heart rhythm off. skips a beat and sp...

Terre Haute, IN

#81 Sep 14, 2012
I am so glad I found this thread, I have had the same issues for awhile. But I do wonder like some said earlier if it has to do with caffeine? Because I do not remember this happening when I quit drinking pop and coffee. While I dont drink pop anymore I do drink coffee, I guess I will cut the coffee starting now and see what works.

Thank you all so much for posting your stories. I thought I was the only one.

Miami, FL

#82 Oct 10, 2012
I have had this problem since my early teens. It starts when I play ball or exercise hard. But I think its connected to a heavey consumption of suger. I'm going to experiment and fast from processed sweets to see if it helps. I also noticed I eat heavy before I play basketball the episode takes place.

Ebensburg, PA

#83 Oct 21, 2012
And I thought i was the only one with these things.I can tell when it is going to happen to me, I actually went to the E.R once because i thought i was gonna die. the did blood work xrayed my heart and do a e.k.g. was there for 6 hours and the doctor came in and told me everything was perfect and in her opinion it was anxiety and that i was in tune to the way my heart was beating compaired to people who didnt get this. I thought no way it could be that im not an anxious person, so she gave me one zanax i belive and told me to take it when it happend again. a week later it happend i took it and it went away but i still thought there was something wrong. i went to familly doctor he put me on zoloft and believe it or not it helped me,i stopped taking them and 8 weeks later i started to get them again. with my attack or what ever u want to call it my heart beats fast and skips sometimes i get almost a warm flushed feeling like something is really wrong which in return makes it beat faster i feel like i could loose conciousness but never do, i hate these things, ive stopped ALL cafine and smoking but still get them. guess i should try zoloft again..sucks
Kimberly Hupp

Lynchburg, VA

#84 Oct 24, 2012
Zoloft is bad. There has been so many issues about it causing irregular heart beats. I had an episode from last night till this morning. It would beat fine and then it started feeling like it was flipping and flopping after so many beats. Scared the hell outta me. I thought I was going to die. But then I felt like i had to burp and it when i did it went away. Scary as shit but Im hoping its nothing that is going to kill me.:(

Hollidaysburg, PA

#85 Oct 26, 2012
Kim its funny you said that about zoloft, since ive been on it i think it makes my heart skip worse than when i was on it. Gonna see if there is anything else I can use. Figures my heart skips and they prescribe me a med that makes your heart skip lol

Macomb, MI

#86 Nov 28, 2012
I experience the same too. The first time was when I was 9, then didn't have anything until I was a teen. It happens a few times a year now, but EKGs have never shown anything irregular. I've learned that it's nothing to worry about, just be aware of ourselves when it comes on and take a break.
As for dietary supplements having an effect, I just starting supplementing with creatine and protein not long ago and have not noticed any difference to my heart/lungs at all.
I do find, though, that it is more likely to occur when I have eaten too much food, as if it is a side effect from acid reflux.

Whitewater, WI

#87 Nov 29, 2012
I'm amazed to find all of your posts. It's words right out of my own mouth, started when I was young, emese amount of pressure during an episode, always starts with bending over or some sudden body movement that jerks my heart, many tests preformed all show nothing, have learned to take a deep breath and clamp down to put pressure on my heart (almost to hold it still) and many times works although I get a rush of blood up through the artery in my neck and causes a horrible head ache on my left side after. I worry about it eventually causeing a stroke. I don't get answers and its very distressing. My 12 year old daughter is now having the same heart problems and we're taking the same steps without getting anywhere. My mother had the same problems but had an ablation at age 50 doesn't have episodes any longer but has had two strokes since due to ?. Anyhow weight has nothing to do with mine I'm very fit but someone mentioned blood sugar levels and I hypoglycemic with a very fast metabolism and also there was a comment on calcium and magnesium I have low amounts in my diet due to being latose intolerable. My daughter follows suit and has made me curious. Thank you for sharing your stories it's assured me that we are not alone in our pursuit of answers , help and cures.

Winnipeg, Canada

#88 Nov 30, 2012
The same thing you are all talking about us happening to me right now, it's been happening for a good 10 years plus. Today it happened as I bent down for something. I'm 36, and I just started running again. I went for a run a couple of hrs ago, not sure if its related. This hasn't happened in many months...last time it happened it was while I was dancing in my dance group. Went away really quickly. Glad I'm not alone.

London, UK

#89 Jan 7, 2013
I get this too. Good to find a thread of others with same thing, BUT:

Can everyone please stop regaling us with "oh, me too, when i excercise, when I lift stuff etc, it happens to me as well"?

We get it: Other people suffer from this too!

