Federal budget reductions mean S. Flo...

Federal budget reductions mean S. Florida HIV/AIDS patients to ...

There are 53 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jun 18, 2007, titled Federal budget reductions mean S. Florida HIV/AIDS patients to .... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

Every week, Oakland Park HIV patient Peter Giraldo goes for acupuncture and therapeutic massage to lessen severe nerve pain in his extremities caused by his medications and diabetes.

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New Orleans, LA

#50 Jun 19, 2007
Theft and Fraud

Atlanta, GA

#51 Jun 19, 2007
Pompano Fish wrote:
<quoted text>
I like cheeseburgers and silk. Wool is too hot for these climes. Stoning the living for anything other than premeditated murder is not a biblical precept or law.
It sounds like you frequently come into contact with fecal matter or approve of the behavior of those who do. Serious infection can result not to mention the significant risk of acquiring AIDS/HIV. Tho pleathe, for the thake of humanity, heed thethse warningths
Thats why straight guys are so into anal sex with women,, its the largest selling sector of the porn business and you should hear straight guys talk about it when women are not around. Straight people are no different than gays when it comes to sex, its just who its with,,, of course gays dont sell videos of underage staight girls "Girls Gone Wild" but for somereason that is ok with straight people, "yeah pimp your daughter out to Joe Francis while on spring break! straight people just lie and deny what they do, gay people just tell it like it is.

Ocala, FL

#52 Jun 19, 2007
Too bad you can't get the same benefits as our illegal, uninvited visitors
Trent Abelskeever

Hollywood, FL

#53 Jun 19, 2007
Why should these people get STATE ASSISTANCE anyway?

Their disease is their problem.

Since: Mar 07


#54 Jun 19, 2007
We're on our way to spending half a trillion dollars in Iraq -- it's how the government sets priorities. The government would prefer to stiff the AIDS patients for a few million, yank a million dollars from Amtrak, cut a few million from the Smithsonian and then plead lack of funds and get Congress to authorize another hundred billion for Iraq.
jeff fastov

Fort Myers, FL

#55 Jun 19, 2007
it is amazing that they would approve 100 billion dollars at a clip for the war in Iraq but they can't spent an extra 10 million dollars for the Ryan White foundation.
jeff fastov

Fort Myers, FL

#56 Jun 19, 2007
as per may 24 2007 know YOUR FACTS...Congress has approved emergency legislation containing $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The measure passed, despite widespread opposition in the Democratic majority. It omits the provision for a U.S. troop withdrawal timeline, which prompted an earlier presidential veto.
The House of Representatives adopted the bill by a vote of 280-142; the Senate tally was 80-14.
Congress Approves Iraq War-Funds Bill
by Deborah Tedford
Congress on Thursday approved a $120 billion bill to fund the troops in Iraq through September without setting a timeline for withdrawal. It is a major victory for President Bush, whose handling of the war has been severely criticized.
The measure includes the nearly $100 billion that the president requested for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it sets benchmarks for political progress for the Iraqi government to meet. However, it also allows the president to waive sanctions if the Iraqis do not meet the benchmarks.
In addition, the legislation requires progress reports on Iraq, along with independent evaluations of the situation there. The Senate is expected to give its approval of the bill this week.
At a White House press conference, President Bush said his administration had many meetings with Congressional leaders from both parties in order to work out the compromise. The president vetoed earlier legislation that had included the scheduled withdrawal that Democrats had pushed.
"By voting for this bill, members of both parties can show our troops and the Iraqis and the enemy that our country will support our servicemen and women in harm's way," the president said.
The compromise bill includes some concessions for Democrats. There is an additional $17 billion for domestic programs that includes $6.4 billion in hurricane relief and $3 billion in agricultural assistance.
President Bush said he was successful in cutting billions in domestic spending from the measure, but he acknowledged that the bill still includes more money for additional programs than he would have liked.
The much-debated Iraq war funding issue should be settled by the end of the week, as the Senate passed the measure just hours after the House vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had promised the bill would be on the president's desk by the end of the week.
Republicans were unhappy about the additional domestic spending included in the House bill, but many said they were relieved the final measure did not set a timetable for troop withdrawal.
"We cannot and will not abandon the Iraqis to be butchered by these terrorists in their midst," said Rep. David Dreier (R-CA). "And we cannot and will not abandon our mission just as real progress is starting to be made."
Many Democrats were not happy, either.
"I hate this agreement," said Rep. David Obey (D-WI), who heads the Appropriations Committee. But he said it was the best deal that Democrats could manage because "the White House is in a cloud somewhere in terms of understanding the realities in Iraq."
Despite the influx of funds to support the surge in troops, President Bush acknowledged that August could be a "bloody" month, during which Americans should be prepared for the deaths of U.S. troops and Iraqis. But, he said, the additional money was necessary to help secure Iraq.
So far, more than 3,400 U.S. troops have been killed, and the price tag has risen to more than $300 billion.
, >It should be noted that the federal budget process is the responsibility of the House of Representatives and the Senate. As such, it is up to them to ratify the budget. At this time both houses are controlledby the Democraps. So you are way off base...know your facts.
Trent Abelskeever

