A single payer form of health care insurance for all American citizens would alleviate the unjust and oppressive problem of inadequate compensation for physicians.
It is the most economical, efficient,just, and efficacious form of national health insurance.
Almost all other Western Nations have a form of national health care that addresses appropriately the compensation of health care providers and the provision of health care for all citizens.
Monopoly Capitalism is responsible for this tragedy. It is concentrating both economic and political power in a few individuals and entities while impoverishing the general citizenry.The clear premise for this tragic story is the failure of our nation to efficaciously, economically, and justly provide for the health care of it's citizens in an organized and planned manner.Monopoly Capitalist forces in the U.S.A. vehemently oppose the same, however, as it would dilute their unjust political, economic, and social power.
Aggressive efforts to reform the political system in the U.S.A. are requisite to institute that health care reform that would alleviate the physician reimbursement tragedy and the resultant decline in health care that results from the same.