Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara...

Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users

There are 2167 comments on the story from Aug 8, 2006, titled Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users. In it, reports that:

Elaine Hollingsworth put Aldara on her nose thinking that it was the "benign salve" that her dermatologist made it out to be; instead, it was the beginning of her nightmare.

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Manchester, UK

#1915 Jan 13, 2013

Ive just used Aldara.

It's absolute rubbish.

I've applied it to where my genital warts were, on the vulva.

The next day I woke up and washed off the cream.

I obviously hadn't washed off the cream properly because it has sizzled away all my skin. I am now in agony and it hasn't even got rid of my genital wart that I wanted it to get rid off.

It hurts to pee and the only relief I can get from it is having a salty bath, I've put germalene an antiseptic on myself for fear of my sores getting infected!

Never ever using the ridiculous cream again it's not worth it.

The only way to reduce genital warts is by freezing and by not shaving down there,

Aldara is rubbish and horrible.

Sydney, Australia

#1916 Jan 13, 2013
Unfortunately is so much more than rubbish and horrible.
It causes problems that you can never imagine. I hope that the area that you applied Aldara cream to, will heal quickly for you.

Be aware of the ongoing immune symptons problems in the months to come.
It would be wise to photograph the damage done to your body as well. You cant have too many facts in a situation as this.

Best of luck...I hope you start to feel a little better.
Just thinking, you might benefit from having a spray bottle filled with salty water....and when you have to urinate, you can use this spray to keep the area clean and soothed? Just a thought.

United States

#1917 Jan 13, 2013
believe it or not but i was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. i didn't have insurance, and didn't qualify for Medicaid. so i did some research. and must say after applying ear wax, it slowly started to go away. in between my eyes on my nose. try it. just apply your earwax every chance you can. and it will slowly start to get smaller and eventually disappear.

Seminole, FL

#1918 Jan 23, 2013
Aldara was given to me for a pre-cancer on my chest. I used the creme within days my chest looked like raw ground beef. Went back to the Dr. and she told me to quit using the creme. I now have white spots all over my chest that look like sun spots. My pigment is gone. Is there a Class Action suit?

Since: Jan 13


#1919 Jan 26, 2013
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Lindale, TX

#1920 Jan 26, 2013
mikibilgerbb wrote:
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If you 'REALLY' want to learn about Aldara why don't you visit my website . I will not try to sell you one single thing on my website but the truth about this drug. You are after one thing and that is "money". Otherwise, you would not be selling injury to your customers. It is unfortunate we don't have a screening of these post to weed out this type of activity on this forum. However, I think the folks will see through your efforts to sell them the drug from hell and one more thing, who in their right mind would buy a drug, any drug, from your country expecting it to be of quality and standards to match the U S manufacturers?

United States

#1921 Feb 5, 2013
I've tried using Aldara twice and each time I've only made it a week until I'm sick to my stomach, I have a horrible sinus headache and totally depressed. My eyelids are red, puffy and itchy. Second time around, I'm convinced it's drug related. Not for me.

Nottingham, UK

#1922 Feb 6, 2013
I have small genatal warts however when the doctor gave me the cream he didn't say use small amount I used whole packet my will swollen up 3 times the size I couldn't touch it it Was map painful weeping of puss! I stopped using until swelling had gone down, I'm still using now but using small amounts, only side effect is tiredness fingers crossed the lesions go quickly!

Central District, Hong Kong

#1923 Feb 7, 2013
Me and my girlfriend used aldara for genital worts. Did the job very well with no side effects. (2 or 3 applications)

United States

#1924 Feb 9, 2013
For all of those suffering from side effects, I've been taking xanax for the past few months and for some reason it calms all of my symptoms down. I almost feel like myself again, but xanax only lasts for 4 to 5 hours depending on the person and dose, so I typically take two to three doses a day. I'm not happy to have to take another medication, but it does help me feel very functional. My doctor said it I likely acting as a muscle relaxer, but I looked up autoimmune diseases and xanax a s found that scientists are currently doing studies on the effect of benzodiazepines on autoimmune conditions. They have found that it does something to normalize the immune response and the article I found said that these types of drugs will likely be given in the future to treat autoimmune conditions, especially because these drugs are not as dangerous as immunosuppressants. So, if I were you, I'd tell your doctor to give you xanax for anxiety and see if it helps your symptoms at all. I have to take 1 mg to notice the effect.

