.

New Hyde Park, NY

#10 Oct 8, 2012
"They attack people who wish to simply share their positive experience. "

If you were capable of reading English you would see that I and the others here ONLY attack chiropractic fraud. And until you can dispute any of our facts, best you take a chill pill.

Exposing chiropractic quackery is NOT "negativity" (though that's what they say in chiropractic school, as I and others were labeled "heretics" by chiropractic school teachers and students for exposing chiropractic fraud and stupidity).

"ignorant" sounds like an appropriate moniker. Calling people "failures" is so chiropractic. It avoids logic.
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Clayton, NC

#11 Oct 8, 2012
Oh my goodness. Such bitterness and so unhappy. I guess you are right "Wisdom"...I may not know as much about chiropractic as you do and to be quite honest, I really don't care to as long as it helps me and my family, which it has...immensely. BUT, what I do know is business and people. It is clearly obvious that your business is likely lackluster based upon your ability to respond so quickly to my last post. Those who are busy building business are usually too busy to play on the computer.(for reference, I am retired)

Your condescending choice of words makes me think that you are in need of a hug and for someone to tell you that it will be okay. Maybe you would start having more confidence and belief in yourself if someone did that for you or maybe baked you some cookies.

I give up wisdom...I will allow you to win and I hope this will boost your self confidence. As for Cody and Michaelene (Dr. Callahan???), well...they can claim a big win here too. Now, maybe all three of you grumpy little attack dogs can get together and do lunch while talking about how you were able to convince some little 50 year old that they must be senile because they have dramatically improved their health after going to a GREAT chiropractor.

Let me give you all a little advice: Life is far too short to waste it doing something you are either not good at, not willing to work at, or just don't like to do. It's never too late to change your direction in life and, believe it or not, I truly want you three little grumpies to be happy!

Oh, and just so there is no confusion... I hereby declare that WISDOM, CODY AND MICHAELENE (DRCALLAHAN??) are winners. Now schedule that lunch meeting and you can keep talking about all of those things that keep you unhappy...after all, misery loves company...right?
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Clayton, NC

#12 Oct 8, 2012
This just keeps getting better and better. Here is another link to check out.

AND, it has most of the usual players. thinks someone's credibility has just been flushed down the sh#tter! Although it's only my opinion, I feel quite confident after reading this that CODY and WISDOM would be better suited asking people if they would like paper or plastic instead of how can we help you get better today?
Attack me all you would like, kids. Your credibility has just been your own words. Not only do your word choices make you come across as defensive, miserable little people, but they SCREAM "Help, I am a failure!". I take back my previous post that says I allow you to win. After reading the repetitive put downs of both people's comments and the profession of chiropractic, I have concluded that I matter what. You cannot win an argument, debate, or speak falsehoods or truths for that matter once you hold no credibility. If you want to give me your address, I will happily bake some nice warm cookies for you poor little victims so you can have something tasty to nibble on as you type away and try to come up with ways to restore your credibility.

Manhasset, NY

#13 Oct 8, 2012
Again, you present no rational rebuttal. Just the usual name calling. So typically chiropractic of you.

Just for laughs, I'll do you one better. Here's my exact post form your link.......

So, this chiropractor from MN claims that he/chiropractic can cure/heal .....

"Osgood-Schlatter's (Jumper's knee)
Difficulty sleeping
Difficulty concentrating or staying focused
Stomach aches, heartburn, or indigestion
Sports injuries
Skin Disorders

Bull crap.

Let's be clear ... there is NO legitimate evidence to support this quack's claims.

Enough of ripping off innocent and desperate people.

A full investigation needs to be done. And this "chiropractic leader" needs to lose his license. Today.
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Durham, NC

#14 Oct 8, 2012

I really do think you need a hug and some tasty home made cookies asap. You are trying so hard to be authoritative and to come across as highly intelligent, but all that really comes across is your bitterness towards your CHOSEN occupation. I absolutely could not imagine going to any doctor (of any specialty) if they possessed the woe is me attitude that you do. Quit. Do something else. It is quite evident that you did not do your homework prior to CHOOSING a profession. That's on you. Quit blaming others. If you are so unhappy, do something about it. If you are so against your profession and think it is all hocus pocus, get out of it or do what you need to do to prove it. All I've read in your little rants is that there is no evidence to validate the effectiveness of a treatment but you have not provided evidence (at least that I've seen in my limited research) proving the non-effectiveness of that same treatment. Again, you have earned no credibility. Also, for future reference, using the term "bull crap" in a forum such as this simply makes you appear small and allows readers to quickly tune out the importance in any message you are wanting to convey to the reader. Maybe it's time to take that superior intelligence of yours and put it to use. Step up, quit being a sheep of your CHOSEN profession and become a leader. If you walk through life feeling like everything you encounter needs to be supported by legitimate evidence, you will find that you have wasted your steps and will miss out on a lot that life has to offer.
I actually don't think your rants are about your profession, I think they are more of a reflection on you...and what/who you truly see yourself as in this world.
As I tell my kids, "Time to grow up, quit your whining and feeling sorry for yourself. Get your act together and make a difference in your world.
(Please know my offer still stands if you would like me to send you some fresh cookies and a note saying it will all be okay.)
Wisdoms ignorant opinions

