How to File A Complaint About DIRECTV

How to File A Complaint About DIRECTV

There are 255 comments on the NBC 10 Philadelphia story from Jun 20, 2008, titled How to File A Complaint About DIRECTV. In it, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that:

Call the Bureau of Consumer Protection inside Pennsylvania at 441-2555 to obtain complaint form.

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Baden, PA

#169 Jan 23, 2013
Beyond annoyed right now. We had Verizon FIOS for several years. We really liked the services. Then we moved to an area where it was not available. Verizon told us we would not be charged a cancellation fee if we signed up for Verizon Hi-speed Internet with a tv package from Directv. So we signed up. Bear in mind, there was no contact with Directv to get the service started. We were told about future cancellation charges but nothing about an automatic debit authorization for those charges. Fast forward about two months. We hated the services through both providers. We ended up cancelling. Well, come to find out, when you cancel the two companies separate their services, ding you with two cancellation charges, and then Directv debits you automatically. I still don't know how they got our card number. I never gave them my number. I gave Verizon my number. The two phone calls I made to Directv were about changes to the account but nothing that needed payments. We have gotten 3 different amounts from them in bills, one that was 400 and change, one that 637 and change and another that was 963 and change. The 963 one says it is with the receiver charges (which we turned in.). We have since been debited for 137 (Dec 31), 179 (yesterday), and now 199 (today,) each time brought the account to zero. I have no idea how Directv knows how much to the penny I have in my bank account. But we are facing our gas to be cut off because of these two recent charges. This could not come at a worse time because we recently had medical issues that resulted in income issues. I am livid. I have since blocked my debit card from any additional transactions and will be cancelling it in the morning. We would pay the charges but wanted to wait until we received our tax refund (this is what we planned to do with Verizon.)

United States

#170 Jan 25, 2013
I bearly started service and already a fail. Century link offered a deal with internet, and I could not resist. Major discrepancies on their part!
Jesse David Texas

Mccoy, CO

#171 Feb 9, 2013
I have been with DirecTv when you purchase the dish, cable and receive I installed myself. You can guess how many decade that was. I ask for a decrease in my bill because all the new Directv customer was getting program cheaper than my old decade plan. He was smart mouth person. I call back a week later and canceled that when all the discount was offered. It was to late. Maybe now all the letters will stop.

Every 8 seconds, somebody switches to DIRECTV
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lou bezdek

Sarasota, FL

#172 Feb 18, 2013
i've had directv before and came back to them last year. i chose the tivo option, big mistake. i pay a premium for this service but i do not get the ability to download on demand that the standard dtv box has (for less money). i've called in the problem about 9 months ago. i was told that this was a known problem and they were working on it. months passed. i got fed up about a month ago and escalated the problem to "someone who could make a decision". at the time they told me that i could swap to a standard hddvr box for $199. what? why should i have to pay anything? the manager said he could make a decision and he had a tivo box in the office that was working that he would verify and ship to me. i got it, and was told to wait a couple days before all the features were working. guess what? the slimy solution was to block all download channels from the channel guide. that way i could not attempt to download anything. what crap is that? so i phoned them, explained that it wasn't working (and it turns out it doesn't even work for the pay downloads). they told me it would cost $199 to get the dtv standard hddvr box instead. i asked when my contract ends. as of may 9, 2014 there will be a satelite dish at my curb. some customer service. lou bezdek, sarasota fl, account number 46904743