Hollywood, FL

#57 Jun 19, 2007
True wrote:
<quoted text>You can't possibly be that stupid. Just do the math Einstien, the majority of people in America are white and straight so it only stands to reason that the majority of people with AIDS are white. You know that is how we got into this mess, your favorite president Ronald Reagan, ignored the AIDS epidemic because at first it was only in the gay population, if they did something at first, maybe there would not have been a cross over to the heterosexual population. So in all kindness possible, I must call you a moron.
Umm..you can stand to "reason" that most are white, I'll actually stick to the facts. Most are gay or black. White hetero males are the SMALLEST number. I like how you accuse the dude of being dumb and back it up with something you assume. There are more white people in this country, so it stands to reason that more white people own gold plated rims on 76 Cutlasses.....just because there are more whites, it has to be true.
Trent Abelskeever

Hollywood, FL

#58 Jun 19, 2007
TomFLL wrote:
We're on our way to spending half a trillion dollars in Iraq -- it's how the government sets priorities. The government would prefer to stiff the AIDS patients for a few million, yank a million dollars from Amtrak, cut a few million from the Smithsonian and then plead lack of funds and get Congress to authorize another hundred billion for Iraq.
How are AIDS patients getting STIFFED? That implies something is being TAKEN from them that they are OWED. They are owed NOTHING.
A Nurse

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#59 Jun 19, 2007
You people who are criticizing the HIV/AIDS programs don't understand how these programs work. They were set up to keep people who are sick with HIV out of the acute care system. There are a LOT of people in Florida with HIV, and some of them are staving off full-blown AIDS only because of the programs. Many people who qualify for these programs are poor and cannot afford the high cost of the HIV medications, and there are a lot of different ones that they have to take every day.

Worse still, there are a lot of so-called middle class people out there in every racial group who are HIV+ and don't have insurance to pay for the cost of treatment. Unless you are very rich, you cannot pay for all the HIV medications out of pocket because they cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Fast forward six months to a year from now, when people start to get really sick with complications related to AIDS. They still won't have the money to pay for the drugs so they are going to end up clogging up the hospital emergency rooms---which will cost much, much more than the few million the government is trying to save, and all of us are going to have to foot that bill.

And to the idiot El Che who thinks that only blacks and gays will be affected, you really should spend some time educating yourself. If you had any sense at all you would care because more of your tax money is going to be used to pay for the higher costs of care. If the state won't pay then the hospitals will have to start turning people away from the emergency rooms, and even people who are seeking care for other types of illnesses will not be able to get it.

And, by the way, how sure are you Mr. El Che racist A-hole that you don't have HIV? And how sure are you that you won't get it one day. Be careful, my friend. I work in the health care system and I can tell you that a lot of people who are far better off than you have HIV, many of them have no idea how and when they got it.
I wonder

New Orleans, LA

#60 Jun 19, 2007
I feel bad for the people that take care of themselves with this terrible disease. However, it wasnt long ago, that I tried to call the police about a person living near me who has HIV and gets money from Broward County. I knew he had a cocaine problem and that he also made money on the side via prostitution, which is supposed to be a felony when your HIV positive. The only person who suffered for making the call was me. I was accused of harrasing him. Recently he was picked up for prostitution by the police, but they didnt do anything about the fact that he is HIV positive. Perhaps if they prosecuted these individuals that dont disclose their status and even get paid for it, then the spread wouldnt be so severe and there would be enough money to go around. But the problem as far as im concerend in this county is now an epidemic because it is happening all the time. ANd those people are protected by medical privacy laws. Until they do something about it, there will never be enough money. I wont touch a man in Broward County because im too afraid of this. Thats how scared of what they DONT DO i am. And frankly, maybe if there arent so many benefits to having the disease, then maybe people will be more responsible about having unprotected sex.
Tired of hearing it

Boca Raton, FL

#61 Jun 20, 2007
Do yourself a favor and look at the huge salaries of the people that run those aids programs. See if their salaries get cut.

Hollywood, FL

#62 Feb 7, 2011
Scott Pedersen wrote:
I make less than 30,000 a year, a nobody is paying for my massage therapy or acupuncture. I'm sorry that you may be inflicted with this horrible disease, but the government can't take care of everyone forever. Cuba has a GREAT health care system that's free, why don't you try moving there? And by the way, I pay over $250 a month for my health care. So you can see why I have not much sympathy.
You are truly a nasty person you think the only answer is move to Cuba were medical is free well it seems to me most Cubans want to move to the United States. Maybe it would help if our government would lower medical and medicine cost. I could care less about your 250 dollars a month cost people living with this disease need all the help they can get

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