Durham, NC

#15 Oct 8, 2012
Hey never did say what you are now doing if you are no longer a chiropractor, or are you still a practicing chiropractor?

Manhasset, NY

#16 Oct 9, 2012
ha ha ha Now you want to know what I do for a living? ha ha ha

I WAS a chiropractor. I am an expert on chiropractic matters. YOU are NOT. Clearly.

If you have any evidence that what I say is not true, present your evidence. If not stop wasting our time with your ad hominem posts.

Whining? ha ha ha You're the only one who's whining.

I post to expose the overwhelming amount of fraud throughout the chiropractic field. Why you have a problem with that is beyond me, but I suspect you like living with your head in the ground. That's your choice of course, but I am sick and tired of innocent and desperate people being ripped off by chiropractors. Period.

I have posted many times, here and on other chiropractic blogs. You need to read my posts. I have also stated what I do for a living. Remember, you don't need to make it personal, stick with chiropractic, it is the topic here. I knew a long time ago that you know very little about chiropractic yet feel compelled to post. Bizarre ? Yes, but there are many people like you who do the same. And your posts are a waste of space.

Manhasset, NY

#17 Oct 9, 2012
I'll just make my point a little more clearly.

This "ignorant" poster said, "All I've read in your little rants is that there is no evidence to validate the effectiveness of a treatment but you have not provided evidence (at least that I've seen in my limited research) proving the non-effectiveness of that same treatment. "

Ummmm, dumb ass. You don't know it but you just made my point. Or do you just take everyone's word for everything? You see, it is the responsibility of the "health care practitioner" to FIRST have evidence that what he claims and what he charges the patient and insurance company is vaild and effective.

When I stated that there is NO evidence for the bizarre and unfounded treatments that chiropractors use like activator and nucca and gonstead, I exposed those quacks as being full of crap. It is not up to ME to disprove all those unfounded claims.

You are clearly lacking in logical thinking. I suggest a course in logical thinking at your local junior college. Though I'm not sure this would help.

Since: Nov 12

Virginia Beach, VA

#18 Nov 7, 2012
melissamendoza wrote:
Why physiotherapy or chiropractic isn’t considered a part of medical Science or the bio medical model?
Its tend to be widely taught throughout universities. Is there not enough evidence to suggest that is not scientifically proven?
This is a great question Melissa. There are multiple reasons that chiropractic has been seperated from the medical commnity.

First, Chiropractic works. There is new research everyday supporting chiropractic and it's effectiveness

Chiropractic and neck pain -

Chiropractic and autism -

Chiropractic and pediatrics/asthma -

Second, many people, including a majority of medical doctors, do not understand what chiropractors really do. This is in part a failure in the chiropractic profession to effectively communicate what we are doing. Personally I use neurology because it is measurable and is documented heavily by both chiropractors and medical doctors.

Chiropractors have also been labeled quacks over time at a documented attempt to discredit the profession. At one point the American Medical association was sued for "attempting to eliminate the chiropractic profession." (Wilk v. American Medical Association) The AMA was found guilty of handing out flyers and giving warnings that chiropractic was 'quackery' and people should avoid chiropractors.

I would suggest talking to patients of chiropractors or chiropractors themselves to gain more information on the profession. Let me know if you have any questions!

Brooklyn, NY

#19 Nov 7, 2012
I see we have another chiropractic quack claiming that he can help autism. Did she even read the supposed "research" she presented?

Dumb ass chiropractor.

Enough is enough. You clowns have ripped off far too many desperate and innocent people.

The AMA did not go far enough in warning people about bizarre chiropractic "treatments" like nucca and activator.

Fact, most MDs don't give a rat's ass about chiropractic. Since I was a chiropractor who now practices critical care. I feel compelled to expose the overwhelming amount of quackery in the chiropractic field. The quacks need to be exposed and expunged.
Wisdom failed in practice

Buffalo Grove, IL

#20 Nov 7, 2012
I see wisdom is stalking me again. Typical of parnanoid liars.

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