Auburn, ME

#1925 Feb 9, 2013
Hi Fav, That is pretty interesting, I have been on benzo therapy (in conjunction with other meds) for quite a while now, and I wonder if that is why Aldara did not have major negative impacts on my overall health.

Pattaya, Thailand

#1926 Feb 23, 2013
Hi Just been diagnosed with Well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, on my lower lip
I applied it for the first 2 nights then had 1 night off, after the 3rd application the following morning the scab was open ,that was 2 night ago i have not applied anymore applications .
i want to be positive , and give Aldera a try ,i would like any recommendatiobs from a positive point of view from some one , with the same symptoms as mine.
Can you please give me your views
Michele Kachelhoffer

Vereeniging, South Africa

#1927 Feb 24, 2013
I would recommend that this toxic shit be taken off the market. Most doctors don't have a clue about it side effects and don't want to know. I was on for 2 weeks with a solar spot above eyebrow. After 7 applications i started coughing really badly. Now I have some sort of lung infection, which is not really a lung infection because the sputum is clear, but feel as sick as a dog. Luckily stopped treatment when I didn't feel well because I just knew it had something to do with aldara. I had googled a few pages about it, and spoke to 2 pharmacists who said it was perfectly safe. Now I have had this so called virus for 14 days and still feel unwell. Apparently after using it for 21 days it changes how your immune system works and it never returns to normal afterwards. I just pray that my immune system is still in tact. Everybody out their it is actually a chemotherapy cream which even enters the body using it topically. Apparently it's worse than chemotherapy and not enough research went into it but still got passed. PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ALDARA CREAM! IT'S TOXIC AND POISONESS AND VERY DANGERESS
Michele Kachelhoffer

Vereeniging, South Africa

#1928 Feb 24, 2013
Sorry just wanted to mention. Aldara effects people who have a strong immune system and are healthy more than the people with a lower immune system. Seems to have a response to healthy immune systems. Bluebonnets don't use it their are other creams on the market. Make sure its not an immune suppressant.

Charlotte, NC

#1929 Mar 4, 2013
Well I am grateful for all the comments so far. I, too, have BCC's on my face and nose with two surgeries. My doctor told me how an additional surgery would have to be done and that convinced me to try this cream. Also, he showed me how people looked after the healing and so here I am in my 5th week of a 6 weeks treatment. Redness, itching, peeling, and some edema, all sort of like a bad sunburn. I am looking for ward to the healing to occur like the pictures. Like they say, what is the alternative. Were is there information on the immune system being affected by this medicine? I want to learn all I can about the side effects. Thanks for all the comments.
Michele Kachelhoffer

Johannesburg, South Africa

#1930 Mar 4, 2013
You've already been on six weeks. Well six weeks too long, but the decision is yours. Check out Richards site. Those facts are scary.

Warrington, UK

#1931 Mar 7, 2013
I have bcc on my back. Ive been using aldara for 3 nights, splitting a sachet over 2 nights. I'm experiencing diarrhea first thing in the mornings. During day 2 I felt nauseous. My 3rd day in, I woke up to chronic pain in my back and neck. As the day has progresses my mouth feels like i've been sucking on metal. My tongue is up and my throat feels warm and sore. I've been feeling tired and lifting equipment for work has felt heavy as if theres no energy left in my body. I applied adara at 8.45pm tonight and by 10.30pm I decided to wash it off. My scalp has become very prickly and my left hand feels like its fuzzing. I'm scared to sleep tonight because of the sensation on the top of my scalp. I would rather carry a scar than continue to use aldara. The NHS leaves with me very little confidence as my basal cell carcinoma was misdiagnosed as psoriasis on 3 occassions. Ive had it 12 years. Im grateful for sites like these, thank you.