Have just trawled through 90-odd posts, to find 2 useful bits of information. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO ADD (NOTE 'ADD'- NOT 'CONTRIBUTE'- SOME NEW INFORMATION TO PASS ON) STOP WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME!!!

Rant over.

Greensboro, NC

#90 Jan 25, 2013
Did you ever get your surgery? Or get better with the heart beats?
Becky wrote:
Hi, Everyone!
I'm back... Well I'm still
getting those palpitations
but I think I figured it out!
I think I might have developed
diabetes and that's a sign of
high sugar levels, I think thats
what might be causing them to trigger
but if anyone has a better info...please
don't hesistate to inform me Thanks.
Another thing I wanted to ask here...
If anyone knows a way to get approved
for gastic bypass, I don't have insurance
and I'm willing to change the way I live
I'm willing to go drasticly, to loose
this weight!
PLease if anyone knows of
a special place to get this
procedure done when you have
no insurance and no money :(
Thank You Again!

Lockport, IL

#91 Feb 13, 2013
Had the same problem undiagnosed for 17 years, heart would speed up like crazy for no reason, dizzy, light headed. Could last 5 minutes, sometimes 30. All the cardiologists blew it off, said I was fine. Recently a family member of mine was diagnosed with POTS. Check it out online, very interesting. It hadn't been researched much until the last 10 years or so, at least in my area. There also aren't a lot of doctors that specialize in it. I found one & am going in soon. Hope this helps.

Since: Mar 13

Ocean Shores, WA

#92 Mar 14, 2013
Sounds like most of you are describing a condition called Premature Ventricular Contractions or PVC's for short. There is also a similar condition called PAC's or Premature Arterial Contractions.
In most young people it is normal in a HEALTHY body.
Many Many people have it. You are not alone, believe me.
I am 70 years old and I had my first PVC at work in 1965. I've had them all of my adult life.
Here is the sad thing.....I've spent most of my life thinking I was going to die any moment. There were many things I did and didn't do because I thought I had little time left. What a waste.

The condition happens when one or more of the nerve endings called pacemakers (you have many) start sending the heart muscle a pulse to start a beat a bit early. The heart contracts even if it isn't full and then pauses and waits for the next regular beat. The next beat can be felt as a heavy THUMP sometimes. Since it's your heart, the first thing you think is that I'm only a beat away from eternity. Relax. It's only because it's your heart. You don't get upset if you sneeze or if you get an eye twitch. Those can happen at any time as well.
This explains why your doctor doesn't get to concerned after your examination. If you had an abnormal heart rhythm an EKG or a trained Doctor will give you a "heads up" and treat it.
Instead, they just send you out the door with little explanation.
Do yourself a favor and go in for an exam and a full blood test. Any number of things from Alcohol, to much sugar, caffeine, smoking or other "triggers" can set them off. Also, remember if you have a low level of some elements in your blood stream such as Potassium or Magnesium, which are necessary form proper nerve functions or dehydration, which can cause them just by itself you may find you're plagued with these little horrors. Stress can contribute and perpetuate the occurrence as well as trigger the episode to begin with.
Now, What do I do???
Stay Hydrated. That helps a great deal. Lower sodium intake. Loose weight if you are heavy like me. I've dumped 35 lbs and kept it off for 6 years now. Switch to decaf or cut it out all together. Cut out Chocolate and anything else with Caffeine. Knock off the red wine. I drink lot's of V8, low sodium. Two glasses gives you 100 percent of daily Potassium and very little sodium.
Take a multi vitamin and see if it doesn't help.

If you find you just can't live with it, there are surgical procedures call "ablation", where the surgeon locates the pacemaker in the heart that is firing prematurely and fry it electrically. This doesn't work all the time so it can be risky. You may end up having to wear an external pacemaker. Better to try to cope.

Lastly, don't think one glass of V8 or a week without a drink will fix this. You have to be consistent and it may take several weeks.
I've started taking Magnesium recently and am just starting to notice an improvement after two weeks.
Again, I had a blood test and measured the levels.
Talk to your Doc and develop a game plan. Don't go it alone.
A bit of prayer helps sometimes and I've offered a few for all of you.....


Lockport, IL

#93 Mar 20, 2013
Thanks for the post! Not sure about the earlier posts, but my specific condition isn't PVC's. I only know that because I have those as well, roughly 400 a day per my monitors & tests. Those feel much like you described with the thumping feeling. My undiagnosed problem is different, my heart will, at rest, go from 60 to 140 or 150 beats per minute for no reason. My new dr does believe its POTS which can be treated by medicine, but I need some tests to confirm.