Truxton, NY

#173 Feb 24, 2013
W_T_F wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, but that's bs. First off, directv raises their prices yearly(like every other service does), not monthly. I have had their service for 12 years, and I have never seen " monthly increases". Second, if you had bothered to read your agreement, you would see that you actually agreed to pay by credit\debit when cancelling, per directv customer agreement...
"(e) Payment Upon Cancellation. You acknowledge that you have provided your credit or debit card account information to us. You understand that you will incur fees and charges as a result of your receipt and use of Service and/or Receiving Equipment, and may incur early cancellation fees and/or equipment non-return fees (as specified in any lease, programming or other service commitment agreement you entered into in connection with obtaining Receiving Equipment). By giving us your credit or debit card account information, you authorize us to apply this method of payment, in accordance with applicable law, to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation. You further acknowledge that you are required to maintain current credit or debit card information with us and agree to notify us whenever there is a change in such information, such as a change in the card number or the expiration date".
A credit or debit card has been required to establish service, at least since I signed up 12 years ago. The fact that you didn't take the time to read the agreement, is nobodys fault but your own. And no, I don't work for directv....I just read agreements before I sign up for anything...
Can't argue about the contract part, although I think they had a point about the final bill being larger than monthly bill. However, my Direct TV bill for January went from $110 to $122 in ONE WEEK and I already had a late fee on the $110 amount. My February bill was $164. I had to pay to have my On Demand box shipped after months of trying to get an installer to bring one and install it, since they didn't install it with everything else as they were supposed to. Then they wouldn't send an installer to install it, despite paying the $5.99 fee every month. I had to call and argue with them about my 2 referral credits, one of which they still denied since it was installed the same day as mine, as Direct TV agreed when ordered, saying no problem with the credit.
I have caught them in enough lies that I will probably ditch them next year ( Bundled phone and internet with Frontier with Direct TV...Frontier doesn't know about it since they bundle with Dish...)and other things. The last straw was their nauseating commercial with the hawk carrying off the small dog. I have a small dog, and have been having nightmares since it aired. It is a very real concern for small pet owners, and not a humorous topic .
Direct TV lies, cheats, and in general sucks.

United States

#174 Feb 25, 2013
What a rip off. We get almost nothing but reruns.

Tucker, GA

#175 Feb 27, 2013
I am very worried, I canceled my service today and the guy was very pushy. He claims that directv is going to debit my account after closing it. I am very worried for I have read countless horror stories on how people have been debited $150-600+ dollars for equipment that had truly been returned to directv. The guy was saying that they are prorating my last day and at midnight tonight it is officially closed. I am sooo worried that I went and cancelled my debit card that was on file. I would rather pay and dispute any issues on my own terms. I also wanted to send back the equipment 2-3 days express and they were like we will send you the prepaid recovery kit. This sounds so fishy.

Okatie, SC

#176 Mar 4, 2013

Summersville, WV

#177 May 21, 2013
Rob G wrote:
Directtv just lost me as a customer. We moved and canceled our service. Directtv mail the return boxes to the wrong address. They then billed me for not returning the receivers. I called them the day they put the charge went on my credit card. Almost month later still no boxes. I call them again. Finally almost two months after the charge was put on my credit card they still have not refunded my money. This charge was due to there mistake. Yet I am the one paying for it!!!
If you do use directtv do not use direct payment. They are not willing to work with you even if it is their mistake.
It is now 2013 and I have the exact same problem. I called when they deducted $357 from my account due to boxes not sent to the correct address after I moved. I have 4 appt with them just to get it connected correctly. I should have never took it with me. I spoke to the agent and then a supervisor and told them they sent the boxes to an incorrect address but they punished me financially because they weren't returned. I called on 5/13 and its now 5/21 and I called them back and still the boxes havent shipped but they still have my money. My contract ends in Feb and so will Direct TV

Denver, CO

#178 Jun 2, 2013
I cancelled Direct TV.... checking my online banking today I observed a withdrawal from Direct TV for $1090.01!!! WTF is right!! They stated because my CC was on file, they had access to my account. I advised them I never authorized any withdrawal from them...... so my question is.... if I'm a waiter and you give me your CC.. can I authorize a tip for $100.00? I mean you gave me your CC right??

Nahunta, GA

#179 Jun 16, 2013
I am moving to a condo that does not allow the dish on there buildings or in a bucket so i call them up and get passed around 3 times to a upper management supervisor who tells me the same thing the first customer service man said you have to pay 225.00 to get out of contract 10 months early.
I went in and changed off of autobill but they still have a credit card on file to stick me with the charges its not my fault I didn't buy a condo on purpose that dosen't allow direct tv. I will never sign another contract with them ever.