Chiswick, Australia

#1932 Mar 8, 2013
The best of luck to all. I have been in intensive care for a little less than a week as a result of living after using Aldara Cream. Septic shock from trying to find a way to live.
There are no winners in this debate. I was almost a dead post aldara user? Is that worth it? I am the luckiest person on earth to be sitting and writing this at the moment. I pray my luck will continue. I pray I will be going home and have more time with those I love.
Aldara has taken my life. I am hoping it won't take my future as well. I am fighting to live.
I may not win. The best of luck to all. I pray you will continue to tell people yr story. Aldara must be stopped. All my love to all, mandi
Michele kachelhoffer

Johannesburg, South Africa

#1933 Mar 9, 2013
Mandi I really feel for you. I did 7 applications and as soon as my chest conked out I stopped because I just new it was the aldara. I have been off for about a month but do not feel normal, don't know what to say. Am not sick anymore but feel generally unwell and crap. Im just hoping I stopped in time. Time will tell. The worst is their is nothing really wrong just feel crap and chest does not feel 100%. Even went for a chest and lung xray and nothing their as I suspected. Spoke to a pathologist at work who didn't know aldara but asked him for advice as everybody thinks you are talking crap. He researched and said it was scary stuff and said because he is a doctor he was looking on a legit site. Asked him what to do, he said their is nothing you can do exept he told me to try moducare which is an immune booster which they use for people who have got HIV in ZA. Got some but it does not work immediately anyway. When I got aldara they did not give me a leaflet with the contra indications. Went to the pharmacy and crapped on them and asked them if I could see it. They showed me and every side effect they mention is topical the only other one was nausea. Well then I said why would you get nauseous from a cream. She said that people felt weird putting cream on there spots with something that is used for genital warts, joke hey. Then she googled too and was shocked at all the side effects mentioned and promised to tell people who were prescribed aldara about what could happen so they could decide so that's something at least. Mandi how long were you on it and how long ago

Sydney, Australia

#1934 Mar 12, 2013
Mandi wrote:
<quoted text>
Roni, who is the dermatologist who prescribed Aldara cream for you? Nobody has found a definite answer as yet. You may need stronger pain relief.
I have been in bed for the last 15 months now, and live with Iv fluids, IV antibiotics, and Iv pain relief....everyday. It is now 11 years since I used Aldara cream and became disabled immediately.
from the age of 41, when I used this drug, my life which was one of an active vital person to one of a very sick 90 yr old.
Just don't use Aldara, unless you want to live the rest of your life in terrible pain, abused by hospital staff and judged by every ignorant person around you.
I used to have a huge number of friends. Most of them dumped me and my family when I became ill...after A few months at the start of this horrible battle.
The friends that I have around me now, are beautiful angels. I have been blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. The friends I used to have...many who I loved dearly......that have dumped is very sad. Many don't even believe I am sick? They don't want to know that this could happen to them.
Roni, let me know if I can help you with any practical advise. I also live in Sydney on the north shore.
Just stay strong, and continue to get the truth out to the rest of your community. We need to get this crap thrown out, 3m need to pay for the damage they have caused...and know about all of the damage they have done. More to tell the story. Don't give matter how bad it gets. And unfortunately it does get very bad.
Lots of love and hugs, Mandi
Hi Mandi
Sorry that I haven't answered your post - I haven't looked at the site for so long ... I've been searching for an answer to the pain (which, like everyone else, is substantial). I found a kinesiologist (something I had never heard of before) who confirmed that my pain was due to Aldara poisoning and told me to take a 50/50 mix of liquid & activated vitamins B3 & B12). They're very expensive but seem to help a little. I'm also on daily anti-inflammatories (Orovail/Orudis) without which I would be in utter agony.
The dermatologist who prescribed the Aldara to me was Dr Paul Freeman in Deakin, ACT. It's funny, but I found a Ms Freeman was the marketing manager of 3M in Sydney last year (maybe still there, and perhaps an unrelated coincidence ...).
I read that Xanax may assist (perhaps you wrote it?- it's hard to keep track of who wrote what. I'm going to do some research and perhaps give it a try.
Has anyone else found anything that helps to alleviate the pain?
We all need a good lawyer who has suffered with this who is willing, with our help, to do a Class Action and take 3M to court. Aldara should be taken off the shelves - I can't believe that it's still being prescribed. There's something evil about this (apart from the greed).
All the best Mandi (and to everyone who is suffering).
We need to find an answer(s) to undo the damage. Advice on any other 'remedies' would be useful.

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