Ashburn, VA

#94 Apr 20, 2013
Oh thank u so much,its helps.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

#95 Jul 18, 2013
thanks a great deal for the link. i think it might be it.

Arlington, TX

#96 Jul 23, 2013
I have the same thing. I play soccer, & during my games I'll be running & then it'll hit me I'm all dizzy, & then feel I'm about to drop to the floor; I feel so weak, then I'll tell my coach to take me out, then I'll lay on the bench or grass to calm myself I tell myself "I'm okay, I'm okay" & my heart beats like crazy, I feel so cold, the breeze is 100x colder, & then I'll drink water then a few minutes stops completely might sound weird but my heart beats stop, then a mimute later my heart beat will start off slow, then stay at it'a regular heartbeat pace. I want this to stop I'm a star player, & it has been ruining my games, & practice! help"

Miami, FL

#97 Sep 19, 2013
Guys, I have suffered this problem and is called atrial fibrillation.
You should see a cardiologist no a family doctor.
I had work out all my live and started suffering this around 45. May be a consecuence of long time exercising. Then after that age became worst and I look for doctors assistance.
If your heart is healthy probably there is not life threatening issues but in any case you should see a cardiologist.
They can hold a Event Recorder to you for 3 weeks or so and record everything that happens and then make the proper diagnostic.
It is a condition.
Again, if your heart is ok may not be a big deal but you have to check.
Main complication in the Atrial Fibrillation are the strokes created by the turbulence in the heart, so at least you should have something prescribed for that.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

#98 Dec 26, 2013
Hey everyone i would like to add something useful here.

This condition that everyone mentions here can be different for everyone. My condition started two years back and I did mention it here in my early post. What has changed in these two years is that I got admission into a medical college and am becoming a doctor now.

Well listen up everyone the only way to know if what you are suffering is atrial or vertical fibrillation or premature contractions or paroxysmal tachycardia u need to run an ECG while you are facing the condition. I know it's tough because you never know when that happens and there is never really any pattern but when ever you get the chance just get an ECG done with that pacing heart beat and your doctor will be able to diagnose your problem with a single look at your ECG. And yes no need to panic it's just a very little something abnormal thing to happen.

Napa, CA

#99 Jan 6, 2014
As someone earlier stated I think I have PSVT.... I've gone to a couple of cardiologists including one that specializes in heart rhythms.... they all say that the heart is healthy and that its not dangerous or life threatening (but it sure doesn't feel that way when its happening)


The stopping and starting thing is what seems to be unique to our condition... someone above was posting about being angry that people were just telling their stories... but people like to meet others that have the same thing and tell their story to others that actually understand and have gone through it.

Mine also tends to start with a jerky movement, or bending over, and often while exercising... dehydration I've found definitely has something to do with it... but it can happen anytime.

I remember the first one when I was 15 and now I'm 36... they tend to last under 10 minutes but as long as a half hour... they are the WORST THING in my life by far.. just awful and definitely changes how you approach life... and is always in the back of your mind... I haven't found a way to make them go consistently... I usually try to lay flat, take deep breaths and hold it, often use a wet towel on my head or neck...

the deep breaths often seem to help... and you're just looking for that moment when you feel your heart "go back" into the right rhythm.. and I can almost feel it in my throat when it does... and it is such a relief when it happens...

I agree that then you tend to feel perfectly normal as if nothing happened.. although now a days when it happens I do sort of feel "worked" afterwards.. a bit tired the rest of the day...

I just had one today... one of my longer ones and I found this board again.... been a couple of years since my last cardio appt. so I'm going to go anywyas.. and have the conversation again... had the halter once but didn't get an episode... I knew I should "try" to get it to happen but dear god thats hard when you hate them so much!

United States

#100 Jan 30, 2014
I know this forum is old but I'm so glad I found it. I'm currently 19 and had this strange arrythmia since I was 15. As most of you state it's the same for me, it comes on instantly with a jerk or rapid movement. I can feel it when its going to come almost like a weird sensation all day. I suppose I've been lucky compared to most now that I'm reading. Mine comes on once a year at most and I can resolve it within a minute by laying down and coughing. For me it feels like I have a normal palpitation but instead of normal rhythm resuming afterwards it starts to beat at like 200 bpm and when it resolves it instantly goes back to normal. Not a progressive slow down, literrally one sec at 200bpm then the next at 80bpm. When this first happened I was so scsred and my mom rushed me to the er, but of course the second they lay me down to do the ekg it went away. The next time it happens I'm gonna go straight to the er in hopes that it will last long enough for them to get the rhythm on paper so my doctor can see it. Happy lives everyone. We're all still standing so obviously it isn't too bad, don't allow it to get in the way of happiness

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