Thanks for listening and direct tv is awful
Fed Up

Castlewood, VA

#180 Jul 19, 2013
Direct TV is a rip off - when I signed up I was supposed to get my bundle of channels for a set price for a year- but two months into billing my bill shot up 100 percent. The jerk that showed up to install the satellite was very rude and said if I complained about him he would be very pissed. On top of all of that they keep raising the prices of their services. The price goes up 2 or 3 dollars every two months. That soon adds up, and when you call to complain you get absolutely nowhere even if you talk to the supervisor. I'm stuck now. Direct TV is a big corporation and they do not care about their customers. Enough said.
Larry M in Orlando

Deland, FL

#181 Jul 26, 2013
Directv Cheated Me Out of $350!
When I signed up for directv it was at the end of the NFL season. Since my subscription package included the NFL ticket at no additional charge, I specifically asked their representative if that meant a FULL year and not just the rest of the season. I was assured it was for one FULL year, so I signed up. A week later I referred my son in law, who also wanted to wait for the season to end so he could get a FULL year and not one week. He too was assured by the liars at directv that he would get the NFL ticket for one FULL year so he signed up as well, and I was supposed to receive a $100 credit for referring a friend. I foolishly also convinced a neighbor to sign up and she was told we would get the refer a friend credit as well. Needless to say I never received either credit, and just figured there was a mistake, but when my July bill was $42 and change higher than previous bills, I called and asked why. I was told the charge was for the NFL ticket, billed at $42 and change a month for six months for $250 a year. When I explained that I was told I would get this free for one year, not two weeks, I was told that to directv one FULL year really means two weeks and there was nothing I could do about it! I explained to directv's customer service supervisor that I was lied to and he couldn't care any less and said there was nothing he would do to help me. He suggested that I send an email to the Office of the President and explain the situation. When I did, the answer I received was that to directv one FULL year was actually two weeks for me and one week for my son in law. I was also told that I didn't qualify for the refer a friend credit because my friends didn't call a "special" number to register. They actually called the same exact number that I called when I signed up and I did get one $100 credit because a friend referred me. But I referred two friends and got cheated out of $200 and another $250 for the NFL ticket! To be fair, the office of the president offered me a $100 credit in lieu of the $200 I was promised for referring two friends, but they still cheated me out of $100!
I should have known not to trust directv since my initial experience with a directv installer was not so pleasant. When directv's first installer showed up at my house to run the wires, he told me that I would have to pay $270 ($90 per wire drop that I needed to have run). I explained that I was supposed to have a FREE VIP installation, and he said that didn't include running wires! He even called his dispatcher who confirmed his lie that FREE VIP installation did not include running wires! I wonder how many people have been conned by this liar! Needless to say, I threw the liar out of my home and contacted directv. I was assured that there was no extra charge to run wires! So the installer lied to me at the very start! I wish that I would have been smart enough to see that I don't want to deal with a company that lies and cheats their customers!
To be honest, the office of the president did offer me $100 credit,$50 each for the two referrals I made, not the $200 they promise! That pretty much confirmed to me that they know they are cheating me and don't care, because if I was wrong about the credits, they would not have given me a penny! But they offered me half what I was promised in hopes that I would go away. And I will go away, the day my contract expires. I will leave directv and NEVER look back! directv will not see one more penny from me other than my monthly bill. I will NEVER again watch anything on pay per view, or any of their paid movies on direct cinema. Nor will I ever pay for a premium channel! directv cheated me out of $350 and I refuse to patronize a company that lies to their customers! And to make matters worse, the office of the president doesn't care about the deceitful practices this company uses!
James Kizer

Tiskilwa, IL

#182 Aug 29, 2013
I recently signed up for Direct TV after having been with Dish Network for about 15 years. I had to drop Dish Network because they abruptly cut-off the last Korean channel that my foriegn born wife watched. I was quoted a price for my package and the Korean add-on package of about $73 a month. Then when my first bill comes it is for about $99 per month. After calling their customer service folks, useless option, all they could tell me was that I was being charged the proper amount. I had asked to speak to a supervisor numerious times but all I got was to speak to a "Retentions Specialist" who didn't really care one war or the other that I was being billed more than what I had been quoted. She wouldn't even look up the Order ID to verify anything. I know that I was told when I placed the order that my responses were being recorded and one of the questions that they asked when I placed the order was if I understood what I was being charged for my package, I repeated the price quote at that time. Then I get screwed by having to pay $26 per month more than what I agreed to. And there appears to be no recourse for me in this bait and switch deceptive practice. I am satisfied with the product I am paying for; I am just totally upset with what I am being charged compared to what I was quoted. Then to have to deal with their "Customer Service" and "Retentions Specialist" who could care less about how I got hooked. By the way, when the service was installed they had put on their work-order a package that was one\step up from what I had signed up for, another bait-and-switch proposition that they were probably going to charge me even more for. I am glad I caught that when the installer was hooking the service up.
Tony Maldonado

