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#1 Sep 28, 2006
when i was 18 I was in an acident and was told i had a large heart. I asked the md if that was bad and he said it depends. He said you could just have a bigger heart than normal. I then went to my GP and he said it sounds just fine and not to worrie about it. Two doctores since have shared the same thoughts. "it sounds good" I am now 34 and verry athletic as always. Should I be worried with a larger than normal heart and would i have felt symptoms within 17 years if the heart was bad.

Pompton Lakes, NJ

#2 Nov 22, 2006
Ok, I am not a doctor but I can tell you are concerned about his. Ask your doctor to order a simple chest xray or an echocardiogram (ultrasound of your heart) to rule out an enlarged heart. Tell them your history. If fact the first doctor that told you, you had a big heart should have followed up with you and ordered more testing. However, some patients may not have symptoms and some patients do. I would not wait till you have symptoms though, I would get it checked anyway. Just because it "sounds fine" does not mean anything. Just because they do not hear what is called a heart murmur does not really say everything. How did that doctor know you had a big heart? EKG, XRAY? that would help

Modesto, CA

#3 May 15, 2008
we found out that someone i my famliy has a larg heart. but we think that is he use drug. can that be one ,becaues he never had any symptom. they did a ekg and a echocardiogram on him and that when we find out.he is 36 year old and never felt anything .from now does he have to eat right.


#4 Aug 19, 2008


#5 Aug 19, 2008
i need help
cameron arrasmith

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Dec 9, 2008
i was trying to find out what large heart was a when i read these stories i was able to figure out what the meaning of what large heart means and thanks for having this web or i never would of found the meaning
Saul Arroyo

Barrie, Canada

#7 Sep 17, 2009
last month I the doc. told me the left side of my hart is biger than the right what do I have to know? and do I have to do? I am 48 and have a hictory of heart problems in my family
thank you

Darby, PA

#8 Sep 22, 2009
I would get that checked out Saul but before you go just PRAY and I am PRAYING for EVERYONE FROM THIS DAY FORTH. We all need to eat right and workout every week so we won't have these problems. "I TRUST GOD TO DO THE UNTHINKABLE!!!". SO LET'S DO RIGHT BY OUR BODIES WE ALL WANT TO LIVE AND NOT DIE. GOD BLESS EVERYONE. FOR ANYMORE QUESTION OR EVEN PRAYER EMAIL ME AT [email protected] GOD BLESS ALL. AMEN
dont want to put name

Bradford, UK

#9 Nov 13, 2009
i had xray; was told they seen something they were consernd about,no news would be good news two weeks later was told i had to go for ct scan in two weeks. about two weeks later got letter to go to hosptal to see hart consultant for results . I WAS SHITING MY SELF WITH WORRY I WAS TOLD A LARGE O ON MY XRAY SHOED CT SCANE SHOED IT TO BE VERY LARGE ARTERY DID NOT THINK U COULD HAVE ONE SO BIG,MY HART WAS RIGHT ON BODER LINE OF BEING TO LARGE (CLASS)WHEN I GOT OUT I RAN HOLE WAY TO JEEP FLAT OUT WHAT IS DIFFRANCE BETWEEN GOD AND CONSULT. GOD NOES HE IS NOT CONSULTANT.
Craig Atkins

Waterloo, Canada

#10 Nov 14, 2009
I'm 18 I had a doctor say I have a large heart but they said it wasn't a bad thing. But when I take my blood pressure a few times it will be high and some times it will beat hard that I feel it beat in my whole body when I have normal blood pressure. Is this bad should I get tests done for this? And if so what kind of tests?

Westland, MI

#11 Nov 29, 2009
My sister just found out that she has a enlarge heart in which her daughter told last year when, she sign-up to go in the Air Force last summer. She did not pass the physical they told her she had an enlarge heart. But her mother my sister did not believe her because her was not born with a skip heart beat. So where would this come from, now my only sister at the age of 55 just found out last week sunday that she has an enlarge heart.

United States

#12 Dec 6, 2009
I just recently found out that i have an enlarge heart and i have high bloodpressure and iam on atenolol and triamteren is the enlarge heart bad for me? the doctor told me its from weight .Is that true?

Malden, MA

#13 Jul 10, 2010
I was recently diagnosed with a large heart. I am overweight and have high blood pressure 148/92. I am really scared of what this means. Can anybody help me?


#14 Jul 27, 2010
I am 22 and I did an xray nd was told my heart was larger than my body. I usually have high blood pressure nd my heart bearts in ways I can't even explain.sometimes it pulsates in my head. Please what can I do?


#15 Feb 25, 2011
I am 79. During 2 months I have especially swollen legs, up to the knee. I feel bad during the day.After visiting the doctor(after X ray) I was told that I have an enlarged heart. What does the enlarged heart cause? And what is the reason of the enlarged heart?

United States

#16 Mar 4, 2011
I went for a physical and I was told that my ekg was not right, so I went for more test, and the doctor said I have a large heart, but I never felt any pain with my heart or my chest in my life I'm 38, and I have a wife and
3 girls, I want to live a long life, the doctor put me on carvedilol 6.25 mg, and I hate it because when I work or walk up stairs I feel weak, but before all this I could run up stairs, I just feel so scared, not for me but my wife and kids, I know this might sound strange but I kind of wish I never took that physical, please pray 4 me and my family.

Dallas, TX

#17 Mar 19, 2011
I s when In for a fisical and the doc told me my heart
was as big as a 60 year old im on y 23 plz help

United States

#18 Apr 26, 2011
I just found out my mom has a large heart.. First her belly button was hurting her and she couldn't even lift small shopping bags.. Her doctor told her to go for a chest xray..... What the fuck does that mean.. I am shiTting bricks... I don't want her to have any problems...

Dubai, UAE

#19 May 16, 2011
i am 15 and i just had an x-ray done and the doctor told me that i have a bulky heart i dont seem to be having anyother problem along with this just the fact that i am a lot overweight . plzzzz some one consult me on what is this bulky heart


#20 May 25, 2011
I'm 16. I had my laboratory tests last week, and found out that the left part of my heart is larger than the right. I've been suffering from heart sensations,dizziness and i get tired so easily since i was 12. Is this dangerous?i mean,do i need to worry? I mean,i've been cheerful and lively all these times but i just suffer those symptoms a lot.

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