Independence, MO

#183 Sep 18, 2013
Don't ever do business with direct tv the suck n well screw you. They'll get into your bank account with out your permission and withdraw from your account, and they won't care if they over draft your acct, and when I called and spoke to a person in billing he had a tone in his voice basically mocking me and had no care in the world about me as a costumer. I hope 20 million people read this and decide not to do business with direct tv. They don't care about n e one, plus the reception in bad weather sucks they lied to me about that too. So please for your sake don't do business with direct tv!!!!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#184 Oct 14, 2013
Directv too has drafted my bank acct using my debit card I used to pay my bills. 10/12 - 402.16
10/13 - 20.13
pending hold - 32.16

after they took the 402 i transferred funds to pay for groceries, what was left is what they took. 3 transactions in 3 days totaling 454.45

I called DTV on the 12th when I noticed my acct had been raped and got nowhere after speaking with 3 different people. I requested upper management. Was advised they will tell me the same but the request has been put in and I will get a return call in 24-48 hrs. No call yet. I had to borrow $$ to pay for groceries and gas.

Banks are closed today but in the AM I am taking time off from work to go and dispute the transactions, change my debit card # and make sure no other transactions will come thru on my old debit card #.

Never in my life have I felt so violated.

I am also looking for a class action lawsuit to join into - if anything to help stop DTV from doing this to others. It hurt me but I luckily had other resources. Some others may not be as fortunate as I. People are not as financially stable right now and live paycheck to paycheck. 454.00 are most people's weekly/bi weekly paychecks.

Sickening. Plain and simple.
Jerome Phillips

United States

#185 Nov 14, 2013
Hi my name is Jerome Phillips I oldered this shitty companys bundle plan for 120 dollars and ask them twice if the bundle plan is required in north Carolina and they told me yes so I went ahead and ordered it then when it came 2 the day when they was expost 2 hook it up they came up with a lie and said that they came out 2 my house and didn't even come cuz I was here waiting the whole day then they came the next day and hook up just the cable and told us that we gotta go 2 version 2 get the bundle plan so we went and found out that they don't mess with direct TV that att does but u still gotta pay 250 dollars still so I was like OK wat ever for get the bundle plan I just lost 100 dollars then the next day the took 200 channels of and keep doin it everyday till we only had 10 channels left.

So If ur thinking bout getting direct TV it isn't worth the money

Dayton, TX

#186 Dec 3, 2013
Direct tv sucks, they will rob you blind if you give them a credit card # . I will never ever get their service again. they went into my account and took $270 after I returned the stupid boxes.note to everyone they sucks .

Ottawa, KS

#187 Dec 13, 2013
like most of you have been royally screwed by Direct TV - my checking account was raided by them for >$355 - filed multiple complaints with Kansas Attorney General's Office and was royally screwed by them as well - it appears that their Consumer Protection Agency is "in their pocket" and the Kansas Attorney General's Office will not even acknowledge I exist - Nothing, nothing, nothing from their CPA - NOTHING - One would assume that the Kansas CPA would simply check websites such as this one - you know see that my complaints are exactly the same as yours, but they don't - no curosity, no research NOTHING - when so many stories tell of DTV raiding personal checking accounts, credit cards, etc somebody would "get it" but here in Kansas it's not the Consumer protection Agency - it's "SCREW THE CONSUMER AGENCY - so like far too many others I walk away with $12 in my checking account and DTV wins again
louis wilcox

Daly City, CA

#189 Jan 2, 2014
f.... directv been on hold for two hour had a shower and lunch still on hold f.... you

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